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  1. If you're talking about the PS4 version buy it. It doesn't have online trophies
  2. I will have to slow down a bit, my PS4 is most likely clogged with dust on the heat sinker and is getting louder and louder by the day. I don't know if I should send it to fix, clean it myself, I'm in complete doubt. So close to my 100th yet so far 😔
  3. Probably to show off to his friends or on a multiplayer game. It's most likely a kid trying to impress someone like "I played more games than you, shut up" you know kids stuff
  4. The guy hacked 1000+ platinums in one day. The leaderboards haven't updated yet and he is between 0 platinum users
  5. You misspelled best
  6. Just noticed we have reached the end line. Good luck to everybody!
  7. The app is known to be buggy. It probably didn't sync with Sony's server at the time and it did that overnight while you were off. Glad to see the problem solved anyway.
  8. You will definitely be better off with a physical copy. The Now version was odd, hopefully it doesn't repeat with other games
  9. I see 2 options here: - They will follow the PS Now type of announcement where they announce the games and a few minutes later they are available for download. - Sony changed the date of the announcement and forgot to tell about it. Sony Japan has made a post saying they will reveal the game on May 29th, before all this Japan used to get the game announcements one day after the rest of the world, so I would say we can get the reveal today or tomorrow
  10. The premise for PsyHotel got me hooked. I will keep an eye on that game
  11. The 2nd game were the friends we made along the way
  12. Yes, they made all DLC free It got actually really good, if it ends up being free give it a try, they were able to salvage that game somehow
  13. I got another game completed, atleast there wasn't a big gap between this one and the last one 😅. Wizards Tourney is a Mario Party style of game where you take part on various minigame such as, building towers, collecting orbs, and cooking. I have to say this game has very little to do about magic and Wizards, it seems like they ran out of ideas for wizards minigame right on the first one and decided to go with whatever they had in their minds, there's a minigame that's more about the future then magic itself. The journey for the platinum is short but repetitive, you have to play each minigame 50 times and there's 7 of them, so be ready to lose some hours completing the same thing over and over again, if the minigames were fun this would go in a flash but they are not and they take some time to complete (looking at you pupkim minigame). Now I'm getting ready to tackle Resident Evil 3 which will also be my 100th platinum
  14. How much time would you say the game takes to platinum? Also the difficult between 1 and 10?