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  1. EL6DJR84MT
  2. The shotguns in this game are broken because of the netcode, and DICE are either unaware of it or are trying to fix it. The slug isn't affected because it isn't a typical buckshot round. This netcode bug also affects the canister shot on the Light Flanker Tank.
  3. Is this still a thing? I quit playing this after Karkand and now that I've done BF4's DLC I want to finish this off.
  4. Arrowhead just ported Gauntlet to PS4 and they now have a retail version out so I imagine it'll be soon. I wouldn't be surprised if this patch will the be the last bit of support for this game so they are probably cramming every fix they can into the patch. I expect it soon.
  5. It's not Strong Arm. I hit 26 while farming samples so that's not the cause. Shouldn't be anyway, it's a perk and unupgradable. The worst part of this is that it seems to be so few people affected by this due to the low population of active trophy hunters for this game so the devs might never know this is an issue. I'll post on the PlayStation Forums since that's the closest this game has to an official forum.
  6. Edit 2: As of update 3.02, the trophy has since been patched. Go into your armory, then exit. It popped for me then. Post here if you are still having problems, but I can consider this matter closed. What it says in the title. I have upgraded all of the base game's weapons and stratagems and still no trophy. I own most of the paid DLC and I've upgraded some of those though they shouldn't play a part in this trophy. I've opened and closed the armory multiple times and restarted the game and done the same. After the nonsense with the Peace and Prosperity trophy and the massive 75,00 kills grind still ahead of me, I'm reaching my wit's end. Edit: Arrowhead has tweeted, confirming they are aware of the problem.
  7. You can already buy trophies Although I wouldn't call it "official".
  8. OR they announced the standalone when they first announced the DLC months ago and even gave an August release. How can they release a standalone for a DLC that "catches on" before it even comes out? Please enlighten me. Freedom Cry is what you're thinking of, and this isn't that.
  9. Sony doesn't develop the Ratchet & Clank series, they just publish it. Insomniac are the developers, ha.