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  1. Just set your own goal and achieve it. Forget about ranks.
  2. Thanks for letting me know!
  3. Interesting topic. Cool to see others have chosen the same game. My 100th and the last platinum trophy I will ever achieve is Uncharted 4. One Last Time
  4. All of these people who are claiming they bought these games because they were FUN are full of themselves. Even if a very few did, most of you did it for the trophies and just admit it. Your defending this developer for profiting from trophy whores such as yourselves. You can buy great AA and AAA games on the cheap all the time on PSN store or at retail. If you have a few of these easy platinums then I can understand a little experimentation. But so many of you in this forum have countless insta and less than 1 hour platinums. Get real.
  5. I've actually given up on sony entirely after this new wave of censorship. I was a huge sony fanboy but now I am just going to play on PC. I can't support this sjw crap in games. At least PC has mods made by other likeminded people.
  6. As an adult who plays video games having to defend why video games are not just for kids all the damn time, Sony you have just broke my heart. Screw censorship for mature games.
  7. Hey all, I need hearts for levels and author as well. I have hearted everyone on this page and the previous page. I will heart those who heart me under recent activity on