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  1. 3 hours ago, Paco-001 said:

    You have probably claimed the Shift codes for the PS4 version of the game. I did that too for some codes. All of them did not worked for me on the PS5 version no more. Lucky I did still had a code that I did not claim and it worked on the PS5 version just fine. You have to wait on a new code. Unfortunately the codes expire fairly quickly that Gearbox release through Twitter. So you must check regularly :((


    Also did u try this SHIFT code:


    I had only used 3 codes on the ps4 version so idk what's up with that. That being said, your code worked! Thank you very much!! : )


  2. 1 hour ago, Sergen said:

    Have you tried claiming these keys on the SHiFT website instead of in-game? I've not started Borderlands 3 yet but I decided to see if one of the codes would work on the website and it let me claim 3 keys for Borderlands 3. I'm assuming if I start Borderlands 3 then I can get those keys on my account because it's linked to my PSN account but hopefully this does work and allow me to have 3 keys when I play it. The problem might be that these keys are also allowed to be used on Borderlands 2, so if you did Borderlands 2 and claimed those keys for it maybe they're no-longer valid for your account on Borderlands 3. 

    Yes I have. After the codes were 'expired' when checking in-game I tried the SHiFT website. There the same codes were 'already redeemed'. Which is just not true. I have used about 3 codes on ps4 and all 6 permanent codes gave the same messages. This has lead me to believe there is something wrong with redeeming codes in-game that 'uses' the code, but gives an expired message while actually activating the code without giving keys. I reached out to SHiFT support they could not help me and referred me to the Borderlands twitter to look for new codes.

    53 minutes ago, deadmanrising53 said:

    Is it possible there is an issue with the shift itself? When I first attempted this a few months ago, it would give me the same error message, and I found out that the shift service was under maintenance. A few hours later, the codes worked fine.

    The @SHiFTstatus twitter account did not mention anything related to maintenance. I will keep trying in the hopes it works


  3. I have used all codes I could find online, including the ones that are supposed to be permanent, but none seem te work. It says the code has expired. Could someone help me figure out how to get the key for the chest


  4. I just had the same thing happen. Beat the game in co-op with a friend. All trophies popped, including the speedrun trophy. When I view my list it is not there, despite the fact that my ps5 automatically saved a video of me earning the trophy. Restarting the game and restarting my console did not work. When I disconnect from the internet my list is updated, but upon going online the trophy is gone again


  5. 20 hours ago, craig_obviously said:

    537.87 kms now...making sure to walk everywhere. I think I am going to have to try a brand new character rubber banded over night to see..


    did have a good night the other night though...got Marksman Trophy on a 410 m shot..


    The walking trophy was the last one I needed to plat. I deleted my savefiles and started fresh. Rubberband your controller for about 7 hrs and the trophy should unlock.


  6. 1 hour ago, C_S_1983 said:

    keep walking (walking, not Running). Had the same glitch but i got the trophy on ~340km. (thx @Crush_nv btw.)


    Story Mission worked fine for me and a friend. I think it’s not glitched anymore.

    Mine is currently 461.42km, it also doesn't go up anymore. Ill just delete my save and try again


  7. 2 hours ago, hittheroadbucky said:

    Is the all story missions patched now? That one glitched on me so I’m working on it again. I’m really not wanting to buy the dlc to pop a main game trophy 1f440.png


    I had no problem unlocking it. Did it co-op with a friend and he also got the trophy. Got it about 2 hrs ago. The trophy for traveling 90km is glitched for both of us though. Idk what to do about that