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  1. can you get crowns in the arena event? i mean gold crowns
  2. idk if you have more chances but its not going to be first try unless your veeeeery lucky
  3. For the love of god i cant get the black diablos giant crown and same with kulu-ya-ku over 100 kills in each one and still looking for it T_T
  4. Speedrunner trophy is a pain, the "first" boss is hard asf is anyone attempting this?
  5. Congratulations!!!
  6. Nice to know but it worked for me that way so i didnt pay to much attention the hardest part for me was doing from chapter 10-13 i should did 9-11 and 11-13 instead of saving at 10 Also i should get more keys but well the pain is already over
  7. same happened to me and its happening to my friend for some reason at chapter 7 and 8 when you are going to destroy the art or at the start /end stefano the game can crash
  8. I dont know i played my first playthrough on nightmare
  9. Same, this is way harder, also thinking you can lost hours because of 1 death is brutal but after you did it its worth it!
  10. Np if you have any question let me know! im uploading the rest of the game today
  11. I finally beat that mode, im uploading the videos in case somebody wants to check anything, if i can help or you have any question feel free to tell me anything i put the first video here the rest are in the channel