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  1. Hilton FM- When You Fall Time for some ambient stuff today. Listening to this in Musical Starstreams program #1601.
  2. Quantum of Solace was awesome (thanks Treyarch), so I'd gladly take another FPS based on some 007 movie. Doesn't matter which one. Unfortunately, Activision won't do this - I think their license was revoked, and neither will EA so some other company would need to take it.
  3. Now I'm seriously starting to crave tiramisu. It's so good. Some of my favorites: - Salmon - Sushi - Fajitas - Pizza (either a Works or Garden pizza, Marco's is my go-to place for this. They deliver quickly.) - Chinese (Kung Pao shrimp, Singapore Rice Noodles, etc.) - Italian (Lasagna, Italian Wedding soup) - Jamaican Jerk chicken (the spicier, the better) - Jambalaya
  4. DJ JD - The Djinni
  5. Maybe a little. Favorite fruits: Oranges (eaten with peel), Pomegranates, Apples, Kiwis (doesn't matter if they're green or golden), Blackberries, Blueberries, Raspberries Favorite vegetables: Zucchini, Spinach, Sweet Potato, Bell Peppers, Onions, Asparagus, Roma Tomato, Avocado
  6. Hard Reset: Redux Power Down- Destroy the Atlas on difficulty Normal or higher
  7. PS4 *Hard Reset: Redux *Ys VIII PC *Syndicate (2012, FPS) - Another good cyberpunk FPS with a slow-time ability similar to F.E.A.R.'s. You can also force your enemies to commit suicide, or cause their weapons to backfire (that stuns them). Arcade *Time Crisis 5 (score 4.9M & clear time 14 mins.) PS1: *720° (Experienced level, cleared with score of 145,400 & medal score 49)
  8. That's great. With their translation done, I'd guess XSEED can get this brought over fairly quick (June-July 2018?). Take my money.
  9. PS4- Hard Reset: Redux (playing on Insane- just killed Atlas. Using the Hori TAC PRO for this & it works well), King of Fighters XIV (scored 2.7M in story mode, finished with Kyo's team. Usually I'll turn the CPU difficulty to 4, but it's back to default 3 for now- trying for Onward To The Next Legend which requires beating it with all teams.) PC- Trails of Cold Steel (Reached end of Chapter 4)
  10. In a NHL game, I'll start roughing up the other team's players (cross check, tripping, boarding, etc.) & trying to start a fight if they score a goal against me. IMO, the best way to play is with penalties turned off.
  11. Ashes, that 5FDP song from Time Crisis: Razing Storm's intro. Hell yeah.
  12. I almost said both, but I ended up voting cats. Cats can be as fun & loving as dogs. I once had a Siamese that used to like chasing paper wads, and loved watching her get ready to pounce while I started making another one to throw. Their purring is one of my favorite things to hear.
  13. IMO, 1080p 60fps is better than 4K 30fps. Higher resolutions aren't worth giving up performance over. Longer draw distances for less pop-up, some FX, & more stable framerates (preferably 60) matter more.
  14. Exactly this. Once the cut-off date hits, no chances for a redownload on digital purchases. If whatever your Wii games are stored on bites it, kiss 'em goodbye. Nintendo did have a good thing going with backward compatibility (GC games playable on Wii, Wii games playable on Wii U while GC compatibility sadly got dropped). Switch uses carts so forget about disc games. That said, Nintendo should follow Microsoft's example of 360 digital games on Xbox One. Seeing some digital purchases from the 360 pop up on the X1's games & apps screen was good.
  15. As much as I love the Vita, I'll admit this was one thing that knocked it down a notch. Vita should've had TV out and supported PS3/PS4 controllers similarly to Sony Xperia phones. Just as Joco200 said, an HDMI port is all it'd take. Also, the memory cards should not have been priced so ridiculously. The card that used to go for $90 should've been the 64 GB one, not the 32 (What was the 64 GB card then, $160?). Better still would've been allowing microSDXC cards, which wouldn't have cost nearly as much- right now a 64 GB mSDXC is as low as $22. If it were like that, you'd buy more MCs for a reasonable price and Sony just might have made it up on more sales of PSN games.
  16. LOL. Buckets are good for one more thing. Try the bucket boost when jumping just isn't enough. Once you get where you need to be, just pick it back up and use it again later. Not cheating IMO, especially when you can rocket jump in some FPS. This is really damn cool.
  17. There is another quick workaround. Go into the settings and change your "real name" like this. What you want to display goes into the First Name box. Next, just put a period into the Last Name box. What you entered as First Name will show up and the Last Name which is now "." will not. There are several videos on YT about this trick.
  18. Just what I was thinking. If one side shot the first nuke at the other, they'd probably get 10 in return. Another No for the poll.
  19. I don't dislike summer. I love it. There's so much to go outside and do. The one thing I hate about summer is that it ends. OTOH, I seriously detest winter (hate is too mild a word for it). Shorter daylight hours are really LAME, and I'd rather mow a lawn than shovel motherfucking snow. I'd take a hot, muggy 90F day over a 32F one. More time for gaming is a small consolation... I guess?
  20. I couldn't get into the original Tomb Raider series since I thought the controls were clunky, but the reboot gets that and everything else right. I'm looking forward to ROTTR's sequel. JRPGs- Legend of Heroes/Trails & Ys series FPS- CoD Black Ops (these three are quite different from the usual CoD games... come on Activision, bring Treyarch back for 2018's CoD), Hard Reset, Serious Sam series Gun games- Time Crisis series (Should TC5 come out on PS4, I'm going to buy it on day one.), Razing Storm (love being able to destroy damn near everything in this one)
  21. I don't mind EA, and they have published some good series, but thinking of such a monopoly just makes me cringe. Some niche developers that end up working under EA would probably get shut down.
  22. Same here. I prefer DS4 over the X1's controller. The original Xbox controller is too damned big.
  23. One good reason to get a PSP is for Japanese disc games that never got a USA release. This is the #1 reason I didn't trade my PSP in when buying Vita.
  24. Firefox. So many good add-ons.
  25. A little bummed by the delay. At least they have Durante helping with some graphic/performance issues on the PC one. The translation that NISA used is tolerable, just surely not near XSEED's caliber.