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  1. @DiegoMolinams You definitely saved the day, man. Awesome! Our thankfulness and reputation points for you👍
  2. Thumb up, mate. Great 👍
  3. Thank u, mate. As usual, you showed up on time Number 1️⃣
  4. What's up, guys? It seems like i can't unlock "Snakebite" trophy. During my first run i took down several nazi bitches with Constrictor harness, but no trophy popped. I maxed all perks, included the CH one... Still no trophy. Today i finally completed Mein Leben and Snakebite remains my only trophy left. WTF? I loaded an old save and tried Constrictor takedown in 3 districts. Still still still Nothing! I think i will be forced to delete all and start a new campaign (played my first playthrough with no patch installed - retail version) but i'm wondering why this trophy's bitching on me. Has anyone experienced something similar with that or other trophies?
  5. Eventually, Sony managed to synch western list too.... Btw, I followed your PWT for jap version and i wanna thank you, man. Awesome job!
  6. Same here, folks. Stage 6 trophy (Normal pt) didn't pop for me, so i had to quit and restart the level several times. Eventually, that tiny bastard surrendered to my will.
  7. When your profile is so filled with shit and you're wondering how it could get any worse......
  8. Thank u man. Rep. given 👍
  9. Same here, man. Keepin' my fingers crossed
  10. A tip, guys. You actually don't need to complete all the stages on quick race mode. You can retire just after overpassing the start line and it will still count as completed. I got that trophy in 30 minutes.
  11. No need to strugglin' with the above-mentioned "solutions", folks. I found THE solution! At the end of 2nd stage, after bugged results screen appears, you simply have to press square to restart the race. On the next road menu, instead of starting race, you must quit to main menu (by pressing O). When u will be back on career mode again, you will be at the 3rd stage and.... surprise surprise... on first position, with the 30 seconds gap disappeared. It works 100%. I did it on my first attempt. Have a nice day, m8s
  12. Worst ever? Mmmhh, let's see.... Rise of the robots (Sega Genesis)