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  1. We can notice they don't even know what they're doing. What about fuse, do we have any news?
  2. Guys, EA is going to retire classic syndicate from GOG next week, I know it's not related but... Considering what they have done to fuse, it's better to hurry up with syndicate for PS3
  3. For f... Sake, I bought this game 2 months ago, now I can't plat it, at least I didn't installed it.
  4. At this point they wanna cover all the traces, like "this never happened" and considering this action didn't cause too much fuzz they soon will try to forget it. Guys it is possible to get the Ninja trophy with 2 consoles and 4 controllers? (Via LAN)
  5. Exactly, we should let them know too (I think the game wasn't release for PC) but maybe in the forums of Xbox we could find more soldiers willing to fight
  6. We've been trying to get their attention without luck. Like malakai said we have to reach them, if anyone knows someone who works there we could reach them, I don't know guys I'm running out of ideas.
  7. Well they moved our replies to the "solved" thread and they're going to delete all our future posts just ignoring their big screw up, if we don't make this bigger we wouldn't be heard guys
  8. I can't access your board anymore, it seems that they deleted it, EA at its finest.
  9. I'm bothering them via Tweeter, also searching for people who isn't aware of this situation and naively trying to contact EA support. Incredible I'm making the job of that clowns.
  10. Bad news guys, EA already "solved" the issue with all the complains that we were posting on their help page, giving us the middle finger, at this point our last chance is just keep spreading the word.
  11. I can't open your link pal
  12. Exactly Samurai, if we want to play a co-op game there are better options outer, at this point only trophy hunters care about this game, but EA didn't warned us, the best option is to make it public like you said.
  13. What a scammy move by EA! they didn't even noticed us.
  14. Hi guys, so the Platinum is now officially unobtainable?
  15. Hi am4z1n9_AZ, i noticed that you already have the platinum, is the plat already fixed?