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  1. Maybe my theory of it actually being people on online lobbies being able to somehow get the PS3 IP is true. If other people who got their IP banned can confirm they played an online match we could check this out
  2. Could be this a situation where only PS3 that have been playing online multiplayer get affected? I mean, if it was a data breach, and of this size, Sony would have said something already and probably worked on a fix too, not because of the users but more because of the public image this would give to shareholders and what not. I will test my PS3 later but so far, my guess is that it's either hackers on multiplayer lobbies somehow getting other PS3 IP's or, Sony is simply banning consoles that were bought pre owned, but this one seems unlikely.
  3. Completed my first game, Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown. Not that bad of a grind, just put some video on the background and you are ready to go. My total time was 30 hours, with room matches being self boosted 0 - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown (13034) 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - No idea what I'm gonna do next, maybe a quick indie game or Superhot
  4. This trophies seem to be pretty easy, the hardest thing will be going to new chunks and then find the needed items and mobs
  5. It's temporary like some people have mentioned before. When the game is loading a match, one of the tips warns about it "Too many disconnects may result in a temporary ban" or something like that. It was pretty clear to me. Funny enough, this tip only appeared once, even after doing all the ranked matches
  6. The art style looks really interesting and the concept too. But I want to know if it is a hard platinum or time consuming. I will end up playing the game anyways but I want to know more about it before jumping into it
  7. No worries, you can go. Still doing my search on the game and combos Edit: If you ever wanna stop, send me a message through here, my PSN is private. Or just leave. You choose 👍
  8. Hey @TheArcadeKid, this unexpected boosting session is going pretty well
  9. Anyone has a general idea of how much time this might take without a turbo controller? I want to start it but I see myself getting burned out in the middle of the grind. I see some people saying it took them 6 hours for 120 matches, should I expect double that time without turbo?
  10. On the PS3 it was 1-3 minutes for each ranking match. I guess there's better load times now so it will be something like 1-2 minutes per match
  11. I just thought about this but wouldn't we be able to leave a match as soon as it starts? If we can do this it would go way faster
  12. One of the first things you need to do after buying a backwards compability PS3 model is to open it and replace the thermal paste. The system is old, the thermal paste inside is probably rock solid by now. You can do it yourself at home with good quality paste, a video guide and the right equipment If you are afraid to do it, you can always find someone with enough knowledge that fixes it for you
  13. Oh wow, I skipped Dural and read "Defeat Arcade Mode". Thanks for pointing it out
  14. Also people are looking at ranked matches but not at room matches, since if I remember correctly those were also online matches. You basically have to play 1200 games online, 600 matches for one character, the rest with another one
  15. I want to do it but at the same time I have a feeling the game might die since it is kinda different from other fighting games. Easy game with a time consuming list. Not even a trophy for fighting Dural
  16. I'm happy with the line up, just because of Virtua Fighter. April and May had nothing new for me so this will be a nice change of things.
  17. I still play Fall Guys. It's just so easy to pick it back up and the games are pretty short, perfect for a pick up and play for a few matches
  18. Great clickbait title, I felt for it. All those bugs listed were on launch and most of them have been fixed now. The platinum is currently obtainable and anyone should be fine if going for it. Keep doing manual saves just to be sure
  19. Cyberpunk, just wait till it's fixed. Eventually, I hope
  20. They didn't need a video for Big Bully and Stumble Chums for me. I asked them if they could check the stats on their servers since they save everything there. They said yes and that I had met the requirements and then unlocked them for me. This waas when Season 4 came out so maybe it's different now. A video for Big Tease is still required
  21. Adding to this, if you see a victory celebration grab it up immediatly too. For some reason they didn't add any to Season 4 so your only chance to get one is through the store. For me atleast it took 1 month for one of them to appear. The best way to get them is to keep buying cheap things from the bottom row, this will increase your chances for them to appear, also, have 8000 kudos saved for the celebration and 5 crowns for the pattern
  22. If you guys want the trophy do it now, don't wait. The way Mediatonic works they are probably working on a fix right now
  23. Tbh I'm really pondering if I should buy The Unknown City. I know the game is terrible and probably one of the worst games on the store but there's something about bad games I love
  24. Fifa 15 on the Vita. It's actually the first time I see someone with it done!
  25. It took me 30-40 hours according to the PS5 timer, I spent some hours AFK in the lobby. Tbh, it's pretty easy, you easily get the hang of the game and get enough skill to compete against the high level players.