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  1. As another person stated in a session, just keep trying and you'll get the diamond glitched time. I nailed the time of 415.98 with Barbara(the first princess) on my 4th try. I don't know if it makes some difference, but before the glitched part there is a rope that you need to cut. Try to cut it in different places
  2. Hi all, this is a list of all glitches i met while playing this game on vita. Beware, some of them can lock you out of platinum, and there are a lot! - INFINITE LOADING SCREEN: while in one of the many loading screens, the game can block and keep loading repeatedly without prompting the key to advance. It happened to me in chapter 2. Suddenly, after restarting the game 5 times, no more problems. - TRACER GLITCH: the game will lock you out of the power up called tracer( unlocked after chapter 8 if I'm correct). It didn't happen to me, but reading around seems one of the most common. - SAVE CORRUPTION: suddenly, the game may not recognise the save anymore so on main menu you will not have a continue option, but just a new game option. It happened to me after my 2nd restarting of the game due to the infinite loading glitch. - OSCORP SECRET LAB 3: there's a picture you need to take there, but when you finish the mission it will still say 0% like it didn't counted. The game basically let you take a picture of the wrong subject and prompt you the mission complete screen, the real subject are the barrels of chemicals if I'm not mistaken. Happened to me - ICONS NOT APPEARING ON MAP: some secondary activities will appear on map from time to time, i had some of them not appearing on me. Had to restart the game and glitch fixed. - LAST MISSION, CHAPTER 12: this happened to me and messed up the order of my trophies, forcing me to wipe out the profile to not sync them. Basically, during last mission, if you skip the scenes after last battle too quick, you will not unlock the trophy for defeating the final boss, (wich is unmissable) but you will unlock the difficulty related trophies few seconds later during the credits. Also, it bugged out the last chapter that didn't appear on the board where you can replay levels, preventing me to get my final 2 magazines. This is just a list of things that happened to me, or the tracer glitch wich seems to be very common. Hope this helps someone, do everything you can asap and don't Skipp too fast the cutscenes.
  3. You already got your answers, i can just confirm you that this game is a mix of walking around, picking things and speaking with people, dialogues where you can idle and let the game pick the choice for you and QTE sections. From what I remember, you can idle for 30% of the game, the rest you need to follow the game. Also, for me the loadings were painful too. Also #2, it traumatized me more than the tv show, i did every wrong possible choice lol
  4. It's totally ok to struggle. I suggest you go for the first playthrough on easy, no point in getting your life harder with normal difficult. On my first playthrough i never looked for elemental weakness or special strategies,just smashed trough. On hard you will need to figure out one for maybe 4-5 battles. By the hard playthrough you will have your characters leveled up at 36-40 and all the materia you will need. I personally never used prayer materia or chakra, but buy and start to level up 4 revive materia, 4 energy materia, at least 1 or 2 for every green offensive materia, 8 MP materia and 7/8 HP as soon as possible, this will save your life in the hard playthrough. Also, the two elemental materia(blue) will be the key for winning harder battles in the hard playthrough P.s. I totally agree, Tifa will be your MVP, especially with her second special attack! Good luck with this
  5. For the base game you will need 5 at least to play a certain mode for the win troohy. First 4 players will join team A and the 5th will join B. The rest can be done with 2 people if I'm not mistaken. Dlcs: you will need at least 3 people for onslaught, better 4. The other 2 dlcs you will need at least 3 people to boost the kills
  6. You may have already "solved" your situation but here's something it may help you in the future. -cfw ps3- I bought a few used ps3( yeah, i was very unlucky in the years) and reading here and there because i was worried about your same thing, i got warned about banned ps3 and restored. If i understood well, a cfw disappear if you reset the ps3, so no real problem there...but a banned ps3 for cfw AND then restored will probably be banned again, risking your account with it. I don't know how to verify if a ps3 is banned or not, but you may find something on google i guess. -ylod- solution 1 I got your same problem and solved in 2 ps3 out of 3. First thing first, an YLOD may be caused by various things, like for example a damage in the cpu, but the most common thing are nektokins( they are small squared components inside the mother board) not doing their work anymore. You will need to change them and you need an heat pistol (don't really know how to say it in english, but you may find some videos around and get an idea). After changing them, you need to replace the thermic paste (replacing only this won't do any good, nektokins are your only solution. -ylod- solution 2 This one is just a temporary solution but it worked fine for me. Basically, with a phon, heat up the inside of ps3 from the rear opening for like 1 minute( NEVER, AND I SAY NEVER do like someone who put ps3 in the oven or in the fridge. It has some science behind it, but you will ruin your ps3). Then try to power on the ps3 various time, the first times you will hear the vent running at max and ps3 immediately power off, this is due to the high temperature..so keep trying and eventually it will power on. This way you will probably melt the plastic, but your ps3 will rise and you may be able to copy some saves or sync trophies before it dies again maybe 30 mins after. If you wanna do something more and make your ps3 endure few months or even a year, after this method you can install a vent(replacing the original) with external commands. This way, you will bring your ps3 back from YLOD and with the vent constantly blowing in the motherboard, you will prevent the YLOD. I hope i was clear enough. You can find videos on the tube. Good luck with your ps3
  7. It would be useful (if someone can confirm it) to know if some of those missing patches affect trophies. Thanks for the list anyway!
  8. In my opinion, one of the best final fantasy recently made for mechanics, gameplay and graphic! All these good things ruined by a story filled with waaaaaaay too much nonsense and wandering around, just to make multiple games over a single one. Thinking that this part 1 (waited for years) is just 20% of the original story makes me sad. I'm still waiting for crisis core outside psp, but if they can ruin a classic game like VII with fillers I'm a bit worried. In addition, after all these years, they couldn't make dialogues for my language and the translation with the subs is awful. Most of the time, they say a thing in english and the subs say something completely different.
  9. Maybe there was and old user never connected to psn where the previous owner earned some trophies. I read somewhere that if you put your account into that user, you basically got those trophies in your profile. If this isn't your case, i don't really know.
  10. It drove me crazy too for about half an hour. Then, reading a guide, i discovered that there is a method that works every time and net you the victory in less than 10 moves. It worked for me twice. Basically, simply mirror his moves.
  11. Even if it's true, the articles doesn't mention things like stopping the syncing function or being not able to download pre-purchased digital games. Basically, it will be a mass delisting of titles, wich is nothing too weird considering the path Sony took recently. If the announce will come by the end of the month, i guess I will start buying all the digitals only that i still miss. I will be mad for sure, but i can live with it.
  12. Worth it for the retro games passion, not worthy for the trophies. The difficult on some of the games is extreme as stated before. All the games you mentioned are nothing compared to commando or gunsmoke. Commando is difficult but it's a 15-20 mins playthrough total, gunsmoke has no save function and it took me like 14 hours straight and like 200-300 deaths, maybe more. Look at some YouTube videos and see yourself if it fits you. For sure, if you play for fun, those games are great and pieces of gaming history. Good luck with your choice
  13. No harm, at least for me. They say it can solve some minor issues not related to physical problem of the battery, but i got no benefit from it. Maybe for you will be different. After this method, on first power up vita will ask you to input time and date. As I said, remember to sync them using the online function after and if you try this method. Setting them only manually while being offline may result in missing timestamps for trophy gained after that process. Good luck with your problem
  14. One of my vita broke badly too. Full charge(green), after a few minutes of use the battery drop to red with the message "battery is low". Sometimes it goes back to green(real charge level) after a few other minutes, other times it stay in the red level with the message continuously popping up, but never turn off before a couple of hours(the real charge of the battery). It did like this for one month, then back to normal for six months and then it got worse. Basically, now after i start a game it goes to red and the message low battery pops a couple of times and then the vita turn off. When I turn on again the batter is back to the correct level, but as soon as I start a game same thing happens. If i stay in the bubble screen, everything works perfect. I did as DaivRules suggested and it solved the problem. Reading on some forums, people suggested to try to disconnect the battery without opening the vita but using a series of inputs during powering on. For me it didn't work but I guess you can try this before opening your vita. P.s. Remember that, if you disconnect and reconnect the battery, you need to sync date and time via online connection or trophies earned after that process will probably show with missing timestamps.
  15. I hope you are right about the guide book being more accurate than trophy guides, because I had to spend like 30 mins for some random hints to be told. I personally put this game aside because I didn't like the story, the commands for the beast were very inaccurate and the trophies are a pain and also highly missable. Still, if you liked ico and shadow of the colossus, you need to try this plat out. Good luck