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  1. Alright yes i do remember your name if i see you online ill hit you up if you ever want to start using all the builds haha, i like that you can get all your mats back from old ssds dont know when they added that in. but you can 1 shot everything and it comes to you
  2. if you want to dm me your epic id we can do it on friday or saturday / sunday theres even a duping glitch atm so i might just dupe mats till i got a full a storage
  3. add me on epicgames m4carbinesin i would be down for a build party. ive been just stacking mats in my storage.
  4. Thanks, i was just wondering since i felt like i should have got it already
  5. btw for the pve 100, is that online or does offline count?
  6. I thought that level was really easy actually, i struggled with one mission in moscow and then the final mission because it kept bugging out on me, such as only having 7/8 explosives, and first defense killing all zombies but bugged wouldnt let me progress. probably wont add any more the remaining videos had no sound so didnt upload them but the two hardest levels are in here
  7. added probably one of the hardest missions in the game! some i will not upload since my audio wasnt recorded and itll be kind of lame just watching gameplay with no sound.
  8. i have been using gunslinger, i feel like it doesn't really matter which class you are as long as its slightly beefed up and you go through the level slowly the ai will do most the work
  9. currently uploading all of new york and jer
  10. Currently a WIP New York Descent - Tunnel Vision - Hell and High Water Jerusalem Dead Sea Troll - Moscow Tokyo Setting Sun - Final Call -
  11. Enjoy Maxing out your weapons Faster!
  12. 1 gold mini 110 hours
  13. how do you even check your crowns?
  14. if anyone wants to add me and exchange cards psn ntn_joshy
  15. Updated with ch11-12 currently being uploaded but can see all videos on thread