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  1. Shouldn't be online in the first place. Wake me up when actually good Killzone game will be released and worth getting the platinum.
  2. Final Fantasy VII Remake on PS5. #120 Platinum Fun: 10/10 Difficulty: Hard Time: 55 seconds I hope i can use my platinum save when FFVIIR is released again, this time on PS6. Ok, time to play Yuffie DLC. Those bastards actually fixed Intergrade error and you can play it. P. S. Keep up the good work guys. Wish i had more time to plat some of the games you mention here.
  3. Fucking King of England: The Game.
  4. You should have bought DAI with nearly all content available on disk. If you buy it new it has everything, if used, you only have to buy Return to Ostagar dlc.
  5. Thank god. So long this MTX ridden atrocity. Can't belive there are people calling Rockstar best in business. Like they haven't made good multiplayer experience in years. Farming those gold bars for 2 or 3 weeks just to unlock one class shows this studio doesn't know shit about making enjoyable multiplayer module. Now, let's see they make a new game, not another PS3 port.
  6. Why the admins of PSNP allow such bs here? The server shutdowns only applies to PS3 version. PS4 will be intact, just like Watch Dogs or The Division and will be probably playable till PS6 hits the market.
  7. Too bad Ubisoft doesn't run Hitman Absoulution servers or Mortal Kombat X. P. S. Good luck with the grind guys. If you don't finish it now, you'll never will.
  8. Only Premium. Many games are missing from US Plus Premium here in Poland, but the price of some niche PS3 disk games is insane, so it's still worth it, if you like glorified rental services that is.
  9. When you loading up your trophies start with platinum next time. Way funnier that way and don't forget to 100% big ass rpgs that require multiple 200 hour playthroughs in three days. But i digress. Didn't have proper internet till at least 2009, so Uncharted wouldn't ulnock trophies. Game disc didn't have the patch on it, but RE5 i've bought updated my PS3 and i unlocked every trophy offline till i synced it later on. If you say DS has firmware on disc he should have unlocked trophies during 1st playthrough.
  10. Thanks for the update about Ubisoft games. Not getting Hitman Absoulution plat back in the days got me anoyed so much that i got my shit together and finished FC2 during my online PS3 trophies hunt. I did ACB from the scratch in less than 3 weeks after that and Revelations on X360 last year. Wanted to do ACIII on PS3 when they gave it away in PS Plus but overpriced DLCs kept me in track. Don't care about it now. It's better to buy it as part of AC Origins Gold Edition. Good riddance.
  11. Add Einhander there and we're good.
  12. Crash 4 is ok, but i'm more curious if RE2, RE3 1999, Dino Crisis, DC2, Xenogears, Parasite Eve, Chrono Trigger and Vagrant Story will hit Premium and if any of those titles will get trophy support.
  13. New Plus sucks. 200 games were lost during PS Now transition. US has at least 80 more games in Premium section than EU (mainly PS3 titles). Only PSone games we bought work on PS4 or PS5. None of the PSP, PS3 games we bought/got through basic Plus works on PS4/PS5. We actually have to buy it again through PS Premium. By comparison Xbox, X360 disk games (X360 digital games also) work on newer consoles without any additional fees. Sony sucks real bad. Bought Premium till the end of the year of course, because no one sucks more than Premium memebers.
  14. Too bad he doesn't like doing sequels. I would like to see Demon's Souls 2 made by him. I can play Bluepoint remakes of this masterpiece every 2 gens till the end of my life.
  15. Thanks for the reply.