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  1. Thanks for not seeing it as an attack. Btw. I watched the first 10 minutes of your viedo guide and it was so funny and well explained but sadly I don't wanted to spoil anything about that game. "We pick up the cat food and no, it's not for us" hahahaha great humor. Of course. Making guides takes a lot of time. I appreciate your work and time. Your guides are very well optimized to achieve a platinum in the shortest time.
  2. Great guide @Optinooby! Only used your text guide but missed 1 echo (or died and missed to recollect an echo) and had to play the game from the start again. The only thing which I didn't liked was that you didn't highlighted the collectibles. Like "Echo 4/28" in a different color. It would make your text guide more readable but it's just a little nitpicking from my side so don't think I want to be rude or something like that. Other than that, thank you for your time it was very helpful and cheers, have a good one!
  3. After my 5th reload
  4. You can play it solo. No coop needed here.
  5. Can't wait for the permadeath Mode & ng+ dlc and people will complain how hard it is because they cheesed the game on easy difficulty 🤣 I heard it isn't that hard on maximum difficulty tho.
  6. Those were mine:
  7. Update: At first I will swap Jet Set Radio with Red Faction Guerrilla Re-mars-tered because my ps3 controller have a little stick drift and I can't do the graffities :/ and it's done. After 80 hours my 350th platinum milestone is finally here and it's Trackmania Turbo. What a game man.. I heard crazy stuff about this game before I started but the learning curve is crazy on this one. You are getting better and better with every track but I don't know If I'm alone with this but for me the RED tracks were harder than the BLACK tracks. The hardest tracks which are on my mind are 125, 130, 178, 180 and maybe a few more. 190 was ass too and btw... fuck multilaps and beach tracks and thanks to @Dzware for abusing his ghost 😁 and sharing my pain and journey here and there and oh... the finish line on track 200 STILL SUCKS. Here are my 50 TM green medals and peace, see you next time! Tier 2 list: - Yakuza 4 (PS3) - Silent Hill HD - Red Faction Guerrilla R-emars-tered - Grand Theft Auto IV - Driver: San Francisco - Yakuza Dead Souls - Vin Diesel Wheelman - Trackmania Turbo - No Straight Roads
  8. Update: In Trackmania Turbo I'm in the black series now and the difficulty spike is crazy compared to the earlier stages of the game. Get the platinum or die tryin I guess? But I take my time with this game. Here and there few tracks and hopefully I will get the platinum. Great game. Some tracks were shit but it's a personal opinion I guess. Platinumed No Straight Roads. ROCK VS EDM!! A nice indie game with great voice actors, funny dialogues, great bosses, incredible soundtrack and overall a cool story (at least for me), The enemies attacks depends on the beat and rhytm and with the newest patch you can exploit the hardest difficulty. Instead of all 7 seven boss you have to do 1 legit because the Revearsal Sticker makes you unvincible except against a boss called Yinu. You can still die on the last boss phase. Normally "Parry Perfect" is a difficulty where you have to parry perfectly the attacks (obviously) or you die with one hit BUT there is also an exploid called "Zuke exploit" where you can revive yourself with a mod if you are fast enoough. It's called "One with the universe". The platinum is almost rare but if you still want a different but nice experience, just play it. Tier 2 list: - Yakuza 4 (PS3) - Silent Hill HD - Jet Set Radio - Grand Theft Auto IV - Driver: San Francisco - Yakuza Dead Souls - Vin Diesel Wheelman - Trackmania Turbo - No Straight Roads
  9. I platinumed it yesterday and yes the Revearsal Sticker AND Zuke Exploit still works and I guess this will never get patched. You can use the Rehearsal Sticker on EVERY difficulty and against every boss if you want and you only need to do one boss on every difficulty legit BUT you are not invincible against the last phase of Yinus boss. You can still die there. The easiest boss for me on "Perfect Parry" was 1010. I tried it on Dj Subatomic Supanova but the beat was asynchron and very weird. TenTen is really the easiest boss to unlock the trophy. I also grinded the fans while playing against tenten on hard difficulty. Got between 3000 and 3750 Fans between 4 and 5 minutes. More enjoyable than against DjSS because like I said his rhytm was very glitchy and I heard it started with the newest patch and Encore Edition. I had few bugs here and there but not gamebreaking. I still enjoyed this game, loved the bosses, the soundtrack and the voice actors did a REAAALLY great job. Enjoyable game. Must play imo.
  10. Update: Finished Wheelman. A game with Vin Diesel. You are playing an undercover agent named Milo Burkos and doing jobs for different gangs in Barcelona. There are different side missions. Like doing rampages, doing street races, "air jacking" and stealing cars and delivering them to a specific spot. So you have a lot of stuff to do (105 side missions), destroying 100 cat statues and 50 stunt jumps (similar to GTAs monster stunts). The hardest part would be S ranking all side missions because there can be 1 or 2 in each side mission which are annoying but nothing too difficult imo. I would still rate it a good 6. Really enjoyable game. The coolest part would be also the "Cyclone" skill where you turning your vehicle 90 degrees and killing enemies in slow mo. Killing enemies in slow mo never gets old. Also made a little progress in Trackmania Turbo. I'm in the red series and the fun starts now!! Tier 2 list: - Yakuza 4 (PS3) - Silent Hill HD - Jet Set Radio - Grand Theft Auto IV - Driver: San Francisco - Yakuza Dead Souls - Vin Diesel Wheelman - Trackmania Turbo - No Straight Roads
  11. I took brakes inbetween and switched also my console off. So not in a single sitting.
  12. I played the campaign on ps4 and I hadn't any issues. Every trophy popped without any problems. It's a rare bug I think.
  13. Update: Not a good update because I changed my gaming behaviour that's why I will swap a lot of games. Made a little progress in TMT and that's it. Happy hunting and stay safe guys! NEW Tier 2 list: - Yakuza 4 (PS3) - Sillent Hill 2 HD - Jet Set Radio - Grand Theft Auto IV - Driver: San Francisco - Yakuza Dead Souls - Vin Diesel Wheelman - Trackmania Turbo - No Straight Roads OLD Tier 2 list: - Yakuza 4 (PS3) - Sillent Hill 2 HD - Genshin Impact (PS4) - Grand Theft Auto IV - Driver: San Francisco - Yakuza Dead Souls - Skate 3 - Trackmania Turbo - Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
  14. Not all of them are team accounts but it's obvious that you can be top xy if you invest a lot of money and time in trophy hunting.
  15. Veteran isn't challenging at all. You die really fast, 2 or maybe 3 shots and you are dead but it's not hard and you have checkpoints all over the place. So don't have high hopes for a crazy hard veteran trophy.