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  1. Assassin's Creed Odyssey is definitely a contender for that title for me. 100%'ed it and hated almost every moment of it. Only went after the completion because every time I looked back to it I was like: "You know what, I might've been cruel towards this game because I haven't played it for that long. Maybe I should give it another chance since it is a pretty long game after all, so it might get better at some point." But nope, that never happened for me, not even the DLC caught my interest. Didn't play Origins and I'm not gonna bother that game nor any other AC released after Odyssey even if it's led by Ubisoft Montreal. I at least liked Unity in some parts. I might've played Orc Slayer and Albedo on another account, but they're so bad, it's laughable.
  2. Operation7 Revolution - Was asked to boost this so I accepted to do so. Could've sunk my time into something else that's enjoyable. Don't have the plat but Friday the 13th would be for the same exact reason as Op7 if I ever feel like going back.
  3. I would've been more surprised Frontier Pursuits getting DLC trophies than it not getting any at all. Though this game getting DLC trophies at some point is inevitable.
  4. I really don't mind this change, but I still don't understand why this is part of the mainline titles in Ryu ga Gotoku/Yakuza series when it's a completely different cast and no connections to Kiryu's saga (I think there will be references and maybe a cameo in a substory, but that's about it) while Judgment is supposedly its own IP and has a lot of the same concept and also has a completely different cast. I feel like they don't even know what's what at this point.
  5. Key Collector - Was open all of the top row lockers in both towns Heat Action Pro - Was 50 heat actions Tag Hoarder and Chip Hoarder - Was 10,000 chips for both Pro Gamer - Was 10 prizes in UFO Catcher People Watcher - Was 10 battles Compulsive Vandal - Was 100 weapons
  6. The Shogi and Mahjong trophies are added as well since those 2 got cut in the PS3 western version. This list seems the same as the PS4 Asian version, some trophy requirements were lowered from the PS3 stacks, but you still have to complete every minigame in the list.
  7. Yeah Fighting Vipers is easier than Puyo since you have continues, but the AI in it just felt cheaper than that of Puyo Puyo. Maybe I'm just better at Tetris like games than I am at arcade fighting games.
  8. I was hoping each one have its own case like the Japanese versions have since that's what I wished for. Having them all physical on PS4 is the main reason for me buying them again since I just settled with playing the PS3 versions, but this is still nice nonetheless. The story on all 3 of them aren't really great in comparison to 0, 1 and 2 imo. 3 and 4's was okay while 5's was just dumb with all its plot twists, but they are still worth playing. The platinum for 3 is considered the hardest in the series (1HD is still worse imo) since you have to win every minigame against every opponent and the Climax/Ultimate are worse than 0's. Since they're bringing back all cut content, the PS4 version is harder than the western PS3. 4 is easy in compared to most of the other titles. 5 is not really hard but it does a long time to plat (took me 170 hours). Fishing was a nightmare in 5 for me as I spent hours trying to catch 2 specific fish, I think I spent more time pursuing that than to study most of the animals in RDR2.
  9. Oh nice, I still got ways to go as I'm only in chapter 2. I knew the arcade stuff was gonna slow me down so I decided to get that out way asap (Mahjong will be too but I know I can get through that eventually at this point).
  10. I just defeated Dural moments ago, wasn't as bad as I thought it would be as it only took 4 full attempts. Fighting Viper was the one I was getting pissed off at since its gameplay is pretty much the same as the VF game that's in Yakuza 5, then realized that VF in this one is the same from Yakuza 6. Thank god for unlimited continues in FV otherwise I would've definitely say it's harder than Puyo Puyo but it still felt more cheap than Puyo. Now to win as every character and I'm done with all of the arcade.
  11. I can't be the only one who thinks the fighting games are almost as bad as Puyo Puyo. Admittedly I'm terrible at fighting games, but the AI this feels more cheap than Puyo since they can form a combo and get more hits in before your character can even respond. Sometimes I couldn't even get a single hit in and get defeated within 5 seconds.
  12. You mean the skills you unlock in the story will then carry to the Climax Battles? No they don't; at the menu when choosing a battle, it says something like 'Weakest Dragon' to tell you.
  13. I know it's rng as hell, but figured I should give it a mention since I almost did twice as better as the bear than the fish when most people recommend the latter. off topic: It's not 1 hit (thank god), but you take more damage ofc; I think the truck at the end can 2 hit you at full health. The issue is you have to restart the whole chapter, which is not hard and only takes like 5 minutes but it's still tedious as hell if you fail the car chase. I strongly recommend watching this video. I got it on first attempt after watching it (I almost didn't get hit once but I wanted to play it safe at the end).
  14. So I just started this game and Puyo Puyo is first thing I tried after the mandatory story objectives. It took about 5 hours of attempts for me to defeat all opponents. I was struggling like hell as the fish and only got to 18 at most consecutively - most times I didn't even get to 10 - then I switched to the bear and managed to get to 35 and the 2 opponents that appear around there on second attempt as him. Don't really know how I did better as him and if anyone hasn't tried this as him, maybe do so and see if you do any better. It's luck and skill as said but I was a stranger to Puyo Puyo prior to this and I'm not good at Tetris and its clones, so maybe that should boost some confidence.
  15. It really depends on which Talisman you still need to upgrade and your level since you can't obtain every ability in one playthrough. Lin's talisman is the main one that might be a saving grace for the EX Hard run, since she can resurrect you when you reach 0 health otherwise the game will force you to reload your last manual save since there's checkpoints. You can't change the difficulty on EX hard whatsoever, you'll have to NG+ once more if you want to switch the difficulty back. Yes, you'll lose your progress on substories - including the cabaret (not sure if races reset) - but your casino chips and BP won't reset. Try to check the guides on this website since they list which Augites you get from substories and such. Yeah, I'd say continue on with the grind on your current playthrough. I made the mistake of grinding the last levels I need to get to obtain every skill on EX Hard (and I don't wanna see the colosseum on EX Hard). But one thing is for sure is to be max level and have the flamethrower Talisman before starting EX Hard since a trophy requires you to use the flamethrower against Thouzer.