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  1. You don´t need to have plus on account where are you playing FIFA. I did it like you wrote with primary account.
  2. I just restarted game and it showed up. So, it is OK now.
  3. I just saved Vito and now I haven´t got any available mission. When I press square in screen with map, there is nothing. Someone help?
  4. Can someone help how to do this bullshit? 4 hours of trying and never get 2 in 1 Rumble. Somebody always came and hit me.
  5. I recently tried to make gaming session, but it is hard to find someone interested in this game. Is there someboy who has this game at home and can help me with 3 online trophies (Co-op and Pro clubs)?
  6. For people like me who missed trophy Wrong direction look at this Massive thanks for that platinum walkthrough (y)
  7. I recommend you to use tutorials from YouTube (Krasi, Ovvy...). It helped me the most and it is important to pick right formation and set custom tactics