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  1. Jeopardy. James Holzhauer's reign is finished & a bit short of Ken Jennings' record by $58.484, but the new champion Emma Boettcher is doing well so far with a bit over $71.000 in 2 days... I hope she can keep this up.
  2. That is a good question. I sure hope it doesn't come to that. Worst case, let's say that did happen. Then I might go PC all the way. The $500 I would spend for a console like PS5 or Xbox Scarlett could just as easily go towards a video card from Nvidia's next generation, which I guess would be called RTX 2180 Ti.
  3. https://venturebeat.com/2019/05/30/call-of-duty-modern-warfare-impressions-taking-war-in-a-frightening-direction/ A writer for Venture Beat is moaning about CoD MW, saying it takes war in a frightening direction & that it shouldn't be made. Hey now, this is a war game... & Infinity Ward deserves kudos for refusing to sugarcoat it to a PG-13 level. My faith in gaming journalists is near zero. Stories like this one sure don't help it at all.
  4. You can't please everybody... who is more important? Not these journalists. They deserve to be ignored. Sony should return to thinking of the 3rd party developers & the customers first. Couldn't Sony strike back at the journalists by not supporting their employers with ads for PlayStation consoles & games, Sony Pictures movies, etc.? I am proud of Nintendo & Xbox for having the guts not to cave in. That may well be the parents' fault for not taking the right security precautions. Really, they should know they can set child account spending limits to zero, while allowing purchases only from the master (adult) account & requiring a password at checkout time (while not making the password something like a pet's name).
  5. The PS4 already has parental controls, which IMO makes Sony's censorship needless. They should just let the parents do their job keeping track of what their children play, rather than breaking it for everyone. What if Sony starts censoring violence someday & it goes like this: MK12 is coming out on Xbox Scarlett, Switch 2, & PC... but the PS5 version is scrapped. Or there's yet another CoD Modern Warfare installment but it gets toned way the hell down- say it would have a "No Russian" type scenario on the other systems but that would get taken totally out of the PS5 one, with violence generally reduced in the entire game so it gets a T. I don't ever want to see a T rating on a new Call of Duty or Battlefield game. Maybe Sony's PS division should've gone to Washington (where Nintendo of America is) rather than California.
  6. Criminal Minds episode 10.21 - "Mr. Scratch" OMG, some really messed up things go down in this episode. You might want to watch it with the lights on.
  7. Law & Order SVU episode 20.08- "Hell's Kitchen"
  8. I'm feeling that they should go with a new character for the enemy leader. Surprise us.
  9. I agree. BO2 & 3 are my favorites of the series... if there's a bad thing about that, it's that it I took BO4's leaving out the campaign a lot harder. IW is seriously underrated. Its futuristic combat is something the series needed for a change. The space scenes give it something you don't see in the others. I don't get why this one didn't meet Activision's sales expectation. One thing I'd like someday is to see the Ghosts cliffhanger resolved. Not necessarily in a Ghosts 2, but maybe have some sort of tie-in with another CoD subseries. MW 2019 looks good so far. After passing on the last 2 CoDs, this is one I'll likely get.
  10. Blazing Star
  11. When the angel wings item shows up, take it. Do not shoot until it leaves. After this, the next one will have a Japanese Kanji character on it. Take it, then fire at will. While this one is in play, everything you kill drops P items. Grab all the Ps even if you're fully powered up. This increases the difficulty a bit, so enemies that shoot destructible bullets will fire more & that means you can get more blue gems.
  12. While this SFIII 3rd Strike (well, actually a modded version called 4rd Strike) run is a TAS, I had some fun watching it. I laughed at seeing Chun-Li & Gill get seriously owned. When Twelve even does X.C.O.P.Y. to morph into Gill in the 1st round, you gotta love that. 99+ hit combo & 606.000 points. OMG I miss Twelve in SFIV & SFV. I wish Capcom were somehow able to render him in 3D.
  13. Here are some of my favorites. Fatal Fury Real Bout 2: The Newcomers - Good, but it would be even better without the multi-line system. At least some stages are thankfully 1-line battles. Garou: Mark of the Wolves - Fewer characters than RB2, but it makes up for that with some nice improvements to gameplay like switching to a 1-line system for all stages, the T.O.P feature which kicks in to power you up when your lifebar is at a certain point, & Just Defense. The King of Fighters XIV - SNK did a good job with taking their main series into 3D graphics, while keeping the 2D gameplay. I prefer XIV over KOF Maximum Impact- the 3D movement makes MI not feel like a true KOF game to me. Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection (PS3) Tekken 6 - A close 2nd to TK5. The Nancy-MI847J battle is something nice for a change. Street Fighter III 2nd Impact & 3rd Strike - SFIV & V are alright, but SFIII 2I & 3S impress me more. One of SFIII 3rd's cooler characters, Twelve, didn't make it into IV or V. I think it may have been too hard to render him in 3D? It's awesome to see him morph into a clone of the opponent using the X.C.O.P.Y. move.
  14. Lizzo
  15. I have played my fair share of FPS & gun games (like Razing Storm, Time Crisis 4 & 5). That said, holding a real gun would scare me a bit as well. All these people trying to blame video games for violence are using them as a scapegoat rather than addressing the real issues. Banning or censoring video games won't bring a halt to violence. To those who say "think of the children"... Sony, Nintendo, & Microsoft already have. That's what the consoles' parental locks are for.
  16. Yesterday it was 90°F (32°C). I'd take it over winter cold/snow, but I'm sure glad it's going down to 80 tomorrow. Not looking forward to that damn rain I'm supposed to get though.
  17. Another Saturday, some more Criminal Minds. 9.18 "Rabid" 9.19 "The Edge of Winter" 9.20 "Blood Relations" 9.21 "What Happens in Mecklinburg"
  18. No way. So this one is being called "Modern Warfare" as well. Why not call it Modern Warfare 4? No, wait... I've got it! Maybe Modern Warfare 6, for the sake of bringing out a couple prequels later on. But anyway... MW should have been left closed with part 3. This is most likely another one I'll be skipping. Get Treyarch started on Black Ops 5 with a campaign or GTFO. Makarov comes back as a 3 meter tall cyber-zombie armed with the MTX-10 weapon (named for Microtransactions to the 10th degree), which is a ripoff of Doom Eternal's BFG 10000. 😃
  19. I don't see any need to delete one's own games or trophies from their profile. There are other things more important than the completion percentage.
  20. When reading a review, I don't take the reviewer's score into consideration. More important would be the reviewer's reasons for giving it that number. I'll usually read 3+ reviews & look for things common to them. Beside that, I'll watch some video of the game on YouTube. A game that a reviewer gives a 4/10 could easily be a 7/10 in my book. Some games will have a thing that some players like & others don't. Dark Souls is a good series. DS's fans welcome the high level of challenge. That's one of its key features, but something that can be a turnoff to others. No game can please everyone. I've seen reviewers of a certain game totally lose it over something that I find to be a minor issue when I play it.
  21. Tonight I watched the Blood & Treasure 2-hour premiere on CBS. So far, this looks good.
  22. I watched Beat Shazam & 9-1-1 season 2's 2nd episode "7.1".
  23. One of my favorite Nayuta no Kiseki themes. Always bet on JDK.