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  1. 1. The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt - Game of the Year Edition 2. Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition 3. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas 4. Grand Theft Auto V 5. Crysis 6. Wolfenstein: The Old Blood 7. Darksiders 8. Yakuza Kiwami 9. Shadow of the Colossus 10. God of War HD 11. God of War 2 HD 12. God of War PS4 13. The Last of Us 14. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time 15. Prince of Persia: Warrior Within 16. Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones 17. Metro 2033 Redux 18. Metro: Last Light Redux 19. God of War: Ascension 20. Deus Ex: Human Revolution 21. Furi An active year for me
  2. Confirmed: Devil May Cry 5 Hopefully: Bayonetta 3
  3. I absolutely loved the game itself. The plat however is another story. Most of the minigames require crazy amount of luck. Other than that I didn’t have much of a problem with anything. Climax battles were not so hard IMO.
  4. FINALLY it popped!! I didn’t delete the game but only my save and when I got to the dead city I disarmed the first trap 14 times (1 in Lost Tunnel) and it popped. I am so happy that it is over. Thx to everyone who replied to me
  5. I have one last question, I have all the other trophies now and I deleted my save file. Do I have to delete the game too to get the trophy? Or is deleting the save file enough?
  6. I’m 100% sure that I also disarmed 15 different wires.
  7. Exactly. I disarmed more than 50 traps using but it didn’t pop. I tried also disarming them using a throwing knife for 20 times but it didn’t pop either. I finished my good ending playthrough and after I get all the diary pages I will delete the game and my save and reinstall it to try again.
  8. Hopefully I can get it later in my playthrough but if I don’t I will save it for last and delete everything about the game and try again like I said. Anyways thx guys for your replies I will probably quote again if something about this trophy happens.
  9. This trophy is driving me insane right now!! I could get the thief trophy by opening the locker in the dead city but this stupid soft touch trophy doesn’t pop no matter how many times I try. I disarmed the ones in the depot too but still no pop. Maybe I will delete the game after I get all the other trophies and reinstall it because it seems it is the only solution.
  10. Nope. I tried disarming in Frontline now and disarmed like 30 traps but the trophy didn’t pop. I think this trophy is glitched only for me as I couldn’t find any threads involving this glitch. But I saw in some videos that after someone disarms a trap the game autosaves it. But I don’t get the autosave icon when I disarm one. Maybe that’s the problem?
  11. Hi guys, I have a problem with this trophy. In my first playthrough I didn’t disarm 15 tripwires. After I finished the game, I reloaded “Dead City” and disarmed the 2 tripwires at the beginning of the level and then reloaded the checkpoint till I got 15. But the trophy didn’t pop. I started a new playthrough for the good ending and I’m in the middle of it. I tried reloading the “Dead City” again to disarm the first 2 tripwires and then reload the checkpoint but again I got no trophy. My question is this: Do I have to disarm 15 different tripwires in one playthrough for this trophy? Or is this trophy glitched on me?
  12. The game looks fun as hell! It's nice to see Lady and Trish back again too. Unfortunately I won't pre-order because the price here in Turkey is so high for our country's standarts. Hope they will reduce the price of the pre-order or put it on sale after 1-2 months.
  13. Nothing to worry then... Thanks guys
  14. Hi guys. So I was playing on easy ng+ and collecting all the collectibles. But when I picked up the last training manual, the scavenger trophy popped too. The strange thing is that I miss still one or two artifacts and one comic in the last two chapters. Is this a glitch and will this get me flagged? From what I can see the rarity of the trophy for collecting all the artifacts is rarer than the “Scavenger” trophy. So I assume this is a glitch or the trophy title is misleading. I am a bit paranoiac about this glitchy trophies and I don’t wanna get flagged. Is this really a common glitch or something?
  15. I didn’t know that I was supposed to download the map packs but I downloaded them now and still have the same problem. Looks like I’m going to give up this platinum UPDATE: I turned off some notifications and now I can get into MP without that facebook message coming up.