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  1. Forspoken (PS5) Explorer: Pathfinder Visit fifty points of interest. Wildfire Defeat an enemy bound by the Tangled status effect with Sila's magic.
  2. At least Crystal Dynamics is making this one. I like their last two titles Tomb Raider (2013) and its sequel Rise. Something seemed off about Shadow compared to these two. Switching the lead developer to Eidos Montreal didn't help it. What I'd like from this is a reboot of Tomb Raider 1 done in current-gen graphics, only with gameplay being a "Rise of the Tomb Raider 2". Rise is well balanced, with more action while offering a decent amount of puzzles. Shadow adds more puzzles, though it cuts down a little too much on action. Both R&S do exploration quite well.
  3. Brecker Bros. - Don't Get Funny With My Money
  4. Forspoken (PS5) Bronze Hell of a Run Perform magic parkour for twenty seconds continuously. Hop, Step, Jump Perform five Shimmies in a row. Endless Runner Travel a total of 100 km (62 mi) using magic parkour. Help Me Out Here Use the Disperse spell three times in a single battle. What Must Be Done Survive a nightmarish ordeal. Might and Main Emerge victorious from a showdown in a great fortress.
  5. Rolling Gunner (PS4) #25 You are the last star of hope Got all trophies (3.7% ultra rare, 17.86% rare) Difficulty 6/10 Enjoyment 10/10 This is a good bullet hell shmup with a medal score system and the Rolling Gunner weapon system (the Over Power DLC, which is included, allows you to play RG as a dual stick shooter). The RG is a satellite that can be positioned around your ship to fire at different angles. When the energy gauge reaches 1000, you can go into a powered up mode. It's best if you have a lot of enemy bullets on screen before starting this, so they turn into medals. During this, medals you collect will build up a red limiter release gauge. Hit the bomb button a 2nd time to use the LR once it's ready, but make sure to do it before the energy gauge is back to zero. For the difficulty related trophies (Casual, Original, and Expert) you don't have to get the true last boss. The other trophies such as the stage no-miss ones and the true final boss (one for beating the TLB, and one for losing to it) can be earned by playing on the Novice mode if you have trouble. The "Welcome to hell" trophy for challenging rank 50 is easier to get than it sounds. Just go to training and turn the rank up to 50, then start it. One that was a bit hard for me at first was the "Beyond the limits and become a king!" where you need to do 3 limiter releases in stage 1. Stage 1 is quite short, so you need to take advantage of recharging after a LR runs out. Just as the red LR gauge is getting low, have some enemies around that you can take out quickly for the large medals. Hopefully you time it right so you're collecting the medals right after the LR ends. RG's lead designer Daisuke Koizumi also has done Senjin Aleste, an arcade title for M2's Shot Triggers series. If it gets a console port, I'm buying. I'd import the Japanese physical version, since I don't trust M2 to release the game outside Japan (their USA lineup is missing most of the titles that appeared in Japan).
  6. Rolling Gunner (PS4) You are the true ace! Expert mode clear BAC got the earth! Game over in battle with Bastalium Core Get to the true last boss, then lose on purpose. Nice bomb! I lost my ship without activating Auto Bomb #25 You are the last star of hope Got all trophies (3.7% ultra rare, 17.86% rare)
  7. 1) Trails in the Sky FC 2) Trails in the Sky SC 3) Trails in the Sky the 3rd 4) Gradius V (PS2) 5) R-Type Final 1 (PS2) 6) Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection (PS3) 7) Ridge Racer 2 (PSP) 8) Battle Gear 2 (chances of this one are probably next to zero, since it has licensed cars by Toyota, Mazda, Subaru, etc.) 9) Crisis Zone (get rid of the smoke/flash effect when you're shooting, and allow Move or Sixaxis aiming) 10) Starblade
  8. Forspoken (PS5) Pilgrimage: Initiate Visit your first monument. Knock 'Em Dead Finish three or more enemies with a single blast of Surge Magic. Call of the Fount: Baptized Acquire magical powers for the first time at a Fount of Blessing.
  9. Rolling Gunner (PS4) Beyond the limits and become a king! Used limiter release 3 times in stage 1 (9.3% very rare/21.43% uncommon) Courageous action The boss activated the limiter release at the maximum limit gauge and did not hit until the end Master of Mobile Fortress BAC Clear Stage 6 with no mistakes Welcome to hell Challenged rank 50 (training allowed) Just try Rank 50 in the training mode, and the trophy pops when you start the training. It's not like this yet Used power-ups Let's earn! Reached a cumulative total of 1,000,000,000 points The world that turns around turns around Rolling gun made 100 laps It's profitable! Reached a cumulative total of 2,500,000,000 points You can easily get this one in a single game of Over Power mode with its higher scoring. Some players have even done 5B in a single game, which gets " This is the mountain of medals that we have built! " (a silver).
  10. I usually buy new. If a game/book/etc. is used, I'll only get it from a seller with a mostly positive reputation and recent history. At least it's nice to have the digital option to fall back on, in case new/used physical copies both become hard to find or the price skyrockets to some crazy stratospheric figure like $230. There are times when you don't buy a game at launch but a few months later you hear good things about it, or watch a YouTube video of it... and NOW you want it. With PS3/4/5 games I might be less shy about getting used Blu-ray versions. It's nice to know they're more durable than CDs.
  11. I see Xbox as 85% conniving and 15% incompetent. A few missteps, but to some extent they know what they're doing. The move to buy out Activision is a cheap shot against Sony and Nintendo. They're trying to justify this deal by saying Sony has more exclusives and is too big to fail either way? Still doesn't make it fair. Let this deal tank. Their reactions to this getting shot down should be interesting. Let's hope some of these fired 343/Bethesda staff get a new studio running. If they sell any part of it, they should keep the controlling interest (don't sell any more than 50%) to avoid the shitty business that can happen when they're fully under a larger company. Xbox Series X is a terrible choice of name, especially with there being Xbox One X. Some play on the number 4 like Xbox Quattro would sound nicer, and appropriate given it's the fourth Xbox platform.
  12. Matt Bianco- R & B
  13. Matt Bianco- Good Times
  14. For each ship's score trophies (Ace 600.000, Veteran 800.000 and Master 1M), you need to say NO at the continue screen to earn them if you get a game over. Continuing means the attempt is thrown out, even if you had the required score.
  15. Zero Gunner 2 (PS4) Break through Orbital Elevator Clear the Orbital Elevator Super Shot! Shot the special shot with 6 round shots saved fully. Break through Aerial Capital Clear the Aerial Capital Take off Apache Clear the game with Apache A 1-loop clear is all you need. Master Apache Pilot Score 1,000,000 points with Apache Very Important: When you get a game over with the required score, DO NOT continue or it won't count.