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  1. I watched Beat Shazam & 9-1-1 season 2's 2nd episode "7.1".
  2. One of my favorite Nayuta no Kiseki themes. Always bet on JDK.
  3. http://www.rpgfan.com/news/2019/9114.html Some really not-cool news. NIS Japan is in some financial trouble. It's pretty bad actually... they couldn't afford to pay their staff, so they needed to issue a Moving Strike Warrant. I really hope this doesn't end up affecting NISA too much, & also that NISJ can dig out from this mess.
  4. Here's some gameplay. The track designs aren't bad, with some nice jumps & twists.I'm loving what I see here. Just a couple more days!
  5. Criminal Minds- "Pay it Forward" (episode 8.19)
  6. https://www.gamespot.com/articles/skull-and-bones-tv-show-will-begin-production-ahea/1100-6465112/ In fact, it's starting production ahead of the game. What if the game is delayed another time, then the TV show gets canceled before the release? It may well turn out that the show starts off doing good, then plummets in the ratings & gets the axe after 6 weeks. Ubisoft seems a bit smug.
  7. Exactly. Just what are they thinking? Announcing a TV series based on the S&B game before its launch makes hardly any sense. The game should come 1st. If the game gets a good reception, then think about the TV series. Generally I don't really give a damn about movie & TV adaptations of video games anyway... it doesn't help that so many have been laughably bad.
  8. That's nice to know... thank you. 😎 Really thinking about it just for the PS2/PS4 downloads. Let's hope PS5 can get downloadable PS3 games.
  9. Yuri Sakazaki (King of Fighters)
  10. Elle Goulding
  11. Hard Reset Redux
  12. PS Now is cloud gaming/streaming. Xbox Game Pass is not. Instead, XGP has you download a game from its catalog & play it from your own system.
  13. I'm not so sure of this either. Cloud gaming has latency & picture quality issues. Good luck to Sony & Microsoft with fixing that. That's a real shock to even think of Microsoft quitting Xbox, especially with them supposedly working on Scarlett. Microsoft partnering with Nintendo? Switch's portability is good for them, I'm sure.
  14. What, no Castlevania Chronicles? Oh well, this is Konami. Still, it doesn't look bad... Super CV 4 & Bloodlines are worth it. CV4 could use an option to get rid of slowdown (you'll really notice it in block 4-3). At least they didn't mess up Requiem, so I trust them with this. I agree, it looks great. Should've given a slot to this one instead of Kid Dracula. Maybe in a 3rd collection with Chronicles & SNES Dracula X?
  15. Not blaming MeToo. It has a right to exist & like you said, Sony is misusing it. Nintendo doesn't do this. Too bad that Japanese developers other than Koei Tecmo, Sega, Bandai Namco, & Capcom aren't so well represented on Xbox One. More of them should consider having PC as one of their platforms. Sony gains 100% of nothing at all with their censorship policy. Nintendo used to be even worse (also really strict with violence) & they backpedaled... let's hope the time comes that we see Sony backpedal. Should someone be ticked off by a game's content for any reason, they have the right to refuse to buy it. Let the customers do their own censoring. The ESRB ratings are here to help them with that. I am sorry but I cannot say that I agree.