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  1. Have you beaten the event tied to it? Getting the 3 challenges done doesn't unlock the trophy, but rather an event you need to complete for the trophy
  2. When I press the PS button there is no card shown : ( Edit: I was logged in under 'appear offline' setting it to online made the card show up
  3. Could someone shed some light on the current state of the game and more importantly the (glitched/bugged) trophies? I'd like to know if the trophies are working before I potentially purchase the game
  4. I've done 5 runs only for the Sniper never to appear. Idk what to do. I'm playing on recuit if that matters. Edit: After about 5-6 more runs a sniper finally spawned in the lava area after the 2nd boss. I stood about 2 teleport distances away and get the trophy.
  5. Could someone give me some information regarding this trophy? I have killed multiple, what I believe to be, priests with the Anima Strike. What does a priest look like and/or should I be using different magic? Edit: I tried killing a priest during the Sun Run. I got it in the area after the 2nd boss.
  6. The trophies for reaching lvl 10 advisor are obtainable. You just have to level them 10 times again. I got the plat for the PS5 version. Only missing Feed the Beast and On Guard on PS4
  7. I had only used 3 codes on the ps4 version so idk what's up with that. That being said, your code worked! Thank you very much!! : )
  8. Yes I have. After the codes were 'expired' when checking in-game I tried the SHiFT website. There the same codes were 'already redeemed'. Which is just not true. I have used about 3 codes on ps4 and all 6 permanent codes gave the same messages. This has lead me to believe there is something wrong with redeeming codes in-game that 'uses' the code, but gives an expired message while actually activating the code without giving keys. I reached out to SHiFT support they could not help me and referred me to the Borderlands twitter to look for new codes. The @SHiFTstatus twitter account did not mention anything related to maintenance. I will keep trying in the hopes it works
  9. I have used all codes I could find online, including the ones that are supposed to be permanent, but none seem te work. It says the code has expired. Could someone help me figure out how to get the key for the chest
  10. In Dutch is says: Je hebt drie legendarische raceauto's bemachtigd die ooit zijn gemaakt om 24-uursraces te winnen. Which translates to: You have acquired three legendary racecars that have ever been made to win 24 hour races. This would imply that it doesn't have to be racewinners, just cars that were made to win.
  11. This is just one of those trophies to make us keep the game for langer than 'needed' as to not flood the 2nd hand market
  12. Thanks for mentioning this. I got to S-5 before the patch and was just about to go for it. Saves me a lot of frustration and wasted time
  13. It won't unlock for me as well on the PS5 version. On ps4 I encountered no problems. I just started the level and threw the first orb into the lava
  14. I have killed many visionaries and escaped the map, but the trophy does nog pop. Anyone else have issues with this and or has a fix?
  15. Out of the 17 Mass Races I've played my game has crashed 4 times already. It tends to happen in the third race to rub it in! Does anyone else experience these frequent crashes and or has a fix?