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  1. This is the first time the service has come out in Asia countries besides Japan. Dw too much about it, I highly doubt 200 games will dissappear like that. I would hate to be proven wrong here. Best option is to wait for it to come out in Japan and see if the line up changes too much there. And still it wouldn't be the best comparation.
  2. I could be completely wrong here, but I wouldn't stress too much over this. If Japan PS Now is anything to go by then it's just region differences. If you compare the current lineup in Japan with the one on Europe or US there's around 200 games missing between the 2. And of course, PS3 games aren't available in the Asia market, no idea how many of those will actually leave after the merge. Don't forget, the blog post mentions 700+ games for EU and US and Asia somehow only got 300-400 games If you want to play it safe, I would play anything that's not currently on the Asia lineup. Start from licensed games like Adventure Time and Ben 10, maybe also do some Bethesda and Double Fine games since those are most likely to leave the service
  3. If I were you, I would be keeping an eye on all the Castlevania games without a leaving date. My guess is that all Konami games will be leaving on the same date as Sega
  4. More Sega games were found to be leaving, including Virtua Fighter 5, Yakuza 4 and 5, House of the Dead Safe to assume all Sega games are leaving the service. At least they gave a warning 3 weeks before removing them.
  5. Altered Beast has one online trophy.
  6. The majority of PS3 Sega games are leaving. They are pretty quick to 100% too. Strangely enough other Sega titles like Golden Axe and Virtua Fighter aren't on the list. Edit: The games leaving on May 23th happen to be on the same day Premium releases in Asia. I'm expecting more games to leave on that date
  7. You will have access to the entire PS3 library once Premium releases. Will the PS3 games be the same as the Now library? We don't know, but it's fair to assume it will
  8. I'm surprised to see nobody has mentioned Deus Ex: Human Revolution yet. Really good game with really solid gameplay
  9. I wish we could have had some heads up before all this, 1 week isn't enough. Also seems like they are making way for Premium and cleaning the current catalog of the less attractive games. Now at the moment has 800+ games and the blog post for Premium says we will get around 700 games. I would expect more games leaving the service till Premium releases. Word of advise, if you want to play one unknown game on Now, do it now. It will probably leave soon. I guess AAA games and well known indies will stay, since those will sell Premium more easily
  10. What trophies are exactly tied to the online? Only the ones mentioned on the guide or are there some trophies with online functionalities that the guide doesn't mention?
  11. They already fixed it. Was up for 20 minutes. No idea if they will revoke this one since it's a blockbuster game that still sells pretty well.
  12. Might as well buy PS Now now and get Tier 3 for half price
  13. The old trophy list won't get removed. If removing trophy lists was possible, Sony would have deleted all those test trophy lists that pop up in here after every major console release or trophy update release. Unless they suddenly changed the rules, I wouldn't worry too much about it. Just another case of support not being given enough info to work on
  14. This, when I play any PS5 game I don't notice any kind of drift on the Dualsense. If I play Genshin for example, every time I stop running the character does a quick turn and stares at the screen. Not gameplay breaking but still, there's signs that I will get drift really soon. Also doesn't help that a slight touch on the joystick and the character starts immediately walking. If anyone wants to test their controllers check this site works for both DS4 and Dualsense. No need to install anything, just plug the controller and then test it
  15. This is huge! Only a matter of time till someone finds out how to unlock another trophy.