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  1. No plat for me on this one because of multiplayer trophies (IMO, the MP content should be treated as a separate game with its own platinum), but I'm still in for the campaign.
  2. Assuming Biden is elected, I'm sure his attitude towards Fauci and other scientists will be better than Trump's. America could do way better. Trump needs to leave, so we're looking at Biden. In the debate, Trump said about C19 "People are learning to live with it". When I heard him say that, I felt so upset and could only think "How dare you". Trump has less empathy than a brick wall. Biden's reply to him was "People are learning to die with it". Over 222.000 people have been killed by this shit on Trump's watch... and a fall/winter surge is expected. I already hate winter and now there's another reason for me to hate this particular one. It's sad that the third parties haven't gained enough ground. I think the SCOTUS system is broken. It should've been set up for equal representation for Democrats, Republicans, and Others (3rd party and independents). If this damn Amy Coney Barrett gets confirmed to the SCOTUS, I say let Biden "pack" the court with one more Democrat. IMO, Trump's trying to foist Amy Coney Barrett upon the nation looks bad to me. I get the feeling he's thinking "WOO HOO! RBG is gone... let's get this done!". What a vulture. How dare he. I think he should have deferred as a sign of respect for Ruth. He doesn't care for anyone but himself. Movie theaters are reopening, but would I go to one at this time? Just NO. Not even if they offered free admission and guaranteed that the seating would be 6 feet apart. Not even if they promised it was disinfected nightly.
  3. Aretha Franklin - Lady Madonna (Grace Under Fire theme song)
  4. That $200 for a 1990 Neo-Geo game would be $398 in today's money. The console was $600 ($1195 in 2020). SNK's selling point was playing the arcade game at home with no audio/visual compromises. They followed it with a CD system which got the game prices down to $60... but the loading times are hellacious. And in some cases, the CD versions of Neo games aren't perfect. On NGCD, Art of Fighting 3 has smaller character sprites and Last Blade loses some animation frames. NG home carts have insanely appreciated in value. NG-DEV's Razion was a bit over $500 when I bought it a few years ago... and now I've seen someone reselling it for over $2000. I'd like to see NG-DEV bring this out on PSN on Vita and PS4 like they did with Fast Striker. A lot of SNK's own carts for the home console have either held their value or are now worth thousands. Blazing Star on home cart is $5000 (and $8 on PSN).
  5. OK, this 2nd Biden-Trump debate was actually more civil. Muting the mikes during the 2 minute response periods sure looks like it helped. Kristen Welker was a good moderator, also. Though Trump still got a bit petulant at times, he didn't really interrupt like we had seen in the 1st one.


    Overall I would say Round 2 goes to Biden. He was more frank about COVID-19 than Trump was, expressing a need for rapid testing, contact tracing, physical dividers, and social distancing. And Trump's "we're learning to live with it" statement infuriated me. Biden's countering with "people are learning to die with it" hit the nail on the head. There have been over 222.000 people killed by this shit already. Enough is enough.


    Trump called himself the least racist person in the room... that's malarkey. Biden takes climate change and clean energy more seriously. Biden also said that any foreign power who tries to tamper with the election will pay a price. When accused of corruption, Biden told Trump, "Release your tax returns or don't talk about corruption".


    One statement from Biden during the C19 discussion especially resonates with me. "I don't view this as he does, as red states or blue states," he said. "We're the United States."

  6. Vans Old Skool V shoes ($80)
  7. Scintillatron 4096. This is also available on PS4 and the trophy lists (identical in each version, with a platinum) are counted separately. It's less twitch and not exactly mindless, but still fun. Instead of just tearing through enemies, you're supposed to chain ones of the same color until they're wiped out. If you take too long on a level, a Hurry Up enemy will appear. There are no online requirements for any trophies.
  8. Sylvester - I Need You
  9. Fall is here... and I partially dislike it. No more 92+ degree days. I know some of you think that's good. But I'd take the 90s over the 36 degree morning lows I've seen lately. If the temperature falls below 65 F, I start getting a bit disgusted with it. At least I'll get a few more days with 70s. The thing I hate most about fall? It gets dark earlier, and even more so when the "fall back" time change kicks in. I don't care for the shorter days. It's opening the door for winter (and IMO winter can fuck off).
  10. The scientists need to be listened to. And what's this deal with Trump slamming Fauci, calling him a "disaster" and an "idiot" for being truthful? If this pandemic happened under Obama's or Hillary Clinton's watch, I'm sure that it would've been handled better. There would not have been 210000+ deaths. I've never given Trump any benefit of the doubt... not even since That Day in 2016. And my suspicions have been proven right. He went out on a limb to praise a witch doctor. https://www.cnn.com/2020/10/18/us/anika-chebrolu-covid-treatment-award-scn-trnd/index.html Anika Chebrolu, 14, has won a $25000 prize in the 3M Young Scientist Challenge for a discovery that could lead to a C19 cure. Her invention uses in-silico methodology to discover a molecule that can bind to the SARS-COV2's spike. She had studied about the 1918 flu pandemic and that inspired her to find potential cures to viruses. Now she's interested in working with scientists and researchers to hopefully get a cure out there.
  11. The presidential debate commission will mute the mikes during the candidates' 2-minute initial responses in the 22 October debate. Amen and hallelujah to that. It needs to be done. You remember how that last Trump-Biden debate went? What a train wreck. At least this one should stay more orderly.

    1. MidnightDragon


      Not necessarily. They can still scream. :P

    2. MossyOakRcn42


      It's a good first step into trying to maintain order for the debate (the first debate was a monumental shit show and a national embarrassment to our country). However, muting a microphone on his podium won't stop Donald Trump from shouting over Joe Biden from across the stage as Biden tries to detail his vision for the United States. 

    3. RadiantFlamberge


      You probably called it correctly. Trump will likely raise his voice to compensate for being de-miked. It wouldn't surprise me. I trust Joe to be on his best behavior, but I have a bad feeling Donald will be a naughty boy again. At least this debate shouldn't be a total CF like the last one. It would be easier for a miked moderator to call for Trump to stop talking.


      The moderator this time is NBC's Kristen Welker. Hopefully she'll be more firm, unlike Susan Page. Surprisingly, Page was against the idea of a mute button... even though she had to tell Pence to stop talking 41 times, and Harris 13 times in the VP debate. I don't want Susan Page moderating another debate of this sort. She was pretty weak as a moderator.


      Looking back to the Trump town hall, Trump sure got trumped by Savannah Guthrie. "I don't get that! You're the president... you're not like someone's crazy uncle who can retweet whatever." ( 0:30 ). I didn't watch Trump's town hall (I watched Biden's instead). When I saw this on YT, I loved it. 👍


  12. Doom 3 (PS4) Evil Collector Collect every PDA in the RoE campaign If you've got them all, it comes up right as you take Patrick Hook's one. A bronze trophy seems a little cheap for having to find all 21 PDAs. I think this should really be a silver.
  13. Am I going to buy an Xbox for the next Doom or Wolfenstein? NO. I'll go strictly PC on these games if they turn out to be Xbox exclusive. Hopefully they'll release the PC versions on Steam and not use that UWP garbage.
  14. Lisa Dalbello - Cardinal Sin
  15. Vaxart, a company working on a C19 vaccine to be given in pill form, are in a bit of trouble. They are being federally investigated and some investors have filed suit against them for allegedly exaggerating their involvement in Operation Warp Speed. I hadn't heard of this company until now, actually. At least there's something good about Moderna. Should their vaccine be proven safe and effective, their CEO Stephane Bancel is expecting to get it out to the general population around late March or early April. Moderna is also working to crank up production so it's ready to go out en masse after approval. Dear COVID-19, For all that you have done, for everything you do now, and for all that you will do in the days to come... Damn you. God damn you!
  16. Card Sharks - Season 2 Premiere "Aces and deuces, aren't they great? But you better pray you don't get an 8 ... on Card Sharks!" Every episode starts off with a short poem something like that. This isn't the one they said... I just made it up. While Card Sharks was already pretty good, they made a couple of major improvements to it. In the qualifying round, you just have to clear a line of 7 cards for the win instead of 10. This is definitely better, because the original 10 cards was too long. Remember in season 1's Money Cards how you would lose your bet if the next card was a match? Someone once got wiped out by three Aces in a row. Tragic. Thankfully there's now a "Push" rule in effect to avert that. So if your next card matches, you don't win anything, but you're keeping the money you had bet. If your current card is an Ace or a 2, you don't have a reason to not go All-In anymore. I was wishing for this change. Unfortunately, the damn pandemic necessitates not having a studio audience. I'll miss the crowd's chants of "All-In! All-In!" when someone has a A/2 on Money Cards, but at least the contestants' families will be there to cheer them on.
  17. I've seen the one from this last spring with Jimmy Kimmel and the celebrity players. It's more faithful to the 1999 original with Regis, which is a good thing. Kimmel's has Keith and Matthew Strachan's original tunes from the Regis version... and I'm hoping the PS4 version will use them. The music from the 2010-2019 syndicated Millionaire just doesn't do it for me. Maybe the trophy banner logo isn't the same one we'll see on the game's actual title screen. It would look bad to just show a plain text logo in game.
  18. PC: Serious Sam 4 - Currently on mission 13/15, playing on Normal difficulty. I'll have to try this on a harder setting next time. In some of the battles, there can be dozens of enemies after you at once. I could probably try to platinum the PS4 version when it's out... on the PC version there are 54 trophies total, with no difficulty specific ones. It may be possible to get them all in one playthrough. One trophy is called Max Pain... you get it for killing 5 enemies during a Time Warp slowdown. 🙂
  19. Thunder Force V - Duel of Top by Hyakutaro Tsukumo
  20. Linda Ronstadt - You're No Good
  21. The latter. I'm a serious skeptic about them. Too many video game movies have been bad that when I hear of another one in the works, I say "Oh, no". Even then, one I hope turns out well is the Illumination CGI-animated Super Mario movie. They should hire Charles Martinet. It wouldn't feel right having a different actor voice Mario, Luigi, and Wario.
  22. Of course Trump wants to get out there and squeeze in some rallying before November... I don't think he cares about the risk of spreading C19. He has pulled plenty of "wild stunts". I've just listened to Demi Lovato's "Commander In Chief" in which she gives a much deserved calling out to that son of a bitch. "Can't get enough of shutting down systems for personal gain"? Oh, that describes him all right. And in a state of crisis, people are suffering and dying while Trump lines his pockets deep. Barrett's noncommittal stance on several issues is troubling. When asked by Kamala Harris if she believed voting discrimination still existed, "I'm not going to express an opinion because these are very charged issues" was her reply. Unacceptable. And there's more. She wouldn't give proper answers to questions about the Affordable Care Act, Roe v. Wade, election security and stability, and whether every POTUS should make a commitment to a peaceful transfer of power. Even worse, she wouldn't be frank when asked if the President should be allowed to delay November's election, nor would she commit to recusing herself from a dispute on the election. That's pretty bad. Not being forthright is worse than giving the answer I don't want to hear. Should she get confirmed, it would not bother me if Biden actually chooses to "pack" the SCOTUS and get one more Democrat in there to counter Barrett. Maybe offer this added spot to Merrick Garland? That would be a nice well deserved FU to Mitch McConnell.
  23. I also believe that he may not have really caught it. Trump has lied so much I don't trust a word he says. With Amy Coney Barrett's hearing in play, isn't it suspicious how Mr. Trump is claiming to be well recently? I really think so. Barrett for a SCOTUS justice wouldn't be a good thing at all. I hope some Republicans will turn against her and vote to keep her out. May those who support Barrett get voted out. All these people who aren't taking C19 seriously better stop kidding themselves. Even if you survive it, there can be long term consequences. There is a 13 year old who has ended up on 18 pills a day because of her complications from C19. She used to be pretty healthy and had dreams of joining the WNBA. Previously able to run 7 miles, she now can only walk for 10 minutes. Who knows how her recovery will go.
  24. Kazu Yamane - Golden Gate Bridge theme (Return of Double Dragon) The USA version Super Double Dragon has the BGM in a different order. In SDD, this is stage 1's theme.
  25. Last Purchase: *Serious Sam 4 digital deluxe (PC, $50) - includes the classic Tommy Gun weapon skin, digital artbook, and the game's OST in MP3 and lossless versions. Only $10 more than the regular. *Crysis Remastered (PC, $30) - Not bad, though I'm having a problem with crashing on the last boss battle (which I also had seen happen on PS4). Pre-ordered: *Trails of Cold Steel IV limited edition ($100) - Probably will also get the digital deluxe as well, just like I did with ToCS III. Nice! Grats on getting an original PS3. 😎 $225 isn't a bad deal. Good to have one since the PS5's backward compatibility is only good with PS4. I'm never going to let mine go... I swapped out the 60 GB drive for a 1 TB. I was more into Xbox 360 last gen, but now the tide has turned and the PS3 gets more love. I'm glad Sony updated PS3 to play with DS4 controllers... but unfortunately it's not perfect, I just wish the DS4's tilt function worked on Sixaxis games, and that the PS button would take you to the XMB.