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  1. can i enjoy the game in hard difficulty ? gotta make the most out of this game...
  2. "The game is extremely buggy (the buggiest I have ever played in 12 years of guide making)." okay... seems like i will just watch you guys streaming then...
  3. have the same problem, and finally got the easy way to get 5 star wanted level... just search for albion armored vehicle, and then go to the long bridge, get in the civilian's walk (separated by the separator), and just ram them all... you will notice that the wanted level is going up insanely fast, better than powerpyx method (killing police in safehouse pub)... tl;dr -> get armored vehicle, kill the ordinary citizen in long bridge because they can't escape, rinse and repeat... and after you have 5 star wanted level, just go out of their line of sight and do your 'thing'...
  4. i have only small deviljho... and they didn't count... relax...
  5. finally plat, thanks to the addition of rotten value crown quest... 2 months and 2 days... finally can go take some fresh air, thanks to everyone in this forum... hope you guys plat this game asap...
  6. need 4 more crowns... both girros, king baan and king odo... sure plat next friday, or faster if im lucky...
  7. still need black blos though... only this lady isn't fitted into that crown event quest
  8. yeah... you are right... April 6th (when the spring festival, along with the other crown theme quest - deep green blues - wildspire bolero - coral waltz - effluvial opera - and ... rock n roll recess) that's a really good news
  9. that is amazing... no extra chores then...
  10. did you do the classic 1 silver and 1 gold minimal investigation ? @Erkawest
  11. research is easy... crown is not...
  12. yeah... it counts... more chores to do...