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  1. I recommend the Performance (1080p) mode, even if you're using a PS4 Pro. I don't bother with Ray Tracing, knowing that even Nvidia RTX owners sacrifice some FPS to use it. For me it's running pretty good. I would hope that PS5 simply runs PS4 games without emulation, since they're both X86 platforms. IINM the Ascension level is gone, just as it is in PS3 and X360's version. Not even PC has it. Shame, because I like that mission. If you're bothered by Denuvo Anti-Tamper DRM (which in some PC games has caused a performance hit), then YSK it's in the PC version. I would hope Crytek and Saber add modes for PS5, maybe some hardware based ray tracing (the RT you get on PS4 is in software) and better performance with Quality (1800p).
  2. Crysis Remastered Delta: Act II Complete 'Assault', 'Onslaught' and 'Awakening' on Delta difficulty I'm Coming Home Escape the mysterious structure under the mountain
  3. Protest bidding? Someone has an interesting way of expressing their disapproval. LOL. I can't exactly say these scalpers don't deserve it. 😏 Someone who actually buys from them is a sucker who doesn't know what shop around means.
  4. Crysis Remastered You're On Your Own Proceed to the mining complex Perfect, Soldier! Complete all Secondary Objectives Long Distance Relationship Kill an enemy 200m away Delta: Act I Complete 'Contact', 'Recovery' and 'Relic' on Delta difficulty You're On Your Own is my 2000th trophy. 🙂 This looks like it shouldn't be too hard to platinum... after finishing the Delta run I'll go back and retry ones like Knock-off Knockout and One Careful Owner (just missed it!) at an easier setting. Don't try to do these two on Delta. I never bothered much with throwing before, but now I love it.
  5. Crysis Remastered Following Orders Complete 3 Secondary Objectives You Knew, Didn't You? Regroup with Prophet upriver Can PS4 run Crysis? Yes, decently enough. I'm playing on the Quality settings (a little afraid to try Ray Tracing, not sure how well even a PS4 Pro would handle that... maybe on PS5?). From a quick lookover of the trophy list it seems the Ascension mission didn't make it in this one... darn, though it's not a surprise because not one console version has it.
  6. I know. Hopefully the supply will improve after the holidays and the scalpers lose out. I won't buy a PS5 from one of them. I'll probably go to Amazon or another legit firsthand seller after the initial rush dies down. Having just looked over eBay for the hell of it, prices are mostly north of $800... and there's even one going for just over 2 grand. So messed up.
  7. Ashley Tisdale - Masquerade
  8. I'll probably use the SSD for PS5 games only. I'm using an external HDD on my PS4 Pro, and will just move it over to the PS5 to keep using it for PS4 games. I can see why. The Cell processor's complexity would make writing a PS3 emulator a nontrivial task. A brute force approach may not be enough.
  9. $500 is good enough of a price. While I'll get a PS5, I'm not jumping on it at launch though... let's see what the Day One group has to say first. As for $70 game prices, that's only for some of them such as Demon's Souls, NBA 2K21, and Destruction AllStars. Sackboy A Big Adventure is going for $60. Spider-Man: Miles Morales will be $50 ($70 is for an Ultimate Edition with a remaster of PS4 Marvel's Spider-Man).
  10. It'll probably be less than 1%. At least that's what I like to think. Maybe the 1% might include games that are on both PS4 and PS5. Since Sony may assume you'd rather have the PS5 version, they might not bother testing the PS4 one. An Ubisoft support page once said something about PS5 not being compatible with any PS console prior to PS4. They removed that claim... maybe it turns out to be false? Full BC would be nice. Sony probably could put emulators for PS1, 2, and 3 in PS5's firmware. I think PS5 should be able to handle emulating PS3 and anything below.
  11. Control (PC) - Once you get the telekinesis power, it's even more fun. I invested a lot of ability points in the Launch skill tree to do more TK damage. I'll probably buy it again on PS5.
  12. Spy Hunter (Vita) Not a scratch Complete a whole mission without suffering the loss of a single reactor core. Sting like a metal bee Destroy five enemies by luring them into stinger road surface traps. Conscientious objector Complete a mission without firing any weapons.
  13. Spy Hunter (Vita) Share the wealth During one mission, destroy four enemies, each with a different weapon.
  14. Dancing with the Stars- Season 29 premiere. Tyra Banks is doing good as the new host.
  15. Xbox Series S won't play Xbox One X Enhanced versions of BC One/360 games. Instead, XSS gets the Xbox One S versions with some enhancements to texture filtering, frame rate improvements, faster loading, and HDR. This has to do with the Series S actually being a step down from the One X in some ways (XSS has less GPU power and RAM than XOX and only targets 1440p instead of 4K). I can see they want to cut costs, but when a later generation system is weaker than one of its predecessors in a certain area, they've overdone that a bit. MS should've targeted a price of $349 and a 4K resolution instead of 1440p. 1440p is not unheard of on PC monitors, but is an odd resolution for HD TVs with most of them being 1080p or 4K.
  16. Crysis 2 And finally my Supersoldier run is over. This was a little more challenging to finish on Supersoldier than C3, partially because it's a bit longer. I laughed at the "Speeding ticket received" message that comes up when you're using the power sprint in front of a traffic camera. The rare MIKE (Microwave cannon) is one of my more favorite weapons... it even makes a joke of the heavy armored Devastator. In a pinch, the Grendel is not too bad against a Pinger. Stealth Assassin Re-route the power in Eye of the Storm without being detected Popcorn Single Player: Kill 20 enemies with the Microwave cannon Men of Destiny Complete the single player campaign on Veteran difficulty Supersoldier Complete the single player campaign on Supersoldier If you mess up while going for Stealth Assassin and the C.E.L.L. guys spot you, just get killed on purpose (let them do it or use your grenades) to reload the last checkpoint.
  17. The King of Fighters '94- Ketsutou R&D (Rugal Bernstein's 2nd theme) When you hear this during the fight with the original SNK boss and he's no longer holding back, you know shit has just gotten real. I love those samples in the background. "You can hear behind me there, uh, I think that they're called Blue Death" "OK, you can hear it, they're just havin' a ball and a hell of a time down here at Gutfest this year"
  18. Crysis 2 A couple of silver trophies after completing 12 levels on Supersoldier. I haven't been worried about the collectibles trophy or the Fastball. Some of the Marine allies bit the dust in Semper Fi or Die... but Band of Brothers is best attempted on an easier setting anyway. I'll probably go for Stealth Assassin on Eye of the Storm... using Stealth Enhance and a silencer should help there. Evolution Complete 12 levels on Veteran difficulty Medal of Honor Complete 12 levels on Supersoldier difficulty
  19. Ryan Shore- Sewer Rats (Spy Hunter/PSVita)
  20. Highly questionable. These are Mario games, which means they're Nintendo's own IP and they don't owe anyone any license fees. Let's hope this doesn't become a precedent for other companies to follow. Nintendo will likely have new Switch buyers after 31 March, so why not keep the games available digitally for them? They can only gain more money by doing that rather than encouraging scalpers. Dear New Switch buyer... you missed out on the digital release, sorry (not sorry)... now you pay God-knows-what to a scalper for a physical copy. True. I'd like to see Namco bring out Pac-Mania and Galaga '88. I also got into those Midway compilations on PS2 and PSP- Xybots is one of my favorites. I played the hell out of it on the PSP, along with 720° and Paperboy (LOL... you gotta love trashing the non-subscribers' houses). I don't care how old a game is... I'll try anything, and if I like how it plays, I won't ditch it.
  21. Patti La Belle - All This Love
  22. Lasagne 🙂
  23. PS3. More specifically, the original model with backward compatibility which gives you the PS2 and PS1 libraries. Namco shined on PS3 with Ridge Racer 7, Tekken 6, Time Crisis 4, TC Razing Storm, and Deadstorm Pirates (which is included with TCRS... good deal!). Now on PS4, Time Crisis and Ridge Racer didn't get any love. TC5 is arcade exclusive even now, and I am fairly sure... no, make that freaking positive that the Ridge Racer series got killed, probably due to the ice cold reception of PS Vita Ridge Racer. Crysis 2 and 3 on PS3 are decent ports. Some scaling down had to be done to fit them into PS3's hardware, and you lose the 60 FPS frame rate of the PC versions, but even so, the end result is very good. There are occasional frame drops but I don't notice tearing. I haven't tried the port of the first one, but it's a bit late for that now with the PS4 remastered version coming right up. Microtransactions in the PS3 generation are not near as bad as today. This generation, I'd say they have gotten egregious. Then again I never cared for Madden, FIFA, etc. EA, give me Crysis 2/3 (PS3) and Battlefield 4 (PS4) and keep your damn microtransaction besmirched sports games. Also, PS4 loses a point for no backward compatibility.
  24. La Roux - Bulletproof
  25. I have some first 50s on Time Crisis:Razing Storm. Before that, I had gotten plenty of practice on the arcade version at Dave & Buster's. Unstoppable - Clear arcade mode ranking play with no continues (#8) Speedster - Clear arcade mode ranking play within 16 minutes. (#6) Rack 'em Up - Clear arcade mode ranking play with more than 3000000 points (#6) No Rest For The Wicked - Get 500 continual hits in arcade mode ranking play (#13)