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  1. Stage 01 - 28.204 Stage 02 - 26.614 Stage 03 - 20.332 Stage 04 - 27.720 Stage 05 - 35.214 Stage 06 - 40.031 Stage 07 - 15.475 Stage 08 - 24.354 Stage 09 - 26.423 Stage 10 - 25.777 Stage 11 - 26.047 Stage 12 - 38.461 Here's my playlist with all 12 stages, all done with Floyd. Like Papito208 said, this is pretty forgiving. A good combo such as a Sick or higher in the dojo section of Chinatown (stage 6) where the Galsias or Donovans keep rushing into the room can make up for a lost life.
  2. Press Your Luck (5/31/2020) season 2 premiere It was not the $1M grand prize, but someone did a whole lot of winning last Sunday.
  3. Dr. Fauci has said that MRNA-1273, the C19 vaccine candidate that Moderna and the NIAID are working on, should be set for Phase III (final stage trials) by mid-summer. He's hoping for a "couple hundred million doses" to be ready by 2021 and says they should know if it's effective by November-December. Pray this works. Trump's decision to pull out of the WHO is completely asinine, even more so in a pandemic. Also, Trump openly brags about being a jerk in his latest commercial, saying that "Mr. Nice Guy won't cut it". The USA has had enough of his bullshit... hopefully Biden wins.
  4. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare SILVER Peace to the Fallen Listened to all of the death letters of the fallen. Royal Flush All SDF Aces and Captains killed. You Know Nothing Kill Kotch before his speech ends. Top Gun Complete all Jackal-only side missions. Targets of Opportunity Complete all ship boarding side missions. Jackal Ace Earn all Jackal weapons and upgrades. GOLD The Longest Day Complete all Single Player missions on Veteran. This is one of the better CoD campaigns. It doesn't feel like "just another" Call of Duty. The sci-fi themes work well here. Space dogfighting with the Jackal, and zero-g gunplay with a grappling hook (which is also good for killing enemies) set this one apart. Aragami BRONZE Their own medicine Use an explosive light to kill a guard. Up and Down Perform a Ceiling Kill. Twin Souls Complete Chapter 13. Face Off Get killed by an arrow while throwing a 'Kunai'. GOLD Shadow Master Find all Scrolls. Almighty Unlock all the Shadow Techniques Kage 2 and Shadow Kill is an almost unstoppable combination. Love it. You can use Kage for free with this... and Kage 2 adds muffled movement even if you run. Kage, sprint, shadow kill, repeat. I think the Twin Souls trophy should be a silver or gold, because it's the one for clearing the game. God of Death and Pacifist seem tough. You can use Banmoku, but it has a limited radius and won't mark all enemies. There are just enough scrolls in the game to buy all the Shadow Techniques. Face Off took a few tries. Enter chapter 11 and ready your Kunai, go forward a bit to draw the archer's attention (just ignore the guard to his left), then wait until he is about to shoot. The timing is tricky. Arcade Archives: Cyber-Lip Score 300,000 points The score won 300,000 points One thing that helps is getting all the Danger stages that can be worth a few thousand each. After stages 2-5, there will be an Up/Down screen. Just don't press anything, and you'll get the Danger area.
  5. There's another one in stage 5, the underground. After you come up from the sewers, you'll go into a bar. The arcade machine is about midway through, past a pool table. Soon after you see it, you'll have a Galsia rushing towards you with the taser. Tazing this one will send you to Abadede, SoR2's wrestler boss.
  6. Streets of Rage 4 Bleeding Knuckles Reach a lifetime score of 5,000,000. My Work Here is Done Obtain all trophies. And there's my 7th platinum. The most challenging trophy IMO is the Maniac one (S ranks on all stages at Hard or higher).
  7. Hard Reset Redux, mainly because the Achilles trophy requires you to finish the Heroic mode. Heroic mode is about the same as Insane, only it has no quicksaves or checkpoints other than the start of a level.
  8. GunLord (Neo-Geo MVS cart) - $420
  9. Ashe - Moral of the Story
  10. Another way is to bait the Diamonds into missing and punish them when they land. You could throw another enemy at a Diamond to stuff the jump kick in midair. I've finished the arcade mode just now using Floyd on hard difficulty. My final score was 230.612 (B Rank).
  11. Streets of Rage 4 100 Yen Clear the Arcade mode on Hard difficulty or higher. Finished arcade mode on Hard difficulty with Floyd, getting a final score of 230.612 (B Rank). Now this leaves me one trophy (Bleeding Knuckles/5M) away, and I just need another 500K to get there. My Lucky 7 platinum is in sight.
  12. Ridge Racer 8. I care for arcade racing games like RR7, not sim ones like Gran Turismo. What were Namco thinking when they didn't get this out for PS4's launch? Instead, we got the sad Vita Ridge Racer with 30 FPS and very limited content. Now that should never have been released. It would've been better if they released the PSP Ridge Racer 2 as a digital title for the North American market to be played on both PSP and Vita. I think the bad reception for Vita RR may have killed Namco's desire to keep the series going.
  13. I am using an external HDD and the speed is good... I'd say maybe a little better than the stock internal drive. Mine is a Toshiba 6 TB 7200 RPM desktop drive put into a USB enclosure. The internal one I now use just for saves.
  14. I'm not really interested in MMOGs, MOBAs, or realistic sports games such as Madden, FIFA, PGA Tour, Pro Evolution Soccer, or Gran Turismo. That said, I do like some arcade style sports and racing games (give me Neo Turf Masters over PGA, Ridge Racer 7 over GT).
  15. Keeping to either top corner (I'll stay to the left) seems to work. I don't ignore Ms. Y, but I don't leave the left side of the screen to chase her (which risks getting hit by the robot). I think the SOR2 last boss battle, with both Mr. X AND Shiva, is the hardest in the series, bar none. You'll find them in the Art Gallery's arcade machine when you taze it. As for SoR 3, I handled Robot Y by abusing Blaze's jump kick. Try to get him to the far left or right, then spam away. About 9 jump kicks will strip a life bar from it. At 1:30:33 is the fight with the last boss. This version is the Japanese Bare Knuckle III with Robot Y's name changed to Neo X. The Japanese version's voices are better, and it's uncensored. Hisho Sozan (which Blaze also says in SoR 4) sounds better than Terra Shield IMO. The robot will have more life bars in SoR 3 than in BK III.
  16. Rockstar could probably keep going off GTA V alone if they just remastered it for every new platform and kept creating new DLC. It's a safe bet that PS5 (and PS6) will get their versions of it. They're so silly... this is no time for mass gatherings. Restaurants being open is fine with me, though at this time I wouldn't dream of eating on location. I'll do takeout or Doordash only. Now there's Trump saying "reopen all the churches". No way. Churches are a mass gathering also , and therefore a potential C19 spread risk. If someone goes to Mass every week, that don't impress me much... what counts much more is if they abide by the universal Golden Rule, "Treat others as you would like others to treat you".
  17. Streets of Rage 4 Silver All Clear: Axel Clear all stages in single-player mode as Axel. All Clear: Cherry Clear all stages in single-player mode as Cherry. All Clear: Adam Clear all stages in single-player mode as Adam. All Clear: SOR1 Clear all stages in single-player mode with a "SOR1" character. All Clear: SOR2 Clear all stages in single-player mode with a "SOR2" character. All Clear: SOR3 Clear all stages in single-player mode with a "SOR3" character. For the SOR 1-2-3 trophies I played as Blaze. SOR3 Blaze is my favorite one from the older games... the running and rolling are a big plus, and her jump kick is the best in 3. I'm now down to two trophies left... 100 Yen (arcade mode cleared on Hard or higher) and Bleeding Knuckles (at 4 mil. so I'm almost there). I'll probably get this platted soon- for the arcade mode run I'll probably go with SOR 3 Blaze.
  18. When a game has an always-online requirement even in single-player mode, it's really some BS. Activision does it on their newer Call of Duty PC versions, like Modern Warfare '19 (the hell with that, I played it on PS4 instead). Unfortunately, as said by a Blizzard rep, Diablo 4 is going to be online only even if you play on console. And there's Anthem. You might have a reliable net connection, but if it flakes out for some reason... sorry, you can't play the game you paid $60 to buy.
  19. Basia - Freeze Thaw (new long version)
  20. Streets of Rage 4 Perfect Complete a stage without taking damage. Not as hard as it seems, but that doesn't mean it's easy. The hard part was to put aside playing for score long enough to earn this. I played stage 1 on easy with Floyd to get it, and abused the hell out of his Thunder Sphere defensive special. Don't use any star moves until you reach Diva... and even then, not until she is calling in backup. On easy, the health penalty for special moves is sharply reduced to almost nothing, so spam away during the Diva fight. If the mid-boss Koobo gets multiple pipes flying all over the place, abuse TS for the i-frames. Now I'm at 29 of 37 required trophies before the platinum. What's left? Just six more character clear trophies (Floyd and Blaze are already done), 100 yen (arcade mode cleared on Hard or better), and Bleeding Knuckles (5M lifetime score, probably the last one).
  21. If a game has the same exact content with no gameplay differences over two or more different platforms, it should share the same trophy list (like Trails of Cold Steel I and II, and Ys Memories of Celceta). That way, work done on one system towards a platinum can be carried over. Tokyo Xanadu and Ys VIII have some stuff on the PS4 version that's not found in the Vita versions, so I can understand these having separate lists. Also, trophy progress bars would be really nice to have. Thanks to a good move by the developer, some games like Hard Reset Redux, Ys, or Trails of Cold Steel series do have a way to tell in-game. For example in Ys VIII, you can check the stats to see how many more Flash Guards you need to reach 100. I agree, it'd be nice if Sony's system were like that, instead of being restricted to 15/30/90/180. At least one good thing EA did was to copy Xbox's point system for Origin... though EA and MS should really consider encouraging devs to add completion (platinum) achievements for full-length games.
  22. Streets of Rage 4 Maniac Get an S-Rank on all stages on Hard difficulty or higher. With this one out of the way, I'll work on the character clear trophies and not worry about getting S ranks for now. All Clear: Floyd Clear all stages in single-player mode as Floyd. That's 2 character trophies so far... Blaze was first. It's Chilly in Here Break both elevator window panes. CoD: Infinite Warfare BRONZE Operation Deep Execute Complete Operation Deep Execute. Operation Grave Robber Complete Operation Grave Robber. Operation Pure Threat Complete Operation Pure Threat. Operation Safe Harbor Complete Operation Safe Harbor. Fangs Out Earn your first Jackal item (weapon or upgrade). Operation D-Con Complete Operation D-Con. Reality TV Watch a news cast. Serious Gun Collector Scan 10 weapons. Gear Up Find your first equipment upgrade. Gravity Kills Kill an enemy while floating in your own anti-gravity grenade.
  23. I'm at about 2M right now. Today I got the Maniac with Floyd on Hard mode. In stage 12, my guess is you'll have to reach 24.000 sometime during the final boss battle, so hopefully you'll finish with 3 or 4 reserve lives. If you have only 2 or less, forget about the S and try again. I'm sure it's 35.000 minimum to get an S in stage 12 on hard. Now that Maniac is out of the way, I'll work on clearing it with the other characters. For the 100 yen attempt, I might go with SoR 3 Blaze. Stage 6's dojo area is rough, though it's probably good for points if you keep a combo going. I didn't perfect that area but still came away with an S. Certain moves are a definite don't against some enemies. Surely, perfecting that will be needed to get high on S6's leaderboard. The top 3 records on each stage were most probably done with zero mistakes (maintaining combo at all possible times, no deaths, and nearly full health at the end of the stage). Now I just got Perfect. The rest shouldn't be too tough... for 100 Yen, I'll use SoR 3 Blaze.
  24. Tangerine Dream - Brother or Stranger
  25. Well, here are my rarest trophies on each system: PSVita -TxK Completed - finish all game levels (Silver, 0.91%) PS3 -Time Crisis: Razing Storm Rack 'em Up! - Clear Arcade Mode Ranking Play with more than 3000000 points. (Gold, 0.31%) PS4 -The Ninja Warriors Once Again/The Ninja Saviors: Return of the Warriors Mad Murder Machine - Clear the game with a total time of 2500 seconds or lower. (Silver, 1.95%) And also on PS4, one of my plats is the ultra-rare Chinese Farmer in Hard Reset Redux (2.87%) I can say I'm proud of these. TxK is a long haul of 100 levels, with a few tough ones in there. Razing Storm was one of my favorite gun games in the arcade. Ninja Warriors took quite a few tries to get the time down into the 2300s. For Hard Reset Redux, one of the trophies between you and the platinum is Achilles. This requires you to finish a run of the Heroic Mode, which has no quicksaving or checkpoints other than the one at the start of a level.