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  1. Well the bigger question for me is, where do I get to the clock puzzle?
  2. Yes I did. It was pretty straight forward. Keep on looting and going back and forth to different cleansed points and enemies will respawn till you have enough of the right material then you can simply go through your final upgrade. Also make sure that you are doing the side missions including the one named Shum as it will drop loot for you, same as well for vending machines they should be enough. Anytime! Always glad to help. I will probably wait for a guide to go through the hidden locations, collectibles & Vending machines. Everything should be done once I am done with the story, maybe go for a couple of arcade levels to finish the 25 rangers too.
  3. You can try this in the arcade console, you should be able to farm the, That said; during my encounter, the number of enemies in the arcade was not a lot tbh.
  4. Yes it is. This is the final DLC no more content for the game anymore.
  5. I just did try that now and it worked @ Progress of 99.15% So try giving it another go I hope it works.
  6. Great guide you have there. Bought the game not so long ago and I am super excited to start it very soon! Thanks again.
  7. Big fan of your walkthroughs! Keep the good stuff up! Would love you to help with making a guide for Deliver us the moon for PS4. 

    I have been waiting for this game for like forever and I was hoping if you can help with the platinum guide! Keep at it!

  8. That is strange, I can't find this game through the Playstation Store, is that the physical copy? I had it preordered and it was cancelled back in Jan. Am I missing something?
  9. The list doesn't look too bad, MP looks like it will require grinding. I am skeptical about "Running Up the High Score" Trophy, I hope it's not Premadeath or Ultra Difficulty mode. I guess we'll see.