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  1. Date 4 september NA - $5,99 5 september EU - ?
  2. There are people who think that they will never need help, I myself had done everything except the ridiculous trophy of destroying 5 vehicles with Tarma, an idiot trophy more nor did I go through the head to hit the car prorpio to destroy I beat the enemy and nothing happened. Ai helped me with this trophy, never liked making videos or anything else just talking would be complicated helps people. And honestly, I think the guy who makes a trophy is cool and it's cool to say how it was made to only have the trophy, I have several games that few people did (Bleed, Ninja Showdown, Damn Castilla) games that are harder. I see problems in referring them to help the next. And thanks for the compliment'' LEGEND`` 😆
  3. Actually there is this GLITCH with Leona already noticed that, but in the Target Mission it's only with the gun and granade is not another way or Glitch, but his tip is good until I thought it worked with all the characters, I used Leona in all . The Ralf is good for being able to take a shot and get up, but takes little damage in the Target Mission, since Leona can undo the shots until the boss and takes immense damage when the MAX bar is full that by known it fills very fast with her . In fact the Target Missons C are the most difficult.
  4. The game is not quiet because the 70 Combat School, the work mainly pass each phase with a life and using only pistol and grenade and defeat the boss. I created another topic trying to help the crew to do even though it is more complicated and just a matter of decorating where each soldier will appear and gets used to a strategy to kill each boss.
  5. Probably the most complicated part of the game, in my opinion, Targets Elimination C are the most complicated. I used the character Leona, in all the Combat School, I am doing some videos. I was talking to two users who are also in search of the platinum Yamachan-573 and Banden_Prince, they helped me with a trophy and then I decided to make the video to help everyone get a notion of how to get through the worst phases in my opinion. What are 5C, 6C, 7C, in case someone is having difficulty in some mission, I will do it again and record the video. I hope this video helps.
  6. Easy list trophy 😏
  7. You're not the only one I've done since the game command in my other account the game is 91% in both versions of the game I do not even know how they got platinum, already sent email months ago I sent recently they said they would review more they released the BLEED 2 and they did not fix it yet, this problem they so know for months I have the emails is so much that they gave me the PC version for free, and that does not interest me I wanted to have the two versions of which I spent money and time, because it was supposed to be platinum for months.
  8. Anyone have any idea what region this version might be?