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  1. Back from vacation first game is done Tier 1: - Killing Floor 2 (100%) - Minecraft - Siren - Broforce - Superhot Didn't needed that much for my 100% just a few levels with collectibles, killing a specific boss which wasn't hard at all and surviving 15 waves on hard or higher in a specific level. Did it on my second try, died on my first try because I stuck in the corner on wave 14 ๐Ÿ˜’ Will play Minecraft or Superhot next. In Superhot I still need the Norestart challenge and the both RED ending speedrun trophies.
  2. Same here. I LOVE reading the progress of other members here. Like DrBloodmoney, Yuber, Copanele, Aj, Emma etc. And the guys in the Ultra rare clean up thread are very interesting too. Happy hunting!
  3. 192. Some of them are unobtainable.
  4. The u is next to the i. We are human, mistakes happen.
  5. There is a great guide on yt where or when you have to shoot and it helped me a lot. Here is it: Good luck! Ps: Never give up and if you are to frustrated, take a break!
  6. I closed the game immediately it looked so bad my eyes hurt. Sometimes it is better to not play video games from back in the day ๐Ÿ˜‚
  7. It was easier on release and I heard the items to unlock the characters are a mess now and btw Activi$ion made a dick move. They put skins in the shop but they knew people couldn't use those skins in Blackout because people had a hard time to unlock them so they decided to unlock all requirements for all Specialists for free. That means everybody who just started a round of Blackout got this trophy for free. I was really pissed tbh because look at the description: "In Blackout, unlock Battery, Ruin, Firebreak, Seraph, Nomad, Prophet, Ajax, Crash, Torque and Recon" 10 fucking specialists. Thank you Activision
  8. I totally agree with you and I'm in the same boat. Played this game as a kid (just the demo) and seeing those level again was great. I'm not a graphic whore and I don't care if this game looked "bad" I still enjoyed it and didn't regret any second. One thing which I liked a lot is when you collected all chalices you unlocked the original ps1 game in the main menu. Imo every remaster should do this or at least to have the option (Like in the Wonderboy or new Alex the Kidd remake) to switch back to the original graphics. I like those comparisons how a game looked 20 years ago and how it looks now.
  9. I platted all Yakuza games on PS4 (except Like a Dragon, I'm on it) and some Spin Offs and I was like you. Before I bought Yakuza 0 and started the series I always heard that people say "Yakuza is like GTA only in Japan" or some shit like that and I'm honest. Yakuza 0 is one of the greatest games I have ever played. It's my favorite game in the series which doesn't mean that the rest is bad. If I were you I would just buy it and If you love it you can go with the series. Every Yakuza games builds on the prequel (Except Like a Dragon, you have a new protagonist here) that means you have to play it in the order. 0, 1, 2 and so on. Yakuza 0 or the Yakuza series in general is a crazy story driven game. It's very emotional, it's brutal but funny and sad in the same time. Behind that story you have many sidequest to do. Playing minigames like Dart, Billiard etc. You can even visit Sega Arcade and play oldschool games like Outrun or Virtua Fighter. I would say this game is more like Streets of Rage in 3D not like GTA. People always say that "Every open world" is a GTA clone. You have only two cities and those aren't big. Those are very small but full with stuff. Like next to the story you have substories which are short stories which have mostly a "real life" lesson or are just funny and stupid in general. You have a colloseum where you fight enemies. It has really a lot of content I don't want to spoil to much but If you can get this game on sale. Just buy it and try it. You can't go wrong believe me.
  10. I didn't played it but every friend of mine who played it said it was garbage. So don't waste your money on that.
  11. Can't complain about PvZ loved PvZ GF2. Rest is garbage.
  12. I will never understand why they never put Vice City Stories and Liberty City stories in the store and about a Manhunt remaster. This game got banned in a lot of countries back in the day I don't see any profit from it when they put out a remake of it and when it comes to a sequel of Bully, it sadly doesn't make sense because the fanbase of Bully is very small in the comparison of GTA or other R* titles.
  13. Your first paragraph is debatable imo but I respect your opinion. Some people still enjoy those games because they still get the story without stucking hours and hours on some riddles and you have to be honest. Some point and click riddles were random af. But yeah I understand the enjoyment of those p&c games. "TalkING", "USINg" etc. On every item and people and you always get hilarious dialogues or answers. But when it comes to your second parapragh I agree 100% with you. I have seen so many picross and word search games on the front page it's like those 6+ stacks. I would be bored playing this game with a guide.. But like I said. There are so many great games why should I waste my time with games which I don't enjoy? I mean okay if you wanna be the best on the leaderbord there is no other way. You have to play those shitty games inbetween and I respect that but other people with new accounts? Whatever..
  14. For me it's always inbetween. Trophy hunting is sometimes a challenge and I love it. Sometimes I play a game and take a long break it and come back 2 or 3 years later to get the platinum. I will never waste my money on shit like My Name Is Mayo etc. (I know I have MNIM and MNIS2 platinumed but I got it shared and never bought myself.) If I buy a visuel novel (for example those succubus games) I would read through it instead of clicking and unlocking my platinums in 50 seconds. Of course everybody on his own but games like Breaktrough, autopop ps4/ps5 games and other shit killed leaderbords imo. If I have fun I don't mind "hunting" the platinum. If a game ia beyond my skill I drop it totally. Gaming must be fun but some people don't play for enjoyment. I see people wirh 300 platinumes and no platinum is over 10 minutes. Just multiple stacks and shitty games. I will never understand it. Do these people enjoy gaming? Isn't it pure boredom and waste of money? But you can copy and paste this in every thread when a shitty game comes out. It's always the same. Trophy whores buy it, some are complaining and some didn't care at all. I don't care at all. I play what I love and yeah if your waste your life on shitty games. Go for it
  15. Ah fuck it. I just tell it but no worries, no story spoilers. Wrestling in Yakuza 0 was luck based but this is skill based. The reason why you will hate the colloseum in Yakuza 5 is you have to beat it with everyone I think?! And there is one particular mission in the colloseum where you have to beat 13 waves of enemies with Akiyama and the event is called "Limited Berzerk". Because Akiyamas attacks are so weak you will be frustrated really fast. Imagine dying on wave 12 or 13 over and over again and imagine you have no chance to heal yourself.... man this was hell and I believe this was the hardest task in the whole game. But like I said I enjoyed the hell outta Yakuza 5 and I admit it.. in the end I miss those "first time experience" with the Yakuza series. I'm so glad that I had the chance to play almost all Yakuza games on the ps4. I always saw those videos where Kiryu beats some people on the streets and never thought that Yakuza will have a special place in my heart. Yakuza 0 is my favorite game in the series but every Yakuza game has some charm in it and it's one of my favorite series now.