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  1. It’s basically since I update I’ve been locked out of playing the ps plus extra version stating I need prime on my ps4 when on the ps5 I could download it. Who how’s if I’d be able to play it though
  2. Connection is good. On my PS5 it says I can download. But on my PS4, which it's already downloaded on it's saying that I need to upgrade to premium?
  3. it should be on extra not premium until the 20th or did you not read the thread
  4. today is the 3rd and its not letting me play it. says i need to have premium
  5. Can confirm some autopop, you get a lot of doing 1 action pops 3 trophies. Hour is all it took.
  6. Sup Jigsaw, It can be very finicky. Should 100 percent be top priority over the real multiplayer. Youtube would be an excellent source for a trophy guide on it.
  7. I can't get these to unlock at all, i've beaten about 4 teams after trailer 17+ points (various deficits various games) and nothing. I also have won multiple presses, however the icon for the press isn't over my player. I can't seem to get either of these to pop.
  8. 100 percent with the OG post. Great points dude. I too felt like it wasn't complete. Far better than Man of Medan but I enjoyed that too. On to house of ashes!!
  9. I tried on my alt last night and was popping trophies. It’s definitely against bots
  10. Hey everyone! If you notices there isn't really a trophy guide for Contracts or Contracts 2. Here's some helpful info if attempting the Plat or comping back to the game. (THIS IS FOR THE PS4 VERSION!!) I have not tested it on the PS5 version yet. 1. Collectibles - Credit to AchievementSquad here for all the collectibles - (The Collectible tracker in the statistics tab is bugged and won't show the correct amount unless you get all of them in 1 go without loading last save (Last checkpoint) or if you die and load last save. They will however count for the Hoarder (Obtain all collectibles trophy). 2. For the special trophies I went to Youtube, made a playlist for the game and searched for each of the trophies. For each map this is the breakdown: Zindah Province (3) - Sunshine Roof, Sniping the Sniper, Patience is Key (I got the majority of the random trophies here (Killing 2 with a grenade, 5 with the sniper turrent etc) Mount Kuamar (1) - Check (Good Spot for Venom, which is where I got it) Tajmid Heights (3) - Caravan, Karma, Lethal Business Rashida Quala (1) - Long Live The Queen Maldh Wadhi (3) - Fatal Accuracy, Discreet, Single Shot Killer P.S. You only need to do 1 contract per mission for each hardest difficulty trophy. for example, I did Long live the queen on Rashida Quala as there is a chip in the first section of the game that you can stealth into with only killing 4-5 people, then I ran back and exfiled and got the trophy. 3. Challenges - (For money, Skill points) Try to do as man as you can in 1 playthrough on each map. I would avoid doing conflicting challenges, i.e. on the first map on my first playthrough I did each section of the map without setting off the alarms. This netted me all the gold challenges for that map which was a lump sum. Then I selected individual contracts after that and would work on a few different ones. My advice is to do the entire game primarily focusing on stealth. Then redoing each map going for specific challenges for the specific amount you need. YOU WILL NOT NEED TO DO EVERY CHALLENGE. I did all the challenges on Mount Kuamar and then primarily the golds, then had to go back after and mop up a few random ones for the skill points. I had an extra 500k with all the sidearms, snipers, and secondary weapons, plus all the gadgets and what not.
  11. I have the Hitman that was free on PS plus forever ago, then hitman 2 that was also on PS plus. I know hitman 3 is out. There is something about content going from 1 to 2 to 3. I'm basically wondering: How this works? Do I need to buy any DLC? (Free or not) Does anything autopop? An ETA for 100% completion for all 3 games, expansion packs, ps5 version, everything
  12. The PS5 deluxe edition comes with a PS4 Code? I'm looking online and I'm not seeing that as an option. Please Advise. If this is true please share as I would rather get the PS5 physical with PS4 download than other way around.
  13. I'd be interested to know as well.
  14. Nevermind. I played a different game for a bit and now it shows up. Weird.
  15. So I completed the U4 part the moved to Lost legacy. I then used all of my saves and a little mopping up to do. I did all of that and finished with Chloe on top of the tower doing yoga and everything popped as it should. But I go into my stuff and there’s no platinum on my list!!!!