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  1. I'll buy it in a sale. I never preorder or buy day one anymore. About the leaks. I welcome a ''deeper'' story in The Last of Us universe compared to Uncharted where Nathan murdered his way through 5000 people (most probably had lives similar to Nathans') without consequences, and lived happily ever after. I want to experience the game myself and make my own opinion about the story. And I wanna recommend the movie ''Funny Games U.S.'' Not the best movie, but it has a plot twist that I always think of when I read forums here about the leaks. The ''heroes'' can't always win. Most times realism wins.
  2. In this case ''cumulative'' means you can spend your collected gems on upgrades. You don't need to have 40000 gems total at one time. And NO, you need to collect 40000 gems on one save. GR don't store save data online like multiplayer games do. Multiplayer games is another story. Would be really stupid if you lost your progress in the game because you deleted your local savefiles?!!
  3. Are there online trophies in the game? If not. Play the game on the account it's from until you got the plat. WiFi OFF. Then do the trick. If you have a Vita TV. Use the LAN cable and have it unplugged until you're ready to do the trick. If you worry about any trophies being synched to the wrong account you can always use your PS4 to check.
  4. The trophies you listed from Uncharted 4 are from the Survival DLC. You'll have to play online co-op to unlock those. You won't unlock them from finishing the single-player campaign, if that's what you expected.
  5. Ratalaika should start using cross-save and auto-pop trophies between regions like Sound Shapes, MotorStorm RC and Sly 4 did back in 2012. Plat the game once, then auto-pop 5 or 7 plats depending on if the game has a JP stack or not. That would be ''Pay for Trophies'' taken to the extreme. Are you a trophy ''Hunter'' if you only unlock plats that are like shooting fish in a barrel? Are you a ''Completionist'' if you skip one game in series because you can't 100% it? (I've seen people with 100% profiles who played Uncharted 1-3 Remasters, skipped 4 but played The Lost Legacy) What if the developers of Crypt of the Necrodancer and Super Meat Boy used Ratalaika to publish their game and those games got the 20min plat treatment. Would they have been considered trash to if so?
  6. Seems all Ratalaika games got delisted in the Swedish store instead of added to sale?!
  7. DriveClub 100% or RDR2 100% I Can't deside
  8. So much to choose from. I'll have to ignore your request and say: Ratchet & Clank
  9. Maybe it's a tactic from Sony to phase out PS3 usage before the next gen is released...
  10. So if you YLOD 2 PS3s you'll loose access to your PS3 games library forever? Or, can you have more than 2 PS3s activated simultaneously? If so, how many?
  11. I'm quite sure the game was a PS+ game from day one. Maybe you got it from PS+ but are no longer subscribing. Maybe that's why you can't find it in your download list?
  12. Go for the Transcendence trophy. That will give you the White Robe. Need to collect all glyphs to unlock.
  13. -InkSplosion -SkyScrappers These two stand out because they failed at being easy plats for me. -The Coma: Recut -Old Man's Journey I did plat these two but I disliked every second of them. -Little Adventure on the Prairie For being the worst game published on PSN
  14. You will be able to synch your plat once the trophylist gets uploaded. All you have to do is wait.
  15. It's in the JP store for 500 Yen