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  1. You go girl! πŸ‘Let's all meet back at Kupa Keep, mmkay? πŸ˜€
  2. @MB_27_Beach I agree about the revenge!
  3. Welcome to the forums! What kind of gaming figures are you collecting and what is your favorite RPG?
  4. I think it might be an excellent game for February - revenge/avenge someone? πŸ€”
  5. You are correct. He earned the 2 trophies that would be unobtainable otherwise. A bit of a harder grind, though, since you don't have the daily logon bonus. But still, IMHO, the best racing game out there.
  6. Gran Turismo 5 will be a problem, since some trophies are unobtainable because of the server shutdown (a while ago). That is one sweet game, though.
  7. Personally I like ESO, but really same thing!
  8. @RizzleAbbey12 Thank you for the support! Hopefully I'll add another trophy to that awesome Mayo one.! @Edunstar84 I couldn't resist that trophy after everyone talked about it!
  9. Now everyone knows!! πŸ˜†
  10. Current number of achieved platinum trophies: 1 Current number of 100% completed titles without a platinum trophy: 2 Current completion percentage: 31.59% Yea, I know, looks pretty sad. But I'd still like to compete and see how I do. 😜
  11. Check the gaming sessions. Either join one or set one up with the trophies you'd like to boost. I'm sure there are others that need this trophy as well. ☺️
  12. That game looks sweet! Thanks for sharing - now I need to check this one out!
  13. Sorry, dood, didn't get all the way through that, but I have noticed certain games have just a few players. Such as ESO that has been out for a couple of years. I think the mob just moves from game to game. There a just a couple of exceptions to this.