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  1. I copied this from gwent website. Also when i logged in to the game there was no ranked match option.
  2. The last update dedicated for the console versions of GWENT (9th December, 2019) disables the following: 1. Matchmaking with other platforms 2. Ranked progression and ranked matches 3. Seasonal and other events 4. Arena mode In last week's announcement they only mentioned number 1. (Number 3 might be expected also) but disabling 2 and 4 without notice is not cool. This is coming from someone who has the plat.
  3. No suitable tower for more than a month 😩
  4. You need 6 wins not just completing 6 matches. The trophy pops after you get your 3rd loss or 9th win.
  5. I can confirm it pops even if you lose.
  6. Hurricane Season trophy is still glitched for me.
  7. It will be my 2nd time in Wacken, it really is the ultimate metal experience. Prepare yourself for a feast. Metallica shows are among the best!
  8. Just received it from mail \m/
  9. Hi Sion, is the guide finished yet? I couldnt see it on psnprofiles. And thanks for taking the time for preparing a guide.