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  1. Agreed. The PS3 versions were a nice try, but needed to be cut down some from the originals. Not too worried about 4K... I'd settle for 1080p if it meant getting Very High graphic settings at 60 FPS.
  2. Shock Troopers (PS4) 25:05/26th Alpha Mission II 35:23/30th Mutation Nation 36:05/42nd
  3. OMG. Some eBay seller has an NTM going for $25K BIN, but not complete- the book is missing. I just found a KOF 2000 US version AES cart there for $9,400. That $3K Metal Slug X has 8 bids on it & still 6 days to go... after the seller started it around $99! I can easily see it hitting $5K or more by then. Not gonna bid but I'll have to watch this one just to see how much it goes for.
  4. I didn't ditch my PS3 when I bought a Vita. Still have it, now it's sharing the shelf with a PS4 Pro.
  5. Catwoman
  6. Khalid
  7. Remy (Street Fighter III 3rd Strike)
  8. Lost Planet
  9. Yeah, they're truly ridiculous. I nearly choked when I saw a CIB Blazing Star AES cart going for $6400. Metal Slug X... $3000? I don't think so. Save $2,992 & just buy it on PS4. LOL. MVS prices aren't quite as bad but they have gotten higher. I had paid $100 once for a Blazing Star MVS, but this can easily go $200+ now. Full kits can have some cray price tags, usually several hundred.
  10. Rather than new hardware, SNK needs to keep getting some new games out for PS4. KOF XIV is good. Why not a new Samurai Shodown with 2D gameplay/3D graphics like this? If you find it at GameWorks or D&B, probably $1.50 a play. GameWorks in Schaumburg, IL once had Metal Slug 5, which was set to a mad $1.75 per play (no, not a typo. Yes, really $1.75).
  11. SNK has said some new hardware with popular Neo-Geo titles on it will be coming. Not sure if it's a console or something for the arcade. If it's a new console or handheld, IDEK why. It'd be better for SNK to keep releasing their Neo games through Hamster's Arcade Archives than put out another Neo-Geo X. A countertop NG system wouldn't be too bad, if it were a decent size but still semi-portable.
  12. Arcade: Eagle Shot Golf - a golf game somewhat like Neo Turf Masters. Not bad. Watched LordBBH play this on YouTube & wanted to try it.