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  1. thanks for the tip I was letting him fall into several holes to find out more nor did I imagine it was in that part of the balloon. The game has a few things to do without dying without continuing and collecting all coins, but I noticed that the PS4 version has a certain delay in the commands compared to the version of vita where the movement is much better and responds faster by pressing the buttons . ending the game without dying would give the game a 9/10 difficulty with no doubts, plus it just closes the app before subtracting life when you die and returns to the game, that's what I did.
  2. As incredible as it seems it is possible to platinum this game in a few hours, keeping in mind the stages decorated is much easier, but I am 91% and I just lack this trophy (Cheating Death Fall off the bottom of the level and survive), already tried to find how it wins and I do not know how to do, only a user did, I sent a message I will wait for the answer more if someone knows and can help, it will make this platinum much easier. @ikemenzi If you can help I'm grateful you're the only one with this trophy.
  3. Quiet game, at first seems a little confused by the fact that there is nothing showing the direction to follow, but I marked the video commentary Timestamp of each collectable I hope it helps.
  4. I did the Target that in my opinion are the most complicated, but even so few players are going to get this platinum due to some missions. I got the videos good help for those who will try to platinum.
  5. Yes I played it on zero account, the punctuation is cumulative, it would be simple if it were not for these 2 trophies, the one of playing several games just give 1000 restart nor need to do the phase. the punctuation sum at the end of the phase or game over, on average each phase of about 75,000 points no matter the difficulty because I made the three difficulties the campaign, Then imagine the number of phases to achieve 100,000,000, I must be with 5,000,000 and I am already saturated to play this and I will give up unless they do an attunement with some means of gaining more points without it will be a platinum to be made in a month or more. It was to be an easy platinum .... the description of the trophies seemed simple but I was wrong.
  6. I've played a lot of bad games, just for the platinum, but they were playable and the price was nice, I could not see any good points in this stupid game, until that game My Name is Mayo, can be better and more visible to play than this, I bought it in a separate account and surely no one wants to buy this crap, maybe buy it on the platinum, but they get frustrated when they see the game.
  7. I'm playing this game for two days, one day I was missing only the trophies of 10m points, 100m points. Do not understand if it was cumulative, then I suspected that it was because in only one phase I was able to do 10k, but had already won the trophy. More doing some calculations, in media from start to finish of the game to be done 800k, thus being 10 gameplay = 8m, and to get 100m would be, 100 gameplay or more. An absurd to complete more than 100x the same crap campaign. I really want to be wrong about this, but the developers do not respond, email or twiter, and in steam the last time they pronounced it was 47 days. I was even excited about the game but this was like an ice bucket on me :-(
  8. I took it for half the price, more to be honest, if you exchange it for SHIT you still have the prejudice to use the bag.
  9. Yes the game is bad, I thought my TV was in trouble and I was playing in another one and even then it was dark and horrible, not happy I tested with the other PS4 and the problem was still there I was sure that the game was a real shit. Although it is possible to kill all boss hiding behind the trees some die fast plus that damn OGRE, there were more than 30 hits and he was still alive. Whoever is buying or playing it thinking about an easy platinum is good to prepare some headache remedies unless you can play without seeing the character. @Hakoon Some bosses die with less than 20hit, 2 or 3 bosses are a bag where you will get tired of seeing the day and night in the game and they will not die.
  10. I get the platinum of this crap game, many will say and why did you play? I played because it seems a trophy list easy and easy and the price has gone to half and still not worth buying, if someone wants I even rent more do not buy because this game is bad. I'll quote a few points to not buy it. 1- The game does the PS4 (FAT) gets the super cooler accelerated, I tested on 2 PS4 and did the same thing. 2- The game has a bad mechanics, 3 - Localization on the map, you start to find several markers, but I killed almost all of the boss then only 2 of those directions disappears, making a bag you walk through a huge map without knowing the direction. 4- The game changes weather from night to night and you are practically blind, because it is so dark in some moments that it is better to stay waiting for dawn, at first I thought it was my TV, I tested it on 3 TV's and even then the night the vision is horrible, imagine in the middle of the battle darkens? just run and no direction. 5 - So messed up the game that you have a useless dragon, yes, INUTIL does not fit any dick, and when you climb it, it's like having a car and when you turn on your windows, it's black, That's a few points I've observed and found ridiculous, and the worst of it all is I discovered a GLITCH, it does not work all the time plus half of the Boss I killed the same way, I'm making a video and I'll show you how rough this game is where even the bosses are stopped and locked.
  11. Bought but not downloaded. I bought the game, but when I put in download nothing happens, do not download nor appear some error simply nothing happens. Someone else has this problem the item appears as purchased in history but does not appear in the download list.
  12. I marked the locations on both maps hope it helps everyone.
  13. I took print of all collectable edited the two maps marking each location, but I can not post the image here if someone can guide me how to do this I will be posting the Print with everyone collectable.
  14. Super Pixel Racers, At first it seems to be an easy game and not very challenging, the appearances are deceptive, the game of beginning is quiet but in advance it requires the player to make upgrades in the car, that is where the game begins to give a job the races become more difficult always there is a car in your tail, (unless you have the patience to repeat many races to equip the car the most before moving on). The game consists of more than 150 races being necessary to arrive in 1 placed in all (if it is in search of the platinum), the events are divided as follows: Championship Class C - 20 Races Championship Class C Plus - 20 Races Championship Class B - 20 Coriidas Championship Class B Plus - 20 Races Championship Class A - 20 Races Class A Plus Championship - 20 Races Rookie Cups - 7 Championships Pro Cups - 8 Championships Master Cups - 10 Championships Difficulty 4/10 Estimated time for platinum: 50 hours may be less, what takes is to make money to make all upgrades, Tip: for those who have turbo control, repeat the last race of the championship class b plus, leave the X on the turbo, so it will keep repeating the same race and accumulating money, I did this for a few nights when I went to sleep. No trophy that is impossible is just a matter of time to platinum. Only 1 trophy online. I made some videos showing how the game is for those who need help in the online trophy I will be willing to help.
  15. The game is about a witch girl, in a kind of broom race where you use some defense and attack items as rewards. The game consists of 3 tournaments with 4 races each, after that and unlocked other characters and ' `and EXTRA phases, the extra phases are very quiet.For those looking for platinum the game can be completed in about 1 to 2 hours requiring 4 controls for a specific trophy.There is 2 trophy set, EU / NA, due date is for November 19, I have not yet confirmed this information as to the value not yet specified I will try to know more information about it.