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  1. Never mind . Thank you for helping out @Akrioz I really appreciate it :)
  2. Definitely going to pull for both Zhongli and Ganyu... (of course it will depend how lucky I am with the first banner, if I lose the first 50/50, I'll be only focusing on Zhongli) After that, I won't be pulling for anyone else anymore, except for two characters. (Ayaka and Raiden, but... I'm not going to spend real $ on them, only what I save up in-game.) That might change of course if I fall in love with another character, but as for now... I think with Ganyu, Zhongli, Ayaka, Raiden... my roster should be pretty much good to go till the end. Going to be expensive to pull for Zhongli and Ganyu, but... a big one time expense so I can just play this game for the next 5+ years without having to worry about anything is a good trade for me.
  3. Then, yeah... I'm definitely going to build Yun Jin once I'm done with Jean. A couple days to gather all the Dandelion Seeds, and then of course a lot of days to farm all the required mats and artifacts. Also decided that for future sake, it might be better that I'm going to try my luck on the Zhongli banner. So, that makes 3 characters (hopefully 4 if I manage to pull Ganyu) that I need to level up the coming month... Also, something that I came across on the internet regarding sumeru, but I'll put it in a spoiler in case people don't want to be spoiled. It's something about collectables.
  4. I'm in the process of leveling Jean up, hopefully I should have her around 80 in a couple days. Hopefully she can fill up the spot for Rosaria. Because, quite frankly... I don't see myself surviving that stage with only Bennet healing.
  5. I really dislike Diona. Her shield is over, so fast... meaning I have to leave in the middle of Yoimija's ability... Now, I could use Noelle for that, but that kinda means that the other team gets wrecked. I really miss another good shield at this stage. All my DPS characters (Klee and Yoi, are pretty much glass cannons.)
  6. I wish I came to this thread earlier. And, didn't waste all my resources on leveling up characters like the Traveler, Barbara, Rosaria, Diona, etc... Tried the Abyss Tower floor again with Yoimija ascended, but... still no success. Now, that is most likely because of my own lack of ability and not knowing enough about this game and optimal stuff. And, just clearly mismanaging my party. Party 1 : Klee, Yelan, Xianling, Diona Party 2 : Yoimija, Noelle, Bennet, Rosaria Now, I know that people suggested that I should use Yun Jin, Gorou and/or Jean. But, by the time that I leveled those up properly and get all the artifact, we're in 2023... If there is 1 character in my roster right now that could make the difference for me, who would that be? Or, just changing up my parties. I'd like to have Yelan and Yoimija together in one party. But, I kinda need the DPS in the second stage, while I really need Yelan her big damage moves to deal with the crowd of people. I'm also struggling with surviving once those 3 big boys show up in stage 1, that can be fixed with moving Noelle to party 1, but that causes Yoijima to be completely demolished in stage 2... I am thinking about maybe trying something like this. Party 1 : Yoimija, Yelan, Bennet, Diona Party 2 : Klee, Xiangling, Noelle, Geo Traveler But, pretty sure I'll be lacking the DPS in the second party then... (oh, and... yeah... I just got Qiqi from the standard banner )
  7. Damn... Leveled up Yoimija to level 80 (Not enough materials yet to ascend her one more time.) Gave her the Amos Bow, that is also level 80 (I have the Rust bow, but it's only base refinement) Gave her the Shimenawa's Reminiscence Artifact Set with most of her preferred stats (Crit Damage, Crit Rate, Attack and Energy Recharge) Not as perfect as I would like it to have (Crit rate only 40% right now.) But, it's good enough for now. The complete set is leveled up to level 12 (Again, not enough materials to max them yet.) But, damn... Even like this, she outclasses everyone that I have thus far, by FAR. Also started leveling up Yun Jin, but that is going a bit slower because most of my Resin goes towards Yoimiya now. But, I can't wait to max them both out and then try the Abyss tower again. As much as I love Noelle, the damage output is just on another level. I'll still use Noelle in my party, but as a shielder/healer/support unit. (she will always stay in my party 😘)
  8. Thus far, since my time of starting this game (Around 2 months.) I lost several 50/50 summons. Lost Itto to Jean Lost Yoimiya to Dliuc Lost Redstone Thresher to Memory of Dust. I got Diluc, another Jean and Mona from the standard banner. But, here is the kicker... There are only two characters that I really want... and those are Keqing and Qiqi. But, they keep on eluding me. (I love Keqing her playstyle and character, and... Qiqi is just the sweetest thing around, I just need to have her. ) Mona, I want to level her up because she really grew on me during the summer event. But, my priority was first on leveling up my main characters, resources are scarce after all. Jean and Dliuc? Probably never going to use those. I do need a anemo character, but I rather wait for a Sucrose, or use Sayu.
  9. Tried to post a screenshot, but not working... Anyway, I pulled her Also pulled a couple more Bennet and Yun Jin. They are now both C4.
  10. 😩 Fuck it, it's only money, right? The kids just have to eat bread for a little while. (Yes, I'm kidding.) Having Yoimiya and equipping her with the Amos bow should give me the DPS that my roster is really lacking. Guess, I'm no longer a goldfish, I'm swimming into the being a dolphin waters...
  11. The thing is, I wouldn't mind spending money on it. But, I really don't want to throw it away on another Diluc.....
  12. To my defense. I only got Yun Jin today. And, I pulled Gorou at the same time as I pulled Klee. So, obviously I was focused on leveling Klee first. ^^
  13. Wow!!! Thank you to everyone for the amazing advice And, yeah... my main problem has been that I don't have a "proper" DPS. I tried to fix that with pulling for Yojima, but Diluc had other plans. When Noelle her ULT is up, she is a powerhouse, but the problem is that when it's not... she is just completely useless. And, at this stage, Yelan is pretty much my only consistent powerhouse. The team that she is in, always performs well. I always have Klee in my team, but mostly as a Sub-DPS. I love playing as her, and also don't mind the short range combat. But, her long animation when she trows her humpty dumpties always messes things up. But, from everything that I've been reading, I should focus on two more characters to add to my roster. 1. Bennet. (Already started on him an hour ago, he is now level 80 (not ascended) With a Noblesse artifact 4 piece. (Just, not fully leveled up because I'm out of artifacts. ) 2. Jean. She is a pretty low level, so that will be troublesome. Pretty low on resources after leveling Bennet, but I'm definitely going to try. Thank you to everyone for the advice, again.
  14. Been trying to, but I only get the message "no characters found in the Character Showcase" But, I double checked, and I do have them in the showcase.
  15. I'm really doing something wrong, or de level 12 Abyss floor is really just for those who invested a lot in their characters. I am running Noelle C6 - Level 90 (3.200 Defense) As my main DPS in one party Yelan C1 - Level 90 - (41.000 HP) As my main DPS in another party Then, I have these characters as supports and healers/shielders Fischl C4 - Level 80 Klee C0 - Level 90 Rosaria C2- Level 80 Xiangling C1 - Level 80 Diona C1 - Level 80 Barbara - C6 Level 80 And, I also have Yanfei C6 - Level 70 Traveler C6 - Level 80 Ningguang C4 - Level 60 The rest of my roster is level 20 Yun Jin, Amber, Bennet, Thoma, Lisa, Kujou Sara, Keaya, Chongyun, Sayu, Heizou, Gorou, Diluc, Mona, Jean Is there anyone that could offer me some advice regarding my roster, and how I could use it to clear those floors. (I don't have any O.P weapons, only Memory of Dust and Amos Bow.) Edit : I can't even manage to finish the first stage in the allotted time... so, yeah...