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  1. If you read the lore, demon's souls, bloodborne, sekiro the kings field series, armoured core and eden ring are all in the same connected universe. They just happened in different parts of the world, different stages of time and peoples passed on memories and dreams. The moonlight greatsword has lore that connects all the games together. As do other things. Go watch Vaati on youtube, he's got timeline videos linking everything together.
  2. The auto pop did nothing for me, I had to manually trigger loads of stuff 😕 Edit: Just got 100% in 7 hours. Had to replay the game from the beginning to get to the Ireland DLC because you can't redo trials, no matter what I did wouldn't pop that trophy. I also had to complete on my 100% ps5 save a quest in Ireland and Paris and do all the generic trophies that don't pop like equip weapons and armour, assassinate targets, swim a mile, get a kill from a horse, pet 1 cat, had to break 5 boats again. Had to get one gold trophy to get the master trophies. Equip 2 sickles, get a kill with sythes, equip Thors hammor and Excaliber, shoot a fish got me the fishing trophy and breaking 1 breakable, had to do a Paris and an Ireland rep mission as well to pop those. So my advice would be to anyone wanting to save time, make a save before you finish the last quest in ireland and have one druid trial not complete because that will require a new playthrough which took me about 5 hours to get back to that point. That's the only pain in the arse trophy to get. Most trophies seem to pop after beating quests or doing certain actions. But they don't all pop at once. Ireland will only pop in Ireland and Paris only seem to pop in Paris. It could definitely be worse but I've no idea why they don't just all pop at once.
  3. It's a free upgrade.
  4. Looks kinda tedious from a trophy hunting perspective. The afk dancing stuff for 3600 seconds/minutes? is just pointless, listening to 25 full songs, doing certain things without missing, 100 solo games, having a full team and being the host 25 times, having players 10 levels lower than you multiple times. It's gonna take awhile and lots of luck without boosting! I'm going to guess a few hundred hours for 100%.
  5. A fantastic game! Gotta relearn how to play 😅 Wish it was longer, such a fun game. Hope they add more mountains in the future.
  6. Not as bad as I thought it would be, I had more fun playing anthem than cyberpunk. The gun play is nice, the world is beautiful but there's a lack of enemy verity and you repeat missions at the end to find better gear, but it still stays fun. It's a pretty easy platinum and doesn't drag on unlike cyberpunk, with its 100+ assaults in progress. And other identical side missions. Lots of people just shit on games because they copy what other people say online, rather than form their own opinion. Personally I'd buy a year of EA play. Anthem, star wars, it takes two, dirt 5 and a few others are worth playing and it's good value for money for a year.
  7. I can't remember the games off the top of my head but I think I have 22 of the ps+ games platinumed up until December. (some were played on my GFs account) I'll probably get all 3 plats this month as they are all pretty easy games that I want to play. People have honestly missed out on some cracking experiences. Lots of people on here and reddit slag off every month calling games shit or "childish" but it's been an absolute blast in my eyes. But I know the vast majority are casual gamers that only play a handful of games a year. I have probably obtained more platinums in a week than some people have in their lifetime of owning a playstation. So I guess I'm just more open to playing stuff that's with ps+. Honestly a great year for me. Kept me very busy and I'm still got a handful of stuff to finish off. Very pleased overall considering it cost me $25 a year. $2.10 a month is insane value.
  8. Mine runs until 2024. Anytime I find it for £25/$25 I buy a few years worth of plus/now.
  9. Mortal shell and the lego games are great! You've got your value right there! Also Black Friday had codes for $25 for a year. Never buy direct from Sony, always cheaper elsewhere.
  10. What a sick month if it's true! Mortal Shell is Fantastic, the lego games are always really well made and godfall doesn't look too bad either, it wasn't worth £70 but it'll be worth playing on plus! Getting some great months this year!
  11. It's not the quality of the product that's the problem it's people preordering games, paying $100 for 4 days of early access and defending absolute shit that publishers put out. Blows my mind how fallout 76/anthem/fifa/cyberpunk/stadia/NFL/bethesda/battlefield etc have thousands of people defending the games. People need to watch reviews before dropping money, and when something shit happens in a game request a refund. You really don't have to buy these broken pieces of garbage, but until that happens the publishers get your money then just abandon the game to work on the next years version. Gaming doesn't have to be this way, but a fool and their money is easily parted.
  12. For others in the future, the Caliburn you need is white and gold, if you only have the black one from the cave it wont count.
  13. Easiest way to get one is by shopping in smaller stores online, they get stock in but aren't botted out or have 100million people using their website at a time like amazon. I ordered my ps5 2 days before launch last year because I was just browsing page 50 of google and found a shop with stock in. You can also sign up to pre order on lots of websites, like Sony have a sign up list for example.
  14. Every single ps5 has a mic built in. There's zero reason not to communicate. You don't have to do a play by play or ask people what the weather's like, but if you know something important don't be scared to say a few words if it makes the game easier /better /faster. Knowing something and not telling anybody is just wasting your own time.
  15. Still no guide after 8+ months? Could you post your guide in a thread? I'd be interested in using it if the mods aren't able to add it to the guide page.