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  1. Anyone noticed that their medal counter isn't changing at all? My gold medals are stuck at 55 and no matter how many services I get gold medals on, it just doesn't change.
  2. Just had a read through of that. It says they will provide an update in the October update which when looking through the other articles, it is indeed being worked on. Checking out the more recent November update also add that it's still being worked on so fingers crossed it will be finished and sent out soon
  3. Found the issue. It's to do with the 64GB limit for DLC on PS5. I've deleted some of the lines that I don't plan on starting yet and when I've loaded the game up again, the missing routes have started appearing. Not sure if the limit is for PS5 games only but the PS4 version on TSW2 has all of my purchased routes installed and works no problem.
  4. Yep, tried doing that first. They all work on TSW2 though. Just manually gone through to see which ones are missing and there are 18 DLCs that are installed but not showing up.
  5. Is anybody else having issues with routes not appearing, even though they're installed? When I look at the in game store, they don't have the tick on the pictures but when I click on them to try download, they say they're already installed. Some examples are: Isle of Wight 2022, Bakerloo 1938 Tube Stock and LGV Mediterranee. I've tried deleting and reinstalling them all but still only shows the same lines.
  6. Looks like you can still earn xp and fittings on custom courses. I searched 'xp' and it brought up 5 courses. 1 of them has the handicap symbol on it. Playing this course is still giving me xp and rewards after each round.
  7. Think you get disqualified if you don't do anything for so long. But like I said on my previous post, just do the fist lap and then go pit. You just have to wait out everyone else finishing the race.
  8. Thank you!
  9. For the revenge characters, will they still appear if I beat them or do they stop appearing after that?
  10. I wouldn't say 8/10 for difficulty. If there wasn't a glitch for getting Condors then yeah it would be a high difficulty because getting them legit is just rng. Everything else is pretty straight forward.
  11. Lets you put the ball right next to the hole. You just have to putt it for the Condor. Takes a couple of mins max to do it. Only way i could do it was to copy it from the person when they are online.
  12. Yep, glitched character still working, got it today along with the 3 condors.
  13. If you're going to cheese it, you could just do a lap and then go sit in the pits so you're not being a burden and causing the flags for others. I'm sure other racers would appreciate you being out of the way.
  14. Basically all you have to do is load into a service, check which is the last station for that service and look what time that train is due. Quit out and load up free roam on foot at that station and at the closest time before it arrives, and just wait at the platform. When the train eventually arrives, quickly jump into the drivers seat and let the passenger boarding finish. The service will end and it will count as a completed service. I'm not sure if you need to get in the seat before the passenger boarding finishes but if you follow the front of the train, you can quickly open the door and run in. You won't earn gold medals or distance driven so you will still have to do a lot of driving on the trains to get those trophies but it cuts it down a bit not having to do as many full services.
  15. Thats the track i used but did it with the Gold S Licence reward car. Only about 10 seconds per lap.