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  1. Crysis 2 Remastered (PS4) Supersoldier Complete the single player campaign on Supersoldier (1.4% ultra rare/12.84% rare) Hole in One Throw an alien down the sinkhole in Dark Heart (2.1% ultra rare/16.51% rare) The Tourist Find all New York Souvenirs (1.1% ultra rare/11.01% rare) For The Tourist, you need just the souvenirs- emails, keys to vehicles, and dog tags don't matter.
  2. Though the frame rate is a bit suspect on PS4, I'll recommend Control as a PS5 game. I've played through it on the PC and liked it, and it'll be one I rebuy for PS5. Control's horror is more paranormal and psychological than gory. Being a Remedy game, the AWE (altered world event) expansion does have a tie-in to Alan Wake. AWE offers more scares than the main game content.
  3. Dancing with the Stars This episode was Grease Night, with a guest appearance by Frankie Avalon performing his song Beauty School Dropout. Some of tonight's other songs were Hopelessly Devoted To You, Born to Hand Jive, Greased Lightning, You're the One That I Want, and We Go Together. My favorite one of this season.
  4. John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John- You're The One That I Want
  5. Crysis 2 Remastered (PS4) Medal of Honor Complete 12 levels on Supersoldier difficulty (1.6% ultra rare/12.24% rare) Theseus at Last Locate Jacob Hargreave Stealth Assassin Re-route the power in Eye of the Storm without being detected (2.1% ultra rare/12.24% rare) Literary Agent Scan all of Richard Morgan's books in the NY public library (1.8% ultra rare/12.24% rare) For the Stealth Assassin trophy, I would advise against trying the Stealth Kill. You will lose cloak while performing a SK- it's for a very short time, but anyway it's long enough for another enemy to notice you. Either don't kill anybody, or just use a silenced gun such as a Stealth Scarab. If you're spotted... don't worry, you can reload your last checkpoint. To get Literary Agent, use a TAC Assessment to find the books that you must scan.
  6. Crysis 2 Remastered (PS4 Pro) x 6 Can it run Crysis? Complete In at the Deep End Foreign Contaminant Escape the Battery Park evacuation center Food for thought Kill a CELL operator with a giant donut in Lower Manhattan (5.8% Very Rare/12.5% Rare) Blast Radius Kill at least 3 enemies with a single grenade (13.8% Very Rare/25% Uncommon) More than Human Assimilate alien tissue at the crash site Close Encounters Stealth kill 25 enemies (2.9% Ultra Rare/12.5% Rare) C2 Remastered runs at only 30 FPS on a PS4 Pro (you need PS5 to get 60). Still, this is far better than playing on PS3. The trophy list looks a little harder than the first Crysis, but still doable. After finishing Supersoldier, I'll use the easier difficulties for cleanup.
  7. Crysis 2- Main Menu theme
  8. Incognito ft. Maysa- Hold On To Me
  9. About two and a half minutes of kittens purring.
  10. Darn. I'd rather have been able to sacrifice resolution for framerate ( even if it would mean going down to 1600 x 900), but I can live with a solid 30 until I have PS5 (I'll also be double dipping on the PC versions). I'm hopeful there will be no frame drops like we've seen in the PS3 versions. PS3 frequently struggles to reach 30 FPS on C2 and C3, even with the resolution cut to 1024 x 720.
  11. Just four more days. I wonder how 2 & 3 are going to run on PS4 Pro. Hopefully they get the remasters to run at 60 also, even if resolution has to be capped at 1080p.
  12. Bill Shields & Stanley Clarke- Easy Listening The first few notes of this had me thinking of Seinfeld.
  13. Control (PC with RTX) - An excellent 3rd person shooter with telekinetic abilities, Metroidvania elements, and powers that you pick up while progressing. Your TK technique can even let you hit enemies with their own grenades. I think I like using TK to crush enemies with thrown objects even more than shooting. Control has a nice surreal atmosphere. I'll buy this for PS5 as well. Quake (PS4) By the end of the game, you can easily have Laura doing six-figure damage totals with an S-Craft on her first move given the right Orbment setup. It's possible to do something similar with Emma using a Lost Art. Once I cast Sol Eruption for her first art... BAM. 160K in one hit.
  14. Law & Order: Special Victims Unit & Organized Crime
  15. Best: Falcom titles (especially Ys or Trails), Witcher 3, Control, Mass Effect, Hard Reset, Cyberpunk 2077 So bad it's good: House of the Dead series. The one-liners in this are often cheesy, but in a good way. Worst: Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon (Philips CD-I). This one is all around horrible. Not just the character dialogue and artwork, but they totally botched everything. I can't believe Nintendo approved this hot mess.