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  1. I used the file at the top of the page. The one at the bottom which I was supposed to use was corrupted.
  2. Thanks for helping. Using another USB stick helped.
  3. Had to swap a bad HDD in my PS3. Afterwards I just can't get the firmware to install. Tried downloading both firmware versions from three different regions and with three different browsers. It just says ''No applicable update data was found.'' Any suggestions? Does anyone know where I can download a working firmware file?
  4. See it from the bright side. The sooner 1200 stacks of these games release the sooner the market for them is saturated. Don't think casuals will buy these after hitting max PSN level and then these companies will slowly go out of business.
  5. On PS4/PS5 your Games Library has the option to hide games. I use this by hiding games I haven't started yet, and when I play them I unhide them. Is it possible to have a similar function on your PSNP+ profile. Adding another tab on your Profile which I would call ''Trophy Vault'' in which you could move all those 100% games you feel are cluttering your list. I don't mean any recalculating of Gamerscore, just more sorting options for those of us with cluttered lists.
  6. Ha Ha, no way of hiding them bad life decisions then. If I hide games on PSN (Sony's option) I'll end up with a little ''H'' on my Profile. Is there a way to press that ''H'' on my Profile (or other peoples) to see what games have been hidden? That ''H'' is a stigma. ''H'' = cheater, even though your not!
  7. Just installed the script, and it's definitely something I'll keep installed. Nice job! Is there an option that collapses stacks when viewing ''Your Profile'' like it does in ''New Trophy Lists''? All I want is to browse my list alphabetically with collapsed stacks.
  8. This game was fun
  9. There was a post suggesting is a global list because it's shared between NA/AS/JP. The game really should be tagged NA. A lot of games are added to AS/JP stores every week sharing either existing NA or EU trophylist. Short answer why this should be tagged NA is that the PS4 version of the same game is also available in AS/JP, probably sharing the NA list and should then also be concidered Global. Long answer is some examples of releases in AS/JP store from last weeks that shares either NA or EU lists and therefore should have one of the lists changed to global. Cult of the Lamb PS4 Dark Mystery Horror Adventure Horror Adventure VR Space Explore Space Explore VR Super Kids Racing Black Death: A Tragic Dirge Dungeon Color Space Explorers: Red Planet Ikai Tinykin Inscryption Flatland Vol.2 Isn't there a template you use when tagging games? I'd rather keep the old ''Shared between NA and EU = Global'' standard
  10. AS JP AS EU NA EU NA AS JP The Button Be has a third list shared between AU/NZ/Germany, tough one to tag. Other things I've noticed is that ''Ninja Break Head to Head'' is missing from the ''Break'' series. And the ''Fun'' and ''Run'' games from that same developer are bunched into one series. Maybe separate those into two series, have a feeling the number of ''Fun'' games will rise significantly.
  11. I don't agree. Only lists shared between EU/NA should be considered global for convenience sake. Most people using this site are from one of those regions after all. Many games release in EU/NA with different lists, then in AS/JP sharing either one of those EU/NA lists. With your logic someone has to go through all stackable games ever released in AS/JP region that don't have it's own list and decide if it shares the EU or NA list and then untag that list as global. NA :
  12. Believe me, I'm all for a Rarity Leaderboard. The more statistics the better. I even have an idea of a leaderboard that will always have the one with the most ultra rares at the top. I'm hesitant about making a suggestion thread about it though, what's the point really, nothing changes around here. What I reacted about in OPs post was his idea of colorcoding accounts, which to me is naming and shaming, and against site rules. So I don't think his suggestion will lead to anything?!
  13. Point-n-Click
  14. I wish games where collapsable in games lists and profiles. +Game Name -AS Stack -EU Stack -JP Stack -NA Stack I also wish my Profile page had a second tab where I could move games I'll never play again to. Like the Library on PS4 and PS5 where you can filter games between two tabs. That would be a nice feature for us with a 1000+ games profile. Plus. If you view your account and see only the stuff you're proud of, chances are you rather start that next game in a series you like rather than stacking EZPZs.
  15. JP - EU - NA-