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  1. I bought it around launch and I can't recommend it. It's enjoyable for like an hour or 2 but it gets really repetitive quickly especially getting the gold bricks. It's more of Lego Minecraft (minus the survival aspect of Minecraft) compared to the other Lego game. As for the plat, is very easy. It's obtainable but a bit of a grind. Billionaire is going to take you 200+ hours if you do it legit but if you look up the glitches, you can get it in 10 hours for that trophy. If you do get it, you'll need 2 controllers for 3 trophies (One is DLC) otherwise you'll have to find someone to help you with them. I don't know if they changed it but safe to say they didn't.
  2. 1 hit deaths, if you die you have to restart from the very beginning, no save feature so you gotta complete it in 1 sitting, and the game can crash from what I've heard I'm sure this game is gonna be no different from the other 3 games these guys have put out on the PS Store.
  3. If you mean by reloading a save when defeated, it's nothing new. Every Yakuza game except for 6 and Dead Souls (afaik) forces you to reload a previous save.
  4. Wait, did they lower the requirements for the gold trophy?
  5. I did 3 playthroughs (2nd was the Legend difficulty) for more peerless tiles since I didn't do much of the completion list on my 1st. I got close to winning on the hard by few hundred points, that's when I gave up and did 3 playthroughs just to cheese the harder tables and do the rest of going out 30 times achievement on the easy table. My main problem with Mahjong in this game compared to the others was how many times I've seen someone getting Ippatsu back to back. I've done 0's Mahjong requirements 3 times and I've seen more Ippatsu in this game than in 0. Anyway, I would just continue in that playthrough if I were you, if you do an extra playthrough, you have to do the substories again (Like every other game in the series). Edit: Oops, I misread your post, I'll still leave the post be if it helps
  6. You may or may not have to get other people for the game modes too since you have to play every game mode once. It took me many tries to find a session for most of them. But then again it can't hurt to try again every now unlike me who did that in a day. But other than that, it's just a grind If you're not including Queen Anne's Revenge, Preemtive Strike can be done in Wolfpack, it'll probably take a few matches.
  7. I'd say they're about the same difficulty. The things that will probably require more effort than Kiwami's counterpart is Climax Battles, Mahjong and Legend difficulty (Since you can't play NG+ on Legend this time, but even then it's not hard if prepare and such), and as said, it's more time consuming. But if you platinum Kiwami, then you shouldn't have much problem. I'm surprised see people saying Kiwami is harder than 0, I think Kiwami is probably a tad bit easier.
  8. I picked this game up last year from a bundle with Whispering Willows, Fluster Cluck and Back to Bed (Which were all enjoyable and easy 100%'s to say the least), but I never gave this one a try until last month on a blank. I didn't bother with Rebooted as I was more distracted with Classic, but the controls are terrible. From what I saw, in a earlier patch pressing circle will back you out of Q*Bert Classic completely with no warning or anything. Haven't played it since that day, but maybe sometime in the summer I'll suffer and give it a shot at the 100% for real. What's more on my mind is how low is the rarity going to fall on these lists.
  9. I think he's talking about Sega saying that the trophies will not be carried over and you have to earn the ones you got from the "demo" again which meant there would've been a whole new trophy list with this one never been able to sync to PSN.
  10. I stood up all day and night playing the "demo" and got the platinum, but it's no big deal for me since I kinda saw it coming and I'm okay doing it all again.
  11. I've had thoughts of making one for the Substories since I been spending several time walking around hoping for the phone call from Yuya to trigger My Baby's a Showgirl, and only one of the guides I saw mentioned you had to complete Pay It Forward to at least get the call. Pretty annoying.
  12. I see now, I forgot the contributors can't submit for review so I gotta go to my old account once I get the guide sorted. Thank you very much, you can lock this thread.
  13. Really sorry if I posted this in the wrong place, I'm not that familiar with this forum even though I've lurked every now and then. Anyway, back in October I worked on a trophy guide for a game and I submit for review, made some changes and I realized it still needed a lot of work so I put on hold ever since. Now I started the game on my new (This) account and I'm gonna go back and try to make it a lot better with a almost whole new look for each or most of the trophies. Now what I'm asking is there any way I can remove it from submit for review for the guide till I think it's fully ready or something that?
  14. #5 (This account, 41st including plats on my old account) Star Wars Battlefront 2 5/10 difficulty and will take around 80-100+ hours, easier than 2015's. Only trophies I found annoying was The Bomber and Multi tasking. Game ain't as bad as people make it out to be.
  15. No, I can confirm. As I said I got a 100k in one match and I got 100k after the game ended.