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  1. 1. Ghost of Tsushima 2. Black Ops 3 3. Uncharted 4 4. Titanfall 2 5. Overwatch 6. Fall Guys (don't judge) 7. Arkham Knight 8. Resident Evil 7 9. Spider-Man 10. God of War Obviously this is just my personal opinion. Having only two PS exclusives in the top eight might be a little surprising.
  2. You have to do them both time anyway. It kind of sucks but at least they don’t take too long. You can check the progress in the main menu
  3. Looking for people who like to talk in parties about trophy hunting, or anything else. Some of my other hobbies include music,sports, movies, and comic books. Usually I play single player games, but I am not opposed to playing some of my favorite multiplayer games from time to time, like ttianfall 2, overwatch, or star wars battlefront 2. Willing to help with most games (provide I actually like the game lol). Put Psn Profiles and/or something about yourself in the friend request. PSN ID: CreateToBeGreat
  4. This happened to me after my fourth win, then I left the next game because I was going to lose. Then in the menu my kudos and crown was restored, aka confirmation of my fourth win. I went on to win a couple games later and got the trophy. So you should be fine.
  5. My ID is CreateToBeGreat, but I’m posting here because I created a ps4 community called TrophyTown, in which people ask for and offer help on games for trophies. We help each other out and work together on multiplayer and coop trophies, if you’re interested in that go ahead and join. Thanks guys and have a wonderful day
  6. PSN ID: CreateToBeGreat PS systems: PS4, PS3 Accepts blank friend requests: Not likely so just let me know you’re from here. Hey guys, I recently started a PlayStation community named TrophyTown with the intention of gathering gamers who want to talk about trophies and have fun. Just like posting on the forums here, except we could do it in a party chat. Anyway, feel free to add me and let’s get on this grind!
  7. Black ops 3, because the 100% is impossible now with one of the Easter egg trophies bugged (Gorod krovi) still a really fun game worth playing but I guess if you’re a 100% profile guy it’s not for you.
  8. PSN ID:CreateToBeGreat PS Systems: PS4,PS3 Accepts Blank Requests: Yeah, but let me know you're from PSNP. Region: NA, EST I like talking about trophies(obviously), sports, music, superheroes, Star Wars,etc