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  1. Not going to say anything about my dispute nor accusing anyone,i'm accepting it, just wanted to state that other people were flagged for syncing trophies late or with a doubt for CFW using, and flag stayed because there was a doubt about CFW using. Just to answer, DaivRules posted on a dispute a while ago that Flags approved are a sign of guilty themselves, so it's up to the Disputer to provide proofs of innocence for the flags given. I think in this case something is necessary from OP, but i don't know what it may be provided other than OP word.
  2. I'm not saying this, my point was that the reason for the flag is the same as mine. CFW using or mimicking CFW. I don't want a debate on fair or unfair it is, i just said that like in my case, or in some previous cases, where there is a doubt about CFW using(syincing 2 set of trophies or syncing late trophies) hardly will be lifted, unless some sure proofs that leaves any doubt. That's why i said this flag will not likely be lifted
  3. Please note that my trophies weren't earned via save file. If you look at them, they are all online trophies so only way to unlock them is via CFW. Picture provided stated that timestamps were changed from a date to a previous date, like op did, in other words playing with 2 ps3 and syncing first the wrong timestamps. I posted timestamps picture, i have buddies who boosted with me and battlelog stats. I still was given the reason posted above why my flag will stay so, if op can't provide another kind of proof it will be handled the same way as me. This last part is my point of view, for the first part please read again my dispute and see for yourself that it wasnt a proof of me using a cfw, it was a dubt of me mimicking or not CFW, and in the doubt of not beeing sure of it, the flag will stay
  4. "Whatever trophies are synced first is what PSNProfiles uses as the official timestamps. Any alteration to these stamps are viewed as CFW timestamp edits, usually done to fix mistakes. While in some cases its not CFW usage, by using two consoles for example, having imitation of CFW usage that can't be differentiated from the real thing is also considered illegitimate. This is similar to why using your own save on a second console, or formatting your progress / deleting trophies and continuing on the same save is considered illegitimate." I think this is the same case as mine and B1rvine stated this, so it is considered mimicking CFW and against the rules. I'm sorry, the flag will probably stay i think
  5. I understand this, and i thank you for your complete answer first of all. I'm not sure i can fully prove my innocence but i can try to post eveyrhting i have as proof. As i said in my dispute, this can't be save file usage as those trophies are online and stored only online, so when you load the game on another ps3 and you log in, IF you have completed the requirements for the trophies those trophies start autopopping...if i can make an example, the battlefield 4 for ps4 should autopop all online trophies if you completed the requirements on ps3(i'm not totally sure as i havent' the game for ps4, but it can be confirmed that trophies autopop on ps3). The CFW thing is understandable from an outsider point of view, but if you can look on my battlelog you can see that i played last match 2 weeks ago( in a couple of days it should say 3 weeks, around 9th or 10th of may was my last match). All trophies in question have assignments related and it can be seen under the tag "assigments" that i completed every one of them. Let me add that i really appreciate the answer instead of a closing again, so i really really thank you for that B1rvine, regardless on how this may resolve. I didn't know about first-trophy-synced rule and i fully understand it. If this isn't enough to prove my innocence i will accept the flag. But please, my only request, if it is possible, is to merge my answers with the other dispute as i haven't bought trophies or used CFW so at least who reads knows my point of defense.
  6. I'm sorry to open this dispute without a game to dispute, but actually want to dispute the accusation in my last dispute. I tryied to contact the CRT via pm but i was unable to do it, so this was my only way to make some clarifications about big accusations like CFW and bought trophies. My dispute was closed with this sentence: - Using multiple consoles without syncing trophies, resulting in impossible timestamps is considered cheating. You've got 3 flags. It also looks like you've bought a lot of trophies. Sorry, but you're permanently off the leaderboards.- First part, using 2 ps3 to unlock trophies resulting in impossible timestamps and CFW: this may be true if i have impossible timestamps, but my real timestamps are shown in the pictures i provided and they are legit, plus i have all stats, battlelog matches and more that prove i unlocked the trophies legit and not via CFW. Second part, bought trophies: i never bought a single trophy, or at least you can tell me which trophies seems to be bought from someone else and i'll give you evidence that i unlocked everything by myself(i'm not even sure wich evidence should i provide, but i'm at disposal for everything). I'm not trying to waste anyone's time, i'm not looking for the leaderboards, i have not offended anyone nor i will, i'm just looking to defend myself or at least a good not sarcastic answer about why "it seems" that i bought trophies from someone else, where i can at least prove i'm not guilty with solid proofs, not just claiming i am innocent.
  7. ddrakner Battlefield 4 Reason given by reporter: (Too Fast) autopopped trophies; I think this referes to the last 4 trophies of the dlcs showing by date. I explained the problem as soon as i encountered it on this topic https://forum.psnprofiles.com/topic/88688-trophies-not-syncing-with-the-right-timestamp/ I still don't know why those 4 trophies keep not syncing with the right timestamps. I played with 2 ps3 and unlocked all the dlcs on ps3-1. i never synced but ps3 sync from now and then while online so most trophies got synced automatically session by session. After finishing unlocking all trophies, next day i logged in with ps3-2 and since i had all things online done, trophies autopopped on profile(the list was starting from 0) and it synced the last 4 remaining trophies with the same timestamp. From that point, i synced again and again but timestamps never changed to the right ones on this site, everywhere else they are fine now. I provided pictures of my timestamps and to support that is not CFW using(because an online trophy autopopping is only CFW matter) i can post a picture of my battlelog wich shows all the match i played and a picture of my stats wich shows nearly 80 hours of playing(38 was for my main mp trophies wich i didnt' boosted back then). I can also say that i have all the requirements for the dlc trophies unlocked in the game statistics, so it's not a problem to provide a picture of that too, and i had a player who played with me obtaining those trophies. Just tell me what it may be needed to provide as evidence and i'll do. Thanks in advance
  8. I confirm that you can obtain 0 stars from some missions, but as sergen and virtualnight said, there are missions wich give you 1 star from just completing the mission(beat the opponent, survive and similar things). Those missions are more than 100, i counted them. I can't say nothing about glitches, as i encountered only one in my playtrough, and it concerned the "do all moves and special moves" trophies...Sometimes you perform a move and it doesnt register, so you have to go trough all the moves again.
  9. I can't quantify a game like this in hours, i would say at least 1 play per day to improove your things, then idle for 24 hours to build money, log next day to improve again...rinse and repeat many many times(i played this and other games like this on pc, and i needed like 6 months to complete it). There is a wonderful game breaking glitch that i and other people had that let you improve money every time you log off/on or when you switch from earth to moon and viceversa. Every time i had like +5-8 decillion(not sure how to quantify) so i went from 2kkk to 10kkk, from 10kkk to 18kkk and so on. Even angels keep improving without resets, but you need to have at least 1(claim them with gold without resetting and you're done). You will have 2 main problems with this glitch: 1) if you start timer for your moon, every time you log off it will resets to 72 hours. Buy the moon with 25 gold and you're good. 2)if you exceed 99kkk, next time you log in you will have everything reset to 0, achievements, angels, money etc. you will keep your gold and be able to gain gold again with the achievements previously done but its not a big deal. simply plan the last things you buy so you arrive at 626th achievement before reset. With this glitch i completed the game in 1 day, and just because i didn't realize i had it for the first hours. I'm not sure how i got it, because i started playing online and then switched to offline second log in and then online again from 3rd log in.
  10. I've tried many times syncing from both ps3, but on this site the timestamps don't change. Considering the trophy "new superpower" from China Rising dlc as an example, i took a picture from my account logged online that shows the right timestamp(7th may), one picture of my ps3 offline that shows the correct timestamp(7th may) and one screenshot from this site that shows the wrong timestamp(8th may). Can't figure why timestamps don't change here on the site, but they changed on my second ps3 from 8th to 7th of may once i synced them. P.S. the time of the picture where i am online shows 5pm, the picture where i am offling shows 4 pm. that's because i didn't changed ps3 back then and so it shows 1 hour earlier of my current time. Not a problem since when i get online the timestamps shows right.
  11. Hi all. I recently played battlefield 4 on ps3 and I unlocked all dlc trophies. I played with 2 ps3, and unlocked everything on ps3-1 for main account without syncing( ps3 only synced automatically some trophies while I was online). Then, the day after, I started the game on my main account on ps3-2 and all trophies popped because I already completed everything on mp and while I was online ps3 automatically synced remaining trophies. My problem is that on ps3-1 I have the correct timestamps, and after syncing manually 2 times, on this site it still appears the timestamps from my ps3-2( last 4 trophies are shown as autopopped). I dont know if I just have to keep syncing on my ps3-1 or it's a problem that may happen, so I'm looking for any advice. Thanks in advance.
  12. Just saying my opinion. As far as i know, other hacked games are not considered flaggable or at least they stay in the shadows of the "not sure how to deal with". In littlebigplanet series there are online levels created by hackers that can give you all story bubbles and i saw some users without a flag for obtaining all the 4 trophies related to prizes at the same time...and you have to actively choose to join those levels. RDR is another example of hacked lobby, you actively choose to shoot the bodies and max level in 10 mins. I see the same situation with this trophy, considering that we can't fully understand who got it against will or not, so i think it should be whitelisted.
  13. Just sharing my bad experience with gallery trophies and behelits. After completing the story, watching all side events(but skipping them) and completing the endless mode to femto, I was still missing one bmg. It was a bmg from main story( not side) zodd but somehow it didnt unlocked the first time. After rewatching the movie, it unlocked but no trophy popped. My advice is to make another save just in case it happens to you too. For behelits during endless mode, watch out. When you kill the boss that drops one, it may register immediately or it may take a bit, so dont fret to the portal
  14. Your trophies says that you completed the story once without unlocking the earlier story related trophies. Plus, you have the journal trophies out of order, like completing "record keeper sora" (have all the entries in the journal) 16 mins before completing "storyteller Sora"(having all story entries for Sora in the journal)
  15. Thanks a lot for your answer! Still, i don't think who reported me was looking for an excuse...simply, the tag "multiplayer" can be misleading, and it's understandable. Thanks again for your time.