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  1. Most Japanese gamers are loyal to Sony and Nintendo. They will never support Microsoft consoles more than Sony and Nintendo consoles.
  2. #77 - Manhunt
  3. 2 PS3 Superslims 1 PS4 Pro 1 PS5 Disc 1 PSP 1 PS Vita 2 3DS 1 DS Lite 1 Wii U 1 Gamecube 1 Game Boy Advance SP
  4. #76 - Yakuza Kiwami 2
  5. You should have just kept your old account.
  6. #75 - Binary Domain I enjoyed this game. Invasion Mode is the hardest part of the game. You and your friends will need teamwork, and coordination to beat 50 rounds of enemies for all 3 Invasion maps.
  7. GMC_penghu and pin-pon-dash have great underrated profiles. https://psnprofiles.com/GMC_penghu?order=a-z https://psnprofiles.com/pin-pon-dash?order=a-z
  8. #74 - Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing
  9. #73 - Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi I didn't enjoy this game that much. For me it was the worst DBZ PS3 game. Glad it's over.
  10. @SoraxTidus I unlinked my EA account on EA's website, and I never had any problem doing it. I didn't have to talk to any EA employees either.
  11. #72 - Medal of Honor Warfighter
  12. The game was pretty time consuming to get all of the base game trophies and DLC trophies done.
  13. MOH 2010 does not have checkpoints. I beat Tier 1 mode just over 2 weeks ago, and if you die in the mission in Tier 1 mode you have to restart the level over from the beginning.