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  1. World of Nubla
  2. Got the plat in 78 Hours. I think doing the gems in normal and n verted was still to much and some nverted level effects were really annoying but at the end it was still a great game.
  3. I fimally got it -.- Thank you very much. Both of you
  4. I really don't know why but I can't reach that n verted hidden gem.I didn't had any problems with anything in this game. I tried it over 100 times now. I jump on the box hold x but I can't get it. It's becoming annoying right now.
  5. The N. Verted one not the normal one. I looked up different videos I know where it is but I can't get it.
  6. Congratulations man, I got the platinum yesterday !!
  7. Is the hitbox for the N verted Hidden Gem in Rock Blocked broken or something? I can't get it. I tried it several days and can't get it. I tried different jumps but it doesn't work.
  8. Here @dannyswfc9 and @DaddiyKenobi
  9. Posted in another thread from TMC2k1 Here is the video for all interested. Please feel free to chime in if you found a faster/better method out there.
  10. went from 80 to 85 in 2 or 3 hours. this new update is awesome
  11. I can finally plat this game now. That's why patience is the key. The "grind" is more enjoyable now. While hearing music or talking with friends in a party
  12. I'm now at Bears Repeating and played a couple of rounds again and the bear section can f himself hahahaha. Like other people said the best way is to take the checkpoint or bonus round before the riding section and muscle memory every crate. I hate riding parts especially at the end of any level
  13. I'm almost in the same boat, I believe I've played 45+- hours and I've got 22 platinums 19 NPRs I've done all gems + n verted till Ship Happens and all platinum relics from the cortex dimension (except Nitro Processing). Keep up the good work.
  14. Congratulations i'm almost halfway through it I wanted to do every level 100% and move on but I decided to do the platinum relicts at first. The funny part is everybody has their own "hardest relicts" levels. Before I started the platinum relicts a lot of people said "Toxic Tunnels" were crazy hard. The time is strict okay, but it wasn't that hard. Watching videos of Jordy and other people make those runs easier as it is. As for Cortex I agree with you. He is the worst character and they should make him more fluid. My least favorite platinum relicts as right now was Draggin On because those hitboxes of these dragons were random af, camera glitches and invisible walls. This level on some parts is totally broken and I had a hard time with Jetboard Jetty. But practice is the key. I don't stress myself. I have 17/38 platinum relicts right now. I never liked those riding sections in any crash. They are cool, yes, but when it comes to do a perfect run or hit all boxes oh god...
  15. Congratulations!! Which levels were the hardest for you? Love your platinum pic too. So far so good