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  1. FFXIV
  2. This game is a reward for all those who glitched Explorer in original and lacked skill to get Millionaire legitimately. P. S. They should name plat in Mafia II DE - Pull a Luftrausers.
  3. Works like a charm. Shin-Alu was right. Frontline was the way to go.
  4. I've unlocked Frontlines today. I'll try it, thanks.
  5. Thanks for reply. I tried to play 4vs4 versus match yesterday but couldn't find anyone for 3 hours usind Duty Finder. I wonder 9if my lv or lack of DLCs was the problem?
  6. I started playing FFXIV two weeks ago and i'm loving it. I know that it's 6 months plat already but what about PVP trophy? I have 34lv paladin but trophy didn't pop after 1vs1 match. Do i need to participate in 4vs4 match? And what about level difference? I won't be able to fight against high lv players? Any kind of helpful tips will do.
  7. Do it. If you check rarity of the trophies with your PS4 this is the trophy that robbed many of the F4 plat so if someone uses all methods in vain this trick might come in handy.
  8. I tried to get this stupid trophy (worst trophy in all Fallouts i've played imo) legitimately but my god this was a waste of time. After spending few days on reading guides about it game fucked me in the ass. I was stuck at 85 happiness in Sanctuary Hills. My happiness jumped from 85 to 84, again to 85 and again to 84. Like wtf? Then i decided for a new start in Vault 88 just to relive the nightmare. This time i got stucked at 92-94 happiness. My favourite part is when your Pip-Boy shows you you have 0 food, 0 beds and 0 defence in your settlement after you put your heart in it's developement. I nearly lost it becasue of this trophy and i must say i'm pretty impressed that over 60000 people from this site got it. Either way I had enough of typical Bethesda buggy bullshit. I spent nearly 90 hours with Fallout 4 and decided to use 5 cages glitch. Worked like a dream. Got the trophy in less than 5 minutes. I wanted to thank all Fallout 4 community for finding this exploit. At least it was working instead than broken happiness system invented by Bethesda in Fallout 4.
  9. Fantastic game. I'm glad i boght the dlcs last year and did them before closing the servers.