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  1. For The Matrix, I'm sure they know that just "good" is not good enough. Even if Lilly is sitting this one out, being committed to Showtime's Work In Progress... I still am holding out hopes for this. There's been plenty of time.
  2. Criminal Minds (season 1) 1.06 L.D.S.K. 1.12 What Fresh Hell? 1.13 Poison
  3. I'll take modern, futuristic, or Bad Company 3. With Battlefield 1 being not that long ago, I'm not ready for another World War title in this franchise just yet. I have grown jaded on the WW I & WW II themes myself, so YMMV. Something different? Franco-Prussian, War of 1812, or Revolutionary War all sound interesting.
  4. Shutdown Phenomenon - Cancelled enemy arts 100 times. Got that last cancel during the Class Warfare quest. Divine Knight Errant - Completed all 39 quests. Just 1 AP short of perfect (I missed that 1 on Let's Talk Trista), but anyway... That's all the silvers I'll get on this playthrough. Intelligence Agent & Banisher of Nightmares will wait for a NG+ run.
  5. One of the games on Midway Arcade Treasures (PS2/PSP), 720°, has a voice blaring out "SKATE OR DIE!!!!" when the time expires on the world map. After hearing this, you had better hit one of the parks ASAP or else a swarm of bees will get you. You can avoid them for awhile, but they will keep getting faster by the second. The first time I heard that, I almost jumped. You have no tickets left, with several thousand points to go until the next one... bam, here it comes. Now you're feeling reeeeally screwed. 720° is also on the PS3 Midway Arcade Origins, but I've tried that version & remember it having some bad input lag. PSP & PS2 versions are fine.
  6. The Occupation - Completed the Divertissement. Lending Library - Completely filled the book section of the notebook, excluding books only available in NG+. I was missing only the Crossbell Times SP. So I checked Micht's pawn shop & got lucky. Shutdown Phenomenon will most probably be the next one. I'm at exactly 99 art cancels.
  7. Tekken 5- Dragon's Nest ~ To those who go to Heaven ~ (Namco System 256 arcade ver.)
  8. Face of the Enemy - Completely filled the monster guide, excluding EX sections. I watched it pop up during the Finale's last boss battle. Forward, Relentlessly - Completed the Finale.
  9. Spoils of War - Opened every treasure chest between the Prologue & the Finale.
  10. Phoenix Ascendant - Received the Grand Cordon of the Order of the Phoenix Wings from Emperor Eugent III.
  11. Honor Roll - Achieved student rank A0. The Return of Rean QUARTZ-er - Gathered all 31 varieties of Master Quartz.
  12. Wartime Rationer - Obtained all 22 recipes. Inseparable - Raised any two characters to Link level 7 (Rean & Alisa) A Lease on Love - Spent the evening before the final battle with Alisa. Forging the Future - Acquired the strongest weapon for any character. (Alisa's Iris Bow) The Reel Deal - Caught all 22 varieties of fish. Yes! Finally I have a couple of the silver trophies for this one.
  13. On the elevator screens after some stages where it asks you to go up or down, don't press anything. It'll automatically go to the Danger area. Stage 2 has a spot where you could sit & leech points from respawning enemies for a little while. The door setup in stage 7 isn't really random. What is random is that it will pick one of 4 different patterns. Don't just take any door... that could mean going straight to the end boss & missing out on all the others. Take door #7, the 3rd door in the bottom row, first. Which boss do you get there? It will be either the one from stage 1, 3, 4, or 6. That's how to tell which pattern it gave you. Below is a list of the boss room patterns for stage 7, with a recommended order for the rest of the doors. Boss 1 B3 B4 LB B2 Rd B6 B1 B5 6-1-2-4-5-8-3 Boss 3: B5 B1 B4 B6 LB Rd B3 B2 2-3-4-6-8-1-5 Boss 4: B1 Rd B2 LB B3 B5 B4 B6 8-1-3-5-2-6-4 Boss 6: B1 B5 B3 Rd B4 B2 B6 LB 1-5-6-3-4-2-8 With these patterns, the end boss Cyber-Lip will be in the last room. Bazooka & grenades are the best weapons for it.
  14. The Awakening Lions - Completed Act 2.
  15. Sadly true. Let's say that guns are kept out of the hands of those who would use them to do mass shootings. Regrettably, they would indeed find some other way to cause mayhem. Mental health is one of the most important parts of this. Rather than the death penalty, I'd say lock the guilty party up for life without parole. In a capital punishment case, they'd likely appeal again, again, & again until hell freezes over. LWOP would be a better way to deal with the guilty. When someone buys a gun, there should be a waiting period of several days. Private sales, namely selling your own gun to another person, should be banned.
  16. Transcendent Jewel - Raised a Master Quartz to Level 5. Alisa's Angel & Jusis' Mistral both hit L5 at the same time during the 3rd spirit shrine trial.
  17. Overdriven to Win - Used Overdrive in battle 100 times.
  18. Fleetwood Mac- Big Love (extended remix) Amazing. The acoustic version from FM's 2015 On With The Show tour isn't bad, but I like this one more.
  19. * Crysis series (Crysis, Crysis Warhead, C2, & C3) I'm sure PS4 could run these maxed at 60 FPS/1080p. For 1-3 just use the PS3 trophy lists. * Serious Sam HD First & Second Encounters, Serious Sam 3 Looks like we're getting a Serious Sam collection after all... the ESRB has given a rating for it. Good. Now I just wish there were a known release date. * Trails in the Sky series & the Crossbell arc Let's get everything Trails related all together on PS4. * F.E.A.R. 1 & 2 Include the expansions (Extraction Point, Perseus Mandate, & F.E.A.R. 2 Reborn) with the base games.
  20. The NRA needs to stop the BS & give up trying to blame video games for all this violence. They take the 2nd Amendment & totally pervert its meaning... I'm sure the Founding Fathers are crying in heaven. Fragtaster summed it up a couple posts above. Meghan Mc Cain is totally wrong. Nobody needs a damned AR-15 for any reason.
  21. Criminal Minds 9th season 2-part finale 9.23 Angels 9.24 Demons I can't wait for season 15, but I am a little sad that there will be only 10 episodes & that it's going to end.
  22. Walmart is saying that it will stop the sale of handgun ammo after running out of its current supplies, while forbidding civilians from openly carrying guns in their stores even if the state law allows (only law enforcement may be armed). WM's handgun sales in Alaska will stop. Even then, WM will continue to carry hunting rifles & ammo. https://www.kcbd.com/2019/09/03/walmart-stop-selling-handgun-ammunition/ That's a little progress, but it's not QUITE enough. Why not? Well honestly, I feel that a store like Walmart shouldn't be offering guns or ammo of any kind. Firearms sales should be restricted to specialised gun shops. These should be required to have a basement vault where they keep their stock. When a gun dealer closes down for the night, nothing at all should be in the display cases. Take it all down to the vault & lock it up until the next day.