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  1. Criminal Minds 9th season 2-part finale 9.23 Angels 9.24 Demons I can't wait for season 15, but I am a little sad that there will be only 10 episodes & that it's going to end.
  2. Walmart is saying that it will stop the sale of handgun ammo after running out of its current supplies, while forbidding civilians from openly carrying guns in their stores even if the state law allows (only law enforcement may be armed). WM's handgun sales in Alaska will stop. Even then, WM will continue to carry hunting rifles & ammo. https://www.kcbd.com/2019/09/03/walmart-stop-selling-handgun-ammunition/ That's a little progress, but it's not QUITE enough. Why not? Well honestly, I feel that a store like Walmart shouldn't be offering guns or ammo of any kind. Firearms sales should be restricted to specialised gun shops. These should be required to have a basement vault where they keep their stock. When a gun dealer closes down for the night, nothing at all should be in the display cases. Take it all down to the vault & lock it up until the next day.
  3. Warner Bros. is launching their DC Black films label with Joker, which is about the origins of Batman's #1 enemy. Failed standup comic Arthur Fleck is publicly humiliated, then becomes one of Gotham City's most feared criminals. Fleck/Joker is played by Joaquin Phoenix. PG-13 again? No. Try an R for strong bloody violence, disturbing behavior, strong language, & brief sexual images. Its release date is 4 October. Well, this looks interesting. What do you think?
  4. I've also watched the remake on ABC in 2017... it is not bad, but this is one case where the original is actually way better.
  5. Darn it... Ninja Saviors is delayed in NA. The 30 August release date stuck for Europe & Australia. But the NA release date is now 15 October. This is not some JRPG with tons of text... it is already in English. Now I almost want to go buy an import physical copy. ININ's given reason for the delay is "unforeseen logistical challenges". That said, at least it does not involve censorship of any sort.
  6. https://gematsu.com/2019/04/the-ninja-warriors-once-again-launches-for-ps4-switch-in-july-in-japan That Ninja Warriors game which was announced for Nintendo Switch is ALSO coming to PS4 & the date is July. 😂 I was kinda sure it would, since Wild Guns made it over to PS4 like this. The 2 new characters are Raiden (4 meters high & 32 tons) & Yaksha. Got to have this. With the original Ninja Warriors Again on SNES being such a good game, I have no doubts.
  7. I'm just thinking of those who may feel a need to have a gun to protect theirselves. If someone does buy a gun for that reason, then it is hoped that they never need to fire it. True, a handgun should be enough for self defense. It can be used as a deterrent, with no shots necessarily having to be fired. The sight of an armed homeowner approaching would be enough to make some crooks turn tail rather quickly.
  8. The Manway Method - Won 600 battles.
  9. Trails of Cold Steel II (PS4) Cadillacs & Dinosaurs (arcade) - A good Streets of Rage style game from Capcom.
  10. Smells Like Team Spirit - Used Burst in battle 50 times. Double the Trouble - Used Rush in battle 100 times.
  11. It's looking great. Hopefully the next demo will have the enemy death yells & Big Ben's goofball laugh that makes you want to run up & beat the crap out of him. Overall the BGM has been excellent so far. But anyway, they really could've had a better choice of BGM for Shiva. It's not bad, but it just isn't fitting for him. The theme they used in SoR 2 is on point... maybe Yuzo should do a remix of that?
  12. The $100,000 Pyramid - Tonight they had Rachel Dratch, Kevin Nealon, Sherri Shepherd (liked her on 30 Rock & The View), & Adam Pally. There was a $50,000 winner.
  13. Club Yoko - I AM
  14. Dick Dale & the Del-Tones - Misirlou
  15. Taking the Initiative - Initiated 300 advantage encounters. One Good Burn Deserves Another - Used over 500 follow-up attacks. Double the Trouble (used Rush in battle 100 times) & Smells Like Team Spirit (used Burst in Battle 50 times) are probably the next ones I'll get. Now I'm working on Act 2 part 2, with S grades on every chapter before.
  16. Cherry has some awesome moves. I'm liking the one where she jumps on the enemy's shoulders & knocks them silly, sort of like Skate's move in 2 & 3 only from the front, & also that bounce-off attack. That little taste of the BGM from the trailer is sweet... I look forward to more samples. Now what we need next is a Mighty Glacier like Max.
  17. Tactician - Won a battle with a tactical bonus of x3.0 or greater. Got a triple (exactly 3.0) in the Courageous ranged training room's level 2 exercise, using Alisa, Machias, Fie, & Sara. Lots & lots of art cancels done here with Flamberge 2, Mail Breaker, & Sweep.
  18. Ashen Chronicles - Completed Act 1. Mind if I Cut In? - Used 100 S-Breaks in battle. Aboard the Pantagruel - Completed the Intermission.
  19. Rabbits eat some carrots usually every day. Broadly.
  20. Five Finger Death Punch - Far From Home
  21. Ys series: On the PS4 we're still missing Oath in Felghana, Ark of Napishtim, & Seven. As for Celceta, I'm sure XSeed will get to it. Ys I & II also, but the above ones come first. Ridge Racer: Some version of it for PS4, even if it's only Ridge Racer 7 remastered for 4K. Mass Effect: Remaster the original trilogy for 4K & 60 FPS. Probably something the present EA won't do, but it's fun to dream. Time Crisis: Alright, I know I'm cheating a bit here because this makes 4, but anyway... it's a shame that Bandai Namco has let Time Crisis 5 go without a console port for 4 years. We need some gun games on PS4 such as this one. Namco should make a wireless GunCon 4 or use the PS Aim controller.