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  1. Found out the season pass didnt have all the DLC. Went on now to buy bikes and the remaining DLC and its gone. Typical Sony, fucking dickheads.
  2. Igni managed to get it anyways. he says he restarted the game, might also have mistaken a bull for an ox because he had been awake for a day straight hunting animals.
  3. you dont need to track animals for the trophy.
  4. Wondering if someone are working on one, if not i suggest we make a google docs and work together to make a list.
  5. I can confirm that @Alex_R-13's method works. i got the Fer-De-Lance first try! You need to make sure that is the closest set snake spawn to you so i reccomend loitering further west for it to spawn. @EphemeralEcho
  6. screenshot please. i dont have the yellow border as i did the mission.
  7. same here
  8. ive gotten 8 red , 6 sunglow and 4 rainbow so far...
  9. Thank you for all responses. Will take a look at that thread aswell look into all the games posted cheers.
  10. Title says it all. Looking for games where me and my friend can boost all the online together without needing more players.
  11. This glitch has no fix so you have to be careful. Dont delete and upload more than half of your upload slots a day, if not they may the uploads may go into a limbo where you cant so anythinh about it.
  12. Map looks amazing. This really gets me excited for GTA VI. I can only imagine how good it will be.
  13. Count me in. Ill post a game list soon