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  1. thank you so much
  2. ok thanks. can you get the others characters killed so it speeds up the 2nd run and only play through connors timeline?
  3. I answered every question to anger him and he still doesn't shoot me!! i guess i need to start a new game and be less friendly????
  4. im struggling reaching 100k. i do ok until i have level with rocket gun any tips lol i got 95k so close. just about resisting urge to throw dualshock across the room i did it....... phew..... not sure i can go through that again
  5. glad im not the only one did 5 mins on 1st try but after that no mote trophies will try to restart then. edit: i just closed app and booted up after each trophy popped to make sure simple enough. thanks guys for your help as always
  6. does it work on 3.68???
  7. thanks for all your replies
  8. how to create account for the asian region please? Which countries do they include? thanks
  9. same developer as 1000 top rated you say?? after the fuss over the last one and now this surely sony wont put any more games of theirs on the platform. whats next 10 second plat lol that said why aint there a vita version with separate trophy list lol
  10. maybe when there are no more ps3 games added to instant game collection next year the backlog would actually go down! I got ps4 on launch and ps4 pro but still find myself playing ps3 more Even on the vita i have many games i wish to play, not enough hours in the day
  11. tried the glitch got some of the story mode trophies thats it...... there is no 2nd controller to help with the orbs
  12. ratchet was on the hong kong ps plus a few months back but never got round to it
  13. No more ps3 and vita games next year.... might be able to get through the backlog LOL