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  1. I'm 99% certain if you all just wait out what you think are crashes the game will eventually start up, it seems to work like how League of Legends use to when I played that back in the day where everyone's gotta connect together and sometimes the servers lag or a person's connection forces everyone to wait. At first I thought they were crashes too but so far whenever I just wait the game moves along eventually without me having to restart it.
  2. This nails it on the head, between TLOU1 and Uncharted 1 there's no question which game DESPERATELY needed a remake and which one DIDN'T need a remake, I mean Uncharted 1 doesn't hold a candle to how much better the series got with each iteration
  3. Has deep silver ever had a game release that wasn't a buggy, broken mess? Feel like it's been over a decade of mediocrity coming outta that studio
  4. You need to pick guns up in a run and use them to unlock them as starting items, once you've leveled them up once you'll be able to add them to your starting equipment, every subsequent gun level after that increases its rarity up until level 6 where you'll start with a legendary version of whatever gun you've maxed out.
  5. Yep, real weird to tell people a game has working multiplayer while all other games don't in case they wanna run something that's multiplayer in the mean time, must be an undercover
  6. Downloaded the update this morning and been running Splitgate no problem at all this entire time. Thought you guys were tripping, but decided to go try Fall Guys and that's not working at all. Looks like Splitgate is the only game you can run right now without issue, highly recommend everyone looking for something to do go check it out since its free to play while Sony fixes their shit.
  7. If you have PS Now and solid internet you can stream this game on there for you or anyone else looking to try it but not looking to pay the price for a hardcopy.
  8. When the game releases as a broken mess like all Bethesda games do we'll have collectively dodged a bullet with our wallets, while getting the benefit of the definitive edition that actually works a couple years later since nothing actually stays console exclusive anymore
  9. I'm pretty sure you actually can't platinum the game without doing the NG+ there's at least two trophies you can't unlock till then I'm pretty sure if memory serves correctly, not gonna specify which in case you don't want spoilers
  10. Shouldn't be a problem, in my own experience I started Catherine back in the day on PS3 and platted it recently off of PS Now, did not have to redo any trophies or anything like you would be concerned about, you won't have the save file from your PS3 though on PS Now unless you can upload it to the cloud somehow that I'm unaware of
  11. Catherine (also was my last platinum)
  12. Word so I have just been braindead thanks man
  13. Anyone else notice everyone's Trophy Level jump by at least 100 or so (mine personally jumped from 30ish to over 400), is this part of the new update or have I just been braindead not noticing this for months?
  14. If it's frustrating you just read the thread about the veteran glitch and use that to skip the missions you can't stand, problem solved