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  1. Here are some sequels I'd like to see: House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn- Port the arcade version to PS5 with a 4K option. I think it may be a little much to port perfectly to PS4, since Sega ALLS UX is some powerful hardware (Intel Core i7 7th gen, 16 GB RAM, GTX 1070 with 8 GB VRAM). Time Crisis 5- Like above, but make it for PS4. A PS5 enhanced mode could ramp up the graphics settings and add 8K support. No need to fully remaster it like TC2. Ridge Racer 7 HD- Not a sequel but a straight port using PS4 and 5's power for higher resolutions. F.E.A.R. 4- My idea would be to have a 24 year time jump after F3's ending with Alma's child being the protagonist. This would follow the bad ending where Fettel wins, with an option for you to either side with him or turn against him in the end. It should be darker and edgier like the first two games are. Namco GunCon (controller)- For PS4 and PS5 I'd like to see a GunCon 4 from Namco, based on the Gun4IR tech or something similar. G4IR uses four infra-red LEDs, one along each border of your screen. PS Move is not as accurate as a GunCon... that's why if you're playing Time Crisis 4 with Move, there's a crosshair.
  2. Law & Order (22.2) "Battle Lines" L&O Special Victims Unit (24.2) "The One You Feed" L&O Organized Crime (3.2) "Everybody Knows The Dice Are Loaded" This has always been a good franchise, and it's been great seeing the original L&O return this year.
  3. No surprise (wait, that's a lie... I am surprised it didn't get the axe sooner), and no big loss. I'd rather play my games client-side instead of streaming them anyway.
  4. Nioh 2 (PS5) #21 You Are Nioh Obtained all trophies. (7.30% very rare/30.38% uncommon) Nioh 2's early game seems harder than the first Nioh. That said, if you've platted Nioh 1, you can manage this. Just stick with it.
  5. Nioh 2 (PS5) #21) You Are Nioh Difficulty: 6/10 Enjoyment: 9/10 Grind: 8/10 There is a bit of a hill to get over in the early game. At first Nioh 2 seems somewhat harder than the original Nioh, but there are things that even it out. Early in the first level, there is a large enemy that you might not want to tangle with right away. Often, you will get Soul Cores from killed Yokai. Attune one to your Guardian Spirit and you can use a certain special attack, assuming you have enough Anima. Soul Cores may be fused to increase their rank. You can also go to Benevolent Graves to summon ghosts of other players for the right amount of Ochoko Cups (between 1 and 5). If you want to make a BG to help other players, use a Righteous Jasper. When your BG is of help to someone else, you gain Glory and Ochoko Cups. Since your main character is a Shiftling (half human, half yokai) the original Nioh's living weapon is replaced by Yokai Shift. One grindy trophy is Tea Connoiseur. You need to have Danjo appraise 50 tea utensils. He will either return it to you or call it "rubbish, nothing but a mere trinket" and throw it out. Even the rubbish ones will be counted towards this (my 50th one was trashed and it still counted). Your hut will have a tea utensil rack. I recommend a High Eccentricity setup which increases the tea utensil drop rate. The blacksmith is interested in tea utensils and she'll pay good money for them. The big grind in Nioh 2 comes from weapon master trophies. Before a weapon type's mastery test will be unlocked, you need to gain 120.000 proficiency points with it. Now take all varieties from the first game and its DLC, then add Switchglaive and Hatchets for a total of nine. Fists and Splitstaff aren't required for the plat. Ninjutsu and Onmyo magic have similar masteries. One thing that annoyed me in the first game is how you have to complete all Twilight Missions to get Samurai of Legend. Part of that is waiting for the ones you need to cycle in. That can take days. At least Nioh 2's SoL trophy doesn't require any TMs, though you do need one for Twilight Walker. A few missions are marked as "online" meaning they were added by an update. They aren't needed for SoL. As before, nothing is missable. After finishing the story you can clean up missions you haven't done. Fortunately, N2 has no trophy like the first game's Regular Smith Customer. RSC involves spending an obscene total amount of money at the smith. After clearing the story, watch for Divine loot drops.
  6. Nioh 2 (PS5) DLC1 The Tengu's Disciple Bronze Heretical Glow Destroyed 150 of the golden Amrita shards found in the gold mine in "Eternal Rivals". (14.6% very rare/35.69% uncommon) The Will to Fight Completed "Eternal Rivals". Sword Master Acquired mystic art for the sword. (Base Game)
  7. The Brecker Brothers- You Ga (Ta Give It)
  8. There were two chances of PS Vita 2 being a thing... Jack and Slim. I hate to say it, but Slim has hit the road and all we have is Jack. Sony has given up on handhelds. I think Nintendo Switch may be a big factor in this. Anyway, if it happened, Sony should give up on proprietary memory cards and just use mSDXC (I'm looking at you Nintendo... good call there).
  9. Nioh 2 (PS5) Samurai of Legend Completed all missions on any difficulty level. (Does not include Twilight, training or additional missions included with updates.) (18.7% rare/41.62% uncommon) Axe Master Acquired mystic art for the axe. (15.5% rare/40.06% uncommon) Tea Connoisseur Appraised your tea utensils 50 times. (25.5% rare/43.88% uncommon) The ones that Danjo calls "rubbish, nothing but a mere trinket" and trashes still count towards this. That's what happened to #50. Kusarigama Master Acquired mystic art for the kusarigama. (15.6% rare/40.15% uncommon) I recommend getting Dexterity to at least 20 before you try the mystic art dojo mission for kusarigama. The KG's high strong attack has some good range. Four base game trophies to go until the plat. 🙂 The mastery trophies for sword, tonfa, hatchet, and switchglaive are what's left. For all the grinding you need (120K profiency per weapon) these really should be silver.
  10. What are some of your favorite TV or movie themes? OK, here's one of mine. Mike Post- Law & Order SVU theme Like the original L&O theme, but with some wah guitar. I like how the first couple of notes make a callback to the L&O series' trademark "dun-dun" sound effect. Lots of greatness packed into 44 seconds.
  11. Nioh 2 (PS5) 2 Bronze Dual Sword Master Acquired mystic art for the dual swords. (The dual sword mastery mission IS required for Samurai of Legend. If you don't have it done, there is a mission in Dawn that will not unlock until then.) Friend of Guardians Collected all Guardian Spirits. Samurai of Legend is probably next... I'm at 72/73 with it, and 44/50 on Tea Conoisseur. In the long run, I have 6 weapon mystic art trophies to get (that's the real grind, since each one will take 120.000 proficiency with the weapon). Noh 2 felt more difficult than the original at first, but I found its endgame slightly easier than 1's. That said, Mystic Art dojo missions seem a bit tougher.
  12. Nioh 2 (PS5) A Kindred Light Completed "A Song to Calm the Storm". (in DLC 1, The Tengu's Disciple) Dual Sword Master Acquired mystic art for the dual swords. BTW, after completing the base game's main story I've seen Divine gear start coming up in loot drops, even staying with Dream of the Samurai. 😎
  13. Never would I ditch PS5 over CoD. I'd be more upset over losing Bethesda franchises than AB. Aside from the MW reboot series, I've been indifferent to CoD recently. They need to quit with the World War II titles for a while. The AB & Beth games that are Xbox "exclusive" will probably be on PC as well. Sony could hire someone to create a rival franchise to CoD.
  14. Nioh 2 (PS5) What is Written Fulfilled your ultimate destiny. Let There Be Light Dispelled every instance of the Dark Realm in the main missions. Yokai Quelling Master Defeated all types of yokai. Dream Within a Dream Saw Tokichiro off on his final departure. Soul Searcher Obtained all Soul Cores. I'm missing just one guardian spirit- Itokuri. To get that one, you have to clear Master of the Dual Blades, the training mission for the Dual Sword mystic art. The required sub mission will stay locked until you do. Ten more trophies and this platinum is mine.
  15. Not long after enjoying Magnum P.I.'s season finale, I learned that it was in fact the series finale. What the hell... this was a good show, and its cancellation was one that made no sense. I think it deserved two more seasons. Also, I will miss Card Sharks, The Hustler, and Match Game (ABC). It's a shame these got the axe while drivel like The Bachelor(ette) and Survivor (I tried to give it a chance once, got bored to tears, and turned it off) still lives on. There wasn't much wrong with CS. All the producers needed to do was speed the game up. Joel McHale took a little too long to turn the next card after a "Higher" or "Lower" was called. I was afraid MG would end up cancelled because of the Rust fiasco, but I'm sure that wasn't the reason... actually, new episodes weren't shot since 2020. One of my biggest cancellation letdowns of all time is ABC's dropping Emergence (2019-20) after one season. This sci-fi drama showed some promise and closed its season with a brutal cliffhanger which sadly never saw its resolution. Back in 2015, The Whispers (based on Ray Bradbury's "Zero Hour" but they couldn't call it that because of an earlier ABC show with that name) got stuck with a similar fate.
  16. Nioh 2 (PS5) 3 Silver Spa Lover Bathed in every hot spring. (12,5% very rare/38.38% uncommon) Kodama Leader Collected all Kodama. (15.7% rare/40.11% uncommon) Just like the first Nioh, there are 25 in every region but the last, making 150 total in base game. Tengen Kujaku is a big help, allowing you to see all kodama, amrita, treasure, and enemies on the map. Seven Wonders Defeated each of the Seven Spears in "Cherry Blossom Viewing in Daigo". (20.2% rare/37.58% uncommon) The Seven Spears were actually easy. I spammed the Fatal Thrust (Hold X while guarding) spear skill fairly often on them. It's a decent Ki sapper. If you drain a human enemy's Ki, FT can impale them. It's good for taking out an archer or sniper before they know it.
  17. XIII (PS5 upgrade) 4 Bronze Do you feel lucky? Kill an enemy with the last bullet of the revolver. Medic! Find 10 medkits. Bar fighter Eliminate 20 enemies with improvised weapons. Boom! All dead! Eliminate 3 or more enemies with one grenade. 2 Silver Sting like a bee Destroy a punching bag. Stealth master Eliminate 5 enemies in a row without alerting them. The new update by Tower Five is a lot better than the 2020 version. PS5 and PS4 versions have their own trophy lists, with the same 40 on each one.
  18. I didn't mind paying the $10 for the PS5 upgrade. Having said this, it would've been a nice gesture for Microids to make the upgrade free to everyone who already shelled out for PS4. Anyway, it does look much better than the 2020 version. The 2020 remake did skip a few small details that were in the 2003 Unreal engine original. Sure, one was a computer monitor with the Ubisoft logo (4:30), but the devs could've edited in a Microids logo. At the gym (5:40), the punching bag loses its sand in the 2003 original. In the 2020 remake it simply deflates. It would be nice to see things like these restored in the Tower Five version.
  19. The PS5 upgrade has its own trophy list with the same trophies, like the PS4 Nioh series and its PS5 remasters. I'd recommend grabbing the PS5 upgrade for $10 if you have the PS4 one. Too bad they didn't make the difficulty trophies properly stack (maybe that's why they didn't worry about fixing the ending glitch). XIII's new remake looks more faithful to the original's cel-shaded style, just with the updated character models. It runs better as well and I have not seen any visual glitches or crashes. Should they ever want to make a sequel, whether it be a new game release or DLC expansions, Microids should stick with Tower Five.
  20. Lee Ritenour & Tom Scott- Joy Ride
  21. Hitoshi Sakimoto, Masaharu Iwata, Hal Canon, & Earl Vickers - Gauntlet Mega Drive 14:32 Transparent Obstacle- my favorite theme in the entire soundtrack.
  22. Nioh 2 (PS5) 2 Bronze Onmyo Magic Master Acquired mystic art for Onmyo Magic. It was easy until the last enemy, an Onryoki. Remodeling Novice Remodeled a piece of equipment. Remodeling is available once you save Muramasa. Clear the first main mission of Dream Region and you can go look for him.
  23. Nioh 2 thankfully has no online requirement for any trophies. Only one Twilight Mission (not to be confused with Twilight Region stages) needs done for the plat. Actually you don't need to be online for the current TMs to get switched out if you want to wait for an easier one to use for Twilight Walker (and unlike the first Nioh, there is no need to finish all TMs).
  24. Nioh 2 (PS5) Dungball Roller Became Ryunojo the Dung Lover's best friend and received the Coiled Snake Helmet smithing text. (15.0% very rare/39.65% uncommon)
  25. Elevator Action Returns is one of my favorites. I am glad it's in the Taito Egret II Mini, but if they release it for PS4, I'll buy. Taito has been too quiet lately in arcades. Most original NesicaXLive arcade games are from 3rd parties. Unfortunately, we'll likely never see ports of their good racing game Battle Gear 4 because of all the licensed cars. I think the Tetris Company should grant a Tetris Guidelines exception to Arika's The Grand Master series so there could be console releases. TGM3 Terror Instinct would likely sell. TGM2 The Absolute Plus almost made it to PS2 but something came up that killed the deal.