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  1. Am I the one that actually thinks hard isn't that hard? I just finished the 2 towers and I can say it's going really well, no glitches (yet), no chest or life upgrade missed, etc. The combat is pretty easy if you know what you are doing, I use mainly  and for regular enemies, for the assassins I spam and when I don't have a secondary weapon I just grab the enemies and start to throw them around. Having atleast 3 sand tanks full is a must. I hope it keeps up with this pace, I die a lot but thankfully every time I die I can see if the combat I'm in can be skipped and/or new ways to take on the enemies. The Golens are horrible and unfair. I can agreed the frame rate is unstable and rough, when there's more than 3 characters in the screen you can say goodbye to your fps because it will go down Edit: Just got through Kaillena, the Giant Golem and the library. Kaillena is pretty easy, when she teleports use , you can complete the whole battle like this. The Giant Golem I thought it would be hard since some people were saying he was a pain, I agree it is hard but once you are on top of him just slow down the time and you can beat him in a minute. The Library is a bitch, once you are on the top floor and have to push the bookshelves ignore the enemies and run right into the bookshelves, then slowdown the time and push them, simple.
  2. ESRB rated Minecraft: Bedrock Edition for PS4 and now 4J Studios are doing maps for the Bedrock version of the game. I think this bug will only be solved when they make the switch to Bedrock, since Microsoft is probably working on it and this trophy isn't glitched there. I also don't think 4J will update the game till there
  3. I would offer my code if I didn't use it yet 😬 If my second email has a code I don't mine give it to the second winner
  4. I really don't know how to explain, when you download the email it will automatically open it in an Outlook format, just right click it and ask to open it in a notepad. To download the email on Gmail follow this
  5. I was having problems with opening it and don't know why, had to figure out another way
  6. Got the code, thanks. It was hidden in plain site. For the people having troubles, download the email, open it in the notepad, copy the encripted base64 to some reader online and then look for your code. It doesn't even take 5 minutes
  7. This year I spent atleast 100€ in the store between PS Plus and games. Guess I'm not loyal enough for them The funny part is that I once got a code for the January 2018 sale, saying I was "loyal", at that time I didn't spent a dime in the store A shame because I really wanted to buy Dying Light Complete Edition
  8. @christof1712 Where was that bridge again?
  9. The traveler section shows up in my game but the notification for the DLC file is still downloading, it might be a weird bug. Atleast now I know I have access to the DLC
  10. I guess I will play the game and when I reach the point where I can start the DLC I will see how it goes. Thanks for the help, this is really strange
  11. Already launched the game and played a little. You said the DLC came with the disc but for me it shows as downloadable This is what shows in the notifications: This is what shows in the additional content section It says it is installed but it still gives me the option to install unlike the other content
  12. I bought the Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition physically from a big store, I know the copy is from my country because it says on the cover of the game "completely in portuguese". This edition of the game comes with the Frozen Wilds DLC as a code (like the gift cards and PS Plus subscription) but when I try to download the DLC when it finishes downloading the file it doesn't install and shows me the message (Waiting to install) and when I click on it it just redirects me to the PS Store and shows me the Complete Edition digitally. I don't know what is happening, the disk and the code are from the same country but the DLC is behaving like if it was from the US. Anyone knows a way to fix this? Edit: I don't know if this is important but the serial number of the dis is CUSA-10212/H Edit 2: All the other content from the code (skins, weapons, etc) installed without problem
  13. Then I guess I need a Portuguese copy, luckily I have access to a copy from a friend of mine but I will probably still buy the game for my collection. Saves from different regions are compatible right?
  14. This game is currently for 20$ in Amazon and I'm thinking on buying it. My problem is that I live in Europe and the copy I will get is American and I don't know if the European DLC will work with this copy of the game. I know that the PS4 is region free but the online stores aren't making some DLC unplayable between regions
  15. June 2018,here it is