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  1. I see now, I forgot the contributors can't submit for review so I gotta go to my old account once I get the guide sorted. Thank you very much, you can lock this thread.
  2. Really sorry if I posted this in the wrong place, I'm not that familiar with this forum even though I've lurked every now and then. Anyway, back in October I worked on a trophy guide for a game and I submit for review, made some changes and I realized it still needed a lot of work so I put on hold ever since. Now I started the game on my new (This) account and I'm gonna go back and try to make it a lot better with a almost whole new look for each or most of the trophies. Now what I'm asking is there any way I can remove it from submit for review for the guide till I think it's fully ready or something that?
  3. #5 (This account, 41st including plats on my old account) Star Wars Battlefront 2 5/10 difficulty and will take around 80-100+ hours, easier than 2015's. Only trophies I found annoying was The Bomber and Multi tasking. Game ain't as bad as people make it out to be.
  4. No, I can confirm. As I said I got a 100k in one match and I got 100k after the game ended.
  5. Looks easier than the other Yakuza games. But like you said, it's probably more time consuming, not that 6 is a grindy platinum compared to other Yakuza games. A little surprised they used the same trophy images layout (If that's what you can call it or whatever) from 6 as well. I'll just wait for a western release, if and when it happens.
  6. I had a match where my entire team was credit farming and 2 on the other wasn't but they eventually left, leaving me with those 2 that were, I racked up around 100k. I wanted to get more but I wasn't sure if everyone gets kicked if the match goes on for too long from 2015's. I don't blame them for doing it, but it gets annoying after a while and I can easily get more XP from playing against people who actually play the game since I've been averaging a lesser score than before credit farming was a usual thing.