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  1. Looking for a crew, pls help psn: szaleroPL I wanted to create one with my friends but they're playing on pc and it turns out that this is the ONLY thing that doesn't work in crossplay EDIT: got it, thanks!
  2. add me, i just started
  3. Same thing happened to me. Empress unlocked along with Manifest Destiny, when i conquered all factions except Swadia and joined them as a vassal. Then i reloaded previous save and conquered them too to unlock The Golden Throne. I'm not sure why it works like this
  4. You don't understand what people are trying to tell you. If a game crashes on a console, that's almost always dev's fault as all PS4s are basically identical and its easier to optimize and patch the game than on PC. Sure, it's smart to backup your saves, but devs shouldn't expect that from you, as it's their job to make sure that their game won't delete your progress. So when that happens you can point your finger at them and complain all day, no matter if you do backups or not
  5. There is this part when the main path branches into two separate paths connected by a single seesaw. It's straight up broken. If there are too many players on the other path, they will just keep hopping onto the seesaw, tilting it extremely hard and making it impossible for you to make a jump. What's worse, after you choose one of the paths you get a checkpoint, so you cant even jump down to respawn earlier and switch sides. Sorry for my bad englando, place i'm talking about can be seen here at 0:25:
  6. It's not THAT hard go into ultra rare, i think ~10% is fair. I also noticed that trilogies/compilations tend to have higher plat percentage
  7. I recommend searching for deathmatch on arica harbor, there's almost always a full lobby
  8. I'm not sure if i love Ethan from Heavy Rain, but the ending in which he rescues his son and gets killed by police was always a tearjerker for me. Other than that, pretty much all of my favourite character's deaths can be avoided
  9. I finished in 2:42 so i think i got it. If not for the delta events i would never get the platinum, because in normal challenges i could barely get to tier 2 Also quattro handles like a space rocket on ice, hate that car
  10. It took me exactly 10 hours to beat 6-4, but other levels aren't that hard. It just requires a little bit of perseverance
  11. Just got the platinum After creating this thread game started working fine, but framerate was still a problem from time to time. Also by crashes i meant 1 crash and 4 softlocks (one in main menu). I see that most people have no problems with the game, so maybe it's my ps4 slim's fault
  12. I'm halfway through fort frolic, and so far my game crashed FIVE TIMES. Original version on ps3 haven't crashed once. Game looks better in some areas, but i would rather have stability over improved visuals. Is it just me or is it crashing for everyone?
  13. I edited my post to be more clear. I saw this game really cheap on an auction site and i was wondering if it was worth picking up
  14. bump Edit: Could someone check if servers are still online?