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  1. Finished Atari Flashback Classics Volume 2. Man the Red Sunset and the Hello, Beta Pegasi! trophy was a pain in the ass. Without save scamming some of these games are literally a 10/10. Some of the requirements are nearly impossible in my eyes. The last trophy which I needed was the trophy for Stellar Track and I didn't understand shit how this game worked but after reading the manual and watching one or two videos this was the most enjoyable game in the whole Atari collection. I really had a lot of fun with it. And an update for Battlefield Hardline. I got the 10k kills for the mechanic class yesterday. That means I have reached 99% of the trophies. For the last trophy I need minus 10k kills with the professional class and this game will be finished too. Tier 3: - Atari Flashback Classics Volume 2 - 100% - Sonic Mania - 9% - Battlefield Hardline - 99% - Dark Cloud 2 (Dark Chronicle) - 85% - Silent Hill 2 from the Silent Hill HD Collection. - not started
  2. I platinumed the game few hours ago and it's a 7 imo. Without save scam it would be definitely a 10/10 and impossible to the fullest (at least for me). If you platinumed the first one, this shouldn't be a problem. Like you read in this thread Missile Command takes a lot of patient. I used the same tactic for every 19 level and it worked. Loaded my save 1000 times from the cloud but it worked and funny... the last trophy which I needed was the Stellar Track I didn't understood shit. But watching a walktrough again it made sense and if you believe it or not. At the end this is the only game which I have enjoyed the most hahaha.
  3. Yeah you are right. I still got the 100% back in the day on ps2 (did the monster stunts too) but the monster stunts was'nt needed for the 100%. Hopefully they don't change it because GTA SA had really a lot of monster stunts and some of them were really annoying.
  4. Take The Cannoli trophy sucked in GTA VC. Other than that nice trophy lists.
  5. I platinuned Duke Nukem Forever and 100% the DLC with my friends account and it's a shame what they did with the game. But I'm not that guy which is going crazy about it and did you liked the DLC? For me DLC > main game and I'm a huge Duke Nukem fan too. My fav Duke nulem game is Time 2 Kill. Great game, great levels and great soundtrack!
  6. The second game is more enjoyable but the first one had a better story and a linear level design but that's it. When it comes to the level design, trophies and gameplay aspects itself the second one is definitely better. One trophy which was a little bit annoying is the "find 50 secrets" because some of them are in rng generated free roam levels. Other than that the "Borderland" loot system (like Baker said) is better, you have more skills, you have more weapons and the gore effects are better too. Edit: But of course if you are ready for a challenge I recommend the first one but don't get scared of the platinum difficulty. I would say SW 1 is a 7 maybe a 7.5 but not higher. You just need a lot of patience, the crossbow and one specific sword kill to heal yourself. There is one game breaking glitch sadly which can ruin your run. When you dash from the highest point of some stairs for example you will die from fall damage which can ruin your entire run. @DrBloodmoney
  7. It's all good man. I got the trophy few hours later. Still thank you for your reply. Have a good one!
  8. World of Nubla and My Name Is Mayo 1 + 2. WoN is a 30 min plat. I don't mind short plats. If it's enjoyable I'm okay with that. But I deleted WON after 3 minutes and idk why I platted MNIM 1 + 2. Today I wouldn't play that kind of crap
  9. I'm happy to say that I have finished my Tier 2 list. My last game was Fantavision and I guess this game is pretty unknown. I found this game on PSNow and it's a tech demo (but still a full game) from the PS2 era. It's about chaining fireworks if you miss a firework your lose a little bit of your life meter and when your meter hits zero of course you have to play the game from the beginning. You have to beat all 8 levels in one sitting and all those fireworks are purely RNG. You have to beat the game on normal and hard mode to unlock the (To the Victor Watch Ultra Play Movie 2.) trophy. The rest of the trophies are done in a few minutes except "Complete a level with 100% success rate" which was a little bit of a headache because I thought a lot of times that I had a perfect run but I missed ONE firework and yeah.. seeing those 99% success rate on the result screen was a little bit annoying. The hardest and ultra rarest trophy with only 10 achievers and UR percent of 0.31% is the "Chain Onslaught" trophy where you need a firework chain of 150 in Chain Attack mode and believe me it's easier than done (at least for me). This mode is almost the same as the normal only with one difference you don't have bonus rounds. This is how this game looks like. Tier 2: - Puppeteer - 100% - Uno - 100% - Fantavision - 100% - Shadow Warrior 2 - 100% - The Evil Within - 100% This is my Tier 3 list. - Sonic Mania - 9% - Battlefield Hardline - 92% - Atari Flashback Classics Volume 2 - not started - Dark Cloud 2 (Dark Chronicle) - 85% - Silent Hill 2 from the Silent Hill HD Collection. - not started
  10. My highest was 133. Idk the chain combos are inconsistent for me. I watched some videos and in those videos the chain combos took longer till it breaks. Have you any tips? Of course it's all rng but it's better to do 3 chain fireworks or is it better to do longer fireworks with big daisies? Which stage did you use? Thanks in advance Edit: Got the trophy
  11. It's been a long time when I updated my games. I don't want to write essays and try to keep me short as possible. Platinum #199 Ghostrunner One of the PS Now games from September: Ghostrunner. Ghostrunner is a first person slasher. Some people say it's like "Hotline Miami" but more forgiving. I played it at my friends house a while back and the controls felt weird at first but after few hours in you really fly through those levels. The hardest trophy would was: "More than humanKill 23 enemies in a row without dying" But you are able to play the first level over and over again so at the end it was just memorising those enemy locations, having a bit of luck and playing the first level 2 and a half times to get the trophy. The rest wasn't a problem. One thing which I didn't liked about the game is. Even with checkpoints You HAVE to complete each level in one sitting. This means if you quit the game or shut of your console while you are in a level you have to start the level from the beginning. Very annoying. I love cyberpunk settings and the soundtrack of this game was phenomenal too!! Just listen.. It's so good Platinum #200 Undertale The next game which was in the PS Now line up: Undertale. I heard a lot about this game and how everybody loved it. It looks like an old SNES type of game and I have to admit it was an okay game never understood the praise tbh. 100%: Siren Siren was released in 2004 and is a survival third person horror game. The gameplay is similar to Silent Hill. Btw: I have to say I would never complete this game without a guide. While watching youtube videos and researchig about this game. I read that this was one of the scariest and hardest games back in the day. Difficulty wise it's not that hard if you know where the items are or what you have to do. But some tasks going over my mind for example you have to collect items which are important for later levels or tasks. For example: Yeah go get that towel, put in a freezer because you will need that 5 levels later to make your life easier because everything in this game is connected. But this game showed me how easy todays games are. Today you get a marker for everything on the map. Todays games really holding your hand. What? You died 20 times on normal. Yeah let's have the option to put the difficulty down. What? You have to play a level without checkpoints? Let's auto save every second. You get what I mean. The only help you have in this game is sometimes a hint in the beginning of a mission and a map where you can see every important stuff on the map and NO you don't have a marker where you can see where you are on the map. You have to memorise the whole laylout of the map. This game have a lot of different enemy types. The enemies or "villagers" are called Shibitos. Corpses wich are alive (like zombies) and they come in different types. There are "normal" Shibitos which got knives, revolvers, snipers and there are fucked up Shibitos like flying Shibitos or Shibitos which are called "Dog Shibitos" and you can guess it, They are moving on all fours and NO they don't bark One feature which makes this game unique is to have the ability to see through the enemies eyes. When you press L2 you can rotate with your left analog stick and search and switch through all the enemies which are in the level. You will get a first person view of the enemy you have picked. It's called "Sightjacking" and I really like that feature. You can see their move pattern and plan your own route to successfully complete a level/mission. The game itself isn't that hard and like I said it's easy with a guide and btw. which I also liked is when you collect all 100 archives you will get a cutscene for the real ending which explains what or why all of this happened in the game. I really liked that idea. I mean in todays games where you have to collect 800 collectibles a la AC without any meaning this game showed the real purpose of collectibles. Platinum #201 Mirror's Edge Catalyst MEC, the sequel of the first Mirror's Edge from 2008. I heard different things about the game. Some loved it, some hated it. For me personally I have to admit, that the first one was better. It looked visually better of course but the first one felt more fluent when it comes to connecting those wallruns, coal jumps etc. I don't know how to describe it but it was like YOU, the player never felt the movement like in the first one. For example if you run in MEC it wasn't like I felt the speed of the running. It looked slow af. but on the pro side I loved the new mechanics like the grappling hook or cutting the corners when you grabbed the pipe was a cool new feature. The combat in MEC was better too but you could trick the AI by doing the same trick over and over again so... the combat at the end was boring af. The open world itself felt like a mess and was not well builded. I still had my fun with this game and that's what matters. The story was forgettable too btw! The main theme is still a big plus! Great song by the CHVRCHES! Platinum #202 Crysis Remastered "But can it run Crysis?" I remember when I played the first mission of the original Crysis at my friends house back in the day and later only the MP of Crysis 2 (which was a lot of fun) and now we got the remaster of the first one (the sequels later this year) and the controls weren't that good on console imo. It is and will be an "only" pc game for me. Some games aren't meant to be on console but some publishers wanna make money with all those remasters. It wasn't purely garbage but after playing tons of first person shooters it really felt akward. Other than that the checkpoints in this game were a mess. You have no control when the game saves it for you and if you get a checkpoint few seconds before you die. Congratulations you can restart the mission sir! I don't recommend this game. Next time I will do the rest of the games which I have platinumed. Thanks for reading.
  12. Yeah exactly. Avoid dashing around stairs but sometimes when I was almost done with a level I still took it slow hahaha btw good luck man you will make it. Don't stress yourself
  13. This happened to 3 or 4 times aftet that I didn't rushed that much through the levels which was annoying.. one time I fell through the floor and died lol.. it's really an annoying glitch man i understand your anger.
  14. People are crying when games are too easy (Psychonauts 2 God mode). People are crying when games are too hard (Fall Guys, Kena). If you do it legit, great for you, if you use an exploit, great for you. Nobody gives a fuck. Enjoy gaming guys^^
  15. I have to admit I played My Name Is Mayo 1+2 but today I wouldn't do that. I only play games which interest me or I totally enjoy. Some games are maybe short and easy like "Red Death" but I enjoyed them. On the other hand I love to test my limits and enjoyed for example the "The Evil Within" plat or "Titanfall 2" etc. Right now I'm doing "Atari Flashback Volume 1". Only 2 trophies left for the platinum. I started games like "Suicide Guy" or "The World of Nubla" (Worst game I have ever played) and I stopped both games after 5 minutes and Idc if you can achieve both plats in 30 minutes or 1 hour. There is really a line between an enjoyable ezpz game or literally just garbage like "Breakthrough", "Spectrewoods" and the Gotti one or however is called and there are some ezpz games which are still enjoyable and I think it's okay to play some easy games and enjoy gaming to the fullest.