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  1. The only game that im looking for is risk of rain 2, it is in the christmas page on psstore but its not on sale WTF
  2. Nuclear throne because the skeleton trophy, i was playing non stop for like a week getttin my ass kicked till i finally did it Fortnite: It was a pain to plat because all the grindy trophys took me like a year playing every day Slay the spire: This isn't hard but it became my favourite gamei even bought it again on steam just to play on the beta branch Nex machina: Loved this game even the arquitect give me nightmares lol
  3. idk if there are any glitched trophies but its very grindy and for me that wouldn't be a problem but i find it very repetitve to the point im gonna give up with this plat
  4. Same problem Edit: After trying 3 times the trophy wasnt unlocking so i checked the archievements in game and the you win was unlocked... I download my save file before the boss to make sure the "you win" wasn't unlocked in game and after winning the fight i finally got the trophy So to make you sure its worth uploading your save before the final fight to avoid that
  5. If you want to get the elected trophy easy
  6. Well, all the kill 1000 enemies and reach 10 times floor 3 on each dungeon are bugged for me, tried to do some of this trophys in 1 sitting but its bug still. Hope they patch it i dont wanna try to make a new save to see if i can get them :/
  7. it have trophies but for some reason you cant sync online, the game have auto save and if you quit you can no longer get trophies in that game, i have 3 or 4 trophys bugged due to that The game have platinum and despite the trophies is fun but in my opinion too expensive
  8. well it seems that if you play in spanish the game closes before act 4, if you change the language to english its works fine
  9. yep, tried with ironclad this time and as soon as i have to enter to act 4 the games closes, i guess i will wait for a patch :/
  10. I was trying to beat the heart and everytime i try to enter to the fight the games closes, anyone else having problems?
  11. ok have fun
  12. LOL! Do you know how many time does it normally takes to solve a problem like this?
  13. If the guy who reported me instead of reporting asked me how did i get the trophy or look for info at youtube/google he would have an answer
  14. oh ok, never been here i thought it was for people who cheated but i didnt do anything hopefully i get back to the leadboards
  15. @Dark Thx for posting that, i couldnt find more than the video and it hurts me that i get accused of cheating and even more with my most difficult platinum