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  1. Why not just play the game with the network cable unplugged? If you get the plat plug it back in and sync the trophies. If you don't get the plat do a factory reset on your console.
  2. Got 4 UR's from RDR2 It's Art Grin and Bear it Skin Deep Zoologist No skill needed for any of them, still ultra rare though.
  3. One of those rare games with a story you'll think of long after you played it. The monsters and frame rate dips were annoying, but story is ace. Don't know if Safe Mode removes all monster encounters because it wasn't available when I played it. If it does, the game would be so much better. Definitely worth a playthrough now that it's on PS+
  4. It's games. Why feel shame or regret. If you do, maybe it's time to find another hobby.
  5. First game: inFamous Second Son Hours played: 2396 in 220 different games TOP 3: Assassin's Creed Unity - 224h Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag - 188h Far Cry 4 - 152h Trophies earned since PS4 launch - 8426 P: 205 G:1502 S:2647 B:4072 Rarest Trophy: Thorn (Detective Gallo) - 129 players
  6. Where can I get this ''special USB stick''?
  7. That's why I don't see the purpose of this function. You'll still need to login on your fake other-region account if you want to buy something.
  8. Soon we'll get EU/NA/AS/JP stacks in one go?
  9. Changed from my default Swedish store to Great Britain just to see what happened. No search function. Unable to buy anything since GB is not my default store. Why am I able to browse other region stores but not able to purchase anything? Every week there's games not available in certain EU countries in the PSN Store update, why not unify the EU PSN Store instead, or even better, a Global PSN Store. USELESS FUNCTION!!!
  10. I got a robbery tip for the Gunsmith in St Denis from a random drunk guy lying on the street in St Denis. It's in my Log, haven't robbed him yet though.
  11. Patch 1.02 today. Patch note says ''Fixed an issue that could prevent progress on some trophies'' Maybe this is a fix for Sherlock trophy on digital version?
  12. Yes I have VR. It's a really cool piece of tech. Sadly I feel VR is going down the same path to extinction as the Vita did since so few are buying it. I would gladly see an updated VR headset on next generation that could match or exceed the specs of PC based ones. We'll see what happens. VR at the moment is for those people who can afford to ''waste'' money on a cool experience?
  13. Fixed my own signin problem by coincidence today. No help from PS Support. They still play the total silence game. What I did was more or less prepare my account to never be used again and I came to think of all those 3rd-Party accounts that are tied to my PSN account. So I un-linked my UbiSoft, RockStar Social Club, Square Enix and TellTale games accounts, and after that I was able to sign in on PSN again. Don't know how they've affected me not being able to sign in on PSN but right now I'm just happy I can. This experience has taught me that if I ever have an account related problem I'm on my own, Support won't care, and I don't think it'll ever been fixed if it wasn't for me being lucky for once. It doesn't matter if you spent $10 or $100000 on your account. Sony should honor their part of the agreement by making sure I can access my account, and in my case they haven't. All I did was change my Sign-In ID and I was punished with 6 weeks of downtime, no support, and pure luck was what saved me. ''For the Players'' -Funny how they chose a slogan directly opposite of their true values. Liars
  14. Got another email from another support technician yesterday, asking me to describe the problem again. Lets see what (if anything) happens now.
  15. Updated to firmware 6.00 still can't login. PS Support has now had 3 days to turn off my 2SV so I can use my Vita, but haven't. I think they're trying to ignore me til I give up cuz they have no clue how to fix my account. If this had happened to a US account maybe it would've been fixed by now. Apparently the EU support is completely incompetent. Is there a timelimit for them to fix stuff or can they just stall this for years?