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  1. It is the same with the german trophy description it says "Drei legendäre Rennwagen erworben, die einst 24 Stunden-Rennen gewinnen konnten". It means three cars who had won a 24 hour race and it is not specific le mans.
  2. Okay i am dumb i found it thx
  3. I have another glitch one checkpoint is missing in the area i think there is only one (Cruz del Salvador)
  4. I have done the trophy yesterday after a few tries with this vid
  5. Yes it is
  6. You can get the trophy with a second controller easily 😎
  7. What about a disc version? Can not find anything about it
  8. Yes they are working fine
  9. 100% Shawshank Redemption
  10. Oh nice thanks for the quick response
  11. Can i play the game with a normal controller or do i need the move gun?
  12. Dirt 5 is pretty easy aswell
  13. Its only a race not a complete event or am i wrong?
  14. I took Monaco all rules off so you can cut the chicanes easy race .You don´t have to win the race for become one with the car.If you want to win it take Mercedes they start at pole most of the time so you can block all the other cars aswell
  15. With the patch 1.04 the ranking is working again so the trophy is easy to get