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  1. In this separate list the base game doesn't even have trophies. It's just 1 DLC pack, maybe they will add the future DLC trophies here
  2. So what is the complete list of every mp trophy I can get in splitscreen? I don't plain on going after the 100% but if I can get some trophies along the way it would be good
  3. It probably isn't in Sony's server yet. For example NBA 2K18 (PS3) trophy list took 1 year to appear in the servers but you were able to unlock trophies since the realese of the game. I suggest you to send an email or tweet the developers to inform them abou this issue. They can pass the message to Sony and then they will put the trophies online and you will be able to sync the trophies you earned
  4. Currently 88 GB, FoA Episode 3 will probably take 8 GB like episode 1 and 2. And then there's the Discovery Tour that might take more since Ubi already said there will be more than 300 tours voiced by different characters
  5. Disgaea 4
  6. I need help. I know I haven't raised any alarms yet but today I got spotted but before reloading I wanted to see if I the alarm tutorial would pop up, for my surprise it didn't. The only pop up that appear was about health and that was after taking damage by the enemies I never saw this pop up in my life but now that I got spotted it didn't shown up. I reload the save but I want to where can I see all the tutorial pop ups? I can't find that option anywhere.
  7. I feel this game will floop. Nobody is talking about it and it has no hype around it. I hope I'm wrong because from everything I saw it looks really good
  8. I want to see the PS3 games too, I still need to go back and play some games I missed during the last generation. There isn't many games I want from this list, I already own everything I was interested in, maybe The Witcher 3 GOTY if it is less than 15€ or Watch Dogs 2 Gold Edition
  9. I'm pretty sure Destiny is a Bungie IP
  10. In one hand this is true but in the other your playtime increases a lot just by trying to find enough goons to interrogate
  11. I hope the "play with anyone" means every member of the DedSec group is playable. It might be like an RPG but instead of picking a class at the beggining, here every character has a different play style
  12. - Season of Imfamy (Arkham Knight) - It adds quests for Mad Hatter, Killer Croc, Ra and Mister Freeze. This were probably the best quests in the game since the final boss battles didn't envolve the batmobile. It also ended Freeze's story in a high note. - Old Hunters (Bloodborne) - Everything I want to say about this has already been said
  13. Usually I start doing trophies related with sidequests while doing grindy trophies (for example, "kill 50 using X method"). Next I go after the collectables and then I clean up the missing trophies. I only get DLC trophies after getting the platinum in the game even if I own the DLC before hand
  14. The price was already 60€, nothing new for Europe. I think it has been like that since 2017