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  1. Nicely done. I loved it.
  2. Toshiba X300 6 TB/7200 RPM hard drive, $185. Needed this for the PS4 Pro. My 1 TB internal drive is just about full. Bought an enclosure for $35 to make it external.
  3. The Surge's medbay BGM. Good stuff.
  4. I'm really enjoying it right now. Just took down P.A.X. & I'm giving its Imperator weapon a try. (I want that Jack of all Trades trophy). That one's not bad, but my favorite weapon is the Titan hammer. The targeting system is a good thing, allowing you to score some nice pickups. The impact of your weapons is well done here. I'll try to use dodging before resorting to blocks. Lords of the Fallen isn't bad either- I've played through that one on Steam. Shame there wasn't a patch added when the Pro came out to add performance (60 FPS) mode to LOTF. There will be a sequel, only without Deck 13 being involved in it. At least we'll get Surge 2 from them... I am so looking forward to that.
  5. *yawn* Another 2 zombie maps doesn't quite make up for killing the SP campaign. Why couldn't Blackout (battle royale) be added later as paid DLC? There were already enough MP modes in the base game. This does not deserve to be called Black Ops IIII. I'll skip it.
  6. NBA Jam Tournament Edition (arcade) - Got 24 teams beat out of 27. Playing as the 76ers, I beat the Suns by 1 point. 52-51. It's tough to get a big lead against the CPU on this, especially with the AI rubberbanding. If you're in the lead, it's a bit harder for you to sink 3's but the CPU will have an easier time with it. A win is a win.
  7. Hailee Steinfeld
  8. Ys: The Oath in Felghana
  9. Save hacking is nearly total BS. Any use of it other than repairing corrupt saves is simply cheating. Sony should've had some way of fixing corrupt saves (like what JSF said) in the PS3's FW itself.
  10. Well this really bites. I'd rather have had Ninja Theory stay independent. Future NT games will end up Xbox only, or with PC versions if we're lucky. Given that they're now a Microsoft studio, hopefully the PC versions won't end up locked to the Windows Store (Yuck, Steam would be better!).
  11. Zendaya
  12. Helena (Dead or Alive)
  13. Why can't Australia have an industry rating system like the USA's ESRB & MPAA, instead of the damned Classification Board? When the government is allowed to meddle in some things, it's bad news. Politicians lie more than dogs. You can call their bluff 95% of the time or more.
  14. I can still see individual Williams/Bally tables on PSN. With this being July 1 they'll probably be gone by the end of today. If there's something you want, hurry over there & get it. Amazon is no longer selling digital codes for them. Theatre of Magic & Attack From Mars are a couple that I've got hooked on lately. Black Knight 2000 is also good. Hopefully the retail season discs don't get too much of an insane markup.
  15. If Sony blocks cross-play on a game, they could drive some players to the PC or Xbox One versions. They get a cut on each PS4 game that sells. I think Sony is mad to not allow cross-play. Still, I don't think Bethesda should break off with Sony over this.
  16. The dipshits in power need to quit treating the whole country like a bunch of kids. They're conservative bastards who need to be voted out. There are plenty of 10 year olds who play mature-rated games with no issues. Let the parents decide what their kids see & play. Why not give a game the R18+ instead of banning it? A fine of 275,000 AUD ($203,609 US) for owning a banned game... who the hell makes laws like this? This takes the Fucked Up trophy.
  17. Syndicate is a good game, & one of my favorite FPS. You got robbed. Those overzealous censors really need to lighten up.
  18. Being limited to 30 FPS recording is a bummer, also. For games running at 60 FPS you'll see the difference.
  19. I've read that Fighting EX Layer's $60 standard version will have 15 Gougi card packs, with only 5 on the $40 light one. IINM light has 12 characters, with Hokuto added to the playable list on standard. That's not many, so hopefully extra character DLCs won't be too expensive. Here's a trailer on YouTube. Doesn't look too bad, probably about as good as KOF XIV.
  20. Kettenfahrzeug Destroyed- Complete the first world (Soldner-X: Himmelsturmer) I earned this on 14 December 2008. A little less than 6 months for mine.
  21. I'm feeling the same about it. Really, really let down. I know. Trade wars are so lame & there are no winners in one. Why does Trump think he has to do that?
  22. I wouldn't mind a tragic end to the main TWD, with Rick's group being decimated to a small handful. Hopefully they'll have Rick & Maggie put up one last good fight before going down. Daryl & Michonne should be among the survivors. Whoever makes it should end up joining Morgan's new group on Fear.
  23. I don't think the "bullet" was a literal one. I'd guess Big Brother & O'Brien were the ones who had "long hoped for" this "bullet" to enter Winston's "self" (brain?). And it did. He's still alive, only as a mindless puppet of The Party rather than who he was.