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  1. Oh nice, I still got ways to go as I'm only in chapter 2. I knew the arcade stuff was gonna slow me down so I decided to get that out way asap (Mahjong will be too but I know I can get through that eventually at this point).
  2. I just defeated Dural moments ago, wasn't as bad as I thought it would be as it only took 4 full attempts. Fighting Viper was the one I was getting pissed off at since its gameplay is pretty much the same as the VF game that's in Yakuza 5, then realized that VF in this one is the same from Yakuza 6. Thank god for unlimited continues in FV otherwise I would've definitely say it's harder than Puyo Puyo but it still felt more cheap than Puyo. Now to win as every character and I'm done with all of the arcade.
  3. I can't be the only one who thinks the fighting games are almost as bad as Puyo Puyo. Admittedly I'm terrible at fighting games, but the AI this feels more cheap than Puyo since they can form a combo and get more hits in before your character can even respond. Sometimes I couldn't even get a single hit in and get defeated within 5 seconds.
  4. You mean the skills you unlock in the story will then carry to the Climax Battles? No they don't; at the menu when choosing a battle, it says something like 'Weakest Dragon' to tell you.
  5. I know it's rng as hell, but figured I should give it a mention since I almost did twice as better as the bear than the fish when most people recommend the latter. off topic: It's not 1 hit (thank god), but you take more damage ofc; I think the truck at the end can 2 hit you at full health. The issue is you have to restart the whole chapter, which is not hard and only takes like 5 minutes but it's still tedious as hell if you fail the car chase. I strongly recommend watching this video. I got it on first attempt after watching it (I almost didn't get hit once but I wanted to play it safe at the end).
  6. So I just started this game and Puyo Puyo is first thing I tried after the mandatory story objectives. It took about 5 hours of attempts for me to defeat all opponents. I was struggling like hell as the fish and only got to 18 at most consecutively - most times I didn't even get to 10 - then I switched to the bear and managed to get to 35 and the 2 opponents that appear around there on second attempt as him. Don't really know how I did better as him and if anyone hasn't tried this as him, maybe do so and see if you do any better. It's luck and skill as said but I was a stranger to Puyo Puyo prior to this and I'm not good at Tetris and its clones, so maybe that should boost some confidence.
  7. It really depends on which Talisman you still need to upgrade and your level since you can't obtain every ability in one playthrough. Lin's talisman is the main one that might be a saving grace for the EX Hard run, since she can resurrect you when you reach 0 health otherwise the game will force you to reload your last manual save since there's checkpoints. You can't change the difficulty on EX hard whatsoever, you'll have to NG+ once more if you want to switch the difficulty back. Yes, you'll lose your progress on substories - including the cabaret (not sure if races reset) - but your casino chips and BP won't reset. Try to check the guides on this website since they list which Augites you get from substories and such. Yeah, I'd say continue on with the grind on your current playthrough. I made the mistake of grinding the last levels I need to get to obtain every skill on EX Hard (and I don't wanna see the colosseum on EX Hard). But one thing is for sure is to be max level and have the flamethrower Talisman before starting EX Hard since a trophy requires you to use the flamethrower against Thouzer.
  8. Hmm, be sure to look at a guide because I got the trophy not long after the sequence 4 trophy. Can't really remember since it's been almost a year when I played it.
  9. Have you completed the story? If not, try progressing further since not all of the Bayou isn't accessible till you get far enough into the story. That area has one viewpoint.
  10. Strike Vector Ex - This one definitely comes on the top of my head when I saw this thread. Takes like 10-15 hours and all the online trophies can be boosted in public lobbies with bots. I know this was a PS+ game for NA like 2 years ago but it was still an ultra rare plat even before that. Yakuza 4 - PS+ game too I know, but it's rarer than Yakuza 5 and that takes twice the time as 4 does. And Yakuza 4 is one of the easier RgG/Yakuza games to plat. Rise of the Tomb Raider - I didn't think Score Attack was difficult at all; with the right cards and once you know what you're doing, it becomes trivial. I thought it was kinda fun too. I haven't played Shadow yet, but I've seen it get a higher difficulty rating and that has a higher plat % than Rise. I guess I'll see for myself whenever I play it and see the highest difficulty for myself.
  11. Like Kanzen said, if you care for the story, you should play Kiwami 2 first because it's set between Kiwami 1 and Yakuza 3. If you feel like you don't want to go through another plat like 0 and Kiwami 1, you might want to play just the story for now or something else then come back to it later since this game does have some tedious parts to it (yep, I'm talking about you two Clan Creator and point grinding at the batting cage), but it's nowhere near as bad as the other games and still the 2nd easiest Yakuza plat behind 6 imo. I didn't find Kiwami 2's plat too bad aside from the mahjong requirements which are doubled down compared to 0 and Kiwami but more they're more straightfoward like said above (you have to win on every table and the 2 tournaments as well as go out with Ron or Tsumo 30 times). The 100% completion is required but it's probably the easiest CL in the entire series. There are cheat items to instantly get you the Pure Thirteen Orphans and you can get 3 per playthrough. I had to do NG+ to get more of them because the Mahjong AI in this game is so cheap. There's a guide for the minigames on this site if you have trouble with any of them. Haruka's Trust returns in this and is required for the 100% so be sure to save your cheat items for the stuff she wants you to do since they'll definitely come in handy there. There is a story recap for Yakuza 1-5 in 6 and it tells you what happened in each game if you're willing to find out about each story there rather than playing their respective games.
  12. This looks more of a hassle than Fist of the North Star JP, as demanding as Ishin's list. Welp, this plat ain't gonna earn itself, so I might as well do this as soon I get a copy of it. And yes, I heard Mahjong is a requirement.
  13. This was my first game in this series and thought it was a huge pain in the ass. But looking back, I don't think the platinum is too bad when you compare to some of the other games in the series, like the original 1, 3 and Ishin. To be fair, I'm still not a fan of some of the mingames and share people's frustration with these games, especially with the Mahjong requirements since the AI is ridiculously good at it and I get my ass handed even on the easy table. I honestly thought I would never get past it. I remember going for the Full Straight CP and when someone discarded the last tile I needed to complete my hand, get the achievement and be done with Mahjong, by some miracle someone else need that tile too and he got the win instead. In short, I still suck at Mahjong and my terrible luck doesn't help. Looking back at Yakuza 5, I can't say it's harder than Yakuza 0. Longer? That's for sure (0 took longer for me but I took my time in Legend), but the only minigames in that posed any non-rng issues for me was Comedy Team (which was mostly trial and error) and Pool (at least you don't have to beat the Expert player like in 3). While the Coliseum in 5 was harder than the Ultimate Battles in that game (which was a joke), but I thought it was marginally easier than 0's Climax Battles (Proving Grounds 8 and 9 still give me troubles to this day) and Yakuza 3's Ultimate Skill. I think 5 was a game that wasn't easy but it wasn't really that hard either. In the end, as frustrating as the Ultimate/Climax Battles (whatever you want to call them), completing the minigames and RNG got, I still get a lot of enjoyment out of getting these games platted. Coming from someone who thought he won't ever plat any of these games, just have a lot of perseverance and you'll eventually complete these games.
  14. I mean, is it really any surprise that the trophy list is not really any different from the PS3? Sure the other 2 games had some differences from their PS3 counterpart, such as RgG 3 having some trophies requirements lowered but the Minigame Master trophy still remained at large while RgG4 only had the History Buff trophy removed and that doesn't even take more than 3 minutes to earn if you skip the cutscenes, but it really didn't change the factor in the difficulty and the time it takes. Either way, a part of me doesn't mind double platting this game but then I remember how much the comedy team minigame pissed me off and spending hours looking for 1 fish when I just kept getting a higher tier fish.
  15. Collectibles unless it can be tracked or shown on the map and anything related to no damage taken.