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  1. Bump...
  2. I'll just say this, DO NOT play Yakuza 5 before 3 & 4... you WILL regret it when you realize just how great the series is and then you'll have 3 & 4's incredible stories already spoiled for you!
  3. AC/DC - You Shook Me All Night Long - 1:02 - 1:27 - Goro
  4. Nevermind all that, the boss is back and she wants the gold!
  5. Kings of Leon - Sex on Fire - 1:30-1:55 - Goro
  6. The legendary Johnny Cash & Joe Strummer paying homage to Bob Marley with this lyrical masterpiece, this is what music is all about! Both men passed away within a year of this recording.
  7. ...for basketball fans, which are almost non-existent where I come from.
  8. I said it last month and I'll say it again this month... you know you fucked up when the best game is a PSP game!
  9. You know you fucked up when the best game is a PSP game...
  10. Shambolic!
  11. Don't pray for Brussels, instead revolt against the hateful religious ideologies that leads to such horrific tragedies!