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  1. It's not a hard game if you only want to beat it. Of course there will be sections or levels which are hard at first but it's still doable and the biggest problem with Crash 4 is that the levels are very long. So keep that in mind before you start it. Other than that it"s still a great game and I highly recommend it.
  2. I don't care about completion rates but I played the story at least few weeks ago (the servers were already shutdown) and I enjoyed story a lot. Congrats to the platinum!
  3. Really? I never knew that because I assumed it's always on the same day. Sorry for the false information and where? On the playstation Blog?
  4. They never announce the ps now games. They get revealed in the same day when the ps plus games are up. So tomorrow
  5. It's worth it! I highly recommend it.
  6. Asuras Wrath is fun but you have to play it like 3 times? And you have to S rank every level. But it's more like a movie and button smashing + qts instead of a real game. I still enjoyed and platinumed it. The GoW games are great. Play it in the release order.
  7. There is an exact known date. Like he said it depends on YOUR region - Asia markets (excluding Japan) – targeting May 23, 2022 - Japan – targeting June 1, 2022 - Americas – targeting June 13, 2022 - Europe – targeting June 22, 2022
  8. Update time: I have finished Silent Hill 2 HD and Yakuza 4 (PS3). With the new PS Now and PS plus merge. A lot of games leaving PS Now. It was time to tackle a game which I wanted to play forever but never started. It was the Silent Hill HD Collection. I heard a lot of bad stuff about this HD collection but I still wanted to play it. I started SH 3 at first because I wanted to familiarize myself with the Silent Hill games. Got the platinum in SH3 and started SH2. The only reason why SH 2 is stated as a 9/10 difficulty is because of the: Who needs a gun? trophy. Where you have to require the Green Hyper Spray and to get the GHS you have to get a 10 Star Ranking. For the 10 Star ranking you need to: Beat the game on Action Level Hard Beat the game on Puzzle level hard (or extra) Get all the possible endings (the UFO ending is not needed for this, if you got Leave, Maria, In Water, Rebirth, Born from a Wish and Dog that's perfectly okay. Your result will read 4/4 (+2) Beat the game with two saves or less. See Playing on the Edge for details. Beat the game in under three hours. See Warp Speed and the video guide below for details. Collect, at least, 150 items (see Keen Eye) and all of the 8 special items in the game which are: The Blue Gem (see We Are Not Alone for details) The Chainsaw (see Overkill for details) The Hyper Spray (in the trailer home on Saul St., color depends on your rank in the previous playthrough) The White Chrism (see Fountain of Youth for details) The Dog Key (see Man's Best Friend for details) The Book of Lost Memories (see Not So Lost Memories for details) The Obsidian Goblet (see Unholy Grail for details) The Book of Crimson Ceremony (see Light Reading for details) Kill, at least, 75 enemies by shooting (see Keep Your Distance for details) Kill, at least, 75 enemies by fighting (see Melee Master for details) Beat the boat stage in under 80 seconds (see Don't Keep Her Waiting for details) Beat the game while taking less than 500 points of damage (see Hard to Hit for details) (From the PSNP guide) And I'm honest.. It doesn't felt like a 9/10 difficulty for me. This platinum is a 7/10 but it's just my own opinion. Silent Hill 2 is classic and I'm happy that I started it. I highly recommend this one if you a little bit nostalgic and never played a great ps2/ps3 game. And about Yakuza 4 I have not a lot to say because I platinumed all those remasters. I only forgot how annoying Jiro Amon was.. And I updated my Tier 2 list with few more games: - Yakuza 4 (PS3) - Sillent Hill 2 HD - Genshin Impact (PS4) - Grand Theft Auto IV - Driver: San Francisco - Yakuza Dead Souls - - - -
  9. You can't be that bad if you platted the earlier entries, right? I mean Y3 is the worst in the series and Y5 is just the longest. Y4 itself isn't hard. The earlier entries have annoying story parts but this one is eas. Like I said use the War God talisman and you should be good and just to be safe don't forget to fill you up with health items.
  10. Use the War God Talisman (Gives you unlimited heat) and is unlocked by completing all Ultimate Skill missions. You don't need anything besides that and for the Finale give it to Tanimura because he has the toughest fight imo. Just don't forget to put it in the share storage. From the guide: There are three key points in the chapter 4 of the first three Parts before the story continues to the next character that are the last moment to put items into storage: Part 1: After chasing Hana, before heading to Elise. Part 2: Before entering the Millennium Tower. Part 3: Before going to the docks.
  11. The funny thing is that 80% of those older or classic games are right now on PS Now. In AVGN voice: "What Were They Thinking"
  12. An update from my side. I stopped playing Yakuza Like A Dragon over a year ago but will still do it later this year. I bought a PS3 and will Plat Yakuza Dead Souls and I bought Yakuza Ishin so every RGG game is finished after that. I will play them from the oldest to the newest: Dead Souls, Yakuza Ishin, Yakuza Like A Dragon. I think I will give an update when I have finished my first run on Dead Souls.
  13. I did all Yakuza games and Spin Offs from the PS4 era (except Yakuza LAD, still have to go back to this game and Yakuza Ishin, will do it later this year) and I'm honest. FOTNS was the most boring one (platinum and grind wise) from RGG. I can't imagine how long the Japanese version would took because the western version only needed 50% of the completion. Those 7 Talisman grinds were so tedious. But at least the game and the story itself were really enjoyable! And congrats for the platinum. 😁
  14. Platinum: #284: Silent Hill 3
  15. Here is my Tier 2 List: I really don't know which new 10 games I should pick but I wanna try to finish these 2 before they are leaving PS Now: - Yakuza 4 (PS3) - Sillent Hill 2 HD Here is my new Tier 2 List for now: - Yakuza 4 (PS3) - Sillent Hill 2 - Genshin Impact (PS4) - - - - - - -