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  1. You earned Unseen Predator and Platinum Apr 26, 2019 9:48:57PM according to psntrophyleaders. Your profile is ok on that site so the problem is probably just this site. Next trophy you earn, update your profile again and it'll probably fix itself.
  2. The AS version on HK store is cross buy, EU and NA version sadly isn't like most if not all Sometimes You games.
  3. Escape Plan would make a challenging platinum. SOMA is one of the least rewarding games (285p) but deserved a platinum imo.
  4. I just try and get what I can trophywise from any game. It doesn't bother me if I leave trophies that ain't worth the effort you need to put into them. It bothers me if I leave doable trophies though.
  5. PS3 is not a chore unless your trying to get online trophies on empty servers. I'm currently playing Watch Dogs on PS3 and it's anything but a chore. It is what you make of it.
  6. I had fun with Statik. Expected a 2h game but spent over 5h on it in one sitting (couldn't let it go unfinished). Puzzles are very well designed. Moss might be the cutest game ever made? Thread sums up most must-play VR games. Remember there are demos to try for many of the games before you decide.
  7. Watch Dogs PS3
  8. August 2018 - 748 trophies Surprisingly not due to Sound Shapes stacks?!!
  9. July 24th 2011. My 31st birthday.
  10. # - 36 Fragments of Midnight (only one to choose from) A - Assassin's Creed II B - Burnout Paradise C - ChromaGun D - Driveclub E - Escape Plan F - Far Cry 3 G - Gran Turismo 5 H - Hitman: Absolution I - inFamous 2 J - Journey K - Killzone 2 L - Life is Strange M - MonsterBag (least-worse) N - N.E.R.O. (least-worse) O - Oxenfree (least-worse) P - Portal 2 Q - Q.U.B.E. 2 R - Red Dead Redemption S - Severed T - The Last of Us U - Uncharted 2: Among Thieves V - Valiant Hearts: The Great War W - Watch Dogs X - Y - Yesterday Origins (only one to choose from) Z -
  11. Same with Assassin's Creed for me, quit after ~15min. They should get Uwe Boll as Director, that's instant quality!
  12. Yes, but some features that should be core features might be left out. for example Uncharted 4's day-one patch included: Bonus Feature: Photo Mode Bonus Feature: Character Model Viewer Bonus Feature: Render Modes Bonus Feature: Gameplay Modes Bonus Feature: Single-player Modes Bonus Feature: Weapon Selector Bonus Feature: Journal Viewer Bonus Feature: Concept Art Galleries I don't think these where features developed after the game went gold. More likely added to the day-one patch because the game is 48.69Gb + 5Gb day-one patch and they couldn't fit it all on one disc. My point was that next-gen games will probably be well over 50Gb in size and will require multiple discs like RDR2 or a bigger Blu-ray capacity.
  13. Oh, it's called 'Big in Japan' in EU region. Silly me...