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  1. Yes, it has to be a Forsaken exotic quest. The quickest one to do is probably the Ace of Spades quest you get after clearing the forsaken story. The Last Word came out after Forsaken, I believe it came out during Black Armory.
  2. Thanks for the info, how big is the file size on Ps4? I'm definitely gonna buy it, but I need to see if I need to clear up any games before doing so.
  3. Yo cris3f, I wasn’t trying to steal your thunder or anything. I was just offering another solution to the trophy. You can disregard what I said, but doesn’t mean it didn’t work. I just wanted to inform people that there isn’t one specific way to achieve this. The amount of changes hirez has done over the years to this game is insane so it’s understandable the frustration behind it. I experienced many issues and will be glad to be done. Good luck on the rest of your hunt and hope you have a good weekend.
  4. Got it, only your advice gets the trophy. My way works with coordination. I didn't get it with randoms
  5. Poseidon is a solid choice for this trophy as well. His ult that summons a kraken with an aoe attack. I played with a Ymir that would freeze the opponents and I would ult. I know you said you didn't want old strats so this is one I actually have seen work recently. His ult does a ton of damage
  6. Sweet! Can't wait to dive back into the game, been playing some KH2 in preparation.
  7. 223: Persona 4: Dancing All Night My second Persona dancing game, had alot of fun with this one. Planning on doing P5 Dancing very soon, so I can have the trifecta.
  8. Currently around 850gb on my ps4 pro 1tb hdd. I have 4 folders that are labelled 'Not yet started', 'Games to Plat', 'Games', and 'Stuff'. I'm tempted to buy that 4tb external that someone posted above, but I feel like it would just add to my backlog. I have a decently fast internet speed so I'll just download a game if I want to play it. I've been doing better lately about clearing out games and deleting them, ready to get ahead this year.
  9. Not really, it was a small percentage of people reporting this. Their system could’ve died on any game. I know tons of people who play this game, as well you can see on psnp.
  10. Paladin is definitely the most brutal of the 4, I honestly don't think I would have ever cleared it if it wasn't for that god mode glitch. That grocery store part is absolutely insane!
  11. Did you activate the mission you’re working on? They seem to work fine for me. After that, you just start on objective 1 and move on from there.
  12. The Platinum is definitely obtainable without dlc. They fixed that like a month or two after release. Currently “Lest Ye Be Judged” is unobtainable due to removing trials for this season. There’s a new season every 3 months. 4 seasons per year. The game mode will return for sure, Bungie has stated this.