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  1. Companies might actually give a release date that's LATER than they expect it to be, with their game getting mysteriously moved forward. Less chance of everyone calling "Delay!" then.
  2. A handheld-only Switch with a lower price than the regular one sounds like a better idea than another 3DS. It's probably time for the DS series to end.
  3. You have my condolences. ☚ī¸ Don't know what I'll do when mine bites it. I'll probably go look for another PS3. That Sony didn't even try to put BC in at least the PS4 Pro is really, truly baffling. Hopefully they will add it to PS5. I'd prefer they make the PS5 simply an extremely juiced PS4 that can run the current games straight up, while keeping the XMB interface (I like that much better than the Xbox One dashboard) & emulating the older PS systems.
  4. Just got back into House of the Dead 3 & 4. Really good stuff. Why in the hell aren't there games like this on PS4? Not letting this PS3 go. It's one of the earlier models with the backward compatibility.
  5. It seems the screws in my PS3's original HDD tray were put in by a machine & way too tight to take out, so I gave up & just decided to buy a new tray for that 1 TB HDD. No screws came with the new one. Oh well, no problem. Not like I don't need to go to a hardware store soon, anyway. You sure did. $28 for 3 PS4 games is really damn good.
  6. Ziggurat
  7. Renne (The Legend of Heroes Kiseki/Trails series)
  8. Ashley Tisdale
  9. Just as it's recommended to keep your car's key fob in a coffee can when you're at home, an FBI agent says you should wrap it in foil when it's with you during the day.
  10. The "death from above" glory kills in Doom '16 are some good stuff. One thing I'd like in Eternal is a chainsaw dive attack to take an enemy out from above without warning, while making one hell of a mess (or maybe, a mess of hell?). Like Dark Souls' drop attack, but guaranteed lethal assuming there's enough gas to do it.
  11. I agree. Sure wish I knew just where XSeed is on this one. Varion, who I'm sure will be working on the translation, hasn't said anything about 3. Still, I guess it's possible there could be a NDA. China & Korea get the first 2 TOCS games' PS4 versions on 8/17, localized by SIE's Localization Center- who said that 3 & 4 will be announced.later. I'm wondering if Xseed can mod the PS4 versions of the first 2 to bring over that extra voiced dialogue from the PC. Not a deal killer if they can't add it, but it would surely be nice.
  12. Yes! After seeing Renne in earlier pictures, I was sure Estelle & Joshua would be there, with Falcom just saving their announcement for last. Really loving this news. 😎
  13. If I'm not enjoying a game, I'll leave it for awhile & play something else. I may give it a 2nd chance later before getting ready to totally give up then sell or delete it. Sometimes I may really like a game but just need a break from it, like Mass Effect Andromeda (PC). I had let that one sit a few months, now I'm wanting to get it finished. This is not a terrible game IMO, just imperfect. YMMV. Trophies don't make a terrible game better at all. They can add a bit of replay to a game I really care about.