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  1. Long time no see. Well, I updated the list. It has all the games that were missing and the Plus Collection. Let's see if I don't go away again
  2. I guess they are, Bioshock Collection itself would be hard to put into Now since they are two games, The Rapture Collection and Infinite. If you tried to seem it I guess it wouldn't work. They are probably changing the PS3 games that have Remaster to the PS4 version, I wouldn't be surprised if we see Uncharted Collection soon
  3. The Bioshock Collection is actually the new stack they added recently, I might do them again, those games were fun
  4. Yay I won!!! Congratulations to all the other winners! Again thanks for the giveaway. Just like Carol, my store is the portuguese one. If it's easier for you, I can create a british or spanish account
  5. Oh ok, I just thought it was strange seeing B1 out of the results. In that way, good luck with the counting and thanks for the giveaway ☺️
  6. Does Beyond count for the competition? Since both moderators were receiving answers from other users and B1 answers didn't count while Grave's answers did. Anyway, i think I did well but I kinda regret going with Platisfaction for number 1 but whatever. Also I should have went with Bugsnax for number 4 since there's a trophy art with an Oreo bugsnax on it but I thought it was too obvious.
  7. Hey guys Don Cheadle here. You are all under arrest because holy fuck. Don't forget to watch my new movie Space Jam 2, coming soon to cinemas
  8. Portugal and Spain extra game is "Dawn of Fear". It has a whopping 33 on metacritic
  9. Tomb Raider So many hours spent on private lobbies collecting medic kits back and forward...
  10. Does this also apply for the 250 online wins trophy? If so it would cut down a lot of the boosting time
  11. I also used the cheats for the red bricks and did NOT had to pick them up. I even got the trophy after entering the final cheat code
  12. Fuck... Every time we switch generations Ubisoft just breaks everything. More than usual. Let's hope they fix it with a Day 1 patch.
  13. A "Get everything" list. You need to collect all the artifacts, all the puzzle pieces (they show these in the recent trailer, they slowly unlock a big PS related painting) and all gatcha items (no idea of what this must be). There should be some misc trophies on the list too
  14. I think you should change your avatar to Joker.
  15. Knowing how long all the locations on Origins took. This will take a lot of hours to complete