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  1. I knew i wasnt gonna stand a chance Even if i get GTA 4 today
  2. Just got Modnation Racers ( 1,26% ) which will be my entry
  3. Been working on a rare plat for a while now, ill be getting it this month. Suits me perfectly
  4. The Spyro Trilogy
  5. Seems like this is gonna be another next to impossible 100% game
  6. Why does everything always have to be exclusive to the US...
  7. Modnation Racers
  8. I just started playing GTA IV the other day. Despite the graphics being a little bad, the game is alot better than GTA V imo.
  9. Aww, that sucks. Was looking forward to going for this. Guess i wont be getting it then. Thanks for the heads up
  10. Is it to late to go for this game?
  11. How are some people still getting the trophy?
  12. Just got my PS3 back and uploaded some levels. Please heart them. PSN: RobinMSattem
  13. This is a platinum i really wanna get considering it is one of the games I’ve put the most time into. Overall a great game. I hope they fix this.
  14. Just started on the game last night. Need 30 author hearts and 50 level hearts. PSN: RobinMSattem When you have hearted me and my levels, pm me on PSNProfiles and i will return the favor.