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  1. Trails of Cold Steel III will no longer be PS exclusive in Spring '20. A Nintendo Switch version has been confirmed by NISA. It will be locked to [email protected] FPS even if your Switch is in docked mode. But if you want a portable ToCS III, now you'll have it soon. Also... Durante has recently teased the release of a certain mystery JRPG port for PC in 2020. Could this be Trails of Cold Steel III? That's what I'm thinking.
  2. Mad Mechanic - You reached the first branch-off point in the Machine Upgrade Map. Every great invention has its roots in risk. Got this one on the 29th while in Miami on Thanksgiving vacation.
  3. Basia- Blame it on the Summer
  4. Des'ree - You Gotta Be ('99 Mix)
  5. Had some fierce wind today as well. The wind speed is still in the high teens... but earlier today there were gust speeds in the forties. Just glad to not have been in the path of Dorothy. https://weather.com/storms/winter/news/2019-11-25-snow-rain-wind-california-west-plains-forecast-thanksgiving-week Now there's Ezekiel getting ready to mar Thanksgiving for some out West with snow and rain before heading East for the weekend. This reaffirms even more deeply that summer is my favorite mainly for not being what winter is. Heat is the lesser evil for me... mowing grass with a good lawn mower once a week beats shoveling/blowing away snow any day. Usually summer doesn't get windy like this.
  6. The Pinball Arcade - DLC Pack 2 with Bride of Pin*bot and Medieval Madness Bride Master - Complete the Master goals on The Machine: Bride of Pin*Bot. Hit the 200K Skill Shot to finish up this one.
  7. Look out, here comes Winter Storm Dorothy. If you're in its way and don't get snow (Poor Colorado... they just got murdered with 22-33" of that fucking trash dumped on them), you'll probably have what seems like a mini-hurricane. https://weather.com/storms/winter/news/2019-11-24-snowstorm-rockies-denver-plains-midwest-thanksgiving-week
  8. If I didn't have a Vita already, I would get one. There are a decent selection of JRPGs for it... not just the Vita's own, but the PS1 and PSP have some good ones also. I do prefer to play Trails of Cold Steel I and II or Tokyo Xanadu on a PS4, but the Vita versions are pretty good for portable ones. I would've liked to see Ys Napishtim and Felghana re-ported to Vita for better graphics and frame rate. The port of Ys Origin on Vita could have used some more optimisation, though it is playable.
  9. Iggy Azalea
  10. It's Google who is at fault- not content creators. The law is older than YouTube and they should've taken it into consideration when creating the platform. I also blame the FTC for their decision to go after content creators. That is the equivalent of using a bazooka to take out a hornet nest. How can we trust them to differentiate between "Family Friendly" and "Made for Kids"? A lot of Disney games fall into the FF category- made with kids as part of the target audience, not strictly for kids. Now a Sesame Street game would be definitely MFK. The FTC need to keep in mind that not all animated videos are FF. Some can have strong language or Mortal Kombat levels of graphic violence. Elfen Lied is an anime with some serious gore which would get an R from the MPAA. So how should this COPPA thing be addressed? 1. Targeted (personalised) advertising should be opt-in only. 2. You should have to be 13 or older to open a Google/Youtube account. If the birthdate you give makes you under 13, then your application would be denied. 3. If you admit to being under 13, your Google account would be revoked. With this system, if you don't have a Google account or are presently logged out, you wouldn't be tracked because you'd default to "not opted in". If you log in with your account (which you'd need to be 13 or over to have), you would be able to opt in. Actually YouTube does do 2 and 3... now they need to do 1. I've heard that Google tracks you even if you are not logged in... bad move.
  11. Tina Turner- Better Be Good To Me "Simply the Best", no doubt about it.
  12. Thanks for the heads-up. 2 more days (24 November) until pre-orders open. I'll have to get the arcade collection, especially for Darius Gaiden. If only it also had G. Darius.
  13. Law & Order SVU - Episode 21.9 "Can't Be Held Accountable" This one was the fall finale. SVU comes back on 9 January.
  14. I agree. The Sky trilogy, Crossbell, and the other TLoH games before Kiseki... the Gagharv trilogy (Prophecy of the Moonlight Witch, A Tear of Vermilion, and A Song of the Ocean). The PSP versions of GT are said to have a lousy localisation, so I'd like to see a new, retranslated version for each one. Now I just thought of another Falcom one... Brandish. Especially the PSP's Dark Revenant remake. If that were ported to PS4 I'd re-buy it.
  15. Missing In Action (arcade) - Another good Konami game that Hamster really should pick up for their Arcade Archives. Unlike the run-n-gun action of a Contra, this is more a hack-n-slash but you can pick up special weapons to use later.