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  1. Rockstar could probably keep going off GTA V alone if they just remastered it for every new platform and kept creating new DLC. It's a safe bet that PS5 (and PS6) will get their versions of it. They're so silly... this is no time for mass gatherings. Restaurants being open is fine with me, though at this time I wouldn't dream of eating on location. I'll do takeout or Doordash only. Now there's Trump saying "reopen all the churches". No way. Churches are a mass gathering also , and therefore a potential C19 spread risk. If someone goes to Mass every week, that don't impress me much... what counts much more is if they abide by the universal Golden Rule, "Treat others as you would like others to treat you".
  2. Streets of Rage 4 Silver All Clear: Axel Clear all stages in single-player mode as Axel. All Clear: Cherry Clear all stages in single-player mode as Cherry. All Clear: Adam Clear all stages in single-player mode as Adam. All Clear: SOR1 Clear all stages in single-player mode with a "SOR1" character. All Clear: SOR2 Clear all stages in single-player mode with a "SOR2" character. All Clear: SOR3 Clear all stages in single-player mode with a "SOR3" character. For the SOR 1-2-3 trophies I played as Blaze. SOR3 Blaze is my favorite one from the older games... the running and rolling are a big plus, and her jump kick is the best in 3. I'm now down to two trophies left... 100 Yen (arcade mode cleared on Hard or higher) and Bleeding Knuckles (at 4 mil. so I'm almost there). I'll probably get this platted soon- for the arcade mode run I'll probably go with SOR 3 Blaze.
  3. When a game has an always-online requirement even in single-player mode, it's really some BS. Activision does it on their newer Call of Duty PC versions, like Modern Warfare '19 (the hell with that, I played it on PS4 instead). Unfortunately, as said by a Blizzard rep, Diablo 4 is going to be online only even if you play on console. And there's Anthem. You might have a reliable net connection, but if it flakes out for some reason... sorry, you can't play the game you paid $60 to buy.
  4. Basia - Freeze Thaw (new long version)
  5. Streets of Rage 4 Perfect Complete a stage without taking damage. Not as hard as it seems, but that doesn't mean it's easy. The hard part was to put aside playing for score long enough to earn this. I played stage 1 on easy with Floyd to get it, and abused the hell out of his Thunder Sphere defensive special. Don't use any star moves until you reach Diva... and even then, not until she is calling in backup. On easy, the health penalty for special moves is sharply reduced to almost nothing, so spam away during the Diva fight. If the mid-boss Koobo gets multiple pipes flying all over the place, abuse TS for the i-frames. Now I'm at 29 of 37 required trophies before the platinum. What's left? Just six more character clear trophies (Floyd and Blaze are already done), 100 yen (arcade mode cleared on Hard or better), and Bleeding Knuckles (5M lifetime score, probably the last one).
  6. If a game has the same exact content with no gameplay differences over two or more different platforms, it should share the same trophy list (like Trails of Cold Steel I and II, and Ys Memories of Celceta). That way, work done on one system towards a platinum can be carried over. Tokyo Xanadu and Ys VIII have some stuff on the PS4 version that's not found in the Vita versions, so I can understand these having separate lists. Also, trophy progress bars would be really nice to have. Thanks to a good move by the developer, some games like Hard Reset Redux, Ys, or Trails of Cold Steel series do have a way to tell in-game. For example in Ys VIII, you can check the stats to see how many more Flash Guards you need to reach 100. I agree, it'd be nice if Sony's system were like that, instead of being restricted to 15/30/90/180. At least one good thing EA did was to copy Xbox's point system for Origin... though EA and MS should really consider encouraging devs to add completion (platinum) achievements for full-length games.
  7. Streets of Rage 4 Maniac Get an S-Rank on all stages on Hard difficulty or higher. With this one out of the way, I'll work on the character clear trophies and not worry about getting S ranks for now. All Clear: Floyd Clear all stages in single-player mode as Floyd. That's 2 character trophies so far... Blaze was first. It's Chilly in Here Break both elevator window panes. CoD: Infinite Warfare BRONZE Operation Deep Execute Complete Operation Deep Execute. Operation Grave Robber Complete Operation Grave Robber. Operation Pure Threat Complete Operation Pure Threat. Operation Safe Harbor Complete Operation Safe Harbor. Fangs Out Earn your first Jackal item (weapon or upgrade). Operation D-Con Complete Operation D-Con. Reality TV Watch a news cast. Serious Gun Collector Scan 10 weapons. Gear Up Find your first equipment upgrade. Gravity Kills Kill an enemy while floating in your own anti-gravity grenade.
  8. I'm at about 2M right now. Today I got the Maniac with Floyd on Hard mode. In stage 12, my guess is you'll have to reach 24.000 sometime during the final boss battle, so hopefully you'll finish with 3 or 4 reserve lives. If you have only 2 or less, forget about the S and try again. I'm sure it's 35.000 minimum to get an S in stage 12 on hard. Now that Maniac is out of the way, I'll work on clearing it with the other characters. For the 100 yen attempt, I might go with SoR 3 Blaze. Stage 6's dojo area is rough, though it's probably good for points if you keep a combo going. I didn't perfect that area but still came away with an S. Certain moves are a definite don't against some enemies. Surely, perfecting that will be needed to get high on S6's leaderboard. The top 3 records on each stage were most probably done with zero mistakes (maintaining combo at all possible times, no deaths, and nearly full health at the end of the stage). Now I just got Perfect. The rest shouldn't be too tough... for 100 Yen, I'll use SoR 3 Blaze.
  9. Tangerine Dream - Brother or Stranger
  10. Well, here are my rarest trophies on each system: PSVita -TxK Completed - finish all game levels (Silver, 0.91%) PS3 -Time Crisis: Razing Storm Rack 'em Up! - Clear Arcade Mode Ranking Play with more than 3000000 points. (Gold, 0.31%) PS4 -The Ninja Warriors Once Again/The Ninja Saviors: Return of the Warriors Mad Murder Machine - Clear the game with a total time of 2500 seconds or lower. (Silver, 1.95%) And also on PS4, one of my plats is the ultra-rare Chinese Farmer in Hard Reset Redux (2.87%) I can say I'm proud of these. TxK is a long haul of 100 levels, with a few tough ones in there. Razing Storm was one of my favorite gun games in the arcade. Ninja Warriors took quite a few tries to get the time down into the 2300s. For Hard Reset Redux, one of the trophies between you and the platinum is Achilles. This requires you to finish a run of the Heroic Mode, which has no quicksaving or checkpoints other than the one at the start of a level.
  11. Streets of Rage 4 Family Reunion Get the Golden Chicken from the art gallery to the stock room. Somebody Call the Cops! Call the police with a Streets of Rage 1 character. Call of Duty: Ghosts The Ghost Killer Confront Rorke (Complete "The Ghost Killer" on any difficulty.) You've earned it Earn the mask. Finish the campaign on Veteran. Ghosts is rather underrated for a CoD campaign. The ending has a twist that leaves it open for a sequel. Sadly, I doubt it's going to get one because it's been so long, having been out at PS4's launch.
  12. Sometimes you should wait a bit to destroy the breakable items such as boxes. Hits on those also help extend the combo time.
  13. Streets of Rage 4 Stage Mastery Get an S-Rank on any stage. Used Floyd on stage 1 in hard mode. Two things that helped were eating chickens with full health (1.000 pts) and not using the star moves- with each leftover star being worth 500 points.
  14. While the daytime version was cancelled, this is back on ABC as a Thursday night series with Jimmy Kimmel. This season is just celebrities playing for charity ($32.000 minimum guaranteed), but hopefully this does well enough to bring it back with regular players. The original music themes from the Regis Philbin version return, and IMO they're better than the soundtracks from the 2010s daytime versions. WWTBAM was taped with no studio audience, so there's an Ask the Host lifeline instead and Phone A Friend is back at least for now. IDEK if Phone A Friend will stick around for regular players, because the producers originally dropped it when the Friends started Googling the answers.
  15. The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III The World is a Battlefield Won 600 battles. Ultimate Power Used 100 S-Crafts in battle. Got both of these on the Auros Coastal Road. Call of Duty: Ghosts Burn Baby Burn Destroy 80 Fuel containers. Deep Freeze Drop 8 vehicles into ice holes. Grindin' Completing the console section on first attempt. Into The Deep Destroy the enemy ship (Complete "Into The Deep" on any difficulty.) End of the Line Storm the factory (Complete "End of the Line" on any difficulty.) Missed a couple of Rorke Files (the ones from the first level and the jungle), but I'll just go back and get them after clearing the Veteran campaign.
  16. All too true and ironic. With that being so, any semblance of a plan must come from the state governors and city mayors. I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell to anyone who believes reelecting Trump is a good idea. If I had to pick one single word to describe Trump, it would be "mendacious". Someone who had a dollar for every lie Trump ever told would be richer than him. If Hillary were president, I'm sure the USA C19 situation would not be quite this bad. She would be using Obama's plans. Trump clearly has always had this obsessive anti-Obama drive and it really screwed the country in the case of C19. I hope to God that enough people who got conned by Trump into choosing him the first time know better now. As Martha Stewart would've put it when she took over Trump's old show The Apprentice, "Donald, Mike... Neither one of you fit in. You're just not working for us." The 2016 election showed the weakness of the Electoral College's system, which gave Trump a cheesy win that he really didn't earn, thanks to a general "winner take all" rule. If you lose a state by a handful of votes, you've got nothing to show for it. NOTHING. At all. How unfair that is. Also WTA makes certain states gimmes for a candidate. It's pretty much preordained that certain states will be red or blue. So it's all about the swing states. It wouldn't be so bad if the electoral votes were awarded in proportion to the state's popular vote. So hypothetically, let's say a given state had 50 electoral votes available, then 40,000,000 people voted for A and 60,000,000 voted for B... so that's 100M, with 40% A and 60% B. Giving the electoral votes out proportionally would leave A with 20 and B with 30. Sounds like a better plan. Be that as it may, I feel the best way to decide it is by a straight count of the national popular vote.
  17. Psyvariar original sound track - "Boss#01" by Kazumine Tsushima
  18. Call of Duty: Ghosts Go Ugly Early A-10 strafe 50 enemies. Homecoming Defend LA. (Complete "Homecoming" on any difficulty.) Legends Never Die Hunt down Almagro. (Complete "Legends Never Die" on any difficulty.) Carbon Faceprint Catch Photocopier with your face Federation Day Gather intel on Rorke. (Complete "Federation Day" on any difficulty.) Playing on Veteran. All 7 Rorke files so far have been found- I'm trying to get Audiophile on this run as well.
  19. Streets of Rage 4 All Too Easy Complete a stage on Mania difficulty. Combo Master Achieve an "Out of this world!!!" combo. Combo rank is determined by damage, not number of hits. A combo that does 1.000+ damage is an OOTW. I got this one using Floyd on Mania mode in stage 2, the police precinct. On Mania mode, this is IMO one of the better places to get Combo Master. Cutting loose with Floyd's star move into a big crowd really racks it up. I had 1.008 damage when the combo ended.
  20. Something BioWare should do with ME1 is allow you to use ME2 or ME3 mechanics in combat. I don't care for the fatigue meter, and am glad that it got the axe in 3. Please let this be true. I'd like to see it released as a complete edition for the usual $60 with all DLC and running on Unreal Engine 4. The textures need to look at least as good as the ALOT (A Lot Of Textures) packs for the PC versions. This shouldn't have any problem running in 4K at 60 FPS.
  21. The combo rank is based on total damage rather than hit count. Getting an Out Of This World, which you need for Combo Master, takes a combo damage total of 1.000 or higher. I've seen some vids of OOTW combos on YouTube, with a lot of them doing this in the Police Precinct stage 2 on Mania.
  22. One change I like is that health spent on specials isn't truly "gone" until you are hit (it just turns green), and it can be recovered by hitting enemies with regular moves. This encourages you to use special moves in combos. Floyd is amazing... while he's slow like Max, his reach makes up for it. His blitz move is a good low-risk way to shatter Murphy's energy shield, and the Gotcha grab is good for combos. I'm wondering if they plan on adding playable SoR4 Max and Shiva in a future update. On the character stats screen under the extras menu, when you go to their pages it shows the SoR2 and SoR4 sprites (though the one for Max is "possessed" I'm sure they could mod it slightly for a playable version).
  23. Call of Duty: Ghosts Blimey O'Riley Pounce on 10 enemies whilst controlling Riley Streets of Rage 4 BRONZE Throwback Discover a retro level. Taze the arcade machine in the first section of the Police Precinct (stage 2) and you've got it. Collateral Damage Use a barrel or a grenade explosion to kill 3 enemies at the same time. Walk on Foot Destroy all motorcycles. Just wreck all the bikes in Barbon's area to take this one.
  24. I agree 110%. Since this started, I've always believed that any plan to reopen should really wait until July. People should not have been so selfish and crying for stuff to be reopened this soon. Too many out there just don't think about the whole picture. Some retailers are already on thin ice, such as Sears, JCPenney, Neiman Marcus, and J.Crew. A second wave would probably nuke whatever small remaining chance these businesses have of sticking around. If they do survive, they could very well have to drop brick and mortar stores, going to an online only model.
  25. Streets of Rage 4 BRONZE Oops Hit an ally. SILVER Old-Schooled Beat Mr. and Ms. Y. All Clear: Blaze Clear all stages in single-player mode as Blaze.