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  1. Solved it: 1. Change Vita's language to Japanese. 2. Open Vita Store, press Search button. 3. To the left of ''Enter'' is a button, ABC/Japanese signs. Make sure the Japanese signs are highlighted white. 4. Search ''ratukusuringa''
  2. Are you absolutely sure about that. I've been burned before buying what I thought was crossbuy versions of games on the webstore but only receiving PS4 version. PSPrices lists two versions of the game: This is the webstore one. No mention of crossbuy. Orange text about crossbuy just like the HK store does. This is why I'm hesitant about buying it on the webstore.
  3. How do I find this on the JP Vita Store? Searching Luckslinger doesn't yield any result. I know the game is named ラックスリンガー in Japanese, but how do I search with japanese letters?
  4. You're right. Just one more thing. cr1s' latest post on April 30th says his total is 50 plats. He still has 53 on the leaderboard. Maybe you can fix that and the leaderboard will be correct again.
  5. @Stevieboy This is the Japanese version
  6. Is the game delisted? Can someone post a link to store page?
  7. Is the game delisted? Can someone post a link to store page?
  8. Update. My new total is 53. So far I plat'd 27 (+stacks) of the 50 games I set out to do. 5 of them I skipped so far, and won't bother getting the plat in them. 18 more games to go. I'll post a more detailed update when I've gone through them all.
  9. I don't want unearned trophies to count for my percentage
  10. I missed the week 5 update. Oh well, atleast I made some progress this week adding another 16 plats. New total: 40
  11. Feels like it's time for an update, even though I haven't made much progress in the last 2 weeks. My new total is 24.
  12. The patch was back online again on March 5th. Sorry I didn't post an update to the thread.
  13. Had the same problem with Black Flag a couple of weeks ago. One player crashed the matchmaking. I don't know anything about networking and I'm just speculating but I think I read something about having different NAT may cause these kind of problems. You can check what NAT you use in Network Settings.