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  1. Same thing here, and I turned them into a chicken and killed them when they were a chicken, both with the dagger. No trophy. I've done it a few times now and nothing. Edit: It just randomly popped for me. So, I guess it just didn't unlock right away for some reason.
  2. Look at the level numbers. You have to do 1-01 through 1-10, 2-01 through 2-15, and 3-01 through 3-15. It doesn't mean island as in each piece of land. Islands are what they call the levels.
  3. That didn't work, but I got it eventually by just changing the date and time up 1 hour at a time until it was the event.
  4. So, it is fully random with no way to force it to spawn? I've almost got every other trophy (just need a few more events, 1 more piece of the rabbit outfit, and then doing the crafting and mining) and I've yet to see this event.