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  1. Binged on some Law & Order SVU earlier today, now I've got the opening music stuck in my head.
  2. Razing Storm's arcade mode (on-rails shooting) is 2 players co-op, but not the FPS story mode.
  3. Time Crisis: Razing Storm has an extra story mode that plays like an FPS, using the navigation controller to move around while you aim with the Move. This one lets you use a DS3 instead of the navigator.
  4. Here's another test from Rtings with some uniformity photos. Set it to week 44 & you can really see the burn-in on CNN Live, especially at max brightness. This one is a little more realistic than their other test, & suggests that OLEDs can burn in after about 4000-5000 hrs. of use. I had a 42" plasma TV by Zenith, another LG brand. It wasn't bad, but it was only 720p. It was fine for PS3 or Xbox 360, but not too great with PS4. I switched to an LG LED 1080p/43" one. My original PS Vita with an OLED screen has not shown any issues, but I play it for 2 hours or less at a time & not every day.
  5. An LG OLED TV suffered some burn-in after 4000 hours. Rtings has tested some 2017 LG C7 OLED TVs with a cycle of 5 hours on & 1 off, 4 times daily. This kind of shoots down LG's claims that one of their OLEDs can last 30000 hours, or roughly 10 years worth of use, without burn-in. What a bummer. One commenter on the video page had the problem within about 10 months on a TV that cost $3000, & swore off buying another OLED.
  6. Lovin' this news. I just hope SNK doesn't try to do the KOF XI style again (the tag system). One thing they should bring back is the assist feature from some of the Neo-Geo KOF games, where your partners can jump in from the sideline to knock you out of an enemy's grab. I wouldn't mind seeing a Nightmare Rugal in this one as a secret boss. Rather than having him be overpowered like 94/95 (Damn that Genocide Cutter... the damage it does is sick), lower his damage potential to that of a regular opponent (so a Genocide Cutter would take off about as much life as Terry's Rising Tackle), but make up for it with stronger AI.
  7. LOL. There's even a Cheater's Edition. Get caught? Get handcuffed to the Jail space on the board. If another player tries to call you out for cheating but you didn't, then they pay you.
  8. Really good soundtrack by Brian Schmidt, Steve Ritchie, & Dan Forden (NFL Blitz/Mortal Kombat series BGM composer & the "Toasty!" guy). Shao Kahn wants your money (yeah, the Black Knight is voiced by Steve Ritchie, who's also Shao Kahn's MK2/MK3 voice actor). I bought the table for Pinball Arcade partially because of the great soundtrack. Hopefully they re-release this for Zen.
  9. * The $500 (20 GB) & $600 (60 GB) launch prices were nuts. Good thing Sony didn't repeat that mistake with PS4. * You couldn't change your PSN ID. Xbox already allowed you to change your Xbox Live ID! * No built in video capture.
  10. Seriously, Nightwolve's attitude towards Xseed is way out of line. All they did was buy Deuce's translated scripts for Ys Oath in Felghana & Chronicles. Nightwolve did write a program to help Deuce extract the text, but that was it. The TL work was all by Deuce. Before Xseed bought the script, Nightwolve decided to require donations to get the patch (that's a questionable decision). When one donor released that patch for free, he went batshit, which drove that rift between him & Deuce. If the 2 were still on good terms, just maybe Deuce might have thought of him & paid him a modest cut of the profit?
  11. OK... -22 C (-30 F)? Now THAT is some nasty stuff, especially if it's temperature before the wind is factored in. Your wind chill probably went lower than -40 F! I feel the same. Freezing temperatures first hit me in the 2nd half of October & have continued on through most of November. Should winter last through March, that'll mean 5 1/2 months. Winter is not even half as beautiful as artists can make it look in paintings. The air just smells so bland without the scent of flowers. Freezing rain is simply the worst.
  12. Hunt deserved to be let go. His lying about this makes it even worse. She may have crossed a line in using a racial slur, but he was totally wrong to get violent towards her. It's not like she was physically beating on him.
  13. Hopefully the EU Copyright Directive ends up taking a fast train to nowhere like SOPA & PIPA did. Should this Article 13 pass, I have heard that YouTube will likely block people in the EU from uploading or viewing. If this EUCD gets rejected again, I wish they would just give up on it.
  14. Hot chocolate tastes more than a little too sweet for me. It's like liquid candy... for my chocolate fix I'd rather break off a couple blocks of a Lindt Excellence 70% or 85% dark chocolate bar. I could have a Starbucks Cappuccino any day, any season. But what I love most is their iced teas, especially in the summer. I wish they had a Quaranta (40) size... it is that good, Trenta leaves me wanting a little more. If I ever find a bottle of that somewhere, I'm trying it. How is it compared to Vernors? Oh shit... not good at all. Blizzard conditions are the absolute worst. I'm praying for no damned -40 F wind chills this year. I remember how that was from a few years ago. OMG really lousy. The perfect day for me is somewhere from 67-87 F.