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  1. Ultracore Deadeye Get 60% hit accuracy in any level They Must Die! Kill 95% of enemies in any level
  2. Ys: Memories of Celceta Timeless Adventurer Acquired all trophies. Waking Dream Cleared the game on Nightmare difficulty. And that's it. There's my 8th platinum. 😎 Some of my old PS Vita trophies including Celceta's In Search of Lost Memories and Mine Raider, the first two you earn in the game are missing time stamps, but I didn't have my Vita setup for PSN at the time. They are from back in 2013 when I first bought the game, and I have MTs on a couple others (Welcome Park, Soul Sacrifice, and Muramasa).
  3. Ys: Memories of Celceta (PS4) - Getting ready to finish a NG+ Nightmare run to take the platinum any day. Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold (PC) - An earlier FPS that came out just before the original Doom, but it's more fun than many of the recent titles of the genre. It's tough at first when all you have is the pistol, but once you find the Rapid Assault Weapon and others, you'll start wrecking aliens with grace. You have to be careful to not waste informants, who are disguised as enemy technicians. Informants can give you food machine tokens or extra ammo. I'll need to get back to ToCS III soon... maybe after Celceta is done.
  4. Sure glad to have found this in the Recent Topics. I knew for awhile about Natsuki coming to PC, but not PS4... and I hadn't heard of GF coming out for either one. I'll double dip on these. My Xbox One hasn't gotten too much use lately, and that doesn't seem like it will change soon. Should they bring Eschatos out, I'll buy it a 3rd time. I bet they will. I imported a Japanese 360 copy, and bought the Steam version.
  5. I can't say I find the $70 price target of PS5 games even a little surprising. With a new generation comes larger budgets on the games and the developers have to make it back somehow. Sony could possibly be selling the PS5 console for less than it costs to make, with intent to recoup the difference on a higher licensing fee per copy. I can bear it, especially if it's for a long JRPG like Ys or Trails (which have been 100+ hours since Trails in the Sky SC). An $80 1994 SNES game would be $138.70 in today's money... we have it easy. Now loot boxes or allowing players to buy virtual currency to gain an early advantage just don't sit well with me.
  6. Ys: Memories of Celceta Tickled Pink Endured all of Zara's tickle sessions. All the Things Acquired at least one of every item. Went to Iris Gold first to get that last Sun Stone, and got ATT after forging the Gaia Mace. That's almost it. Clearing the Nightmare NG+ is all I need now.
  7. Prince - Let's Go Crazy (Special Dance Mix) The long version of LGC from the opening scene of Purple Rain.
  8. Ys: Memories of Celceta Touche, Salesman Proved your skill as a merchant. Like the Wind Defeated a boss in Time Attack without taking damage. Reckless Abandon Defeated a boss in Time Attack in thirty seconds or less. The Strongest Pro Conquered Boss Rush. Untouchable Conquered Boss Rush without a single retry. Now that Frieda has joined, I went for the Boss Rush and used Adol "Mr. Stun Raid" and Karna along with her. All that's left for me is to get all the tickle sessions, get the last few items (the other sun stone weapons and wreaths), and finish my Nightmare NG+. Ares Seal + is your best artifact here. I knocked off Aldovoss in 29'xx on the second try.
  9. SNES/Super Famicom: Ys V (hopefully it gets the Celceta treatment sometime). Thanks to Aeon Genesis for the English translation patch. PS4: Ys Memories of Celceta - Going for a Nightmare NG+ and platinum.
  10. My first thought about the states reopening everything was "Here goes nothing". All these Karens out there crying for bars, restaurants, movie theaters etc. to be reopened and/or refusing to wear a mask in public are not taking this matter seriously enough. This is nothing to mess with. I can live without going out to eat, going to a movie, etc. for however long it takes. Those crying "muh freedoms" aren't going to feel free if they get sick. The USA's handling of the C19 situation is indefensible. A federal lockdown would've been the best course of action. The Trump administration didn't do jack. Any lockdowns were done by state governors. As for that San Diego Starbucks incident, who does that lady think she is? All her barista asked for is that she put a mask on. Starbucks' spokesperson backed him up on that. How hard is it to wear a mask? But no... she had to be a petty jerk about it, harass him, and call him out on FB. Then she called people who wear masks "stupid" and said they're "not thinking clearly". Her opinion isn't worth a damn to me. Anyway, he's gotten plenty of love and support including $84.000 in virtual tips, and she has been dubbed a Karen.
  11. Janet Jackson- If
  12. Day one buy for me also. 😎 I'll be double dipping on this one... I want the PC version as well.
  13. Janet Jackson - What Have You Done For Me Lately
  14. There may well be something on the way to serve as a stopgap until a vaccine is out. Eli Lilly has been working with a Canadian company AbCellera to create a monoclonal antibody therapy against C19. Lab results show some promise, with the antibodies thwarting the virus' attempts to infect cells. Regeneron and Sorrento Therapeutics are also taking a shot at something of this kind. Regeneron's hope is to have something ready by the end of this summer, while Sorrento would like to get their STI-1499 into testing against severe C19 cases by the middle of July. I'm praying this works in human trials, so that filthy C19 may finally get smacked down like a pesky mosquito. I've got a good feeling about this- let's just hope it's priced fairly. The companies need to focus more on wiping C19 out than making beaucoup bucks.
  15. Ys: Memories of Celceta Philanthropist Successfully completed every quest. Enchanting Storyteller Played extensively as Frieda. Terrific Tribal Chief Played extensively as Ozma. Money For Something Amassed one million gold. Master Cartographer Completed the Map of Celceta. Material Boy Filled out all material details in journal. Lord of the Jungle Defeated the ruler of the Great Forest. Apostle for the Ages Played extensively as Calilica. Monster Meister Filled out all monster details in journal. Jack of All Trades Mastered every skill. Treasure Hunter Opened every treasure chest. Stupendous Scavenger Discovered every resource point. I finished the game and got Monster Meister, but before starting a Nightmare run I went back because I was missing a few treasures and harvest points. Before taking out Gruda, I bought a shipload of Bitter Potions and Roda Droplets to prepare for Foria-Daros. I've tried once before and it didn't go well, so I waited until 100% map completion to get the Ares Seal. Second time was a charm. The last two harvest points were in the Ancient Burrow (how could I have missed it!) and the Sacred Beasts' Lair. And the last treasure chest was in the Iris Bronze area. It sure feels good to have those out of the way. Now I'm looking forward to getting the 100% map completion rewards at the start of a Nightmare NG+. 241.500 gold, the Aeolus Urn, and the Ares Seal (your artifacts are forfeit on starting NG+ but I think you'd get these back right away). .
  16. https://www.zdnet.com/article/lg-oled-tv-suffers-burn-in-from-4000-hour-test/ An LG OLED TV suffered some burn-in after 4000 hours. Rtings has tested some 2017 LG C7 OLED TVs with a cycle of 5 hours on & 1 off, 4 times daily. This kind of shoots down LG's claims that one of their OLEDs can last 30000 hours, or roughly 10 years worth of use, without burn-in. What a bummer. One commenter on the video page had the problem within about 10 months on a TV that cost $3000, & swore off buying another OLED.
  17. Ys: Memories of Celceta BRONZE Impenetrable Successfully used Flash Guard fifty times. Better Man Defeated Duren in one-on-one combat. Gold Hunter Defeated a rare golden foe. Wordless Affinity Befriended all animals. Only the Best Will Do Enhanced a weapon or armor to its limit. Mishy Masher Found all of Mishy's hiding spots. It's nice how trophies earned on the Vita version before will count towards the platinum, like Trails of Cold Steel I/II. BTW, that all trophies of one rank use the same image is a little disappointing (the achievement icons for the Steam/GOG PC version are pretty cool... I wish XSeed would've used them on PS4). I've been using Warrior Seals to go for Jack of All Trades. For OTBWD, I had raised a Cerise Cape to +72 for Calilica to use on Syriu's weapon test with the Madogra-Slefs.
  18. DualSense being higher than the DS4 in price would not really be a shock. That said, the durability better be there. I don't want to see a button or trigger start sticking or show other signs of wearing out within a few months.
  19. Though I do buy a lot of digital games now, I still want the disc reader. Sometimes the retail version is the better deal... especially if you can get the game on disc for $20 (either second-hand or marked down by a retailer for whatever reason) when it's still $60 on PSN. No disc reader means kissing second-hand deals goodbye. Take the Call of Duty games on PSN... many of these are old, yet still selling for MSRP.
  20. Mark Scott- I Don't Wanna Come Down
  21. General from Kaiser Knuckle (Global Champion) has to be THE one. Shao Kahn? Rugal? Here is someone even worse. General is overpowered AF and I guess the hardest boss in fighting game history. You'll agree once you've seen his multi-way projectile that redefines cheap. If you even reach General, godspeed. Look at that 2-hit combo that does 50% damage (a bit after 0:33 in the below YT video). Ridiculous. Anyway, LordBBH has managed to get him 32 continues later. Respect for anyone who takes General down. You need some good combos and apparently luck. General's AI is like a TAS player. It seems that not only does the CPU read your inputs like MK2/3, but it also tries to adapt to your patterns.
  22. Lady Gaga & Ariana Grande - Rain On Me
  23. I am impressed by the Lumen in the Land of Nanite tech demo, but I can't see actual games released at launch looking quite this good. Maybe half a year later, they'll start coming closer to that. Epic are saying they have no plans to work this into a full game... as of now. Let's hope they do what Quantic Dream did. QD's David Cage didn't plan to develop the Kara demo any further at first, then changed his mind... and turned it into Detroit: Become Human.
  24. Tetris Effect Long, Strange Trip Complete all Areas of Journey Mode. Back-to-Back Attack Earn 10 Back-to-Backs in a row. One trophy in this, Spin Artist, is rather ridiculous. A million rotations? Come on.
  25. I'm not totally convinced that asymptomatic carriers don't transmit C19. George Stephanopoulos was one, and his wife did come down with it. The study's conclusion does say "some" asymptomatic carriers may have weak infectivity. Maybe it varies per case.