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  1. Try any of the Ys games, especially Memories of Celceta, Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana, or Ys IX: Monstrum Nox. I'd start on Hard difficulty at the minimum. While it isn't an open world game like the above three, Ys Origin is also worth looking at.
  2. Al Jarreau- Blue Angel
  3. Nioh (PS5) DLC 3: Bloodshed's End Turmoil's End Completed "The Last Samurai." (8.4% very rare/46.66% uncommon) The Sinister Arts Destroyed all the Revenant contraptions on "The Last Samurai." (6.2% very rare/35.45% uncommon) Sadly, all the DLC trophies for Nioh are bronze.Turmoil's End should really be a silver. The Last Samurai does have several rather challenging bosses, especially Toyotomi Hidetori. He's not too tough at first, but once you get him down to 50%, watch out. Super Saiyan time.
  4. Nice to know of this update, but it really should have come sooner. Once the re-remake launches, I'll try it. Thank God PlayMagic is off the project and we've got Tower Five. Hopefully this ends up being a miracle turn-around like the PC port of Ys VIII, which started out with many technical issues, but eventually became stellar once Laurel Code got the boot and Durante's PH3 Games studio took it over. Fingers crossed. One of my most disliked things about the remake's current state is how you cannot have certain weapons in your inventory at the same time. In the classic XIII you could have an M60 and sniper rifle in your inventory. In the remake, you will have to drop one to take the other. Please let this be fixed. Shame Sony killed the PSVita. A direct port of the original UbiSoft XIII would have been good for it.
  5. Press Your Luck Tonight's PYL episodes were reruns, but were worth watching a second time. The new ones start next Thursday. I'll be there. May somebody finally get that $1M prize.
  6. I'm seconding Ridge Racer 7. This could use a PS4 remaster with all the DLC and extra BGM, and it'd be interesting to see what trophy list Namco would make for it now. The ultimate charge system in RR7 is great, allowing you to regain nitrous quickly by drifting when the burst you just used is wearing off and you still are above normal top speed. RR7 fixes my one dislike about Ridge Racer 6 (Xbox 360). RR6 allows AI drivers to use nitrous during No Nitrous races (unfair!). RR7 doesn't, thankfully. The Vita Ridge Racer is a turkey. Three tracks and five cars in the base game, and 30 FPS? Weak. Porting RR7 to Vita would've made more sense.
  7. Power Drift- Side Street (Course A's BGM) by Hiroshi Kawaguchi
  8. Beyoncé - Break My Soul
  9. Nioh (PS5) British Militarism Used all the culverins in the mission "The Siege of Osaka (Winter)." Master of the Twin Sticks Defeated Ganryu's Sasaki Kojiro using only Dual Wooden Swords. (Cannot use a Visitor/Companion.) From Heaven on High Completed "The Sparrow Flies Again." What's a culverin? It's just another word for cannon. Fire all three cannons and it's yours. You're given the first two cannonballs by an NPC you meet early on, but you'll need to find the third. Using talismans is fine for MotTS. I did not use any bows or guns during the Kojiro duel. "The Sparrow Flies Again" is a boss gauntlet.
  10. Nioh (PS5) Defiant Honor DLC Battlefield Guide Collected all Kodama in the "Siege of Osaka (Winter)" chapter. (5.1% very rare/35.64% uncommon) Cleanliness is Next to Godliness Bathed in every hot spring in the "Siege of Osaka (Winter)" chapter. (5.1% very rare/35.7% uncommon)
  11. Summer. Winter is more than I can bear- not just the cold, but the snow, frost, and ice that accompany it. Sure, there can be occasional heatwaves in summer, but when one goes away, you're not left with snow or ice. The heat I can bear unless the humidity is high (meaning a 70 F dewpoint). Summer clothes are more to my liking. As for the bugs, Zevo spray helps. Everything is green, the flowers are growing, and the days are longer in summer. Forget about it being dark at 5 PM. I'm in no hurry for autumn to get here. When it does, first come shorter days, then you see why it's called fall (raking leaves again), then there's all the BS of winter that I mentioned. Bad road conditions due to snow and ice can ruin your plans. I like spring much more than autumn because you're getting away from winter and not moving towards it. So... 1) Summer 2) Spring 3) Autumn 4) Winter would be my ranking of the 4 seasons. I can drink a hot beverage any time of year. A hot mug of Earl Grey tastes just as good to me now as it would in any other season.
  12. Gregg Karukas- Drive Time
  13. Nioh (PS5) Will of the Sanada Defeated all of Sanada's Ten Braves in "Scion of Virtue." Gesture of Reconciliation Completed "Scion of Virtue."
  14. One Last Time: An Evening with Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga A very good lineup of classic songs in this one. Some of the setlist includes "Luck Be A Lady" and "Let's Do It" (Gaga solo), "Watch What Happens" and "Fly Me To The Moon" (Tony solo), "Anything Goes" and "The Lady Is A Tramp" (duet). Sadly this is Tony's final performance on stage, but they both put on a great show.
  15. The Chase (ABC) Tonight's team went up against Brandon Blackwell, the "Lightning Bolt".