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  1. Got the emblem Only thing left is the Nessus 5 heroic adventures. Finally... almost done^^
  2. Don't play this game if you are worried about crashes... 9 times today already(and counting) Very close to uninstalling this F*cking mess to be honest.
  3. Waiting to complete some weekly stuff for Destiny 2 for the 100%. Besides that, I just started Payday 2. So that's going to be a pretty long road for the 100%
  4. Thanks! I hope you are close as well!
  5. Only thing left now is the emblem. (Got lucky with the corrupted eggs for dreaming city drops) Guess I'll log in every week for 10 minutes or so to complete the challenge of the week^^
  6. Thanks man! That's good news! I actually got pretty lucky yesterday. Got the braytech osprey on my third nightfall run. Only stuff left apart from that emblem now are the dreaming city random weapons and 10th forsaken exotic.
  7. I actually did this week challenge just now .. First try, slipped off the moving rotating rocks. Second try, completed it and completed the time trial... Yeah... challenges it is 😋
  8. Yeah, I did around 30 Wells today again, but nothing.. Challenges it is.
  9. Are the time trials... hard? (solo) Let's say compared to... The whisper run solo. I was most scared for the escalation protocols to be honest... But I got all of it with minimal effort. And I would appreciate it, yes... If you could give me a shout when you've done the last "normal" one. Probably going to try the well a couple more times tomorrow and then just quit that if it doesn't drop and do the challenges.
  10. I've been reading so many different messages. One says that it's about completing the weekly challenge (So just 6 weeks or so and you''ll have it..." In that case I would say... "Fine... I just do that if I get the Emblem" But If I have to do time trials... well... please no But yeah, the blind wells are so boring after doing 50 of them on a day. Even once when I got 6 drops out of one chest. (with another emblem) but not the one that I needed.. Tried the way where you just start a tier one and sit there. But or I just get planet materials, or just people join in and do the tiers.. So if it's just doing the ascendant challenges... I'll be doing that. Otherwise.... lot's of wells the coming time I guess. *sigh*
  11. Been trying for the wayfarer seal myself the last week. And I don't know how many Blind well tier 2's and tier's 3 I've done... Just complete days of playing wells... But it's just impossible to get the Secret Victory emblem to drop for me.... It's just insane.. And after doing it so many times, the mood to continue that trophy gets less and less
  12. If there is still place, I'd like to join. Edit: Already have it, neverbmind.
  13. Problems with the base game are neglect able But the problems with Mad Moxxi's Underdome are nothing less then Game-Breaking.. After the 75% mark if you take to long the game just seemed to crash (similar to BO4 zombies). When that happens 3 times in a row(90 minutes times 3 gone) then that's not a small issue... That's a major game breaking bug. Not able to finish quests or objectives. Rest of the games 0 problems, but this is just awful. And the fact that that in this game says that it didn't go trough proper testing....Because it happens almost every game, it no way in hell that they missed it in testing. They either ignored it, or they just played the minor challenges for testing to see if it worked. I already made a ticket around 24 hours ago, no answer yet of course. And to be honest..I don't expect one soon.
  14. Another 2 crashes today. Haven't been able to complete a round of 20. 3 tries, crashes. Seems to be time related, if you take to long the game seems to crash. First time today it crashed around round 19 when just playing relaxed. Second time it crashed around round 16 when we took it slow and had a personal break. Going to try it a third time right now with just 100% focus and rushing.. I also made a ticket on the gearbox site for this problem, i would advice everybody here that has the same problem to do the same thing. The more people that report it, the sooner it will be picked up.
  15. Jup, Happened to us just now at Round 20... Fuck...... 90 minutes down the fucking drain Edit: 100 owners...5% Completion. Looks like there are quite a few that are having the same problem. Hate these this DLC already, this isn't really helping. Want to try it again tomorrow, but playing 90 minutes only to see it crash again at the end..... Well.. Maybe better to wait for an patch