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  1. PS4 version
  2. Same here. The OCD in me worried about being glitched out of 100%, but everything turned out OK. Stellar game well worthy of the ''hidden gem'' label according to me. Really liked the Pigsy DLC to.
  3. Finish the PS3 games you've listed. You won't find better games on PS4. You have at least a year worth of games there. When you finished those maybe PS5s are more available and you can play most PS4 games on that.
  4. That game is rated Zero Z which means you need to be 18 to buy it. In the Japanese PSN store Zero Z rated games are only purchasable with a japanese credit card.
  5. Honestly I don't even want one right now. My PS4 PRO is good enough for me at the moment. Prices of games is a real turnoff for me. I'll probably buy one towards the end of the generation when more exclusive games are on PSPlus.
  6. Confirmed. Downloading Lost in the Rain right now. I also believe it had something to do with certificate expiry. Had the error since October 1st Account was fine September 27th
  7. Tried that already. Doesn't work for me.
  8. Can anyone install PS3 games on their Hong Kong account cuz I sure can't since october 1st. Worked fine 9/27 error code is 80029780. Something about reaching the limit of how many games you can download on a non-activated console. Recommended solutions are changing email adress and/or waiting 7 days. Tried both, none works. My console is activated, and this is my first purchase so it makes no sense. Reddit users have reported this to happen on Malaysia and Singapore accounts to.
  9. For me all new purchases end up at the bottom of my downloadlist. Have you tried scrolling all the way to the bottom. I bet you'll find them there.
  10. Don't know if it's related to certificates but I can't download stuff from my PS3 HK account anymore. Error 80029780
  11. @visvoer18 Have you tried eating a cookie. You might feel better afterwards.
  12. I was talking about Ciro Immobile.
  13. Don't worry. It's the SS Lazio players that counts. Italy 1 Belgium 0.
  14. Final summary: 79 plats Thank you so much DoctorDrPepper for setting up this community event. It motivated me to put a big dent in my Vita backlog. I finished NA/AS/JP stacks of 37/50 Ratalaika games I've bought in various sales over the years. Next I have 37 easy plats from EU region to add to my profile, without having to use Vita-trick. Sadly I can't add those to this community event. Would be cool to reach 100 plats.
  15. Recently YES, but not all releases. Baseball and Space 2 shares one list and have been fixed already. Haven't played them. But if they weren't shared someone would have posted about it being a non-syncing list by now. Anyhow, I see it's fixed now.