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  1. My best tip is to download Steam if you haven't already and claim FNAF Pizzeria Simulator and Ultimate Custon Night for free there. Plays in almost any PC and it's actually an enjoyable experience there.
  2. Made my list for Tier 2, I hope this time I don't end up switching anything. Tier 2 1 - Days Gone (4.25%) - 81% 2 - Worms Battlegrounds (1.16%) - 14% 3 - Yakuza 0 (4.00%) - 7% 4 - Nova-111 (3.09%) - 0% 5 - Superhot (4.75%) - 0%
  3. I checked out and it seems it only connects to devices on your own network. Strange it only works this way but I guess it makes the platinum even more rare . Might try it out. Seems like a cool concept Do you know if it is possible to connect it between a PS5 and a PS4? I guess it is since the network is the same but better be safe than sorry
  4. Can you explain how this one is quick with 2 PS4? I was thinking on doing it but everybody says it takes a long time. How much time did it took you total?
  5. I will go on a whim and say March 12th (If I win I want to thank Google for their random number generator)
  6. Saw it on sale and the title interested me, once I saw it was developed by No Code I immediately bough it. Their other game, Observation, was really good so my guess is that this one won't fall short. It's currently on sale for $2.50. At that price, it's totally worth it
  7. Completed my final Tier 1 game, Fall Guys. This one was strange, it's the definition of great game, terrible trophy list. I really can't complain about Infalliable since I ended up boosting it with a great group here on PSNP (big thanks to Dex's boosting sessions, those guys are incredible and I advise everybody who wants the trophy to reach out to them). The other trophies are easy, the ones that currently might give you trouble are the one for getting 20 wins (not that hard if you are good on plataformers) and winning an episode with a punchline equipepd. The punchline trophy was the last one I unlocked because the store completely hated me, I had to wait around a month for it to finally show up. I will update soon with my Tier 2 list 1 - Kung Fu Panda: Showdown of Legendary Legends (0.73%) - 100% 2 - Fall Guys (1.33%) - 100% 3 - Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes (4.50%) - 100% 4 - Extreme Exorcism (1.28%) - 100% 5 - Not a Hero (2.47%) - 100%
  8. Well, congrats again on the achievement! My guess is 600. Let's hope this one doesn't get "hacked" again Edit: Maybe I should say, this 600 comes from using your formula to calculate the amount of points of a 0.1% game, I guess someone got a platinum like that because in every single challenge I participate on has some guy getting those, so I guess it's no different here. Since I don't know if real numbers count, so I just rounded the result and went with a whole one
  9. You know that's a parody account right? Also, this thread is mostly people joking about OP, I think it's pretty obvious
  10. Congrats on another achievement! I didn't understand the point system but that doesn't matter, I will just say a random number. With that, it's 1218.
  11. I have 150 mbps for download and something around 50 mbps for upload. I'm also using a wired connection. I guess 50 mbps on both is enough but never tried it, maybe it can be less. The internet provider also plays a role on this, since some of my friends have the same speed as me and can't stream and others have less and can stream, it probably depends on how stable the connection is. I would give a try to the free trial first just to see how things go. Try to stream a game you're familiar with and see how different it feels
  12. I got a legendary pattern some days ago but I'm still waiting for a victory celebrating. Aren't those more rare than patterns? I think there's only 6 celebrations you can get through the store
  13. I believe you can now do the same between PS4 and PS5
  14. Well with the PS3 store shutting down I will put this challenge aside for sometime while I work on my PS3 backlog. With that I want to switch Thief with Fall Guys, since I already got Infallible it should be easier from now on and it's a nice game to jump on between other games. Also, not really related to the challenge but since I'm gonna do surgery in the future and I'm working on the PS3 backlog I don't think I will start working on Tier 2 anytime soon, I might pick some fast games that ended up with an Ultra Rare but I can't see any, if anyone knows of some please tell, PS Now games are accepted too. For now I know Tier 2 will have Days Gone, Nova 111 and probably Worms: Battlegrounds Updated List 1 - Kung Fu Panda: Showdown of Legendary Legends (0.73%) - 100% 2 - Thief (3.83%) - 0% ➡️ Fall Guys (1.33%) - 65% 3 - Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes (4.50%) - 100% 4 - Extreme Exorcism (1.28%) - 100% 5 - Not a Hero (2.47%) - 100%