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  1. No. All my real life friends and co-workers are the type of gamers who either have all their privacy settings on so you can't even send a friend request or they play games for like an hour or so and end up with lots of sub 5% trophy lists. They are quite the opposite of how I play games. Trophies are TABOO talking with them.
  2. Can you not manipulate your rarity to by only playing DLCs? DLC trophies tend to have higher rarity without necessarily being harder since most people don't buy DLC.
  3. Hard drive size limits are 4TB 9.5mm internal and 8TB external.
  4. Was hoping they'd add a VR game as a third game, maybe they given up on VR to?
  5. If you care about UPLAY rewards you should be careful not to unlock any while your internet is down. They require an internet connection but you don't have to be signed in to PSN for them to unlock.
  6. Not on your list at the time of posting I got: Battlefield: Bad Company Call of Duty: World at War Heavy Rain Medal of Honor RAGE The Saboteur Terminator Salvation
  7. I did Black Flag PS3 multiplayer last month. It doesn't take long to get to level 50. Online is still populated and you can even play wolfpack singleplayer if you want.
  8. Hopefully it will be seperate lists Liberation will probably be the same list as Liberation HD on PS3 ACIII will probably have some upgraded trophies to get the points right, I doubt it'll have MP.
  9. 1 x PS4 PRO with VR 1 x Launch Edition PS4 1 x PS3 SuperSlim 1 x PS3 Slim 1 x PSVita 1 x PSTV Still have my 10 year old 1080p Pioneer Kuro Plasma, see no need to upgrade to 4K until it breaks.
  10. Why not just play the game with the network cable unplugged? If you get the plat plug it back in and sync the trophies. If you don't get the plat do a factory reset on your console.
  11. Got 4 UR's from RDR2 It's Art Grin and Bear it Skin Deep Zoologist No skill needed for any of them, still ultra rare though.
  12. One of those rare games with a story you'll think of long after you played it. The monsters and frame rate dips were annoying, but story is ace. Don't know if Safe Mode removes all monster encounters because it wasn't available when I played it. If it does, the game would be so much better. Definitely worth a playthrough now that it's on PS+
  13. It's games. Why feel shame or regret. If you do, maybe it's time to find another hobby.
  14. First game: inFamous Second Son Hours played: 2396 in 220 different games TOP 3: Assassin's Creed Unity - 224h Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag - 188h Far Cry 4 - 152h Trophies earned since PS4 launch - 8426 P: 205 G:1502 S:2647 B:4072 Rarest Trophy: Thorn (Detective Gallo) - 129 players
  15. Where can I get this ''special USB stick''?