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  1. Basically, in Europe we get it a week later and with an higher price. Nice one sony. Still, it's a good price In my opinion!
  2. Sorry to necro this post after 2 years, but i want to throw myself over this game and i'm confused about the versions. From what i understand here, if i want the 100% my only option is to buy the ultra edition that add both the dlc's and find someone with the same edition as me to boost online. Am i correct? Or does the ultra edition adds only the second dlc and the arcade edition adds only the first dlc, so to 100% i have to buy both versions? I'm talking about the ps3 stack, just to clarify
  3. Vita is great, unfortunately most vita games follow the same pattern: 30% story/fun things and 70% grinding-repeating the same thing over and over. With this being said, there are some good games for the vita only, like resistance burning skies(very short but still fun), persona games, killzone mercenary(one of the best, too bad for the 10k kills that requires repeating the same level over and over again), adventures of mana, monster monpiece( card game and short, but still fun), shinobido, call of duty declassified. Personal opinion but, absolutely avoid silent hill book of memories( it's not even close to a silent hill) and digimon( can be fun for the digimon part, but the story is not so good) I personally also liked some games available for ps4 and ps3 too like jak, sly and god of war series, berserk, attack on titan, world of final fantasy ecc. Of course playing on a ps4 is ages forward compared to vita, but if you cant play on ps4 for whatever reason, vita is a valid alternative too.
  4. +1 Recently i was thinking and noticing the same thing. Would be very useful.
  5. I'm sorry for posting off topic, but I read many comments about MMDE, one of the last saying she is "aggressive". Tbh, she said she's not involved in any of this and she starts from 0 in this game, she's even in the middle of work and said multiple times will have a look once free. The only thing she's trying to do here is to analyse the situation and be 100% sure of something, like always try to do with every case as far as I can see. Truth to be told, the real thankless job here is try to be polite and respectful 24/7..and people should really thank someone who tries to dig properly putting so much effort on it, instead of throwing accusations that only add free toxicity. The rest of this thread is related to the CRT and the few people in question I think. I hope everything resolves for the better for both of the parts here
  6. Beware, this game has a lot of glitched/buggy or unclear trophies, even with guides explications. I'll try to point out the difficulties i found for people who will play this. Hope this helps someone. 1)"crow's nest"(discover 10 pirate nests) - some guides says it's bugged, but for me unlocked right at 10th nest discovered with the right method. The point is that you can discover a nest in 3 ways: buying informations in taverns, let the time pass so they will eventually get discovered, follow pirate ships to where they disappear and once they reappears you have your nest. The only method counting is the 3rd. In the trader campaign you will have max 5 nests per time and in the beginning it's easy to let them get discovered automatically without caring. I started discovering them only after 8 already discovered in the wrong way. Also, when you find a nest, let the pirate ship that guided you there go away, it will build another nest shortly after. 2) "There, i fixed it!"(perform an emergency repair) - different guides give different values of healt or explications. I let my ships travel in trading routes, the problem is that when they land on a port with 5-10% health they will automatically repair inside the port, not giving me the trophy. Ship must reach 1-2% health WHILE on the sea. I just throw a linier against a pirate nest, let 1 ship live, depleted all the movement speed of that ship and almost all of his health and let it damage me badly. Then i won the fight and simply manually travelled around the map avoiding ports to deplete remaing health under 2% 3)"Off the back of a lorry"(DLC, plunder 30.000 barrels in piracy mode) and "Hunt for booty" (loot 25.000 barrels) - I went for both of them in the Pirate campaign(DLC). I simply built a handful of powerful convoys and sent them looting automatically. The fact is that "Hunt for booty" popped a couple of minutes after "off the back of a lorry". I have no clue why this happened, but in other forums people mentioned the same issue 4)"Self made"(DLC, built 10 linier in shipyard) - At first i didn't realize i had to build each one in a different shipyard or it doesn't count. Then i unlocked this trophy only at my 12th linier built in different shipyards.
  7. Really hoping for new valuable contents! I was sceptical because of the online-only feature and the final fantasy XI experience, but when I played it on pc back then, I remember that heavensward expansion was more final fantasy than some others singleplayer-only of the brand. Definitely gonna play it again, thanks for the info sharing!
  8. Try the very small island south of Samos(I hope the name is correct in english). For me it was that one. It appears discovered but if you point the cursor over it, you see that it's not included in the bigger island directly north of it, it's a standalone place in the map. It has a treasure in the middle and neither main nor secondary tasks during the story ask you to step on it. Otherwise you can zoom in the map and try to look very carefully at every region and sea portions, maybe something it's still foggy. For the trophy you need only all the sub-regions and the sea unfogged
  9. All true what's being said above, but if you go only for trophies there's no need for that benefits. At the end of all dlcs and base game i'm lvl91 with all abilities maxed and more or less 50 points spent on master abilities. No time-savers bought, and I did everything 100% on the map. In the end, I can say its not required at all to complete all places, during the story and side quests required for trophies you will visit most of that places so you will get plenty of resources and weapons. Exp rewarded will rise along with your level, until you get a stationary 28-35k per daily quests and 100k per contracts, but once you hit lvl50 for the trophy, the enemies and locations will raise their level too to match with yours(you can set up the difference of levels between you and enemies on the options but its max 4 levels), so exp doesn't really make a significant difference. Even if you are going for the ubisoft club challenges too, you will have all of them without any real problem( one challenge asks to max up the Adrestia, but the last very expensive level in all upgrades is not required, so it will pop along with the trophy related). Last advice if you still want to complete odissey at 100%, dont go exploring the map blindly, focus mainly on the story and you will uncover most of the locations by the end of the game, without having to spend twice the time visiting already completed places. Anyway, this game is way better than AC origins, so I had fun completing everything. I definitely recommend this approach! Enjoy the game !
  10. -forget what I said- Checking better, seems that the only way to boost memory is to substitute the internal hd with an external hd. Still there are good tutorials on the youtube on how to do it
  11. If you have the 12gb slim model, you will have hard times installing some digital games since, as others said, some games are bigger than 6gb and then you have to consider patches, saves, dlcs, a little of the memory reserved for the system and so on. You can buy some external HD, substitute the internal hd with it and boost your memory by a significant amount. There are good tutorials on YouTube
  12. Not going to say anything about my dispute nor accusing anyone,i'm accepting it, just wanted to state that other people were flagged for syncing trophies late or with a doubt for CFW using, and flag stayed because there was a doubt about CFW using. Just to answer, DaivRules posted on a dispute a while ago that Flags approved are a sign of guilty themselves, so it's up to the Disputer to provide proofs of innocence for the flags given. I think in this case something is necessary from OP, but i don't know what it may be provided other than OP word.
  13. I'm not saying this, my point was that the reason for the flag is the same as mine. CFW using or mimicking CFW. I don't want a debate on fair or unfair it is, i just said that like in my case, or in some previous cases, where there is a doubt about CFW using(syincing 2 set of trophies or syncing late trophies) hardly will be lifted, unless some sure proofs that leaves any doubt. That's why i said this flag will not likely be lifted
  14. Please note that my trophies weren't earned via save file. If you look at them, they are all online trophies so only way to unlock them is via CFW. Picture provided stated that timestamps were changed from a date to a previous date, like op did, in other words playing with 2 ps3 and syncing first the wrong timestamps. I posted timestamps picture, i have buddies who boosted with me and battlelog stats. I still was given the reason posted above why my flag will stay so, if op can't provide another kind of proof it will be handled the same way as me. This last part is my point of view, for the first part please read again my dispute and see for yourself that it wasnt a proof of me using a cfw, it was a dubt of me mimicking or not CFW, and in the doubt of not beeing sure of it, the flag will stay
  15. "Whatever trophies are synced first is what PSNProfiles uses as the official timestamps. Any alteration to these stamps are viewed as CFW timestamp edits, usually done to fix mistakes. While in some cases its not CFW usage, by using two consoles for example, having imitation of CFW usage that can't be differentiated from the real thing is also considered illegitimate. This is similar to why using your own save on a second console, or formatting your progress / deleting trophies and continuing on the same save is considered illegitimate." I think this is the same case as mine and B1rvine stated this, so it is considered mimicking CFW and against the rules. I'm sorry, the flag will probably stay i think