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  1. Agreed. As much as I love DQXI, I just can't justify re-platting a 100+ hour game with minor improvements when I have such a huge backlog already. If it was a DLC pack, or if there was a way to transfer save data, I'd love to jump back in for a few hours. On the note of P5R, though, it seems like the difference between P5 and P5R is significantly larger than DQXI and DQXIS making this in particular that much more puzzling.
  2. Games like this made me transition from wanting to get my trophy/achievement counts as high as possible to just wanting to complete games I like. And that's perfectly okay. There's no right or wrong way to play games.
  3. I seem to be the odd one out here, but it doesn't really bother me that much. Trophy icons have always varied wildly in quality by game, and while it's nice to have good icons bad icons don't deter me. The bronze/silver/gold/platinum icons for PS5 don't look great, but honestly when I'm in those menus I can't say that I really pay too much attention to those icons. On a broader level, sites like PSNP have always been (to me, at least) a superior hub to review trophy lists or profiles than the console-native UI.
  4. Thirded. It is truly astounding how every single enemy has a crate worth of grenades in their pocket.
  5. No worries, appreciate the response regardless! By chance, do you remember which characters you used for the shadow bosses? It's been a while since I've tried, but I was using the default penguin and (I believe) the koala when I tried to no avail. I think I dumped stats more in attack though, so that may be my folly as well.
  6. I used to be on the Guide Team for XboxAchievements (back when they were still Xbox360Achievements). My username was Neverender in case anyone wants a rabbit hole to go down. I reviewed and published over 100 guides during my time on the team and I also wrote several. I stopped because I used to be a student with a lot of free time and, well, now I'm not. There are a few reasons things slip through the cracks and BlindMango did a good job of highlighting them. However, what I will add, is that there seems to be a lower threshold for quality now than there used to be. One specific example that sticks with me is the Bahamut trophy in Final Fantasy VIII (and more broadly that guide as a whole): Beyond the fanboy-ish comments, this says nothing about strategy for the battle and barely describes how to get to it. Even without context, the quality of this specific solution is very questionable. It's understandable if an editor doesn't know every in and out of a game, but looking for strategies for boss fights (or even, "This boss is a pushover, mash attack and you'll succeed without issue" if the boss is easy) would be common sense nonspecific to an individual game. It's honestly shocking to me that something like this made it through to the site proper, but it was published about a week after the game came out. Between PowerPyx, PlaystationTrophies, Knoef, and the plethora of other sites it seems like the priority is trending toward punctuality over quality. A quality guide in a month is better than a bad guide in a week, but why on earth would someone spend the time to write a high quality guide if one of questionable quality is published while they're trying to write it? More specific and pertinent to this topic, people notice when this becomes a trend and it damages the site's reputation as a source for good guides.
  7. No, I just did it with another person locally using drums/bass. Any two instruments should work fine, but if you're targeting vocals it might be worth investing in some "talky" songs (i.e. Rage Against the Machine) and just putting the mic in front of a fan.
  8. In some songs, it's literally not possible to get a "Full Streak" bonus because the track for one instrument doesn't kick in for a long time. I think I had this issue with a Queen song (maybe "Don't Stop Me?"). In theory the same goes for super low difficulty songs with only a few notes or shorter songs. I believe it's looking at the multipliers you have rather than the actual presence of a full streak. So my advice would be: Play longer songs Try medium difficulty if you can't get good multipliers fairly quickly Make sure you're playing on "Play a Show" mode. If you don't see the bonus when you hit the outro of the song, try replaying it. If the song won't give you the bonus and you feel like you did a good job in the song it might not work (based on the reasons above). Just my two cents. It's been a hot minute since I've played but I remember the trophy feeling kinda gimmicky.
  9. Works for all but Well-rounded and Noob. If you don't have those and the servers don't come up, you're locked out of the platinum.
  10. These are the two trophies I don't have and I was convinced they were impossible. Any tips you can share?
  11. Glad I saw this, I was able to save myself untold hours of grinding. Thanks for all who took the time to post.
  12. Hourly Towers are back now, maybe just a hiccup with the servers?
  13. Just checked and the Living Towers loaded fine for me. It's only showing a Daily and Premier Tower, though. Online Ranked also worked fine for me. Hourly Towers might be gone but everything else seems to be working fine.
  14. Catcher Mode is also excellent for this since coins count as pick-ups.
  15. This is really what the A/S ranks come down to. I got both associated trophies by playing from the start for ~6 hours today. 25, 29, and 31 are probably the hardest, and 39 is extremely luck-based. I struggled on some of the earlier levels to get the S-Rank trophy early in the game, but that was my own folly - some levels after that I was able to get S Rank on my first try. Eventually I learned if I hadn't gotten the Heavy Ball and/or Multiplier by about half way through (give or take depending on the level) I just needed to restart and thankfully the game is very quick to load levels back up. Need to wrap up NG+ and a few misc. trophies (Uncommon stands out to me as a bit daunting), but then I'll be joining the Platinum club. Overall a very fun game with just a tad more RNG than I'd like, but absolutely enjoyable. I definitely feel like I got my money's worth and I'm happy to support CLS/Lilymo.