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  1. Since it is an in game glitch you won't be flagged. It's even safer to assume you won't since that information is on the guide.
  2. First orange game done, should do a pink one next
  3. I think you should have said it's free with Plus only in Portugal and Spain, due to their indie initiative project. Saying it's free with Plus without specifying where could cause some confusion
  4. 1 am me got confused for a moment 😂
  5. Sign me in, I will be doing 2 games for each color (or at least try 😅) Pink: Orange: I should explain my orange picks a bit, Alex Kidd has orange in the trophy icon and Fighting Vipers on the serpent's head.
  6. Now that it's official, really solid line up. I will try out TLOU2, wasn't a fan of the first game but heard 2 fixed some gameplay issues I had. Amnesia Collection is a good horror game too, even thought it goes on sale often. I have a feeling Sony is starting to bet more on Now than Plus
  7. I was afraid to get paired with you 😂. Saw your warm up gameplay and you defeated the guy that was giving me trouble in seconds
  8. Couldn't get in for some reason, logged in 5 minutes before the start of the event and it wasn't there anymore. Guess I will have to wait for 10pm now. There should be more tournaments tbh. One of them is just to early for me (7am) and I won't always be able to participate at the 1pm tournament. It will be 10 weeks to get the 100% back for me
  9. That's what I made out of it. But some of those event times are pretty bad.
  10. Besides the team matches trophy, the other 2 can only be obtained when the event starts? Any idea on how that will work? Edit: So events are fixed, so far there will be 2 events on Saturday and 1 on Sunday, they have fixed hours, for me it says 1pm and 10pm for example. You need to be atleast 1st Dan to participate. It also says entries will be accepted once the tournament time approaches. No idea if you can participate again once you lose or if you will need to wait for the next one. Now, I would advice going against the boosting method probably most of us used while going for the 100%, the ring out thing or turbo controllers. This events are organized by Sega and if they see bots going around they might increase the required rank to compete or worst case scenario, they ban your VF account from participating in them. Neither of these are good but I guess we will see how all this turns out
  11. Seems easy enough Sega said they would be doing free DLC updates to the game, maybe this is it
  12. This will, for sure, be fixed. It wouldn't make too much sense to close the servers for FC5 and keep the ones for FC2, 3 and 4 open.
  13. Well, earned my trophies for the day. They aren't many but every trophy counts. The trophies: Toybox Turbos - 8 BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle - 13 My Hero One's Justice 2 - 2 A total of 23 trophies! Not as good as other people here but I'm proud of it
  14. Completed Fallen Legion and with that Tier 2 is done. The game is extremely monotonous, you basically do the same thing over and over again till it's over, with the occasional boss fight in between. The gameplay was too confusing, a mix of Valkyrie Profile with more modern mechanics. At least the plot was good. Tier 3 will come soon, already have a few ideas. 1 - Days Gone (4.25%) - 100% +DLC 2 - Worms Battlegrounds (1.16%) - 100% 3 - Fallen Legion: Flames of Rebellion (1.90%) - 100% 4 - Nova-111 (3.09%) - 100% 5 - Superhot (4.75%) - 100%
  15. Portugal here, still listed on Now and I can still access it on an alt. Gonna wait a few days before starting it