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  1. Dick Dale & the Del-Tones - Misirlou
  2. Taking the Initiative - Initiated 300 advantage encounters. One Good Burn Deserves Another - Used over 500 follow-up attacks. Double the Trouble (used Rush in battle 100 times) & Smells Like Team Spirit (used Burst in Battle 50 times) are probably the next ones I'll get. Now I'm working on Act 2 part 2, with S grades on every chapter before.
  3. Cherry has some awesome moves. I'm liking the one where she jumps on the enemy's shoulders & knocks them silly, sort of like Skate's move in 2 & 3 only from the front, & also that bounce-off attack. That little taste of the BGM from the trailer is sweet... I look forward to more samples. Now what we need next is a Mighty Glacier like Max.
  4. Tactician - Won a battle with a tactical bonus of x3.0 or greater. Got a triple (exactly 3.0) in the Courageous ranged training room's level 2 exercise, using Alisa, Machias, Fie, & Sara. Lots & lots of art cancels done here with Flamberge 2, Mail Breaker, & Sweep.
  5. Ashen Chronicles - Completed Act 1. Mind if I Cut In? - Used 100 S-Breaks in battle. Aboard the Pantagruel - Completed the Intermission.
  6. Rabbits eat some carrots usually every day. Broadly.
  7. Five Finger Death Punch - Far From Home
  8. Ys series: On the PS4 we're still missing Oath in Felghana, Ark of Napishtim, & Seven. As for Celceta, I'm sure XSeed will get to it. Ys I & II also, but the above ones come first. Ridge Racer: Some version of it for PS4, even if it's only Ridge Racer 7 remastered for 4K. Mass Effect: Remaster the original trilogy for 4K & 60 FPS. Probably something the present EA won't do, but it's fun to dream. Time Crisis: Alright, I know I'm cheating a bit here because this makes 4, but anyway... it's a shame that Bandai Namco has let Time Crisis 5 go without a console port for 4 years. We need some gun games on PS4 such as this one. Namco should make a wireless GunCon 4 or use the PS Aim controller.
  9. The UK's gun laws are truly unfair to the innocent. While some sort of gun control is needed, their laws go WAY too far. When a government prevents innocent people from owning a gun for personal protection reasons, they're protecting the criminals. Semi-auto assault rifles (like the AR-15) & hi-cap mags should be outlawed. Something like that isn't necessary to defend oneself. A handgun, a non-auto rifle, or a shotgun is enough for self-defense. As for the Dayton gunman's friend who perjured to help him get that gun... throw the book at him also. He's just as guilty as the shooter in this.
  10. Buy a new Acura now, Ace. Spider
  11. Match Game- This episode had a "Code Blue" theme with guests who had played doctors on TV. Tonight they had Mayim Bialik, Donald Faison, Kal Penn, Sarah Chalke, Bebe Neuwirth, & Joel McHale. They were all in doctor's coats & Alec Baldwin came out in scrubs. Good one.
  12. Exactly this, thanks to Sony's social media presence, YouTube videos of games or relevant material, game news sites, & online communities such as PSNProfiles. It's like print video game magazines... I couldn't really say exactly when I last bought one, but I'd have to guesstimate it at more than 8 years ago. I'm sure that Sony didn't do themselves even the least bit of harm by ditching E3.
  13. More info about the new Trails of Cold Steel (Sen no Kiseki Gaiden, the 5th, or whatever it may be) & Ys IX Monstrum Nox gameplay. Something about the new Guilty Gear & maybe even King of Fighters XV... I'm wondering what SNK will do with this one on Unreal Engine 4.
  14. Darn. I was especially looking forward to getting this. Please let the release date be 1st quarter.
  15. GGXrd Rev 2 looks amazing... but I think that won't be strong enough to describe GG 2020. If it isn't the best looking fighter, it's got to be in the top 5. Just look at the stage designs, the characters... everything! I'll take it.
  16. Star Pupil - Earned an S rank during part of any chapter. I did this on chapter 1-1. The PS4 version is very good, though the occasional framerate drops (one notable case is in Lunaria Nature Park) are a bit annoying. They should've optimised it a little more prior to release. I am playing on PS4 Pro. Word is that it does not have the issue on a regular PS4.
  17. OMG, the logic of the world can be so twisted. It's clear that either Trump doesn't understand, or he's looking for an all too convenient scapegoat. The latter case sounds more believable. It's a long-established fact that he is beholden to the NRA after all, so what better way is there for him to avoid ticking them off than shifting the blame? Trump's temperament is unsuitable for the presidency. It's too much fire, not enough sugar... or maybe no sugar at all. Surely, a POTUS should be more cordial & not so confrontational. As Martha Stewart would have said on her edition of The Apprentice, "Donald, you're just not working for us". Instead of laying the blame on violent video games/music/movies, why not require more stringent background checks for gun/ammo buyers with maybe a waiting period? Gun laws could use some tightening up. But before that happens, we'll probably need new leadership. And with that said, let's hope President #46 makes their way to the White House in 2021. So... what video games did Cain, Milarepa (before he repented & became the Buddhist reverend Jetsun Milarepa), Jack the Ripper, the Hillside Stranglers, & other murderers throughout history play?
  18. Kitten Control- Disappear Heard this in episode 6.4 of Criminal Minds. Great EDM.
  19. The Depths of Despair - Completed the Prologue. Born to the Battlefield - Won 100 battles.
  20. Unexpected Surroundings - Woke up in the Eisengard range. Pieces of Eight - Defeated 8 enemies at once. It's so easy to get this early, thanks to a red trap chest that has 8 monsters in it. Toval had a critical turn bonus & nuked them with an S-Craft.
  21. So glad that M2 is working on this, & that Spriggan is in after all. I think they should've included the Japanese version of Splatterhouse instead of the USA one. It doesn't have any text needing to be localised. The USA version's stage 4 boss area is very bland looking thanks to the censorship (go to about 9:45 in the video).
  22. Card Sharks. OMG someone did really good on Money Cards. While not a record breaker by any means ($200,000 still stands... I hope someone hits $300,000 by the end of the season) it was still pretty darn amazing. The jamming theme song at the opening reminds me a little of Hawaii Five-O.