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  1. mind blown
  2. i keep getting 97% so annoying
  3. yeah i got it working fine. once you do a few times it becomes easy to do and remember
  4. ok thanks for replies... amazon it is
  5. yeah i really like the japanese imports but can't wait a month for delivery!!
  6. I lost my beloved vita. i need a new one. i'm in the UK where is the best place to buy one in your opinion? i prefer a new one if possible.... thanks
  7. so it doesn't work on 3.68 just 3.67? ok i think i got it just getting to that psn log in screen took time
  8. i can't seem to use the email app with the email associated with my main account. do you need to go through the app pr is it possible to use the browser
  9. thanks for the help. still frustrating though!
  10. happy birthday good father and interactive drama all popped at the start of chapter 3
  11. i thought that too but after playing it for a while it gets easier and get the hang of it quite quickly keep pressing R1 to move up and try to get the gueysers
  12. thank you so much
  13. ok thanks. can you get the others characters killed so it speeds up the 2nd run and only play through connors timeline?
  14. I answered every question to anger him and he still doesn't shoot me!! i guess i need to start a new game and be less friendly????
  15. im struggling reaching 100k. i do ok until i have level with rocket gun any tips lol i got 95k so close. just about resisting urge to throw dualshock across the room i did it....... phew..... not sure i can go through that again