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  1. Sorry, the 7/25 release date isn't for NA & EU. For these territories it is 30 August. Still glad to be getting it, but a little bummed out that it is later... I don't understand why it can't be a worldwide simultaneous release.
  2. * Trails of Cold Steel (PS4) - Chapter 5 is done. Total playtime is in the 80s right now. * Giga Wing Generations (arcade) - Finished this with no continues. 9,757,626,540,724,697,990... whew. This takes the already ludicrous Giga Wing scoring system & turns it up to 11, where you hit the billions almost immediately on starting a game.
  3. Signs & Omens - Completed Chapter 5. Just barely missed getting the S on this chapter. Maybe on 6?
  4. What about the soundtrack? No worries. We're getting not just Yuzo Koshiro & Motohiro Kawashima... Also on board are Yoko Shimomura, Hideki Naganuma, & Keiji Yamagishi. So much greatness.
  5. Flawless Jewel Raised a master quartz to level 5. Got the Wing MQ to L5 with Rean using it.
  6. Blazing Chrome Brawler lvl. 3 - Destroy 500 enemies using the melee attack. Brawler Expert - Finish any boss off using the melee attack. Mission II - Complete mission 2. Mission III- Complete mission 3. Finally, the PSN trophies are working for this.
  7. 3.1 Doubt 3.2 In Name & Blood 3.3 Scared to Death
  8. Agreed. I'd rather have had Konami go with that emulator that Rondo of Blood uses on PS4 & make a compilation for PS4/X1/PC. I'd rather use a PS4 arcade stick to play the games instead of a TG16 pad. What if the mini console's emulation turns out to be actually worse, with extra slowdown or some frameskipping? I just hope Konami didn't cheap out on the CPU.
  9. I'll use a Move wand for the PS button. One big complaint about Sony's PS4 controller compatibility with PS3 is the lack of Sixaxis support. If this enables the DS4's Sixaxis functions to be used on PS3, I might get one.
  10. I'll start with Kunoichi (hair guillotine throws & bounce kicks FTW), then probably try the new characters Raiden & Yaksha next. It really gets tough starting with stage 6's robot bosses Phobos & Deimos. They can mess you up with their slide kick- it is fast & takes a fair chunk of your life bar if it lands. You don't want to stay on the floor too long against them. They like to get you into pincer attacks. Throwing them into each other helps. Stage 3's boss Phantom Gecko seems a bit harder than the stage 4 & 5 bosses IMO. His disappearing act can get a little annoying. I think the Ninja Warriors trophy (clear it with everyone using no continues) should be a gold.
  11. Rush Master Used Rush in Battle 100 times.