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  1. You have to grab the hidden console from behind the truck and run at the tip of the arm when it comes out. I had to jump at it a couple of times to get it to register.
  2. Played a bunch more rounds tonight and they all saved. Get it while the gettin's good!
  3. I just played three rounds and they all saved. Guess we'll see if it's working after Valentine's Day! I'm really itchin' to get the Boldur lore done.
  4. Edit: I recently hit Platinum, so I’m bowing out as a challenge buddy. Good luck everyone! I'm playing the game for the next few weeks/months, so feel free to add me as a challenge buddy: Poltergeise.
  5. Throwing my hat in the ring to say that the servers seem to be working. I played several missions tonight with no issues and managed to get the Kleese lore trophy in the process.
  6. I'm also getting match retrieval errors. Three of my six private solo mission matches didn't save, so I missed out on a bunch of lore unlocks. Bummer!
  7. Hey all, I'm looking for some help to the center. Once I'm there, I can start taxiing people as well!
  8. It took me roughly three hours to get the cockatrice cap to drop, two and a half hours for the ring to drop with the Eggplant Man on the subway, about 45 minutes for the items from the Doom Sword and the National Scar, a little over an hour for the three drops in Pure Land, and about four hours to get everything in the Mana Fortress. Most of that time was spent hunting Fiend Heads and Wolf Lords to get both of their orb drops.
  9. Song 6 was hell for me because I kept missing one note right toward the end when the timing slows down. I looked up a YouTube video of someone getting an S rank and just pressed the buttons on my controller along with the video to get my timing correct. It took me 30 tries though, no joke. Song 7 was a cakewalk in comparison once you get the timing down of the five button presses in a row, and Song 8 is essentially just memorizing the button sequence as much as you can since it's almost non-stop the entire song. Hopefully this helps. Good luck!
  10. @ScarecrowsFate's video gave me hope with using the d-pad. I tried the touch pad because it is WAY faster, but it's so hard to control. I kept at it with the d-pad, following the left-to-right clockwise order of the video. Just keep at it! It's about 20% skill and 80% luck.
  11. I'm a dweeb and tried to use my real name, but the game wouldn't accept Theodore. It wouldn't accept Erdrick either, so I went with James. Womp womp.
  12. Hey, congrats on getting the trophy! If anyone else is having issues finding the hero/heroine equipment, you can get them by switching the cousins' jobs. You always start out with a hero/heroine weapon the first time you change your job class, so be sure to switch to each one on both characters. Best of luck!
  13. Though I've only played Yakuza 0 and Kiwami, I was pleased with the scaled back mini-games and the completion list being for funsies instead of integral to the Platinum. I won't spoil the story, but it definitely didn't feel as cohesive as the other games. The new characters were mostly fun, but there was a staggering lack of Majima. The Kiryu Clan and Baseball mini-games were really fun, and hitting 100 clan fights wasn't as big of a slog as it seemed on paper. The cabaret club was okay, but the Internet cafe would've made me feel icky if it wasn't so hilarious watching Kiryu hunting-and-pecking at a keyboard to hit on girls half his age. The biggest gripe I had about the game was that the combat quickly became stale, and that was never the case with 0 or Kiwami. It wasn't just the lack of weapons or fighting style choices, but there was seldom any variance with the enemies and the bosses (with the exception of Jo Amon) were pushovers. The heat moves were seldom worth the effort since most of the thugs went down in a few punches, Extreme Heat only seemed worthwhile against bosses, and the all-mighty Tiger Drop was rarely needed to turn the tables of a fight. Though lack of load times going into shops was nice, I actually missed it during the fight scenes. I missed the anticipation from seeing the guys crack their knuckles and act tough knowing that in a few seconds they'd have their heads bashed in with a bicycle or a street sign with a slow-mo freeze frame of the final blow. Even though the fights toward the end would have dozens of guys at once, I was so sick of fighting the same couple of mooks over and over. I'd still recommend the game, but it felt like they threw Haruto out with the bathwater trying to redesign and modernize what was already a solid game engine.
  14. Playing this game felt like reliving my childhood through my adolescence. I'm stoked for it to finally arrive on the PS4!