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  1. Brian Schmidt- "K.R.A.K. Street" theme from Narc (Williams arcade version)
  2. Jefferson Airplane (Jefferson Starship) - Somebody To Love
  3. Name That Tune (Jane Krakowski & Randy Jackson, 2021) Here are the new games featured on tonight's show. 1) Remix'd- Songs get genre-swapped. I found this one especially amusing and would like to see them do it again. 2) Spin Me Round- A wheel with different categories like "Divas", "Hip-Hop", "New Jack Swing", etc. is spun to choose the next song.
  4. I will sometimes watch someone else do a speedrun on Youtube, but with few exceptions, I don't care to do one myself. One exception is Razing Storm (PS3). RS has the Speedster silver trophy for clearing arcade mode ranking play in 16 minutes, which IMO is a reasonable goal. Its scoring system encourages speedrunning. Your time bonuses are a major part of the score, going hand-in-hand with the Rack 'em up! gold trophy (3.000.000 or higher score in AMRP).
  5. I just don't do multiplayer. If I did, I would mute all players and shut my mic off. Problem solved. In case someone does send you a toxic message, you really shouldn't deign to reply to them. Don't risk escalating it. Say nothing back. Just R&B.
  6. Be careful with this. Going easy on the games for awhile sounds like a plan. If this pain starts coming back when you're playing a game, take some time away from it.
  7. Chaka Khan - I Feel For You
  8. Brian Schmidt, Dan "Toasty!" Forden, & Steve Ritchie - Black Knight 2000 soundtrack
  9. I'll second the Hori sticks. I have an Xbox One Hori Real Arcade Pro V (using it on PC) and a PS4 HRAP V Kai. I paid about $150 each for them and have no regrets. You really can't go wrong with one. For the money, you get quality, and they hold up well.
  10. Joan Jett - I Love Rock 'N Roll
  11. Just watched some Seinfeld. Good show.
  12. Name That Tune Having watched the Jim Lange version on Family Channel (Freeform) during the 90s and seeing Tom Kennedy's ones on YouTube, I looked forward to this, and I loved it. Jane Krakowski does an excellent job hosting, with a live band led by Randy Jackson. Music featured here spans from the 1970s to the present. The first round changes each time. Title Track features several different tune topics, and By Request has the players pick some categories off a board. If you buzz in and correctly name that tune, you're up several thousand dollars. The other player can steal if you miss it. Other games that will show up later in the season are On Shuffle and Spin Me Round. Round 2 is always Bid-A-Note. Jane gives a clue to the song, and one player starts the bidding, for example "I can name that tune in 10 notes". You can start at 10 notes or even drop down to 1 if you're sure you know it from the clue. Both players take turns bidding down until one says "Name That Tune". Randy the plays the number of notes you bid, then you guess. If you're wrong, all 10 notes are played for your opponent and they try to steal. Four songs are played for $10.000, $15.000, $20.000... and $25.000. The player with the most money after 2 rounds plays Golden Medley. Here you have 30 seconds to get 7. Guess up to 6 songs right and get $10.000 for each one... but if you get all 7, you'll win $100.000. One wrong answer ends the game immediately, but you're allowed to pass and come back to a song later.
  13. I wouldn't get one of those knock-off controllers. As for Hori, I've enjoyed their arcade sticks and I'd trust their controllers to be decent. The FPS Plus looks nice, though the Xbox layout isn't for me either. I'll just get another DualShock 4 or two. It's good knowing the PS5 can use a DS4 with the supported PS4 games.
  14. Dianne Reeves - Better Days
  15. I don't mind DBrand making faceplates for those who want them, but I'll pass. It's just not for me. The Xbox 360 and One consoles looked nice in white, and the new PS5's look is fine with me. And I'll admit I wasn't a fan of the PS5 controller's design at first, but I've come around. I actually think it doesn't look bad, and Sony will probably come out with different colors of DualSense later, including an all-black one.