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  1. One of my favorites also, thanks to ABC. Sara Haines is a good host, and they have Mark "The Beast" Labbett joining the Jeopardy champions Ken Jennings, Brad Rutter, and James Holzhauer. This is one game show I'd like to see get a PS version... if they do one, they should have a "Be The Chaser" mode. Trying to get 20 questions right in 2 minutes sounds like a fun challenge. This year's Name That Tune on Fox had me hungry for more, so I've been searching episodes of the other NTT series on YouTube. I found an early Tom Kennedy one where Kathie Lee Gifford (Regis' partner from the Live show) sings with the band. Tom Kennedy is awesome... I miss him also. The closing theme reminds me of the one from the Jim Lange version, but with lyrics. Good stuff.
  2. A year ago on 24 July, we lost one of TV's greatest of all time, Regis Philbin. I loved him on Who Wants to be a Millionaire. He was, and still is, the best out of all who have graced that show. Meredith Vieira, Terry Crews, Cedric the Entertainer, Chris Harrison, and Jimmy Kimmel have been pretty good, but not even close. No one could deliver the show's catchphrase "Let's play Millionaire!" half as well as Regis did. He had that certain spark that the others couldn't quite nail. His other show Million Dollar Password was also amazing. R.I.P. Regis. You are missed.
  3. Basia- Clear Horizon
  4. Tekken 2- It Makes Me Higher (Lee's theme)
  5. Someone who builds their own PC isn't affected. However, OEMs will need to make a product that can be sold in all 50 states, as well as British Columbia. It's PC manufacturers being cautious and self-regulating... they just aren't sure if the product will comply with the laws. Some of the restricted Alienwares could go back on the market in the affected states if they're found to actually be compliant. At 2:10 there are two similar but not identical Aurora R12s. The first one is the better deal- more total drive space and a higher GPU for only $10 more. Both: Intel 11th Gen Core, Win10 Home, and 8GB DDR4 XMP @ 3200 MHz #1: No shipping restriction, because it complies with CEC regulations. Graphics card is GTX 1660 Super 6 GB. SSD 256 GB and HDD 1 TB. $1460. #2: Can't be shipped to BC (Might or might not comply... Dell isn't sure). Graphics card is GTX 1650 Super 4 GB. SSD 512 GB and no HDD. $1450
  6. Street Fighter II Champion Edition (arcade) - For the last few days I've been trying to get a 1CC, or preferably a No Rounds Lost clear, with Balrog. Mostly smooth sailing until the fight with Bison at the end, well except for Dhalsim. Jumping towards Dhalsim often doesn't end well for Balrog. Let him come to you instead. Finishing opponents off with a Turn Punch (all 3 punches or all 3 kicks held to charge) pays... any special move used to finish an opponent is worth triple the points, so 2000 x 3 = 6000. Sometimes it's good to hold all 3 kicks from the start of the round and try to dizzy an opponent with the punch buttons. Then once you know the opponent will come up dizzy from a knockdown, serve up that Turn Punch.
  7. Daily Mail links should be disallowed going forward. I know now that DM is conservative-leaning, and has some bad biases... sounds somewhat like Fox News. Not the kind of things I support. Like I said, I've blocked it in my browser. After letting it marinate for a bit, I've come around... maybe California's action is not so bad. What had me bothered is that I felt CA and the other 5 states should have given Dell/Alienware a little more time to start implementing the ATX12VO standard. ATX12VO will probably be adopted by pre-built PC manufacturers soon. It may take a little time to get to the BYOPC market. Cutting power consumption in lower power states (web, Youtube or other videos) should help matters, even if load power consumption (i.e. gaming and CAD) stays about the same. Sycho's post above is a good one. I like the point about the LED lights and the 9 TWh/year savings. A side benefit is that LEDs last longer. When a small change is done by so many, it can add up. I get it. Let's hope the prices of electric vehicles can be brought down closer to what internal combustion ones cost.
  8. Strider (PS4) Equal in the Face of Death Defeat Grandmaster Meio Now I am the Master Defeat Meio Prime Class-A Ninja Complete game on Normal difficulty Meet Cypher's Edge Max out the Hit Meter 25 times Gave up on the last energy upgrade and decided to go put Meio down.
  9. I do not play any of the more recent Activision titles on PC. Lately they are using battle.net always-online DRM in their PC versions. Crash 4 on PC has this in every mode. So do CoD titles starting with Modern Warfare '19. If I want one of their games, I buy it on the PS4 (and eventually, PS5). Always-online DRM is a deal breaker to me. I think the recent Call of Duty titles are better on console, actually. It seems like this series is console first... gamepad works well on it. With a few exceptions, most console games can be played offline in SP. Tekken 7 is better on PS4 Pro as well. Denuvo Anti-Tamper has caused framerate drops on the PC port during some combos and Akuma's Shakunetsu Hadoken. Katsuhiro Harada confirmed that. That was awhile ago, and surely it's been fixed. Never did I see that on console. Also, PC versions of games can end up with longer load times if DAT is used. On PC, you get homebrews without having to jailbreak. There is the doujin scene as well, which is responsible for some gems like Crimzon Clover. This one did well enough to come to the Nintendo Switch as Crimzon Clover World Explosion, and I'd like to see it on PS4.
  10. No more Daily Mail, now that I see what they're like. The first time is the last. Into my blocked sites list it goes. Because of the California Energy Commission's regulations, Intel is pushing the ATX12VO standard. The power supplies have only a 12V output, with a new 10-pin connector supplying the motherboard. So 3.3V and 5V connections get power from the motherboard, not the PSU itself. ATX12VO focuses on reducing power consumption in idle/low power states... which should cut power usage considerably, since your PC isn't running at full throttle all the time. The standard's PSUs will be cheaper but the motherboards will cost more. https://overclock3d.net/reviews/power_supply/atx12vo_tested_-_the_future_of_power_supplies/1
  11. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-9832253/Dell-BANNED-selling-powerful-gaming-PCs-California.html Ohhh... you have GOT to be kidding me. OK, so Dell is banned from selling its Alienware Aurora R12 Gaming Desktop with the 11th Gen Intel Core in California. Sound like some sort of April Fools' joke? Well, I hate to tell you this, but it isn't. The AR12GD consumes 63 kWH a year when idle, but it can go to 563 kWH when the CPU is at load. Another model of it without the 11th Gen Intel Core can be sold in all 50 states. CA law outlaws anything made after 1 July to 50, 60, or 70 kWH per year. Also, it's banned in CO, HI, OR, VT, and WA. This is highly ridiculous. 😒
  12. Angela Bofill- What I Wouldn't Do (For The Love Of You)
  13. Raging Justice (PS4) A beat 'em up that uses pre-rendered sprite characters. The dev team MakinGames is led by a former Rare developer and some colleagues. You can kick downed enemies or even arrest dizzy ones with the grab/throw button. Some have a warrant for their arrest, and you are supposed to bust them... that's if you want a Good Cop rating. Killing them will drive you towards a Bad Cop rating for the stage. When someone throws dynamite at you, you can hit it back. Not quite on par with a Streets of Rage, but it's still decent. One thing I liked was being able to steal a tractor or lawn mower to run over a bunch of thugs. At least this one has a few unique touches.
  14. Incognito ft. Maysa - Change
  15. Raging Justice Final Flight Complete "Upper Mansion" Sleeping with the fishes Smash the aquarium and knock over 10 thugs Streets of Rage 4: Mr. X Nightmare DLC All Clear: Max Clear all stages in single-player mode as Max.