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  1. A constant internet connection required for single player? They say it's for seamless integration of SP & co-op. Whatever. I don't give a damn about co-op in a MG game. Dark Souls can be played offline, why not this? I'll skip it.
  2. There may be better games, but Andromeda isn't bad. I'll admit one thing I miss is being able to tell your squadmates to use a power. Still the combat turned out well, with Ryder being able to swap between 4 sets of abilities. The Nomad handles better than ME1's Mako. Things you say to NPCs don't seem to have as serious repercussions as in the Trilogy. Some of the facial animations were bad in early versions. Maybe they should have delayed Andromeda until June 2017, not just for that but also to avoid competing with Nier: Automata & Horizon: Zero Dawn.
  3. Trails of Cold Steel (PC) -Just finished it on Hard difficulty, with 376 AP & a 115:51:11 clear time. NBA Jam TE (arcade)- Played as the Sixers, beating the Mavericks by a point with a couple seconds left. 58-57.
  4. Not getting my hopes up over this. There are some exceptions, but movies based on videogames are often not that great. Resident Evil's movie series actually turned out good. Super Mario Bros. totally blew it, thanks in part to some lousy casting choices. Same for both Street Fighters. Then there are the two House of the Dead movies. Yuck. Got to agree with St. John. Surely it'd be best if movies based on VGs went CGI, especially as recognizable characters from the game franchise will appear in them. While DN Forever is not totally bad, it's still a letdown. If you're thinking about buying it, wait until it goes on sale.
  5. I don't mind Nike shoes myself, but would not buy these. The big PS logo does make these a bit geekish. Maybe they'd be alright without it.
  6. 4 out of 10. Right answers on questions 4, 5, 7, & 8.
  7. Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana- Not the first time Adol's been shipwrecked, but still a good story to this one. Looking for other survivors is a nice twist. Gameplay takes a few things from Celceta (mapping out the island as you explore it) & the jumping makes a welcome return. The skills can even be done in midair- making Laxia's Blitz Charge useful for more than just combat. One new thing I liked was the interception (defend Castaway Village from monsters) & suppression missions. Some areas need a certain number of survivors saved before you can get to them. It's better to start on at least the Hard difficulty. I'm on Chapter 5 but will put this on hold until 1/30 for the updated translation.
  8. My last winter had been warmer than usual with few freezing temps, lots of 40s-50s, even occasional 70s in February & March, so I see what you're saying. The one before wasn't too bad either. I'm not so used to these teens & low 20s high temps now (my average temps for Jan. being 36/20) so this one does seem miserable. It's got me jonesing to jump forward 4 months. It warmed up to 55 not even a week ago, then there was rain turning to snow over the weekend. Now it's already snowing again. *glares out a window at the deck in the back yard* YAY... more of this shit to shovel. 😒 Am I going to miss this when it's over? Surely not.
  9. Piada. Their salmon pasta bowl is good stuff.
  10. Arcade Heroes: House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn Sega is getting their 5th House of the Dead title, HotD: Scarlet Dawn, ready for a location test in Akihabara this Friday through next Sunday. It will be running on Unreal Engine 4 & the cabinet is like Namco's Dark Escape 4D, with air blasters & vibrating seats. Hopefully the guns will be wired (like all other HotD games) rather than mounted. This one looks like it goes back to a house setting straight out of the first. I'm guessing it will use machine guns similar to HotD 4. The dual axe wielders from HotD 2 will return, and there are some Rescue events where you have to save your partner from the zombies. Doesn't look too bad so far.
  11. Alisa is so lucky to get greeted by this awesome BGM when she returns to Roer. This is one of my top 5 favorites in Trails of Cold Steel's all-around great soundtrack.
  12. OMG. Winds over 90 MPH? Winter Storm Grayson has to be one of the worst ever... class 1 hurricane + blizzard. Up there with 2016's Jonas if not worse. Even some of Florida got hit & they had to close every lane of I-75 to de-ice it. My reason for liking summer so much? Simply summer's not being what winter is.
  13. Mass Effect Trilogy rocks. If they rerelease it for PS4, they should have all the DLC included. The Citadel DLC is one of the best. Shame about the series being on hold. I don't get why... Andromeda didn't deserve the shitstorm that it had gotten. One CoD game I think should get remastered is Black Ops II. Treyarch's CoD games seem to be the best in the entire series, & I'm hoping they get to do the 2018 title. One thing I like is how some things you do or don't do alter the game's story and have an effect on the ending.
  14. Right now, not even 10 degrees where I am. Not even the Nordic countries have got it this bad right now. Really motherfucking sick of this. One day it was so cold that when I tried to let my dog out, he turned around and jetted back into the house right the next second. One more day of it tomorrow. Next Weds. it's going up to 47 degrees and it looks like the single digit/sub zero stuff should be over for at least a while. The humidity will be a ridiculous 96% (yuck!) but at least it won't be freezing. I can handle that. Finally, time to wash all that road salt & other nasty gunge off my car. Spring is good, but would be even better with a little less rain.
  15. One of Sony's mistakes with Vita is the cancellation of the PSP Passport program in North America. In Japan you could put an app on your PSP to register your UMD games & get the PSN version for a discount. I don't think mobile gaming killed Vita. Playing games on a cell phone just isn't as good. The overpricing of memory cards is one thing that I think really hurt it. Vita 64 GB cards are $90-100 right now, while 64 GB mSDXC cards are closer to $25. When Sony discontinues the Vita, then there are no new MCs. Your MC fails and you can't find a new one? You're screwed. Maybe the system cost should have been $50-75 lower to start with. The difference could've been made up on the game prices. The $250-300 original SRP for a Vita was too close to what a PS3 cost at the time. As much as I'd like a Vita 2, I'd sadly have to bet against Sony making a new portable.
  16. I did like The Force Awakens, and am glad I didn't let all the flack it had gotten turn me away from it. All that bothered me was the final scene, where Luke makes his first & only appearance, yet says nothing at all. NOTHING. Not that I'd allow this to ruin it for me. There's always someone blasting a movie to bits no matter how good it is. I'll have to check out TLJ as well. I won't worry about it being 10/10, I just want it to be nearly as good as TLJ if not better. Should this series have gone back to Lucas, I'd be afraid of another case of Nuking The Fridge.
  17. One of my favorites on Vita, and the extra content on the PS4 version makes it even better.
  18. Starship Troopers. Just happened to catch this one after flipping channels. Loved it.
  19. Tokyo Xanadu eX+ (PS4) - Like it on Vita, love it on PS4. Another good Falcom action RPG, and there's extra side-story content not in the Vita version. F.E.A.R. 2 Reborn (PC) - DLC missions for F.E.A.R. 2. The MC is a Replica soldier (the main game's enemies), Foxtrot-813. It starts with some Powered Armor combat against Armacham forces.
  20. This looks unbelievable. Buying it on day 1.
  21. Exactly this. Sega's 32X was a big mistake when they also had the Saturn. Mid-gen upgrades done like PS4 Pro are fine when everyone can play the game. Hopefully there will never be any "PS4 Pro Required" games. Not that I think it would happen, since kicking out original PS4 owners would mean worse sales.
  22. Good. May these 17 states teach him a lesson- that the repeal is not what we want.