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  1. u should go for it now cause its going to be A LOT harder Crown time is going to be 60 seconds instead of 45 and hacks with the crown are going to take x3 longer
  2. i did it on easy with a free trial item, here is the video in case you want to check it
  3. Yes
  4. Well,this trophy its not bugged its just the description, you cant lose any heart or any shield
  5. i just unlocked the character that you can cancel the eggs so they always fail but no trophy pop... guess its bugged too im about to stop playing at this point Edit: i got it random during a run with that character, cant really tell if i was 5 in a row
  6. its going to be like that once the update arrives
  7. its not the dlc character, i think its called r6, you have to unlock it with coins. Also my game black screen from time to time too :/
  8. i couldnt get to ares or athena cause the token rng maybe i will try again tomorrow but idk
  9. I just beat the game with the character that ONLY have shields so at the end of the run i got the trophy I'm Fine Complete a run without picking up any hearts. But i didnt get Safety FirstComplete a run without losing any hearts. Edit: Its not bugged you cant lose hearts or shields
  10. Yeah that was at first it looks like its fixed, if you played on spanish just before act 4 the game crashes 100% of the time but like i said it fixed Btw the easiest character is silent by far, if you have some type of posion and catalyst your dmg is solved, just need some footwork or intanglibles like apparitions or wraith form and if you have nightmare or whatever is called lol its pretty much a win
  11. The only game that im looking for is risk of rain 2, it is in the christmas page on psstore but its not on sale WTF
  12. Nuclear throne because the skeleton trophy, i was playing non stop for like a week getttin my ass kicked till i finally did it Fortnite: It was a pain to plat because all the grindy trophys took me like a year playing every day Slay the spire: This isn't hard but it became my favourite gamei even bought it again on steam just to play on the beta branch Nex machina: Loved this game even the arquitect give me nightmares lol
  13. idk if there are any glitched trophies but its very grindy and for me that wouldn't be a problem but i find it very repetitve to the point im gonna give up with this plat
  14. Same problem Edit: After trying 3 times the trophy wasnt unlocking so i checked the archievements in game and the you win was unlocked... I download my save file before the boss to make sure the "you win" wasn't unlocked in game and after winning the fight i finally got the trophy So to make you sure its worth uploading your save before the final fight to avoid that
  15. If you want to get the elected trophy easy