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  1. Thx a lot for the reply. I'm sorry if there were already other posts about it.
  2. Hi, i was recently looking at "Dragon fin soup" page, an impossible platinum. In the upper tab where statistics are, it says that 8 people has got platinum, 9 people has got 100% but if you click on platinum/100% club it says that no one has got them, you can only have an 80% of completion. I understand that 8/9 people were cheaters but how can the site show them on the statistics after removal? is this a bug or a common thing for every game to calculate removed people still in the amount of the statistics? I was just curious to understand how the statistics works. P.S. Since there are 9 people with 100% and only 8 with platinum, i am pretty confused on how that single person got 100% without getting the platinum trophy😂
  3. I'm gonna explain what i undestood playing the game. Maybe you don't need it anymore but i'm gonna stick it for someone who need this. Starting from the beginning just play your game, try to open as many chest as possible in dungeons and do all the side quests. This will reward with a lot of unknow weapons. just go to Agil shop and let them be recognised by the girl. don't sell a single weapon unless you have more than one. In the post game, after you got the 1 million yrd trophy(you can do some extra quests that rewards 500k for an easy way) buy all the weapons from Agyl shop. Now you should be around 80 weapons, 90 if you're lucky. Now go to extra quests and complete the one where you see you have to fight against 4 bosses, last will be marked as "???????"(i don't remember the name, but its one of the extra quests with max star difficulty, it should be the 3rd ofr 4th mission counting from above). Basically you will fight multiple dungeons and you'll be rewarded with a lot of unknow weapons. if you get them recognised in the Agil shop you'll get a lot of weapons you already have but with "AL" in the name. That will count as a new unique weapon. Reapeat that mission or do the next one that unlocks after this always with last boss marked as "???????" and you'll get the trophy. P.S. Also in this mission you will have a chance of finding Excalibur, needed for another trophy
  4. Yeah, seems that for my vita like for the others there is a limit. Maybe it has to do with memory associated like theyurig said, I only have a 8 GB card. Today I checked and last game in list was inksplosion. After I installed steins gate trophy list the one of inksplosion disappeared. I have way less of 100 games on my vita. Thx For the clarifications guys
  5. Thx for the reply. And what about if I dont reformat? Is there a max number of trophy lists that can be stored in local? Because as I said the older ones keeps disappearing when I add new ones
  6. Hi. I recently noticed that when I enter offline on the trophy section of the vita, i can only see the trophy lists for games that I played on vita. Now, I was looking for the first game I played and platinumed but I couldn't find it and so I noticed (doing also tests) that Vita shows only a certain number of lists in local and when a new one is added the older one disappear. My question is: does this lists get cancelled or they are always there but we cant see them? I understand that if I sync I get no issues from this thing, but it's just curiosity
  7. I confirm too that it still works, for 3.70 and for older firmwares. Thx to the poster of this guide and to all the advices. For my brief experience, doing tests in the past months with another VITA, if you want to avoid issues just be careful of the sleep mode and don't remove memory cards/games. If you get an error and VITA restarts, it may be a problem, so it's good to avoid everything that it may cause this. I still need to test longer games. Thx again to all contributors
  8. thanks a lot! i didnt know what gonespy is or how it works but if this method works as a workaround for servers closure, is it legit or we will get a flag for going against rules of the site?
  9. I saw someone recently gained online trophies for ranked matches in july 2019 in VITA version. Is there a legit way to bypass servers closure or is it hacking? I'm interested in this game and would like to play in Vita if platinum is possible
  10. I have some 100% that required much more effort than the majority of platinums. 100% with DLC also are some huge work, one in mind is battlefield:hardline with 40k kills for all dlcs. it would be nice to add them to the counter, maybe with a third ribbon? Don't know how implementing works and if it's not possible to make them count, maybe ribbons can take count of trophies (rare, common, ultrarare) and give a level like now we have with the sony system. Basically all your trophies will count and ribbons will be one for the level of your cumulative rare trophies, one for the ultra rare and so on. Anyway, i like the idea.
  11. As i said, thx a lot! 😀
  12. This is why i panicked. But i guess it's just a mistake of my psvita
  13. Thx a lot! It's weird since i updated my profile yesterday and i'm sure i sync both the vita and ps4 days ago. The strange thing is that on my VITA, when i connect online and to PSN list of trophies, i see only one list for blasting agent and it says "PS4" "PSVITA" like it was only one. Anyway, thx again smashero and to everybody who replyed!
  14. I got all the trophies in ps4 some weeks ago and sync them. after few days i downloaded the game on my VITA and got all the trophies again playing regularly, but i was offline. When i tryied to Sync them from my VITA, it showed only one trophy list both for VITA and PS4. Later today i can provide a picture. I don't know if i can explain properly but when i enter my trophy list online i see the game and under the game there is "PS4" "PSVITA" as it was a common list.
  15. Hi, i was playing this game recently on ps4 and psvita, EU version. Ps4 trophy list is ok, but when i got the PSvita trophy list it didn't show on my profile, if i sync my trophies on psvita it says that BLASTING AGENT: ULTIMATE EDITION has a common list both for ps4 and psvita. is it a mistake of my devices or something has changed during the years? Every guide i search says that both EU and NA versions have separate trophy lists for ps4 and vita.