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  1. They really should just port over all three trophy lists from the PS3 versions. I still want PS5, but I'll wait until I can get it for $500 (disc version... forget the digital only model).
  2. If you'd like to stock up on stuff like Great Elixirs and maybe a Talisman of Rebirth late in the game, a good place to grind for essence is in a hallway in the center of the Labyrinth of Zarkhan. In the northeastern area of the map, there is a Muramasa shop and a save point. Go through the Griffin door and you can get to a hallway with respawnable Ghost Fish. Use the Vigoorian Flail on them and gather the essence. You should be able to get 1500-1800. After that, you can touch the door and double back for more grinding or exit and see Muramasa. This is done on PS3 Sigma, but it should work on Vita Sigma Plus also. When you've got all you need, go to that portal near the Muramasa shop if you didn't do the Fiend Challenge there already.
  3. Oh Lord, yes. I don't mind seeing the cutscene once, but on a 2nd playthrough or later, I want the option to get right to the game. Games with checkpoints should have an interim save if you need to quit for whatever reason. When you resume from one, you'd be right back exactly where you left off... but if you die during the new session you would go back to the last CP.
  4. Rihanna- Shut Up & Drive
  5. Doom Eternal (PC) Ninja Gaiden II (Xbox 360 on Xbox One X) - It looks pretty darn good on the X1X and performs better.
  6. Some earlier versions of Name That Tune with the great Tom Kennedy (R.I.P.... you are missed). I watched a lot of the Jim Lange one in the mid-90s on Freeform (called Family Channel at that time). After seeing the Jane Krakowski NTT earlier this year, I've gotten hooked and started searching for these others on YT.
  7. Manifest - Season 3 Episodes 3.5 "Water Landing" and 3.6 "Graveyard Spiral"
  8. Battle Gear 3- "The machine of rage" composed by Mitsugu Suzuki Featuring Paul Gilbert. Not included in the arcade or PS2 versions, it's a bonus track on the "Battle Gear III- The Edge" CD released by Taito's Zuntata Records.
  9. I don't want a trophy that isn't my own work. So I don't ask anyone else to earn them for me. I may check a guide, watch on YouTube, or ask in the forum for hints, but that's as far as I go.
  10. I just ordered an Xbox One X console. I've got Ninja Gaiden II (IMO, that's the real deal... Sigma 2 is OK, but it's a Lesser Ninja in comparison) and several other original/360 Xbox games sitting on my shelf waiting for it. The next-gen systems are just going to have to wait. I could pay the prices scalpers are asking if I wanted to, but I don't. I will wait until these consoles are obtainable for the correct MSRP.
  11. Peter Cetera- No Explanation From the Pretty Woman soundtrack.
  12. Pretty Woman Julia Roberts & Richard Gere One of the best romantic comedies ever. 10/10
  13. Jeffrey Osborne- Stay With Me Tonight
  14. You don't really need an organised religion to be moral. In fact, there are people who do pretty amoral things in the name of religion. Look at the Crusades and other so-called holy wars. And some religions say "our creed is the only true one, screw all the rest". I'd rather not get started on those damn televangelists. Is someone good just because they go to church? No. It's their actions that define them.
  15. NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139... (PC) - Played for about a couple hours, and I like it. If you're playing on PC, just be sure to set a 60 FPS frame limiter in the graphic card control panel if your monitor's max refresh rate is over 60 Hz, or it will run too fast.