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  1. @DiegoMolinams You definitely saved the day, man. Awesome! Our thankfulness and reputation points for you👍
  2. @AJ_-_808 Easy, boy, easy... I "tagged" MMDE for a reason, ok? I was talking to him and not to all of you, and my "i'm italian too" meant something, cause he knows details you ignore about italian leaderboard. Mental diseases and psychopaths are really common there, ok? OP said goodbye to his bad habits long time ago, but even if i'm wrong, let me tell you something : bullying and threatening a gamer is NEVER justified, but that shit occurs almost everyday in my country. I didn't post to save his ass, it's not my job, but i can't tolerate perpetual obstinacy. I'm done here.
  3. @B1rvine Like i told, i don't know what he did and what happened in the past. I simply replied to MMDE, who meant (in a previous comment) something like "maybe we can rehabilitate your account, but you have to stop cheating", so I was talking about present. I can guarantee he's legit yet since he cleaned out his closet many years ago, that's all.
  4. @MMDE Hey mate, i checked the list you provided and all seems fine to me. I can't see R&C as it appears "blank". Now, I don't know if ilmigliore91 made some "mistake" in the past, but i've known him for a long time and i can guarantee he is very very skilled and fast, so i doubt he is a serial cheater and i'm not dealing with a whole bunch of shit some pathetic hater marked. But why did i call the reporter a "pathetic hater"? Because i am italian too, so i can measure the intensity of hatred that inflames several groups of trophy hunters against the OP. Trash-talking, threats, and so on...by years. Trust me if i tell It goes beyond the limit of your imagination, man. ..and That's all. Greetings
  5. Thumb up, mate. Great 👍
  6. Thank u, mate. As usual, you showed up on time Number 1️⃣
  7. What's up, guys? It seems like i can't unlock "Snakebite" trophy. During my first run i took down several nazi bitches with Constrictor harness, but no trophy popped. I maxed all perks, included the CH one... Still no trophy. Today i finally completed Mein Leben and Snakebite remains my only trophy left. WTF? I loaded an old save and tried Constrictor takedown in 3 districts. Still still still Nothing! I think i will be forced to delete all and start a new campaign (played my first playthrough with no patch installed - retail version) but i'm wondering why this trophy's bitching on me. Has anyone experienced something similar with that or other trophies?
  8. Eventually, Sony managed to synch western list too.... Btw, I followed your PWT for jap version and i wanna thank you, man. Awesome job!
  9. Same here, folks. Stage 6 trophy (Normal pt) didn't pop for me, so i had to quit and restart the level several times. Eventually, that tiny bastard surrendered to my will.
  10. When your profile is so filled with shit and you're wondering how it could get any worse......
  11. Thank u man. Rep. given 👍
  12. Same here, man. Keepin' my fingers crossed
  13. I platted that s**t 4 years ago playing Echelon with several random guys but i still can remember some of them started to complain about glitched skills/multiplayer trophies. The OP seems fine to me as the rest of his list looks legit and FUSE is well known for being a buggy mess (especially online).
  14. Thank you bro, i mentioned your comment on my post (y)
  15. it is the sequence 2, not 3. Trophy didn't pop until the end but there are tons of users reporting same story trophies issues on the web.