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  1. Finally answers that I actually know!
  2. The Witcher 3 is a great game, but I do agree about the cut scenes. I have never looked at Arcania, but will check it out.
  3. Sign me up! Looks like something I can handle, as I definitely need to work on my backlog. Starting Percentage: 51.74% Goal: 65.0%
  4. Really difficult to go back to the PS4 after a taste of the PS5.  Worse still, going back to old faithful, PS3. :lol:

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    2. Kristen Danielle

      Kristen Danielle

      Is it really that much of a difference? Nice!

    3. Tesla_Rules


      Definitely there is a difference!

    4. Roster60


      I hear you. I don't think I could ever go back to my PS3. Mostly because of the controller. My hands have just gotten too big for that controller. 😄

  5. Just reading your bio and the games that you have completed blows me away. You've inspired me to go back and play my games (I must have close to 200 games that aren't loaded on my backlog) instead of wasting my time driving around with friends in GTAV! Enjoy reading your thoughts and takeaways from the games you've completed! Keep it up and congrats on all of your accomplishments!
  6. On your PS5, go to settings (gear item)>privacy settings>your activity>who can see your online status and who can see your gaming history and set it to EVERYONE. Then try to update your profile on PSNP.
  7. @cedom02830 Check to be sure that for some reason the games aren't hidden on your PS3, PS4 and PS5 consoles (or whatever consoles you have). Did this just happen or have they been hidden for a while? My games/trophies were hidden when I first started my PS5, and had to go through the menus to be sure that my game history and games played were shown to EVERYONE.
  8. R2 bumpers, GTAV. The game destroyed a few controllers but was worth it! Controllers still work with a few other games...
  9. Did you check your settings on the PS5 to show the game/trophies to "everyone"?
  10. These times give me something to shoot for!
  11. Well, I haven't played Ghosts of Tsushima but if it is like Warframe, you will have friends listed in the Social tab within the game, possibly people you did raid with and what not. Be sure you don't have anyone listed on the Social tab in the game, because if you are still with a group, you cannot remove them from the PSN friend list.
  12. What happens if you use your options button on the controller when you are over their name? Can you delete them then?
  13. When you go to that person, can you open the "settings" menu (looks like 3 dots) and delete them that way?
  14. Damn, was hoping for some games from my wishlist but don't see them here
  15. Bugsnax, and then GTAV transfer if Rockstar is listening......