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  1. Not having it didn't turn me off from buying the game, but if they're going to bring it back... let them. Yes, it is over quickly (5 minutes is about right), but I like it. Though since I have the platinum, I'll probably play this on PC mostly. They did away with the unlocked FPS for Performance mode (for now it's capped at 30), but there will be an update to bring back 60 on PS5. PS4 performance mode will stay at 30.
  2. I was wondering what became of AstraZeneca's one. Looks like AZ are seeking their EUA for later this month or early next, and they have some of it ready to go in case of an approval.
  3. It will if you're using Perfomance mode. If you go with ray-tracing, it will instead target 60 fps.
  4. Giorgio Zott (Time Crisis 3)
  5. Razing Storm
  6. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (original composer) & Toshio "Shimizm" Shimizu (KOF'96 version) Requiem in D Minor K.626 Dies Irae
  7. Mannheim Steamroller - The Steamroller
  8. https://www.snk-corp.co.jp/us/games/kof-xv/ Here's SNK's official page for KOF XV. Some more confirmed characters are Chizuru, Andy, and Yuri (YES!) ✌️. Instead of their own engine, SNK will use Unreal Engine 4 on this one. Animations and effects are looking better than XIV.
  9. People need to think. C19 is definitely worse than the flu. Spring break traveling is not a good idea this time around. It would be better if SB destinations such as beaches were shut down for this season. By summer, the vaccine should be more widespread.
  10. The visuals would be left alone. If Sony cut anything, it would be in the voice acting and one of the mission titles. First to go would likely be the words "pig" and "copper", given that the criminals use them as derogatory terms for a police officer. There's also a good chance that Sony would change "Chinatown Assault" to "Downtown Assault" like it is on the SNES cart, because now they have to kiss China's keister.
  11. I'm sure they don't play games at all. Another game Lieberman raised ruckus over was the gun game Lethal Enforcers (Sega/SNES/PS1) with digitized characters ala Mortal Kombat, but nothing really graphic. When you shoot a criminal there's just a red hit spark, then they flinch from the hit and flicker out. Most console versions are censored somewhat- certain taunts from the criminals "You missed me, pig!" and "You can't shoot me, copper!" are cut out. The SNES version renames the Drug Dealers mission to The Gunrunners, and Chinatown Assault to Downtown Assault. PS1's version isn't censored. If this got a PS4 rerelease, today's Sony would probably meddle with it. The FCC needs to know this is 2021. One of my favorite channels is AMC's sister channel IFC. You can see a movie uncut and uncensored, only with commercials. Something with a R or a harder PG-13 rating will be shown as TV-MA, rather than watered down to get a TV-14.
  12. CoD: Black Ops Cold War Desperate Measures Complete Desperate Measures in Campaign on any difficulty. Patriot Arrow Kill an enemy with the bow while ziplining in Echoes of a Cold War. Jack of All Trades Get five kills each with an LMG, SMG, AR, and Shotgun. Keep Your Friends Close... Perform Body Shield five times.
  13. While not a PlayStation game, it's another Falcom one. Xanadu Next for PC (not the N-Gage). XN's combat is a middle ground between Diablo and the earlier Ys games. It's best played using both a gamepad and a mouse (to use the item menu). This is one game I'd like to see remastered for PS4.
  14. If it's true, hopefully this is more like the real deal and not another FF Streetwise. Anyway I'm skeptical, since the supposed info also says Street Fighter VI is coming, with future releases of Super and Ultra SFVI planned already if this is true. Most likely, Capcom would wait to see how SFVI does before making the decision on an upgrade. I'll get the new TMNT at launch. This is probably how a Turtles in Time sequel would've looked on 32-bit systems, and I like this style more than the recent Raw Thrills arcade game. Who needs Konami anymore?
  15. Just ordered tonight: * Thrustmaster T150 steering wheel (made for PC, PS4, & PS3, but TM endorses its compatibility with PS5) * Gold DualShock 4
  16. Some PC games take performance hits from Denuvo Anti-Tamper (not Denuvo Anti-Cheat) and some don't. Overlord Gaming once noticed frametime spikes in the 100, 200, and even 400 millisecond ranges in some games that previously had DAT. These spikes didn't happen after DAT was removed. Irdeto has said that DAC is not a performance killer, but we'll see. At least it's not built into the PS5, and developers don't have to use it. Developers could ditch it if there's a backlash, like Doom Eternal on PC.
  17. When they brought over Brandish: the Dark Revenant, it was early 2015. That makes Nayuta's no-show more baffling... XSEED could probably have had that localised by late 2013. Anyway, Trails in the Sky The 3rd came out on PC in 2017... pretty far into Vita's lifespan, with PSP being dead. Even then, I think XSEED should've done PSP 3rd with Vita in mind, especially since Vita plays PSP games.
  18. https://twinfinite.net/2020/12/the-legend-of-heroes-kuro-no-kiseki/ https://www.siliconera.com/the-legend-of-heroes-kuro-no-kiseki-announced-for-2021/ https://www.gematsu.com/2020/12/the-legend-of-heroes-kuro-no-kiseki-announced https://2021.falcom.co.jp/kuro https://2021.falcom.co.jp/nayuta Falcom is readying Kuro no Kiseki for 2021. It is set in Calvard in the year S.1208. The battle system will be changed with commands being entered in real time. Tactical Links and Brave Orders are gone. The cast will be 90% new, with 10% being favorites from earlier Kiseki titles. ARCUS is replaced with an orbment called Xipha. Your playstyle can result in having a "Lawful", "Gray", or "Chaotic" alignment which can influence your status and the story. Falcom is preparing to support PS5. Could this be their first PS5 release? What about Nayuta no Kiseki? It's coming to PS4 in Summer. Great... hopefully this will mean it gets a localisation for the West and we don't miss out any longer. I've played through it on PSP and enjoyed it. Nayuta reminds me a bit of Ys Felghana crossed with the Zwei series.
  19. Admittedly, Nintendo fills a niche. IMO Nintendo and the Switch are like SNK with their Neo-Geo CD against the 32-bit consoles at this point... gameplay is everything, and they're not so worried about graphics. Difference being that Nintendo Switch is having more success than NGCD did. Anyway, Nintendo games with PS4/5 graphics would be nice. Nintendo becoming a software developer like Sega wouldn't be so bad IMO. Whenever there's a Switch 2, I imagine it might be a tad more powerful than the vanilla PS4. Surely, PS3's potential hasn't really been tapped like it should. Ridge Racer 7 turned out pretty good for an early title. Namco had some of their best developers on that, no doubt. Not too many studios gave all like this. Another good game of theirs is Razing Storm, done on Namco System 357 (arcade PS3 hardware). Actually made by Nex Entertainment, but they're another example of someone that knew the system pretty well. Developers really should've taken time to get familiar with the PS3's hardware. More than a few times you'd see the 360 version of a multiplat turn out better (F.E.A.R. 2 and Bulletstorm come to mind). Let's hope that Sony wakes up before what they've got is gone. Otherwise they could end up throwing in the towel when the time comes for a PS6. A good move would be saying farewell to Jim Ryan. He simply shouldn't be there... in his place, I'd rather have Mark Cerny. Someone who knows gaming, has actually helped make games himself, and still does (Marble Madness, Major Havoc, some Sega console games, and many PS series ones).
  20. I've heard about the Cold Steel anime... hopefully it'll be good. Nayuta Kai should probably not take too long for NISA to localise (I'm assuming it's them)... my guess is a year or 18 months. We really missed out on that PSP version. What XSEED were thinking when they passed it up, I could never guess.
  21. Basia - No Heartache
  22. https://www.gematsu.com/2021/03/the-legend-of-heroes-kuro-no-kiseki-details-characters-setting-and-battle-system-first-gameplay https://www.gematsu.com/2021/03/the-legend-of-heroes-kuro-no-kiseki-action-battle-system-first-look https://2021.falcom.co.jp/kuro The characters we've already seen are Van Arkride (the Spriggan) and Agnes Claudel (an Aramis High School student). Two more are introduced: Feri Al-Fayed (a Kurgha soldier), and Aaron Wei (wields a weapon called "twin fencer"). An additional four characters are planned. The capital city of Calvard is Edith. On encountering an enemy, you can start an action battle, or avoid the battle. You can shift to a command battle by using Xipha, using attack/arts/craft/item commands as before. Xipha can be put away to go back to the action battle at any time. The action battle looks somewhat like Ys, with switch and evade buttons. Any character not in your control will fight on their own during action mode. It's looking good so far.
  23. Falcom could return to using PC as the lead platform, and get a 3rd party to bring their games to consoles. Or they could even switch to Xbox. Phil Spencer recently said "Japanese developers are vitally important" in MS's strategy for Xbox Series X&S. I was all set to count Xbox out this generation, but betting all-in on Sony doesn't sound good this time. I trust them less with the PS5, especially with their applying Western ideals to Japanese games. No PS5 game released yet really persuades me to buy the system NOW. Not one. Sony should have given the Japan Studio a chance. This move could backfire on them later.
  24. Najee - Personality
  25. 7695