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  1. Trails of Cold Steel II (PS4) - Got it finished on Hard mode. I'll need to try that demo of ToCS III sometime. Cadillacs & Dinosaurs (arcade) - Almost cleared it with no continues using Mustapha. I don't recommend picking up the knives unless you're playing as Hannah- she uses them like Streets of Rage's Blaze. For all other characters, just use the regular punch barrage instead. There are some good weapons like the grenade (if you kill an enemy with this, they get gibbed), the shotgun, & machine guns. One of the enemies, Bludge, is an almost 100% expy of Street Fighter's Blanka... not surprising for C&D being a Capcom game. Some of the bosses are a little OP, such as the 4th stage's one, Slice. I think he's about as cheap as SF3 Gill or SF4 Seth. And? Something worse is at the end of stage 7.
  2. The demo is up on PSN right now. It's the entire Prologue. NISA recommends that you save the game right before the boss, since the trophy list isn't ready yet. Once you've got the full game, export that save to it so you can get that trophy.
  3. Basia- Third Time Lucky
  4. Imperial Treasury - Acquired over a million mira. Winter's End - Completed the Epilogue. Conquering Hero - Completed the game on hard or nightmare difficulty. Finished it on hard. Got a good part of the 1M mira by selling loads of sepith... my final quartz setups were pretty much in place when starting the last dungeon, so there was little need to hold onto it.
  5. For The Matrix, I'm sure they know that just "good" is not good enough. Even if Lilly is sitting this one out, being committed to Showtime's Work In Progress... I still am holding out hopes for this. There's been plenty of time.
  6. Criminal Minds (season 1) 1.06 L.D.S.K. 1.12 What Fresh Hell? 1.13 Poison
  7. I'll take modern, futuristic, or Bad Company 3. With Battlefield 1 being not that long ago, I'm not ready for another World War title in this franchise just yet. I have grown jaded on the WW I & WW II themes myself, so YMMV. Something different? Franco-Prussian, War of 1812, or Revolutionary War all sound interesting.
  8. Shutdown Phenomenon - Cancelled enemy arts 100 times. Got that last cancel during the Class Warfare quest. Divine Knight Errant - Completed all 39 quests. Just 1 AP short of perfect (I missed that 1 on Let's Talk Trista), but anyway... That's all the silvers I'll get on this playthrough. Intelligence Agent & Banisher of Nightmares will wait for a NG+ run.
  9. One of the games on Midway Arcade Treasures (PS2/PSP), 720°, has a voice blaring out "SKATE OR DIE!!!!" when the time expires on the world map. After hearing this, you had better hit one of the parks ASAP or else a swarm of bees will get you. You can avoid them for awhile, but they will keep getting faster by the second. The first time I heard that, I almost jumped. You have no tickets left, with several thousand points to go until the next one... bam, here it comes. Now you're feeling reeeeally screwed. 720° is also on the PS3 Midway Arcade Origins, but I've tried that version & remember it having some bad input lag. PSP & PS2 versions are fine.
  10. The Occupation - Completed the Divertissement. Lending Library - Completely filled the book section of the notebook, excluding books only available in NG+. I was missing only the Crossbell Times SP. So I checked Micht's pawn shop & got lucky. Shutdown Phenomenon will most probably be the next one. I'm at exactly 99 art cancels.
  11. Tekken 5- Dragon's Nest ~ To those who go to Heaven ~ (Namco System 256 arcade ver.)
  12. Face of the Enemy - Completely filled the monster guide, excluding EX sections. I watched it pop up during the Finale's last boss battle. Forward, Relentlessly - Completed the Finale.
  13. Spoils of War - Opened every treasure chest between the Prologue & the Finale.