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  1. Yeah turns out the win 5 out of 9 games is for the FUT champs finals. For the trophy, you just need to gain enough points from Rivals to access the FUT champs 'play offs' which is much easier to get to. As for the 3 win streak, that should come fairly naturally since you start in Division 10. Since you need to get 200 appearances with one player for another trophy, you will probably get this win streak trophy at some stage. Also as mentioned, it unlocked for me after 2 wins followed by 1 loss.
  2. For the win streak trophy - I won 2 games, then lost my third game 4-1 and the trophy popped. Not sure how that happened... seems to have randomly popped despite me losing the third match. Hardest trophy is as you mentioned winning 5 out of 9 games, but you do get 7 attempts at it each time, so shouldn't be too bad hopefully.
  3. Platinum for Bloodborne and Fifa 22. After those two, working on the backlog and cleaning up some games... slowly aiming towards 75% completion.
  4. Which trophy are you referring to when you speak of the stadium milestone objectives? I can't seem to see a trophy that asks to complete the 10 stadium milestone objectives? I have completed all of them and no trophy popped for it.
  5. The worst Fifa so far for me - I am not looking forward to getting the platinum and somewhat regret starting it. Really don't enjoy the gameplay this year at all. Feels really sluggish on the PS5. On a side note, most teams I am facing have crazy good players already on UT.
  6. The combo challenges are rock hard, mainly because the inputs for the diagonals seem so off to me. Even struggling to do some of the tutorials for that trophy as well. There's always one or two annoying trophies EDIT: Finally done the combo challenges, now just a few pesky tutorials to do and I'll finally have this platinum...
  7. Thanks. I got the timing of the throw down now. Issue is he counters with the uppercut almost all the time, and after this does a crazy combo that takes pretty much 70% of my health. This uppercut counter is basically stopping me from killing him... I am just constantly retrying hoping I get some kind of good RNG where he doesn't do the uppercut. I am using Sol, the bandit bringer works sometimes but mostly he just hits me first when I'm doing that with one of his long range sword attacks that take half your health. EDIT: I finally did it. Took me a lot longer than I would have liked. Quite proud to have actually done it as at first glance I thought I'd never be able to. Used the Sol tactic that Copanele used in the video. Thanks a lot
  8. What's the secret to being able to grapple him 4 times in a row like that almost every time? He always counters me on the second or third one and after that I'm pretty much almost dead. It's probably only 10% of the time I am able to get 4 grapples off against him. I did this same tactic on stage 8 and it worked great on there... but stage 9 it's impossible for me. I'm 3 hours in and pushing 100 losses. These kind of trophies remind me that going for platinums sometimes isn't worth the stress involved
  9. Yeah this trophy is rock hard. Can't even do stage 8, never mind stage 9 Think I will skip the platinum for this - enjoying the game though!
  10. Seems to be quite active in the afternoons for me. Got the 50 wins, and now just need the 100 matches trophy to finish all the online stuff.
  11. Orc Slayer takes the top spot. Also really didn't like Dragon Ball Kakarot.
  12. Demon's Souls, Miles Morales, RE Village, Rift Apart + MK11. Rest have been free upgrades from PS4 versions. Might get Returnal at some point, undecided on that though.
  13. Been searching for about 20 minutes and I haven't found a single match. Does anyone still play this game online? If so, when are the servers active?
  14. I've stuck through with it for so long (albeit I took a massive break and came back recently). I am 15 hours in now and got a good chunk of the trophies, but I've had to give up today. The gathering missions are so pointless and boring. The battles are so repetitive... and if you just stock up on the health potions you can pretty much never lose - then you just have to spam the circle button and occasionally do some dodges, over and over again. The game feels like a complete chore to play and just dragged on the whole time. I don't want to run around the map collecting the dragon balls constantly (some of them are ridiculously hidden despite being shown on the map). I don't want to collect multiple ingredients to cook up some dinners before I am able to progress in the story. I get the feeling you have to be a big Dragon Ball fan to enjoy this game, or is that just me? I can't believe the platinum percentage is so high for this game. It's up there with Orc Slayer for one of the worst games I've ever played. I've deleted it again for the second time... who knows, maybe I'll try again in a year or two, but probably not!
  15. My last platinum: PES 2021 - did not enjoy anything about it. Looking forward to playing Fifa 22. Moved on to Dragon Ball Kakarot but I've had to give up on it - what a terrible game that is. Very repetitive; mindlessly bashing buttons whilst sipping infinite healing potions every battle... over, and over again. Oh and then you get the odd mission of 'gathering some random items' from the middle of the ocean, or hidden in some trees, or behind some random rocks. Can't believe it has such a high platinum percentage. I would advise only playing the game if you're a big Dragon Ball fan... even then it might be a struggle to get through. Starting Dead or Alive 6 now, hopefully going to enjoy this one.