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  1. Nothing to worry then... Thanks guys
  2. Hi guys. So I was playing on easy ng+ and collecting all the collectibles. But when I picked up the last training manual, the scavenger trophy popped too. The strange thing is that I miss still one or two artifacts and one comic in the last two chapters. Is this a glitch and will this get me flagged? From what I can see the rarity of the trophy for collecting all the artifacts is rarer than the “Scavenger” trophy. So I assume this is a glitch or the trophy title is misleading. I am a bit paranoiac about this glitchy trophies and I don’t wanna get flagged. Is this really a common glitch or something?
  3. I didn’t know that I was supposed to download the map packs but I downloaded them now and still have the same problem. Looks like I’m going to give up this platinum UPDATE: I turned off some notifications and now I can get into MP without that facebook message coming up.
  4. Tried that but doesn’t work When it finishes connecting while I’m in the XMB it also freezes.
  5. Hey guys I have a problem with this game. It’s one of the only games I didn’t complete in my profile and today I wanted to give the platinum a go. So I tried connecting to the MP but the game always freezes just at the end of the connecting screen. The only solution I found was to hit the home button and then going back to the game so that the message about facebook thing on ps3 can come up. But this didn’t work for me and I tried it numerous times. Is there another solution or is this a problem with the phsyical copies? If it is then should I buy a digital copy or do the digital copies have the same problem?
  6. Devil May Cry 5 trailer blew me away. After 10 years we are finally getting a proper sequel😄 Other than that Wolfenstein: Youngblood and Doom Eternal caught my eye. I was expecting a Bayonetta 3 gameplay from Nintendo though.
  7. I really want to see a Devil May Cry 5 reveal and a gameplay video from Bayonetta 3.
  8. You can try the God of war series, Metal Gear Rising Revengeance and the Ninja Gaiden series too.
  9. If you like hack’n slash games you can try devil may cry 4 special edition or the devil may cry hd collection on ps3. But the hd collection is also coming for ps4 on march so buying it for ps4 would be better. Also go for the Bayonetta platinum on your profile. It is an amazing game IMO. I bought a switch recently just to play the first 2 games and the third game coming in 2018/2019.
  10. I'm blaming Sega. I wrote it because Bayonetta is one of my favourite games and Nintendo doesn't exist in my country. The only choice for me is to get it from another country and I don't travel often. There is another choice which is to wait for a switch emulator to come out but I played Bayonetta 2 using CEMU and it was horrible.
  11. Noooooooooo!!! I hoped that it won't be a switch exclusive. 😢😢😢
  12. So we will have to wait till e3 then... 🙁
  13. Bayonetta Vanquish Metal Gear Rising
  14. Yep, I know. When he teased the game on 31st December I was super excited. But I think he will reveal it at PSX. I was really dissappointed when he didn’t announce it on E3 and TGS.
  15. I need a Devil May Cry 5. Come on man it’s been so long. Give it to us Hideaki!!!