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  1. Pretty good month imo, slay the spire is a fantastic game, wither 3 is 10/10. Sonic racer was fun when I played it on PC and the other sonic games are probably pretty good too. And car mechanic sim is actually really good. I'm very happy with this month!
  2. How do they not have time to make trophies for a game that's 20 years old? I could come up with a list in about 30 seconds, kill X boss, kill X enemies, use X spells, drink X potions, beat X dungeon, do X quests. Then shove a platinum on it. Surely it can't be that hard to add some code where if X is complete trigger X trophy. Laziness.
  3. Just got the plat, I enjoyed them. They were a depiction of real life events that actually happened so it's cool to see what real people actually went though to help win the war. I don't really understand how it was a slog fest for some, they took about an hour each to beat, very fast and very easy imo. I also don't believe the enemies were infinite, when you killed enough of them they retreated back so you could push up. A lot of the sections you could sneak past people without killing anyone as well. I also enjoyed skiing past everyone, was a pretty good stealth level, reminds me of the Bond movies, wish there were more games like that level tbh.
  4. Honest question, but if you have over 1000 games are you ever really going to go back and play the first game using the cloud saves? I've been gaming 30+ years, I don't think I've ever played a game after completing it. With 400ish ps4 games and 252platinums I only have 23 cloud saves of games I've yet to finish or games that are 100+ hours long. Now I'm not defending the limit, I think it should be limitless regarding how many games. I just think it's a bit daft to say everybody will eventually reach the limit when you can delete/transfer the saves to storage/USB. Also wouldn't it be more fun in the future to play the entire game again, rather than start half way through?
  5. Thanks for the advice in this topic, can confirm it still works today. A bit of advice as some people seem to struggle is to scan the boss and use it's weakness against it. The final boss is super easy with the right dpad spell. The rocket attacks also 1 hit the shield regen totems.
  6. I doubt it. Great game though!
  7. Nobodies forcing you to buy dlc. The full game can be completed for free. Hardly milking the game.
  8. How? It costs money for people to develop games. Making content for another year for $15 isn't exactly ridiculous. It's either a season pass and a years worth of content, or they have zero upgrades and sell you another $70 game. You can't expect a free game and free dlc with no way to make money, they'd go bankrupt.
  9. Thanks but that's the dumbest thing I've ever seen. You shouldn't have to cut up some headphones as a work around for a brand new console. There's so many examples of the ps4 menus being 100x better, I don't know how they managed to fuck up every single option and make the ps5 more annoying to use.
  10. Well that didn't take long, obviously trying to claw up a player base for avengers.
  11. This depends on how many games you own and how fast your Internet speed is. Playing ps3 games on psnow is a solid 10+ minutes for the ps3 trophy list to load for me. The more games you have the longer it takes to sync. I too hate the menu system on the ps5, it's faster to browse games on sale on the ps4 then ps5. Half the deals of the week don't even appear on the ps5 store. Faster to cloud save on ps4 too. Almost all the menus on ps5 are more complicated than they need to be. You also can't play sound from your TV and headset at the same time. And you have to wear a headset to hear the party chat, just doesn't come out of the TV at all. It's genuinely annoying how bad the settings and menus are.
  12. I know this is 2 years old now, but tips would be good if you still remember the game. There's very little info for trophies for this game that I could find.
  13. Can confirm that you don't need to do chapter 6, got the trophy doing 7.
  14. What makes this game luck dependent? I just beat the first game and only had to try each level on edich a few times, I didn't think it required any luck.
  15. Just got this game for 50p and my trophies didn't pop in order either