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  1. Episode 9.14, "Scars", was good. So where did those X scars on Daryl & Michonne's backs come from? Now we know.
  2. I wasn't disappointed with BO3's campaign, & it also offered co-op for those who do MP. But I'll agree with this... they should close that sub-series & start a new one, or at least take a break from it. What I think they should do with future CoD titles is to make a campaign but maybe offer it seperately from the MP mode. Campaign & MP content could then be sold separately for $35 each, or together for $60. While Treyarch was busy with Black Ops 2, Activision should've had some Infinity Ward team members supervise Nihilistic as they worked on Declassified. Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana on Vita is pretty good for a portable, even if it runs at closer to 30 FPS rather than the 60 seen on PS4/PC & never got the extra content of those versions. Only in some of the cutscenes does the framerate take a big hit.
  3. Don't get why they had Nihilistic (now called nStigate & doing only mobile games) make this one, especially when they never had experience with a CoD game. I'd rather have had a port of Black Ops II for Vita instead of that hot mess.
  4. I would've liked to see Carl still around after the 6 year time jump for the sake of further character development. Does anyone else think the way they killed him off was a bit lame?
  5. Just as Crispy_Oglop has said, your ranking is whatever you make of it. I think it's cool to watch my rank move up a bit after getting some trophies, but it doesn't bother me that I'm not even near the global top 10000. If I get there someday, good. But anyway, for me it's just for fun. While I congratulate those who have made it way up there on the leaderboard, I'm satisfied with being at around 197K/602K for now.
  6. Vita: Fast Striker & Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana PC: 007 Blood Stone- Finished on Agent.
  7. I've played through it on PS4 & am getting closer to finishing it on PC (I triple-dipped on this... no regrets). Vita's lower framerate does not ruin the game for me. The only time it gets a little choppy would be in some cutscenes. For a portable one, I'm satisfied with it. Any crashing? No, never. Not even once. Load times are almost instant on PS4, but you will notice them on Vita. Even so, I wouldn't say they're terrible.
  8. Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana (Vita) - While the PS4 & PC versions have their advantages (same goes for Tokyo Xanadu), this version is also very good. Yet another great Falcom ARPG. Scintillatron 4096 (Vita) - A decent twin-stick shooter. The main enemy comes in yellow & magenta colors- you shoot enemies of the same color to build a combo. Wiping out one color causes a Combo Flip that makes it OK to start shooting the others. Other enemy types will show up, but don't affect the combo system when killed. Q*Bert Rebooted (Vita) - Lousy control kills this one. The Classic mode plays much better. I'm actually thinking of deleting this when I get done with it. James Bond 007: Blood Stone (PC) - One of the better 007 games. Its cover system is good like Quantum of Solace's, while keeping the blind-fire mechanic.
  9. It really should be kept one way or the other, though I'd prefer that it stay in effect all year long. Going back & forth each year is somewhat jarring, more so when you enter DST. If they couldn't lock DST in year round, then they should make it approximately the same date each year. The 2nd Sunday of April would be a good choice.
  10. OK, I have to admit not falling back means that hour of darkness will end up in the morning, especially for kids who have to catch a bus at 7 AM or even earlier then start classes at say 7:45. Maybe the kids should get a later school start time, which could take care of that. I feel 9 AM would be about right, maybe even 8:30.
  11. Early this winter I had watched it get darker at 4 PM, & it would look like midnight at 5 PM. I'm not a fan of that either... that extra hour of afternoon daylight would be nice if we didn't "fall back", holding off total dark until 6 PM. I'm with you on the long summer days- having it be light out until 9 PM in summer is great.
  12. It's Daylight Saving Time again. I kind of like it, but what annoys me is that spring forward/fall back cycle. I'd rather lock it in for no more "fall back", so we don't lose that hour every March/April. How do you feel about it?
  13. Detective Pikachu actually does look like it'd work. At least that new Super Mario movie is supposed to be fully animated (as Sonic should've been). Illumination's MacGuff studio in Paris is animating this & Miyamoto is the co-producer, so it may well be OK. That Sonic movie should really have stayed away from a real world San Francisco setting. Sonic's CGI model just strays too far from the original. There was no need to "Tedify" his design, & I'm surprised Sega didn't reject that style.
  14. The perfect soundtrack to bring Ys VIII in with a bang. "It's your turn, Mr. Christin!" "Let's go, Laxia." Now I'm wondering what JDK will do with Ys IX: Monstrum Nox. Can't wait.
  15. "CUT!" "Who hired this guy... what the fu**?" "Deadly uppercut, take 19!". One of my favorite Johnny Cage fatalities in the series. Also lovin' Cassie's little drone friend... & that epic pistol whipping at 1:45.