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  1. ok have fun
  2. LOL! Do you know how many time does it normally takes to solve a problem like this?
  3. If the guy who reported me instead of reporting asked me how did i get the trophy or look for info at youtube/google he would have an answer
  4. oh ok, never been here i thought it was for people who cheated but i didnt do anything hopefully i get back to the leadboards
  5. @Dark Thx for posting that, i couldnt find more than the video and it hurts me that i get accused of cheating and even more with my most difficult platinum
  6. i get the hardmode trophy which you get after ending the game 2 times in a row (reaching loop2) When i beat the game i was in loop 1 and in that loop it appears idpd van and you can enter there to go to the headquartes and face another boss Instead of teleporting me to that boss (the captain) it teleported me to the throne phase 2 making the hardmode trophy unlocks skipping 2 boss fights
  7. Like i said before but this time i found a video that is not mine but it happened the same
  8. DnS_No_scope Nuclear Throne i got this archievement in after loop when i entered to the idpd car and it teleports me at the final boss and i get the achievement <br /> It was a bug
  9. can you get crowns in the arena event? i mean gold crowns
  10. idk if you have more chances but its not going to be first try unless your veeeeery lucky
  11. For the love of god i cant get the black diablos giant crown and same with kulu-ya-ku over 100 kills in each one and still looking for it T_T
  12. Speedrunner trophy is a pain, the "first" boss is hard asf is anyone attempting this?
  13. Congratulations!!!
  14. Nice to know but it worked for me that way so i didnt pay to much attention the hardest part for me was doing from chapter 10-13 i should did 9-11 and 11-13 instead of saving at 10 Also i should get more keys but well the pain is already over
  15. same happened to me and its happening to my friend for some reason at chapter 7 and 8 when you are going to destroy the art or at the start /end stefano the game can crash