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  1. From dev's twitter. Make sure to notify them of bug. it can really help since not a lot of people are playing this game. "We've recently been notified about an issue where some Dollhouse Achievements/PS4 Trophies are not unlocking when their conditions are fulfilled. Our team is looking into this right now, if you believe you've encountered this problem please reach out to [email protected]"
  2. Yeah I know I know. I do give them credit for actually speaking. Like other trophy hunters will acknowledge too many really small devs will release a game with broken trophies and wash their hands of it completely.
  3. Dev says fix for god skill coming soon.
  4. Its the Dev's I've caught a few of them doing this when I complain about a game. Sony shows 0% for trophys I complain to them and in a few hours it's up to .01%
  5. A lot of hardcore FF fan's bought XIII and it did sell close to 7 million even with bad reviews.
  6. UPDATE: I was only able to boost some online trophies. These glitched for me: The Barren Path The Fate of the Righteous The Strength of the Damned A World of Challengers
  7. Are the ranked trophies boostable?
  8. The only thing that worked for me was the video from Rare Ultra. I didn't even fiddle with the doo I just tripped the alarm then waited behind the opening till Steve comes back out of the office.
  9. Apt Student trophy could be an issue for people who aren't good at combo. It could be like dead or alive tutorial trophy which is a platinum blocker for some people.