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  1. Let's just hope they don't screw everyone too bad with the memory card prices. Vita's original MC prices were really awful. At least this shouldn't need 32/64 GB cards. A 4 GB one could hold many PS1 saves I'm sure.
  2. It really did. Some of them are Terminator, Wonder Dog, Jaguar XJ220, Final Fight (better than the SNES cart- it's 2 player with all 3 characters, & way closer to the arcade... Rolento & the Industrial Area stage are back), Soul Star, Sonic CD, & AH-3 Thunder Strike. Namco even tried Starblade on it, which turned out decent. One that could've been better is After Burner III. This one doesn't use the Sega CD's capabilities- I'm sure it's due to the developer being lazy.
  3. I'm glad we don't have 5 consoles competing against each other. Three is enough. Sega's 32X Genesis/Mega Drive add-on was a truly bad idea when the Saturn & PS1 were getting ready to hit. All those 32X games should've been saved for Saturn.
  4. Oh, nice. 😃 What a pleasant surprise coming from today's Konami. Now they've gotten me paying attention to them. It wouldn't surprise me one bit if this turned out to be a re-release of that PSP pack, just with trophies added. Even if that's all it is, I'll take it. OMG. Looks like Konami's good for something after all.
  5. PS3 * Call of Duty Black Ops * Call of Duty Black Ops II * King of Fighters XIII * 007: Quantum of Solace (good third-person shooter with a cover mechanic, also from Treyarch) * Ridge Racer 7 PS4 * King of Fighters XIV * Hard Reset Redux * The Surge * Nioh * BioShock series (played through the first 2 on PC) * Resogun * CoD Black Ops III * Trails of Cold Steel I & II (assuming XSEED gets the PS4 versions out here. Quite sure they will do it.)
  6. Don't get me wrong, I like this idea but I'm not even thinking of getting one. I still have my launch PS3 that can play PS1 games. No Dual Shock controllers? No AC adaptor? Two strikes. I think releasing a PlayStation Classic Collection for $60 on PS4 sounds like a better idea. All 20 games could fit in a single Blu-ray disc. Strider 2 would be a good choice for one of the 20 games. Also I have to agree on MGS, a game from the time when Konami was relevant. It does deserve a spot. Too bad we'll likely never see another game of this caliber from the present Konami. I used to love them from the late 90s through the 2000s. They've lost something in the 2010s, & their treatment of Kojima didn't win them any points with me.
  7. I'm feeling the same. It's ridiculous having to pay extra for a character who was in past Tekkens, such as another $6 for Lei or Anna. I'd like paid character DLCs to be ones NOT seen before in a Tekken game, such as Geese or Akuma. Maybe even a brand new original Tekken character. While SNK did the same with KOF XIV, at least they did introduce the new character Najd. I can excuse SNK because KOF XIV's roster was already quite generous. Namco? I gotta blame them. T7's roster did leave a bit to be desired. Can't say I'm thrilled at all with SC6's plans for DLC. Witcher 3 did the season pass right. Deus Ex Mankind Divided offered a decent bit of extra content, but they should've found a way to merge its expansions into the main game, like DXHR Director's Cut did. Nope, you'll need to play them stand-alone.
  8. I play games on both PC & PS4. When I bought an Alienware (GTX 1080 & 3.6 GHz 6-core CPU) from Dell in late 2016, I ended up with $400 in rewards from them. So I took that & used it to get a PS4 Pro for $13. My OG PS4 was still working fine, but I decided to just go for it. I'm still using a 2K (1080p) TV for the PS4... While 4K is nice to have as an option, I'll settle for 2K if it can get me 60 FPS. When I went for the PS4 Pro, I had higher frame rates in mind. The Surge & Nioh look quite decent on a PS4 Pro when you're using the performance/action mode. If PS5 is backward compatible, hopefully there will be patches to at least some PS4 games to get both 4K & 60 FPS.
  9. PC *Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning - got the Harpoon skill, love it. It's an expy of Scorpion's spear from MK. *Shadow of the Tomb Raider *Trails of Cold Steel II *Steel Empire Arcade *NBA Hangtime - Getting closer to having all teams beaten. Got Team Fire & started slamming the CPU hard- they were down by 21 when it wore off. It doesn't matter if you disable CPU Assistance or even use Tournament Mode... if you're blowing away the CPU team, there's comeback code in the game that you cannot turn off. When it kicks in, the CPU team's accuracy will take a boost (don't be surprised if they sink lots of 3s) & yours will be totes terrible. While I still had the win, my lead went down to 8 by the end of the game.
  10. Here's Madlittlepixel's take on the NGM Japanese unit. He does seem disappointed about some things with it like no clickiness/microswitches in the unit's stick, & external power supply only (no battery).
  11. It really is time for SNK to give KOF a break & start bringing sequels to other franchises to PS4, like they're doing now with SS. I'm sure glad this won't be a SS Sen 2. I think SNK wanted to put up something that looks good enough for now (it sure does!), while taking time to crank it up more between now & the release date. What we get will probably blow away what is in the trailer.
  12. Actually, just going straight to the sequel may not be a bad idea. If KoA 2 sells decently, there's always time to do the remaster later.
  13. Wait... WHAT? EA can single-handedly kill this? Oh hell no. I'm really hoping they sell the franchise publishing rights to THQ or at least cut a fair deal to publish it for them, even if it's only digital (which is better than not at all). There's still got to be hope, given that Bulletstorm's remaster was published by Gearbox & not EA.
  14. I'm impressed. The art style is amazing on this one. I just hope SNK keeps the game play 2D like KOF XIV, SF V, & MK X. There's no need to go the SoulCalibur route like they did with SS Sen. While Sen is alright, it's nowhere near as good as the other SS titles.