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  1. Yes if you buy any game strictly for trophies and not because its a game you wanted to play your a trophy whore. But the second question has a rare possibility of ever occuring as people who achieve these ultra rares are trophy hunters who put forth the effort on games they enjoy. They would never buy games based on how rare the trophies are because if you've ever achieved a difficult platinum then you would know its something you must have really liked.
  2. Its funny because telltale games (at least the old ones), and VN games like zero escape and danganronpa are great games. Its sad to see people jus buy it for trophies and literally skip the whole game.
  3. Whether or not the game has an easy platinum should never be the issue. Its just an issue of whether or not the game is fun because that's what all video games are meant to be. If you straight up bought a game just for trophies than you should think about the days when you bought games before trophies even existed and what made you buy it.
  4. Sure you seem so eager to help! Let me make a kickstarter! Goal of raising $10,000,000. The pitch will be give me money and I will make you rich! (In platinums!)
  5. Perfect! At least now I know you losers won't ask for refunds!
  6. Your right it is a shitty game that most of you buy for some ez plats. Which is why I can't wait till you buy my game. Look forward to it. I can't wait to scam you. Trying to prevent others from wasting their money on bad products makes me on a high horse? I don't care about if its an easy platinum or completion rates. I'm just supporting GOOD GAMES!
  7. Well Ratalaika you've inspired me. It seems some can't see a wolf in sheep's clothing or simply don't care. They follow you like a sheep to... -laughter. I have time and money. I too will purposely make bad games with easy platinums and on another account I will post about how bad it is. When these same people here purchase and come to defend my game and how much fun it is I will laugh so hard all the way to the bank! Cheers!
  8. So the game is confirmed to be bad by some who thankfully spoke out. Now if you call yourself a gamer and you bought this game, your clearly not a gamer and you already know what you are. So do these devs who leech off you. Any reasonable person would support real devs who are trying their best to make something special for gamers. Its insane people feel the need to defend why they play awful games pretending it wasn't for trophies.
  9. My friend who I met in 2015 and know in real life and have lent and purchased games in the past is the reason I got into trophy hunting. I used to play games purely for fun getting 70 games beaten each year on various platforms. After seeing him achieve these platinums I thought 'wow he must be really good!' After joining this site in 2017 and slowly realizing that these were the types of games he was playing I could not believe it. People who play these games know full well they are tricking the majority of players who don't know or care about trophies into giving undeserved praise, but the trophy hunters on this site all know they're a sham.
  10. Finally some real gamers and trophy hunters emerge! Great to see some still exist on this site. So many have started tarnishing their trophy lists with these cash grab platinums. Dude people like yourself are the reason why con artists thrive. The fact that you don't see how this dev is scamming you is scary.
  11. Thanks for being honest and real unlike most people here. You seriously have low standards. You probably think Superman 64 and ET are amazing. The internet exists its now your own damn fault if you buy a bad game. Unless you live under a rock, these games are by no means good. Would you seriously recommend this to a friend who wasn't into trophies like MOST people who play games? Not all games take 100+ hours to platinum. You could play a great game and still get the platinum in a reasonable time. Why waste your time and money on this...oh wait I remember.
  12. This game looks like absolute trash! What kind of person would ever buy this? Oh I forgot. Trophy WHORES!
  13. Ah I see. My mistake. Sorry I didn't mean to be rude I thought there was a specific requirement to be interviewed.
  14. No offense but why was he interviewed? His profile is not that impressive. Though I respect him for not having a boatload of insta and 30min platinums like so many trophy whores. But there are people on my friends list who are far more impressive. Is he a celebrity in real life or something?