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  1. I've been more loyal to PlayStation lately. I don't really think about the XSX, but a PS5 is definitely in my future. PlayStation has more exclusive games that I care about. And many Xbox "exclusives" have PC versions. PS4's UI appeals more to me than Xbox One's. I'm sad to see Sony quitting portables. They had a good thing going with the PSP and the PSVita. Mobile phone games will never be as good as real handheld system games IMO. During the PS3/X360 generation, I'll admit I leaned more towards Xbox 360. I haven't been interested in Nintendo's IPs lately, but they sure have done some things right with the Switch. You can just use MicroSD cards instead of proprietary ones, and it can be played either portable or on your TV (something that would've been nice for the Vita... well it's sort of possible, but you'd have to buy a PSVita TV). Sony made a major misstep with PlayStation Classic. They should've built it with PSVita TV hardware so that you could buy more PS1 games from PSN, while also being able to buy PSP/Vita ones.
  2. Point taken. I was getting a little overzealous about not wanting any "souvenirs" after this is over. Just daydreaming fever taking over. To 86 all of my masks wouldn't be a good idea... if I had a cold, you can bet I would want to have some available. So when this is all over, I'll take just one that's seen better days and bury it as a symbolic thing post-pandemic. One, not all. This "tough it out" mentality needs to go away. Maybe it could start to fade out before too long. Does wearing a mask reduce the chance of passing an illness around? Yes, greatly. But will it 100% eliminate that chance? No. There are no guarantees. I would tell someone who worked for me "If you're sick, PLEASE DON'T come in. I'd rather not risk anyone else catching this. See your doctor, don't come back until you're well... and I want a note from them". If while shopping I notice an employee who looks sick, then I'll surely be complaining to the manager.
  3. One thing that's pretty unsettling is how Trump won't commit to peacefully transferring power in the event of a Biden victory. Should he refuse to leave, it is my understanding that the Secret Service is to consider him a trespasser and escort him out. But let's hope it doesn't have to come to that. I sure hope this goddamned pandemic ends within a couple years. I don't normally use the GD word, but this pandemic is an exceptional case and I just couldn't hold back. Once we're all clear, I think I'm going to dig a pit of exactly 1'8" x 1'8" (20" x 20"... you see what I did there?) and bury my masks in it. Just a ritual to celebrate the end of this. And if (God forbid) something else of this sort happens, I'll buy new masks. These people need to wear their masks in the meantime. Although I am not exactly fond of wearing masks, it serves a purpose at this time and I comply with it.
  4. The Notorious B.I.G. - Hypnotize (Instrumental version)
  5. Serious Sam 4 (PC) - Just got it now and played the first chapter "Death from Above". So far so good. This one has missions for Sam to complete, and some side quests are in there as well. SS4 is a bit more demanding on hardware than the earlier Serious Sams... I couldn't quite max the GPU settings, and I'm using a GTX 1080. Maybe a RTX 3080 can do it. The sidekicks you sometimes fight alongside are actually useful and will sometimes pick off an enemy or two. A skill tree is available to gain some buffs, such as gaining back a little health by killing enemies with melees. The GOG version has 54 trophies. Here are the ones I've gotten so far, and I'm guessing the list on the PS4 version (due in 2021) will be the same.
  6. Presently, I don't think Sony need to go picking up any more studios. They have plenty on their side for now. I am never thrilled with console makers buying well-established companies like Tango, id, and Arkane (Bethesda). If it were Namco or Square Enix buying Beth, I wouldn't mind so much. I don't see Microsoft buying Sega as being likely. Sega isn't really hurting. Another rumor is that Microsoft had its eyes on CD Projekt Red (beside Witcher and Cyberpunk, also the parent company of GOG)... not plausible either. CDPR is doing great and have no reason to sell. Witcher 3 is still selling wildly.
  7. I'll play it again if this happens. Let's hope we get Crysis Warhead DLC for this later on... CW is a side-story game where you play as Psycho. One of my favorite levels in Crysis is Core, with the zero-gravity action. No way the PS3 port ran this well. Crysis 2 and 3 on PS3 run a little lower than 720p, at a 30 FPS target with some drops. On that one mission where you need to paint the carrier with your binoculars, do it BEFORE you jump overboard to troll Strickland. You will laugh your ass off, I promise.
  8. Matt Bianco - Never Give Up
  9. Original Crysis taxes even modern CPUs quite seriously due to limited threading ability. Even if you're getting Crysis 2 and 3 to run at 60 FPS without fail (CryEngine 3 can use up to 8 cores), the original can still suffer some frame drops from CPU bottleneck. An i7 8700K with Titan X Pascal can fall below 40 FPS on the Ascension level. At the time of the PC Crysis' development, it was expected that there would eventually be 8 GHz Pentiums, which wasn't how things turned out. Some modders are planning their own unofficial remaster for original Crysis with CryEngine 5.6.6. They will use Raytracing, SVOGI, and volumetric lighting/clouds/fog with other CE5 exclusive things. It'll be awhile though. Hopefully they can improve the multi-core support to fix the bottleneck issues. The PC version of Crysis Remastered actually does have a similar threading issue... let's hope Crytek/Saber address that with a patch.
  10. Not crazy about Microsoft acquiring Bethesda. This makes Tango, Arkane, and id Microsoft studios. Phil Spencer has said that MS will decide "case by case" whether to release future Bethesda games on other consoles. I didn't expect Sony to put Horizon: Zero Dawn on Windows, so there could be some surprises. So PS players could still get Doom 6, TES 6, or Wolfenstein 3, but not until a year after they show up on Xbox. At least Microsoft is honoring Bethesda's prior agreements with Sony about timed PS5 exclusivity for Tango's GhostWire:Tokyo and Arkane's Deathloop. TES Online will get an upgraded version on not only XSX, but also PS5. Sony buying Bethesda wouldn't sit well with me either. I'd rather have Bethesda being bought by another content producer (just not EA or Activision) than a console maker.
  11. #9 Crysis Remastered Platinum Trophy Earn all available trophies for Crysis® PS4 can run Crysis fairly well... just play in Performance mode, even if you use a Pro. This is a good port of the game, though missing the Ascension level (an unfavorable change IMO... because I like it in the PC original version. Ascension is VTOL jet combat.). Unfortunately, it did crash a bit too often in the last two missions. Sometimes it would show an error message, while other times the game would just freeze and I'd have to hold the PS button to close the application. Surely they can work on stability.
  12. Anyone else have problems with frequent crashing in the last two missions? I did. But anyway, I enjoyed seeing PS4 run Crysis. I'll be interested to see if they make a PS5 upgrade for CR. For now, let's hope CR gets some stability fixes.
  13. Crysis Remastered Cool In A Crysis Complete the game on Hard or Delta difficulty Crysis Controlled Complete the game on any difficulty Delta: Act III Complete 'Core', 'Paradise Lost', 'Exodus' and 'Reckoning' on Delta difficulty Knock-off Knockout Kill an enemy Nanosuit soldier with a Strength punch Platinum Trophy Earn all available trophies for Crysis® Eight til the platinum. Not a bad port of Crysis, though I miss leaning and the Ascension stage from the original PC game. One thing that annoyed me was how often the game crashed on the last two missions. Let's hope Saber works on some stability improvements. I changed to Performance mode midway through, since Quality's higher resolution is offset by a lower frame rate. I'll replay certain missions on a lower setting to clean up the other trophies. EDIT: And now I've got the Platinum. I used mission select to get the other eight, and the last trophy I needed was Knock-off Knockout. Be sure to select no weapon (fists only) when you go for it. Do it carefully... the Nanosuit soldiers' SMG can kill pretty fast even if you play on Easy.
  14. Glass Candy - Rise
  15. I recommend the Performance (1080p) mode, even if you're using a PS4 Pro. I don't bother with Ray Tracing, knowing that even Nvidia RTX owners sacrifice some FPS to use it. For me it's running pretty good. I would hope that PS5 simply runs PS4 games without emulation, since they're both X86 platforms. IINM the Ascension level is gone, just as it is in PS3 and X360's version. Not even PC has it. Shame, because I like that mission. If you're bothered by Denuvo Anti-Tamper DRM (which in some PC games has caused a performance hit), then YSK it's in the PC version. I would hope Crytek and Saber add modes for PS5, maybe some hardware based ray tracing (the RT you get on PS4 is in software) and better performance with Quality (1800p).