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  1. Why is Don Cheadle the best actor on Earth?
  2. It will definitely be indies for the first years, they did the same at the beggining of the PS4
  3. 80-70=10€ It really isn't that hard to see a difference
  5. I will go to the store and pre order mine there. I will be there tomorrow morning. In my country it seems to be going nicely actually, I haven't seen many people freaking out and websites crashing
  6. I think I know this guy
  7. Completed Sly Thieves in Time for the #DanceWithMe Ultra Challenge and God of War (PS3) for the #WorkOutWithMe
  8. Completed Daytona USA (1127) and Altered Beast (1003) (1831) - Sly Cooper Thieves in Time (4212) - Tachyon Project (1003) - Altered Beast (1494) - Lago Batman 2 (1127) - Daytona USA (3779) - Back to Bed
  9. I can't unlock this trophy for some reason. I have already beaten over 40 highscore and it doesn't seem to unlock either way. Has this happen to you? I really don't want to reply this game all over again
  10. Sign me up, I always wanted to play this games but never had a chance to.
  11. This portuguese store sells used copies for 18€, but of course, they don't have any.
  12. The guide mentions it, it's just playing level 2 from the first "world" over and over again till you reach level 20
  13. I can confirm if you own the PS Plus version on the PS3 you get the PS4 version for free. The best part? There is no time limit for the PS4 version, if your subscription runs out you can still play it
  14. Not at all, I started with Breach and it was a breeze. Just use the energy glitch and grind xp right at the beggining and you can complete it in a day I used this guide, it helps a lot
  15. I will go with a low number, God of War for the PS3