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  1. Over time, you started going for quality instead of quantity. Your platinum should be attached to a legit game, and have reasonable requirements
  2. #66: Mortal Kombat 0.63% - Ultra Rare
  3. An easy choice would be UFC but i'm going with hotline miami 2, mostly because it's level design is horrible
  4. I recommend doing ladder master first. Imagine not being able to do the last trophy after 60 hours of grinding
  5. This game is soooo emo and cringy, 2004 at it's finest
  6. Arkham City is slightly harder because of the campaigns. Rest of the game is pretty much the same in terms of difficulty, except there's a lot more collectibles
  7. It's been almost 7 years since i got plat, and i still don't get the difficulty rating For me it's 5 or 6/10 at best You just have to watch the fastest route on youtube and then replicate it. Sure, you won't do speedruns and time trials in the first try but it's completely doable
  8. Definitely due to grinding, without it this plat would be around 3-4%
  9. I think it's safe to say that plat is unobtainable at this point. I've been trying to connect to servers for about 3 months now. Every single time when i send a ticket to harmonix, they tell me that there's no ETA on servers