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  1. Chocobo 0.00.00 race...100%. I tried it 25+ times and my best time was somewhere around the 6 second mark. At that point i got the same feeling i got with the Fector's challenge from Stardew Valley. "Is it doable, yes.... Is it going to cost me a broken controller and ruins the game for me... 100% yes". So this trophy is not going to pop on my screen, and the same for the Celestial weapons because of that. Sucks..
  2. I got pretty lucky with some of the RNG this time. I got most of the skills that require a Ultimate finish on the first few goes, so almost every other skill was just fighting the enemy in that quest and see if he drops anything and Restart if he did not. I ended up with 423 PQ quests in total, but that's not an accurate number.... Because i restarted so many PQ'S while in the PQ so if that would count then i would be around the 750 mark i think. Only PQ that got my blood boiling was Tag with Gotenks..... i think i played that one at least 50 times and i swear to god.. If i hear him say Ta-daaaa 1 more time... Grrrrr. But i 100% this game for the third time now(ps3 and ps4 on my previous account), so everything went much quicker this time around.
  3. Problem with this mode is not the mode itself. Love this mode and it was very fun and challenging. Problem is that it's takes an absurd amount of TP medals to get a good team going on. I was lucky because i had around 4000 TP Medals from a couple months ago when i played this game for the first time, that with me playing the new DLC packs and everything over again i was around the 7500 mark at that point. Sacrificed 1 day to just grind out PQ mission 4 for Dragonballs(fastest way for TP medals in my opinion) so i got around 200 medals from a wish every 30-35 minutes Ended up with 10.600 Medals so i could open a lot of packs and was able to put together a team that destroyed every opponent in the second turn. Only Golden Frieza and Champa took me both 3 tries.
  4. Yu-Gi-Oh Millenium Duels.
  5. Still up now.. Did all of the MP matches with a second PS3.. Maybe 45 minutes and i had all 30 of them.